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Monday, September 1, 2008

Wasting my time with this but..
Time: 5:15 PM
Mood: Pissed
Song: Farenheit and Hebe Tian- Only have feelings for you
Currently: watching anti-fan videos.


Anyone hate the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus here? Because I do.

I don't know, there's something I have against those un-talented, God-awful Disney rejects. I just can't like them. They're so... ugh.

Especially Miley Cyrus. -_- She pisses me off, thinking she's all that.

Anyway... school's starting tomorrow.
I'm actually a little nervous now. Dunno why... but I hope this year will be better.

So how are you all doing? Did school already start for you? lol

My summer sucked. Seriously. Florida wasn't very cool for me, either -_-

(I sound like I'm in a bad mood, don't I?)

'Cause I am. T_T

I'm also worried as to if my friend really did get kidnapped during the weekend... I'm going crazy. I'll try calling her house.


See you all~!

I called her. She didn't get kidnapped, thank God, but she sounds a little depressed.


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I fell in love at a Japanese restaurant.
Time: 1:10 AM
Mood: Hyper active
Song: Hey! Say! 7- Hey! SAY!
Currently: overdosing on milk

So yo whassup everyone? Doing well?
I hope so.

Fan expo this weekend ^.^
And school starts next week.


I got a new bag. It's tokidoki rofl...

So anyway, what's up with you guys?


Well, that's all for now~!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time: 11:12 AM
Mood: Discouraged
Song: SS501- Lucky Days
Currently: dancing...

Well, I'm not sure if there's any use for me here anymore, considering I kinda grew out of anime... >.< I know I know I'm bad. I still read some manga though... so whatever. Wouldn't it be kind of weird if I stayed here but I didn't like anime? Yeah...

So school's almost here and I'm ECSTATIC. I get to see all my friends again, new teachers, blah blah blah. Can't wait~

So how have you all been? I hope you've been well and your summer has been filled with happines(?).

I have to clean like a mad woman because on Saturday, we're having a party! And I'm sure my cousins will wreck the computer like they did last time :D. And trust me, you don't want to see me if the computer's broken. I freak out. Literally.

Hahaha this font is strangely funny...
Any of you excited for school? Doing anything special? I've got a wedding to attend, but my sister spilled juice on the dress and well... yeah.

It's raining, I'm so bored I could cry.
Just updating you on my incredibly boring life~~

Hope you're all well!


:EDIT: I started commenting again... so lol I'm trying to be a better person~~

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Yumi say bye-bye?
Time: 10:06
Song: Kyu Jong- It's Raining
Mood: neutral
Currently: drooling over how hot my new boyfriend(LOL)is

Why, hello everyone.
How are you all doing?
Summer been good?
I hope so.

..Well, my friend Yumi... some of you know her as yumi08uchiha, she er... left myO.

So I guess I really am the last of my friends standing. Or at least, trying to make an effort to remind you guys I'm still alive, while I'm POSITIVE most of you deleted me, and I'm probably talking to no one, so...

I don't think I'll ever leave myO... anytime soon anyway, because I don't have the heart to say good-bye, I hate saying good-bye :(.

Not much to report here, except I've gotten way into funky sunglasses and that I went to Florida.

Just saying this straight up:

I never want to go back to Florida.

It's too hot for me there, I almost passed out in Disney World lol. Not because I saw Micky Mouse's face,but because it was my personal hell on Earth ^^.

Well enjoy your summer, and don't die from the heat!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cocomo's in love?
Time: 9:03 AM
Mood: Tired
Song: Battle- Luv U
Currently: fighting to not close eyes

Hi everyone!
You know what sucks so much?

I found out that I've fallen in love on the last day of school! :D
...I don't think I'll see him until next year, even though he's my friend... that's what makes me sad...

I have noo idea if I should confess to him or not. I miss everyone, but I think I miss him the most...

Damn me for only figuring this out on the last day of school! DAMN MEEEEE.

I cosplayed on the last day of school :D. I cosplayed as Suzumiya Haruhi~ and Hikari(finaLight) cosplayed as Haruhi Fujioka. It was quite fun, and I didn't care about all the stares I was getting. Screw them ^^. I looked like a real schoolgirl LOL.

I LOVED my outfit, but there were some downs. *Cough* It was kinda windy, so my skirt flew up sometimes, but I was wearing short shorts. The guy that I liked saw it and claimed I had yellow underwear and I had to explain that it's shorts, my actual underwear was ___(you guys don't have to know). And I gave him a piggy-back, and Kobe and Quincy said he pulled up my skirt and apparently, peeked.


BUT.. I don't like him because he pulled up my skirt and peeked(Woah..).

It just happens, ok? lol~

So how are you guys doing?
How's your summer so far?

Mine sucks >.<

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time: 7:49 AM
Mood: ...
Song: Battle- Step by Step
Currently: half asleep

Well, I guess I'm about to rant, because I just noticed this and I'm so.... urgghhh about it.

