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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time: 6:08 AM
Mood: Tired
Song: None
Currently: eating cereal

Hello there!
I'm not dead!
Although I'm sure most of you deleted me, I'm sorry. I've just been very busy these past few days... sorryy.

I'm really stressed lately.
And I also got a haircut!
I look like a very tall first grader :3.

So much drama has been happening. I can't keep track. It's so weird. So much has happened... it's like time is flying.

And it's been so SUNNY lately!
It's so awesome.
I'm being way too perky, ne?

I'll stop.
Well I have to change.


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time: 11:49 AM
Mood: Disturbed
Song: Close to You- U-know Yunho
Currently: Disturbed

Hi everyone.
What I just saw.
It was so disturbing.

I saw what they actually do to animals on farms.
I was crying.

It was so scary.
No words can describe what they did.
It was inhumane.
It was... horrible.

And I actually like milk and chicken...
I'm think of going vegetarian.
But I heard that it's really hard...
please help me.

I don't know what to do.
And it keeps replaying in my head.
And over.

I'm sorry everyone.
If you are annoyed.
I really am.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Book Reports suck hot dog weiners
Time: 9:03 AM
Mood: Pissed
Song: C-ute- Sakura Chirari
Currently: doing my book report

I'm doing my book report!
Isn't that just awesome?

And yes, I am updating today.
I should really start updating a lot more often like I used to.
Unless, of course, you don't like it. Then I'll just update at the end of the week. XD
And I actually commented yesterday!
Except, I kind of skipped some.
I'm very very very sorry...

Ow. I just banged my knee against the table. Ah. It's bleeding again.
We were.. um... yeah racing with people on our backs. Like piggyback races. Gaby was on my back and we came in first place. But the second time around, I slipped and.. fell. My knees were scraped real bad. I was bleeding. I cleaned it up, but it looks really ugly.

Moving On.
(*Note* I am telling you about my week, if you're wondering)

I also...
scraped Kenja's eye with a pen.
myO: : O
Me: He ripped me off!
Yeah but it was around his eye. I bought chocolate and then he gives me ONE(emphasis on ONE) piece of gum and takes THREE(emphasis on THREE) pieces of my chocolate. I went physco.
But like the good Cocomo I am, I felt bad about it after.

But I never apologised.
*sneaky grin*

Everything else was boring.

So I'll go XD.


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Friday, April 4, 2008

Time: 6:12 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: Koda Kumi- BUT
Currently: Thinking

How are you all?
I hope you've all been fine.

Me and Yumi played badminton yesterday and today. We played waay longer today though. She pwned me yesterday, but today we were both doing not-so-good. And then we were throwing the rackets to see how far it would go. I'm glad we didn't hit any cars. :D

And I'm getting new flats this weekend(hopefully)!
And I might be buying Yumi flats too.
As an early birthday present. XDD

We're getting the flats.
And Yumi is litterally flipping off the walls. ^_^


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Break a tree
Time: 6:19 PM
Mood: Confused
Song: DBSK- Trick
Currently: banging my head against the computer screen and chewing gum

Haha. It sounds like they're saying "Break a tree". Anyway...

I am so confused right now.
She used some physcological crap on me and I can't get my thoughts together. Don't know why.


I like the cold, but when I have too much of it, I get really annoyed.

Speaking of annoying, I can only go online from 6 PM to 8 PM now. It sucks. I can't really comment tonight... I got piano and vocals... I'm really sorry.

I'm just updating to let you know I'm not dead!
Not yet, that is.

Dealing with some dilemma.
So I'm going.


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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Minnie Beller and the Torture Music
Time: 6:07 PM
Mood: Ashamed
Song: C-ute- Maasara Blue Jeans
Currently: eating a pastry

Tomorrow is the end of Lent :D
I am so happy.
I get to listen to DBSK now ^^ *cheers*

Anyway, the title came from what happened today. Yumi, Hikari and I went to Kumi's house today[well she lives in an apartment]. It was fun!!! Although I got hurt A LOT. This proves I'm very accident-prone. I smashed my head into the wall, hit my elbow, and hit my head again. T_T
So yeah.

And then Yumi, Kumi, and I were going downstairs to get something, and I accidently pressed the help button so we had to get out of the elevator. We were stuck on the tenth floor. Scary as hell. We heard footsteps, a loud bang, some other scary stuff. And we heard torture music. *shudders*

Kumi also lent me Taiko Drum Master. So I will play that very soon. ^^

I'm going now.


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Steel Train and Monkeys
Time: 5:58 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: Berryz Koubou/Kobo- Very Beauty
Currently: fiddling with my keys

*looks at title* Hahaha sorry. I was just remembering that time where Kasgi called Kenja a steel train and when he answered Kenja's riddle saying,"Monkeys". It doesn't sound funny but I was laughing my head off. ^^

I'm in a happy mood today.
Kind of disturbed, but otherwise great.

My day was fun, for once. And it was cold and sunny. But now it's grey and cold. Bleck.

Happy Easter!

We have to make comic strips for some short story we made a while back in English. Mine was about a panda with superhuman powers and a third eye. It sounds weird, right? It is. And my drawing disabilities don't help me. In any way. One scene he looks incredibly fat, then the next panel he looks anorexic. T_T I really suck.

I was hyper during math today ^^.
My teacher probably thought I was posessed.

Nothing really happened today... well nothing you'd be interested in. So I'll go.


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Time: 9:18 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: LIES- Big Bang
Currently: chewing on my hair

Bleck. My hair smells like shampoo or something and it tastes like nothing. hmph.

Well, first off, I will TRY to get to all your sites for tonight. But I am exhausted~ but I will try.


how's my life going?
Same as usual.





Those are key words. You should be able to figure it out. I feel lonely since my friends don't really go on myO anymore. It's like they've all abandoned it and I'm the only one who at least updates once in awhile.
I barely update my World[s] on theO though. It's just boring. No offense.


I am so tired of wearing bulky shoes and sweaters and heavy gear and jackets. :(


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time: 10:32 AM
Mood: Lumph.
Song: Dir En Grey- Saku
Currently: watching mother make faces at the music

Golden Week is over now ^^
I should really finish my homework. Or else my teachers will get pissed.

I did do a lot, I guess, for a typical Golden week/Spring Break/March Break. I went tobogganing, I went bowling(which, I think I totally pwned at), and I went to the Asian Mall. Oh, the wonders!!

I got an overdose of bubble tea though. I had taro and green apple(my cousin couldn't finish hers). My stomach hurt after, but it was still so good.

The problem with the Asian Mall, however, is that they have a lot of anime merchandise and I couldn't figure out what to buy! :( so I ended up not getting anything T_T.

But my sister did get me my CD. And I was thrilled. But I did want to get a poster. And maybe a dvd. Oh well.

I saw Step Up 2 with my cousin. It was awesome! I especially loved the prank. XD I was laughing so hard.

So basically that's it. ^^



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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time: 4:45 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: BoA- My Name
Currently: chewing gum

Am I being too pushy?

I want my sister to try out for SM Entertainment(the record label that DBSK, Super Junior, BoA, SNSD, Kang-Ta are under). They're holding Global Auditions in Asia, the US, and Canada, so we're going to go for it. She's not that bad of a dancer and her singing is good so she might make it as a trainee. But it's going to be like 4-7 years until she can become really good.

However, she thinks she's not a good singer T_T. She said that if she had my singing skills, she would have a chance. But she just has to practice. And she'll do well. XD

Golden week has been pretty good so far... but I've been lazy. As usual.

I have to get to work now, it looks like it's going to rain. T_T


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