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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time: 9:33 AM
Mood: Bored
Song: Big Bang- Always
Currently: Wolfing down them Pancakes

Hm... these need more syrup *drenches with syrup*

Anyways, I am so bored right now. I wish it was school. We're going skiing tomorrow. So yeah. We're going to that French concert on Tuesday. I am not so excited for that.

I'm sick too! Isn't that just awesome? I got a bad cough and a stuffy nose.

I actually cleaned my room yesterday. Since it's covered with books, papers, clothes, etc. I started on this weird fanfic last night. Don't know if you want to hear about it. Personally, I think it's strange. It has a bit of yaoi in it. It's the first time I've tried that in my writing, you know? I'm trying to adjust.

I'll just go.....



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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time: 1:44 PM
Mood: Neh.
Song: Big Bang- Lies(yes-once again!)
Currently: Multi-tasking by reading manga and typing ^^

I am a bit pissed right now. 1, my mom is being a bit rude right now and 2, I only got to get one manga.

Like what the Fuck.

I'm not gonna lie, my mom LOVES buying me books- I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to them(I am a bookworm ^^). But she is clueless about manga. We went to this bookstore in the mall(the small one) and I'm like,"Mom, this isn't the place- they don't sell manga here it's more of like in Chapters- I was talking about the one two stores down." And she was like,"But your sister bought her Full Metal something manga here." Hahaha. My sister bought her FMA manga at Indigo, not Coles.

So we went, and wow- there are a lot of old people at the mall in the morning, it's not even funny. So anyway, we went in and I was trying to choose one, and I was thinking on my toes so I chose Death Note- I picked two mangas of it and I told my mom. She asked how much they cost. I told her and she was like,"Put one back or don't get them." And I was like,"WTF It's not even a lot." And she said,"Yeah it is. Just get one, and buy the next one later." SO of course, I had to. I don't get allowance, so I have to ask to have it bought. *groan*

I wanted to get Fruits Basket... :( but stupid me I was thinking so stupidly. Well, I'll just get it if I go back next week. IF.

I'll go now.



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Friday, February 22, 2008

Time: 6:08 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: Big Bang- Lies
Currently: jumping around XD

Okay! So this is the first time I haven't updated in over a day. It's amazing. I'm proud of myself- I'm such a freak.

Yay! Today I am buying manga! Whee so excited... I might buy Yumi(yumi08uchiha) the second volume of this manga she's reading- so I guess that will count as her early birthday present, I suppose. I don't know what manga I will buy- hopefully nothing weird. I might buy Fruits Basket or something, we'll see. I'm just so damn excited!

Today was fun. I brought styling gel to school and Yumi and I were styling Kenji and Leo's hair. It was hilarious. Leo's hair looked awesome, Kenji's looked okay... but they washed it out after!!! No fair. :( But then they put gel in my hair, Sayu's, and a bit of it in Yumi's hair. Sayu and I had to wash our hair in the bathroom. T_T

Okay so anyway, I have like, no homework this weekend. I'm sososo happy! XD

I want to go buy manga now damn it! *looks around* I hope no one heard...



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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time: 9:36 PM
Mood: Tired
Song: BoA- Moto
Currently: Spazzing and watching American Idol

Okays Gonna keep this short because I should be showering. My hair feels greasy-ew. Guess it was because last night SOMEONE *coughmomusedupallhotwaterCOUGH* just HAD to be doing laundry at the moment.

Um... today was boring. I feel weird right now. But, whatever. I didn't finish my homework, which I promised to finish today. Aren't I so lazy? I was supposed to memorize my speech and finish Orthographe(spelling) but guess what? I did none :D. I'm going to be in so much trouble tomorrow.

So... my french teacher is reeaally pissing me off. She's bitching for no reason. It's annoying. *grunt grunt*

I'll leave now ^^



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Monday, February 18, 2008

Time: 8:47 AM
Mood: Happy!
Song: Timbaland- The Way I are

TODAY IS CHANGMIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!! KYAAA!!!!!!!! HE IS SO CUTE! He's from DBSK. The youngest member ^^. He's turning twenty today! Have a good one Changmin Oppa. And as my own tribute, I decided to post one of their most famous songs, Rising Sun[but me and my friends call it Lysol]. So here!


Since we have no school today, we might go see Step Up 2. So I'm looking forward to that.

Well that's all I came here to say.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANGMIN! [and it's one day after Kenji's so happy late birthday Kenji].



PS. My commenting thing is not working... so I might not get to your Otaku. Gomen..

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

LATER...(After Hikari's)
Time: 7:23 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: Daft Punk- Technologic

Okays so Hikari's house was AWESOME!!! I had so much fun. We played karaoke, ate pizza, ate "floop" pie(blueberry pie), and played DDR Hottest Party! We also transformed the song "Hot Cross Buns". We are too cool.

