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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time: 8:49 PM
Mood: Sore
Song: Morning Musume- Onna ni Sachi Are

Cocomo went tobogganing today[is that how you spell it?].

She now feels sore.

Well, I do! I went over a bump and flipped over. It hurt so much, my head was throbbing like hell. But my family friend went flying. He flipped over my other family friend. It was hilarious. Tobogganing is fun, but you go over bumps sometimes so it makes your ass sore.

Cocomo started watching the Death Note live-action movie ^^. The guy who plays Light is from Battle Royale, I know it. I recognize him. He looks cute in the movie XD. I haven't seen L yet so... yup.

Golden week has been boring so far. Except for today. I also messed up my bangs a bit so I look soo retarded. So my hair parts at the side, and I look like a first grader. =_=

What is wrong with my media player??!! *sighs*


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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time: 9:19 AM
Mood: Party Mood
Song: Berryz Koubou- Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba
Currently: Fiddling with a bracelet ^^

Today we are going to celebrate Nari's(nari12uzumaki) birthday! His birthday isn't today, but it's near today. We're going bowling XD. I told people to bring extra money since there's a DDR machine. Of course, Hikari's going to pwn us all, but DDR is still a good game to play! :D

Yay Shiroi Tokyo's on now! *sings along*

Anyway. It snowed like hell yesterday, but now it's sunny! I am sooo happy. Tomorrow my sister's going to the Asian mall and getting my later-than-late birthday present. ^^ I asked if she could get me a plushie too, but... not such luck.

Everyone go to nari12uzumaki and wish him a happy birthday! He'll give you a slice of cake if you want *coughnudgecough*

I'll go. And I'll tell you everything that happened after!


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Friday, March 7, 2008

Time: 11:50 AM
Mood: Happy
Song: Nami Tamaki- My way

Well, I've been making too many accounts lately. I made one on dA(deviantART) so yup. I submit fanfiction on there ^^. If you want to visit me, please go here:


Yeah. My username is rasberryheart. Like the song from DDR XD...

Golden Week is starting! Or in other words, MARCH BREAK. I call it Golden Week because it's much cooler.
Are you guys doing anything for Golden Week? If so, what?

I'm probably doing nothing. But I'm going to Kumi's house next week. So, yay.

I hope you guys like my new theme. It's Nami Tamaki. ^^ She sang a lot of the openings and endings for Gundam Seed and she sings the opening for D-Gray Man(Brightdown). I think she sang the opening for Kiba too..?

Ah, I love Nami-chan. One of my favourite singers XD.

Um, I'll go now.



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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time: 8:08 PM
Mood: ^^
Song: SNSD- Into the New World
Currently: On theO!

I've been on theO a lot lately. I'm just here to tell you about my "Worlds". One of them is for fanfiction other one is for my blog. I'll be on here, too but not as much. XD come here if you want to visit me.





PS. You can subscribe too XD I'm so greedy.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time: 7:02 PM
Mood: ...
Song: February Air- Lights
Currently: Finishing french homework

Yes, I am listening to that Old Navy commercial song. It's actually gotten very catchy XD.


Everyone let's celebrate! *can't find decent food to serve*
Well, whatever -_-'



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Monday, March 3, 2008

Time: 6:56 PM
Mood: :D
Song: none
Currently: being pwned in Scrabble

*huggles L plushie to death*
Oh, hello there!

Well, yesterday was one of the best shopping days I've had. We bought so much~
I bought an L plushie, Death Note manga, and a bunch of colourful socks! I also drank bubble tea(8D) and ate Thai food. Their spring rolls and Pad Thai is goooddd.

Today was fun. It was surprisngly warm, so I didn't wear my jacket on the way home.

Haha me, Sayu, Gaby, Nari, and a bunch of other people were running through the water.

And then after school Yumi and I were splashing each other.

Guess it was all because of the awesome weather. :D

I am so excited.



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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time: 9:30 AM
Mood: *Yawn*
Song: Smile Ichiban li Onna- AnCafe
Currently: brushing my hair

I'm going to keep this short. Since I probably won't be back for the whole day, I'll just post now. I am sooo tired. I went to bed way late. T_T

Today I'm going shopping with my Lola. Yes- my Lola but she's very cool and I love her. Well, hopefully she can make my cosplay costume(my mom is so cheap- she doesn't want to buy it so she makes poor Lola do it). I asked her to make me a costume like the Haruhi Suzumiya uniform. I showed her it before and asked if she could make it for the party before Christmas break, but she said she had not enough time but it was easy to make. So, now since I asked her *counts fingers* 3 months in advance, I think she has enough time. *crosses fingers*

*coughs repeatedly* This sucks. I'm still sick, and my nose is stuffy. Evil.

