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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jessica (SNSD)
Time: 11:28 PM(i'm up so late... my parents are going to hack my head off)
Mood: Sleepy
Song: The dishwasher cleaning dishes(litterally)

I just loooveee that picture of Jessica- she looks cute.

Anyway, sorry if I didn't get to any of your sites today. My sister invaded the computer for a long time, and this was the time I could get on. So after this, I have to sleep... *yawn*.

So I just have to say...

TWENTY-TWO COMMENTS. That's even MORE than my goal from the time I had fifteen. GAH THANK YOU ALL WHO COMMENTED ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! I feel so happy... XD.

Today was boring... it was snowing like hell today, or as Kobe would say,"The white blanket of death". It might be a snow day tomorrow, so I'm praying for one. I feel like staying home.

See you all! And good night ^^(my dad's coming, I can feel it...)


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Time: 6:54 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: SNSD- ╝Ď│ÓŻ├┤Ű

Okay... I've actually started liking this Korean girl band, named So Nyuh Shi Dae(SNSD for short). I guess they're my alternative since I gave up DBSK for Lent. My favourites are Tiffany and Jessica(she was rumored to be going out with Jaejoong(Hero) from DBSK, but it wasn't true). You could probably tell I'm into boybands girl bands and bands overall. So.. yeah.

HOLY CRAP. TWENTY COMMENTS? *drops dead* OMFG. THANK YOU!! I take this as my gift from theO. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL WHO COMMENTED! I got WAY WAY WAY more than I expected. And I'm surprised too, since well, I haven't really been commenting because of my procrastination... hehe sorry.

Um... guess I should continue about what I got from my friends ^^. If you didn't read second part of my other post, I got a book card, a little fuzzy doggy, body wash, and Momiji(fuck you Kenji-I'll explain after). Then I bought manga and Rayman Raving Rabbids, thanks to my Lola(grandma) on Sunday. On Monday, I got two GIANT Toblerones from Yumi(yumi08uchiha), a SUPER-CUTE pig from Hikari(finaLight) and an awesome bag from Sayu(sayuri-uzumaki). They are awesome!

However, today Kenji cracked my Momiji doll. The bastard tried to take the note out of Momiji, and he did but he broke the umbrella. Then he fixed it. He kept it in his desk and then it fell on to the ground, causing the head to pop off. I was so pissed. Then he apologized a million times and fixed it again. It still looks a tad demented. T_T

People called the pig Mr Piggy, but I re-named it to TonTon(from Naruto ^^).

After school me and Yumi walked home(it was -17 and with the wind it feels like -30 and we STILL had to walk home!). We played the Rayman Raving Rabbids thing the whole time until she went home. We were playing Bunny Hunt. IT WAS HILARIOUS!! We had to shoot the bunnies with plungers. We freaked out. A lot.

So that's basically what happened today. I won't mention stuff that happened when we had free time; it would have taken forever.

Question for you:
1. Candy or baked goods?(if you HAD to choose one)
2. Indoors or outdoors?
3. Your favorite season?

My answers:
1. Baked goods
2. Indoors(unless at school)
3. Probably Autumn or Summer

Have a wonderful day!


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Birthday cake
Time: 8:37 AM(damn, I get up early in the mornings!)
Mood: Tired
Song: DBSK- Purple Line(It's been stuck in my head all day)

As you could already guess from the avi of the day, today is... my birthday...

Well, I'm not making a big deal out of it. I just have the sudden craving for cake. T_T I don't even think my parents know I'm up yet... otherwise they would have come down stairs and sung,"Happy birthday Yaya!(their nickname for me, but my dad calls me sometimes by my real name and middle name)". So yup. No one's said happy birthday to me yet except for Yumi, but we're insta-messaging each other... XD.

Oh... I hear footsteps, my dad's voice, my mom's coming. *waits for it* ANYWAY

Last night was interesting. I ended up watching Battle Royale(it's based on a manga). Have you heard of it? It's very.. bloody. It's about these ninth graders who are put on a deserted island and have to kill each other until one person stays alive. They can't try to escape, because they have metal chokers around their neck that are waterproof and shockproof. If they try to pull it off, the choker explodes! And if there isn't a winner in three days, all the chokers automatically explode! :D I wouldn't want to ruin the ending for you. But I heard they changed a lot from the manga. Well, unless you haven't read the manga... you'll think the movie's pretty good. ^^

I have no homework this weekend! So glad... well anyways, how are you guys? How's life? Mine's boring. XDDD

I'll go now. I'm probably boring you... :(

Have a wonderful day!