I was very obssessive with my chopsticks. I ate my pie and my popcorn with my purple chopsticks. Supposedly, in our manga "A Slice of [the] Ninja", my weapons are my hands and... who would have guessed, my awesome purple chopsticks!! I get to kill lots of people with little wooden sticks(or plastic, but mine are wooden).

Now... I'm drinking meh bubble tea ^^. Yum.

Oh and Yumi already posted this but here is the cast! You guys'll find it weird but whatever!

Bella- Yumi
Edward- Leo(hehe)
Alice- Cocomo(aka Me)
Jasper- ChoiKang Changmin(or Max, he's from DBSK just in case you don't know)
Rosalie- Sayu
Emmett- Shujii from Nobuta wo Produce ^^(or Sayu do you want Akira?)
Carlisle- Kenji(T_T he's our father...)
Esme- Christine(although she and Kenji are NOT going out, he's just madly in love with her)
Victoria- Gaby
James- Nick
Angela- Hikari :D
Ben- Edward Elric XDD
Mike- Nari
Tyler- Ishido
Jessica- Kumi

And that's it. I think. We were supposed to put someone in the Volturi, but I don't what happened.



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anime food icon
Time: 9:46 AM
Mood: Defeated
Song: DBSK- Purple Line

I suck. Lots and lots. My cousin... she is evil! She broke my Lent promise. She MADE me listen to them. It was awful. I was doing sooooooo well and she just had to ruin it! God. Guess I'll have to think of something else. BUT I WAS DOING SO WELL. *sniff*

Yesterday night was weird. That's all I have to say. Weeeiiiirddd.

Well, I'm going now. Yumi, Kumi, and I are going to Hikari's house. Too bad Sayu's not going :(



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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time: 11:16 AM
Mood: Confused
Song: CSJH- The Club feat. Bi-Rain

It's already getting lonely without DBSK to listen to, but it's okay. I guess. Cookies.... yum. I haven't had any in a month.

Um. Okay. Yesterday's dance was boring. And the DJ lectured(kind of) me, because I treated him like crap :D and I don't even care what he thinks. I can do whatever I want. If you ever read my intro, it says "I am overall a nice person but if you get on my nerves, then I become not so nice". It's true. He played a lot of erm, stupid songs. But now that it's over, I'm relieved.

I also got new chopsticks! They're purple. I loovee them. :D I ate my eggs with them. It was fun!

As usual, the weather is cold and snowy. But it's been sunny a lot more. Sucks.

Also, yesterday me and Yumi(yumi08uchiha) made the cast for Twilight by using the people in our class. Surprisingly, the plot fits our life perfectly. Except(unfortunately) there are no vampires or werewolves. Too bad! And there probably aren't any of the Volturi either.

I might post the cast later, it's really funny actually. Although we didn't put anyone as Jacob Black. We haven't found the right person for that yet. XD

So I'll go now. Oh and today's my cousin's birthday. We're going to go celebrate at her house. I have to break my Lent promise, because she's going to make me listen to DBSK ALL night. I should pray to God she'll be busy.



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Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine anime
Time: 6:39 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: AnCafe- The Hero without a Name


Just so you know, I didn't have a valentine, I didn't ask anyone to be mine, and vice versa. And I'm happy ^^

Okay I had to stay home for the morning. I didn't feel well. At all. I was puking and some other stuff you don't want to know about. But I got to go back to school in the afternoon :D

Um.. what to say about today... it was great! I got high(well, not really) on candy and chocolate. Cross out candy. I only ate a conversation heart and a lollipop, the rest I dumped on my friend. I also played messenger today! It was fun.

Leo gave Yumi chocolate and a stuffed dog. It was sweet, but it kind of looked like Yumi was going to jump him at any moment. XDD

I think Nick got Gaby something, I'm not sure though. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Kenji got Christine a can of juice(they're not going out though, he's just obssessed with her). A JUICE CAN. How pathetic. He said he'll get her something better by tomorrow, though. ...

Speaking of tomorrow, it's the dance tomorrow. I hope everyone picked good songs. Or else I'm going to kick someone.

Once again, happy v-day ^^



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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time: 9:19 PM
Mood: Depressed

Yes my avatar today IS the rabbids. Don't they look possessed?

Um... well, I'm feeling really down today. I had my exams today... and I messed up so much I thought I was going to fail but I didn't. But one more and I could have gotten in the honors. But, my lack of practice showed.

So I was all angry in the car. Don't know. Just was. I now feel confused and angry at myself. I completed no homework whatsoever.

Today was weird. I fell into the snow a lot, so my pants were soaking. Ugh.

My french teacher is pissing me off. I was going to say something but decided it was too mean. So I'll shut up.

Happy valentine's day everyone, by the way. Hope you have fun.



PS. I'm very sorry If I don't comment on your post. I'm kind of not in the mood for it. Really sorry... I just feel down.

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