It's nice and sunny outside. Even better, I actually took time brushing my hair and now it doesn't hurt when I run my hands through it.

I finished Part 2 of my fanfiction! XD Sorry just thought I had to tell you that.

*makes quick escape*

See you around!


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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time: 4:48 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: Riyu Kosaka- Himawari
Currently: eating an orange :D

Ok ok. I'm so bored I'm actually going to do something called COMMENTS BACK. XD

Comments Back:
sasuke fan4life- Lucky! I want it to be hot over here, but it's freezing cold. T_T

Kyofanatic- Haha I've never thought about that. Maybe it might be harder... okay now I'm scared. I'm so physced for the fanfiction section!!! It's gonna be awesome. Hopefully. XD *hugs back*

koon- Yes I told you it would sound boring! .............................,.....,.............,..........!...,.,........... ,

otakufangirl- I like your avi XD. Is cute. Really? Cool! Trust me you DO NOT want snow T_T

TheTreeNinja- lol You forgot about it? Wows. XDD

wolf of sorrow- No one really cared... some people gave gifts, but not a lot. Haha King's Court is Dodgeball but when you get hit you have to go on the outside of the court and try to get the ball and hit one of the players on the opposing team to go back to your side. XD
Hahaha don't worry Im very clueless too!

fullmetalsgirl- Yes we are! And yayness also! XD

mewmewpudding- Yes hopefully VV will be great! I'm very much excited for it :D. You're lucky it didn't snow much!

CrimsonValkyrie- My fanfic is just weird. LOL. Oh really? Your principal's retiring? Wow. You should be happy you don't have snow! I mean, it's okay, but then you get tired of it. T_T

ElvesAteMyRamen- I don't mind if it's R or under. As long as it's good, I guess. But I'm a little too young to read "that". So... lol. I'm waiting and waiting!!!

Crimson-Rose- Really? As far as I'm concerned, most people I've heard from are excited about it! *is confused* Religion is fun and easy. It's one of those subjects you CANT fail on. XD

finaLight- Hikari your comment was awfully short than usual. XDD sucks you couldn't get manga! I couldn't, and I don't even know if I will this week... so evil...

yumi08uchiha- Yumi! Don't worry, it's not like you'll be going alone(I'll be there). Then again what difference to I make? :D Am I making you feel better? How about I get Simon to come? Would you like that better? No Im just kidding lol.

sayuri-uzuamki- lol yes Sayu, no one really DID care about the VP. That's what's sad :D. I KNOW I'M SO EXCITED TOO I'M GOING TO BURST!!!!!!!

That's all~

Have a great day!


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Friday, February 29, 2008

Time: 7:26 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: none
Currently: Eating

Well, today was fun.

But if you read about my day, it would probably sound like the most boring stuff in the world.

So I'll keep it short.

Our VP is retiring today. I didn't even know until today. I don't even think anyone cares, no offense.

We played King's Court in P.E, was very interesting because it caused drama after. Dunno.

Also, more fanfiction progress. I guess. More people started reading it. I'm almost done Part 2 and I don't think I'll be making anymore. I'm not sure yet.

And also!
I'll be going to a Cathecism class every Saturday from now on until December! And I think it starts tommorow- but luckily it starts at 2 so I have time to look at VV!

I am SOSOSOSO excited for VV to come out. I'm excited about the new look and all the new features. But I'm ESPECIALLY excited for the Fanfiction part. *drool*

Well that's all I have to say!
It's been snowing non-stop.
And I didn't get anymore manga today T_T

How are you all?


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time: 5:56 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: DDR- Nijiiro
Currently: Sweating to death

Okay it's not 5:56 PM anymore. I just started at that time,but Yumi needed the computer for some stuff so I just left her alone and went to go play DDR. That's why I'm sweating to death right now.

Today was funny. Today was that french concert, so yeah. It was so cheap. I can't believe I bothered to bring my forms back in. T_T

Uh.. what to say what to say?
Remember how I told you that I was writing a yaoi fanfic? I finished it. And I let some of my friends read it(mostly Kobe, Kenji, Hikari, and Kumi). They all thought it was good. And funny, for some odd reason. The ending was a bit lame but I asked if they wanted a part 2 and they(well Kenji) said yes. So I'm making a second one lol.

Hahaha my cousin just asked if my sister's boyfriend was my dad. XD too funny.

I'm so sad. I want to listen to DBSK, but I can't- Lent. I should have given up something easier. DBSK is what keeps me in place. No lies.

I got to do memorize my speech and do some math. Yay.

I'll go comment on your sites now.



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