Time: 8:33 PM
Mood: Stuffed
Song: SNSD- Kissing You

Well, apparently my mom took my whole entire family out to a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass. Was veryy good. I also learned how to use chopsticks, and taste mango sticky rice. I ate that for dessert along with GREEN TEA ICECREAM!!!*spazzes* I ADORE that icecream. Same with Red Bean XDDD

The shopping part was boring as hell. I am more of an indoorsy person. I complained all day while in smelly dressing rooms. I'd rather stay at home and be lazy, you know?

Otherwise, I got truffles(lol), a book card, and Momiji! I can stuff all my secrets in her. It's so kawaii!

Well, Just telling you about the afternoon ^^.

Have a wonderful day!

//Coco//(this is...different)

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Anime Cute
Time: 5:26 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: AnCafe- Cherry Saku Yuuki(yes-their new single came out!! ^^)

Well, I'm sorry if I didn't comment on your posts- I've been procrastinating quite a bit. So I'm sorry.

We didn't do anything today... just the usual... we actually had school today ^^. It was a half day too, so I was happy. Chinese New Year was yesterday- I didn't get money(T_T). Well of course I didn't- my family doesn't celebrate it...

I decided to start watching Blood+ but before that I decided to watch Blood: The Last Vampire. *yawns* I feel so tired. It's been a long week. How have you all been? Anything planned for this weekend? My birthday's tomorrow... not making a big deal... my mom cancelled on our plans fucking twice, so I'm starting to get pissed. Hopefully we might go to a Thai restaurant, I heard there was one around my area, but she'll probably cancel that one too. I hope we still go to the Asian mall tomorrow. I'm dying to go.

Well, I'll go ^^.

Have a wonderful day!


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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time: 12:09 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: Because I am a girl- Kiss

Another snow day, another boring day... ugh. I'm just role-playing with my friends.

Well, that's it. For now... *gasp gasp*


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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Time: 8:53 PM
Mood: Weirded out..
Song: DBSK feat Super Junior- Show me your Love

OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUNHO! I forgot today was birthday, and yet I was spazzing for a few weeks about it... thank you for reminding me Chained Darkness! ^^ He's turning 22 today I think... like Jaejoong. *Goes downstairs and grabs pie and sings happy birthday* He is soo cute!!

My mom made an exception! Since I'm such a good girl-

class: *cough*
me: *glares*

Anyway, since I'm such a good girl(cough-stop that!), my mom said I could go on the computer. It's a snow day today, again. I'm so happy and sad.. we never got to go skiing today. But anyway...

I almost died last night because I had no computer. Without this computer, I will writher away to nothing but cheese. Yum! However, I did play some High School Musical Sing it! with Yumi. We played, and we unlocked some songs. I want Push it to the Limit next though XDDD. Then after she left, me and my oldest sister Kate played Karaoke Revolution. We did duet. AND SHE MESSED UP A LOT. Damn it man.

*stares at cookie* Must. eat. it. now. I ate sugar last night, and yet I fell asleep a few second after I finished. Guess it wasnt the sweets that made me stay up, after all. Or was it?

Well I'll post later.

This was probably a very short post compared to my others, ne?

Have a wonderful day!



Time: 12:55 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: Sixpence None the Richer- Kiss me

Anyway, I've spent the whole morning on the computer. It's like a drug to me, I can't get enough of it. I ate lunch just now... *sucks on jelly* so yup! Not much has happened. It's still snowing though! XD I just came to tell you this. And here's a picture for fun:
I find it so kawaii ^^

Have a wonderful day!


PS. Please check out my friend Ishido-Kun. He's new here, but he's cool XD

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Time: 4:27 PM
Mood: Angry

sorry but I won't be able to go on the computer for a while since my mom grounded me from it. and she picked such a stupid reason. last night I couldn't sleep cause I ate alot of chocolate and ice-cream and I was super tired, so I fell asleep. my mom thought it was because I stayed up on the computer, and so I'm banned T_T .