I've just noticed.... I get bullied a whole lot. People like to push me, punch me, poke me(especially poke me), pull my hair, kick me, slap me. Well, on Wednesday it was Torture Kayla Day(Kayla's my real name XD), and even my best friend joined in on it... it's so fucking annoying I swear.

Do any of you like to be sat on until you can't breathe?

I swear, I'm going to do something about the next fucking time Kenji or Kenja whatever the fuck he wants to call himself pokes me. Sure, I spaz when people poke me, but it hurts too, you know...

and I ask them why they do this to me, and they say, "Because it's funny when you spaz." Oh, yeah? Is it? Well, I don't care. Leave me the hell alone and go bother someone else.

It's so damn annoying.
They poke me everywhere we go.

We went on a field trip yesterday and they were bothering me on the bus.
They bothered me in the restaurant we went to.
They beat the shit out of me in the park we went to after.
And I still got bothered after that.

I don't want to tell the principal because these people are my friends... and they're probably joking around but it's seriously starting to PISS. ME. OFF.

*puts head in pillow and screams*

Well, school's almost over ^^.
I'm probably getting new glasses, I'm eyeing those nice ones with the black frames. Hehehehe.

I'm sorry for the ranting, everyone -_-'

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, Well, Well.
Time: 9:40 AM
Mood: Ashamed
Song: Big Bang- Fool
Currently: trying to pull the bangs out of my face

I'm going to try and explain what happened over this past month.

-I got bangs XD
-I got another DBSK CD
-I got a boyfriend(it was Nari)
-I dumped my boyfriend
-It's almost the end of the school year
-I have an ugly pimple.

So there!
Not very eventful, but chyeah XD

I'm sorry for not writing sooner..
I've kinda been sucked in by dA...
I was gonna say good-bye to you guys today and leave myO...
But for some reason I can't seem to say that I'm leaving ^^
I guess I won't XD

Everyone on myO: MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN!!!!!!

Ah well~
How are you guys?
It's been awhile.
Well, to me it has been~

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time: 10:53 AM
Mood: ...
Song: Big Bang- FOOL
Currently: ogling Ji Yong

So today is Yumi(yumi08uchiha)'s birthday. I have no idea if you wanna go say happy birthday, since she barely goes on myO anymore.

She's holding a sleepover tonight :). I'm excited, 'cause we get to eat lots of chocolate and have pillow fights.

So I'm very excited.
I've been swamped with homework.
So I just came here to update, but now I gotta get right back to working...

Okies then.
See you all ^^

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mondays T_T
Time: 5:49 PM
Mood: Annoyed/Depressed/Angry
Song: Son Dambi- Bad Boy
Currently: reading manga

Well, today was Monday and it was a total piss-off. I don't think I've ever had a worse Monday than today...

I have to write an apology note to some fag of a teacher who was spazzing on Friday because we were talking during Art Class. Other names were put up on the board.

We had Exam Prep too, and it was so... *cough*.

And Kenja(surprise!) was being annoying, as usual. I just want to... I don't know... punch his lights out. To think I liked him? *embarrassed*

Life hasn't been very eventful. I do, however, have a bruise on my tummy, from Nari poking me repeatedly *glare*.

Exams are coming up soon for us...
I'm scared...
O.O No terrified.

After they're done I can relax and go back to procrastinating ^^.

The weather has been dreary and ugly.
I like dancing in the rain, but it hasn't been raining.

It's been cloudy. And I HATE when it's cloudy.
*shakes fist at sky* SCREW YOU!


*remembers comments* Thanks for the seven comments! I'm VERY surprised none of you really deleted me... I was pretty sure I was deserted now... *shocked*.

TT_TT Why am I watching Zoey 101 again?
*changes channel*

Okay then. I should finish my homework ^_^'

See you all!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time: 9:47 PM
Mood: sad and dissapointed
Song: Namolla Family- I love you
Currently: trying not to touch my ears

It's been quite a while.
I'm sure a lot of you deleted me. T_T

I'm sorry everyone!
I really am.

I might be leaving myO.
I don't know.
It just seems so different now.

Kinda dissapointed.

But I now officially decided I won't leave.
'Cause I'm Coco.

*waits to hear cheers from myO* Just kidding ^^

Life has been so... dramatic.
It's strange.

A lot of stuff happened. I'll explain tomorrow if I have time.

I wonder if I sound different.
Do I?

Okay. Well I don't have much to say right now. So I'm going to go sleep, since I'm exhausted.


Today's mother's day sucked. We did nothing for half the day, and then we went to the mall. I got my ears pierced *raises eyebrows* and I got new shoes, WHICH I HATE.

And we were supposed to go eat Thai Food tonight, but my mom bailed and I ended up eating a bagel.


T_T Oh well.

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