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Time: 6:06 PM
Mood: Happy(kind of..)
Song: Ending of Nobuta wo Produce - Seishun Amigo

Wow. I guess I've really gotten that stuck in my head lol. Really I have!!

Okay... today was very boring, and my pants are soaking. I forgot to wear boots... how stupid of me. *Hits head* Baka!

Ehm... I have a plan for my birthday. I'm probably going to the Korean BBQ, and maybe inviting my friends over. I dunno. I might just stay home and go on the computer. Maybe... -_-'

People think I have rabies... like ftw. Oh, I forgot to tell you the story... it's embarassing actually. I feel ashamed. My dog bit me accidently, because I had a piece of bread in my hand, and my hand was too low, and he bit it, and I dropped the bread, but because my dog is old, he probably thought he was still clinging on to the food item, and now I have a nasty bite mark. I didn't tell my parents because well, my dog bit me once two years ago, and I don't want him to be taken away because then I'll be depressed because it's MY fault. And besides, he got his rabies shot like december of 2007, so I have nothing to worry about. I'm not even foaming at the mouth ^^. But it was burning like hell earlier today... but it was gone like, two minutes later.

We're going skiing again in two days! I'm very excited... we get to miss a whole day of school this time because we have another trip in the morning! We're going to some french concert... um.. the artist is not exactly... cool.. but whatever we get to ditch class and that's all care about XD.

Um.. I'll leave now.

Have a wonderful day!


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Sunday, February 3, 2008

nobuta wo produce
Time: 10:02 AM
Mood: Happy
Song: Super Junior- Miracle

Today's picture: From Nobuta Wo Produce!! I just started watching it, it's a great drama so far!! I'm going to watch more today, hopefully there will be no distractions XD. And thank you to Sayuri(sayuri-uzumaki) for introducing me to this drama~ Much appreciated.

*stares at comments of other post. breaks down in tears* Oh. My. Butterscotch. FIFTEEN COMMENTS?!!!!! *Dies. Gets reincarnated. Dies again* I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I LOVE YOU ALL WHO COMMENTED *Hugs all of you tightly* I never thought I could get this many comments. It's a dream come true!(well actually, my goal at the moment is 21, but I'll live ^^) Arigato!!!!

Anyway, I finished my speech on DDR. It sucks. I'm really bad at writing speeches, I like writing stories better! *pouts*. But I may get A- to B. Probably a B, but I'm hoping for an A!

I was very pissed yesterday. My mom was kind of being a bitch, I don't know if she was joking around or not but whatever. She got mad at me and Yumi(who wasn't even there) because we drew on my Hilary Duff doll. She blamed it on me and Yumi, and she is probably a little bit mad even now. Then she was saying I was probably on msn instead of researching. I showed her FULL PROOF and she still didn't believe me. I locked myself in my room. T-T

I'm kind of dissapointed. I didn't get the CD or the poster, because apparently, my mom was too tired to take my sister to the Asian mall to get it. I SWEAR I'M GOING TO RIP MY HAIR OUT. WATCH ME! *Huffs* But my cousins Alice and Paolo came over, so that was a plus.

Ehm, not much to say anymore. I'll just slink away... in shame... I have to finish some stupid stuff my mom wanted me to do.

Have a wonderful day!


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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Woah! Nice dodgin', Ryuk.
Time: 9:42 AM
Mood: Surprised
Song: H.O.T.- I Yah

Uh, today's picture. It's of Ryuk from Death Note XDD. He happens to be one of my favourite characters, so I just decided to put this one.

*looks at comments at other post and falls off chair* THIRTEEN COMMENTS!! It's my new personal record!! Thank you all who commented. I am SO surprised I could get that many comments, considering half my friends dont really comment T-T. So thank you!!

Well, yesterday night was interesting. I did some research for my speech. The topic is DDR(pfft). I already knew a lot about DDR; I was bored one day so I looked it up on Wikipedia... I'm so weird.

I wrecked the lens for my camera yesterday. I sat on the lens when it was on and then... it went back in. Each time I tried to turn it on, it said "lens error" and turned off. I tried to carefully pull out the lens. Then I left it alone for a little while, and when I turned it back on later, it was working again. So.. I don't know. XP.

Eh... I'm probably going to post again later, I just wanted to thank you all for the THIRTEEN COMMENTS fwee~

Have a wonderful day!!

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