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Friday, February 1, 2008

hannah - changmin
Time: 8:20 AM
Mood: Ecstatic
Song: AnCafe - Wagamama Koushinkyouku

Don't ask about the picture today. It's my beloved Changmin ^^

Well, today there is no school! Fweee~ My prayers worked! It is snowing like crazy. We have to shovel every two hours T-T. We're going to be buried in snow, but who cares? I was supposed to hand in some stuff, but now I don't anymore. No math test, no speech, no incompletes... it's a dream come true XD

I'm excited, since my birthday is coming in a week! It's on the 9th of February. On Saturday. A bit far, I know. But I can wait. Tomorrow I'm getting my early birthday present from my sister. A poster and a CD. You can obviously guess what XP. I kind of wanted manga and a plushie... :(. But I guess I can live... maybe not. My mom said she was going to buy me Guitar Hero 3, kind of excited for that. I just want to eat blueberry pie on my birthday ^^.

I guess I might post later.. not much to talk about, except that there's a GIANT blister on my foot. It hurts so much. Owwie.

Have a wonderful day~

Time: 12:32 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: F.T. Island- Until you Return

I tend to put "LATER..." especially when I'm bored huh?

Well, I've really been lazy for these past few hours that felt like eternity...

I read some manga, talked to friends on msn, practised my piano, played DDR, watched a bit of anime, listened to music, and presently I am continuing to check if anyone updated so I can comment.

Apparently, this snowstorm is continuing for the rest of the day. I'm trapped indoors. We have to shovel every two hours... :(. That sucks. Maybe I wished for a little too much...

*sighs* Well I'm feeling very bored right now. *Looks outside* HOLY BUTTERSCOTCH. The tree looks like it's going to snap any second. Snow's flying around. Not a winter wonderland... more like a winter nightmare. Lame attempt at words I know. ^^

Well I'll go now...

Have a wonderful day~

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time: 6:15 PM
Mood: Irritated.. and happy
Song: Koda Kumi- Last Angel(feat TVXQ)

... I won't mention why I feel irritated, only becausw it will make the person feel angry at me... and I don't like that. So whee.

Anyway, today was the ski trip. ...It was better than I thought. 1. I didn't get dismembered 2. I fell less than I thought and 3. I actually had fun.

I fell on my first try, my third try, and that's it. Well, while I was skiing. But when I was trying to put the damn skis on, I kept on falling. I felt very nauseous at first. The instructor showed me and when he let go of me, well, I almost crashed. People said the fall looked painful, like I'd smashed my face into the ground, but of course that didn't happen. I just lay there, dead and motionless. Putting on the skis and the balance and the "pizza" and the "french fry" were pretty easy, I just had trouble controlling. My legs wobbled sometimes T-T. I had to fall to get out of my skis.

The weather was not bad, either. I thought I would be freezing on the mountain. I was wrong. In fact, I was sweating a lot, and my rainbow hat itched. Ugh.

Um, about two kids almost fell off the mountain.. one was right at the edge. I crashed in the ski lift, and so did Yumi. I didn't cause any major problems for people skiing by.. It felt as if the mountain were empty and only I was there. We have one more ski trip.. :(. I wanted more... especially since now I enjoy skiing, even though getting up is a bit painful ^^. I won't go into more detail...

So anyway, how are you? Do you have a lot of homework? I do. I have to finish my speech, that stupid reading thing, and study for the math test. I heard that there is a possibility that school might be cancelled tomorrow, so I'm praying extra hard tonight.

Have a wonderful day!


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei ED
Time: 2:27 PM
Mood: Anxious
Song: So Nyuh Shi Dae- Into the New World

Yup. Today I have a day off, so I basically watched anime the whole morning and now I'm doing homework and listening to music. I want to ditch the work, but there's a chance my teacher might collect it, and I don't want to really take chances.... I might. Right now, I have no idea. My ribs ache. I've been lying flat on my stomach for like 3 hours straight. Ow.

Well, most of the morning was spent on watching Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei(thanks for introducing it to me, Inachi Uchiha ^^). It's funny!!! Especially how "Pink Supervisor(XD)" has no hope in anything. It's a very random anime, like Lucky Star. I didn't finish Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei yet, but I will soon. XDD

Skiing tomorrow... T-T. Seriously, I'm not excited for it. I don't want to crash, which is likely to happen even after we learn to stop. There was a chance of it being cancelled, but now... it's snowing outside!!! THIS IS SO EVIL!!! I PRAYED FOR SUNLIGHT AND WARMTH BUT NO! WE GET SNOW!!! *Is pissed* Not only that, but our french speech is due on Friday and I am nowhere close to done. AND, I have to be some stuff for skiing tomorrow... my mom is angry already. She was angry when I reminded her this morning and she thought that I was doing this on purpose so I could miss piano and voice(and trust me, that is NOT true). So now I have to get all this crap that I probably won't use after. Ugh.

I'm going to go now... I have a lot of homework, and my ribs hurt.... ^^ My questions(for once)!

1.Does it snow where you live?
2.When is your birthday?

My answers:
1. yes :(
2. February 9th

Have a wonderful day!


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time: 5:58 PM
Mood: Happy
Song: Utada Hikaru- COLORS(I decided to try this for once because I'm weird XD)

Anyway, OMG I am sooo happy! I didn't have to do my oral presentation for my french teacher, and we got a make up thing for the geometry thing from yesterday. I got 82% this time *breathes sigh of relief*. I don't want my mom killing me tonight. XD

I went to bed last night, and then I woke up about 3 hours later, and I couldn't go back to sleep. That's why I had to sleep in this morning when Yumi came over... D: I was exhausted..

Kenji got beat up by someone verry much younger than him, and the kid punched him in the nose and he got a nose bleed. I should have been feeling sorry but I was laughing because It looked so damn funny.... and then his nose started bleeding. And then he spit out blood, which we were hoping that someone would step on it... Alex did, it was so gross. And this girl did too... bleck.

We had our Etudes Sociales test today, I'd forgotten to study, but the test was sooooo easy. I got an 80% though. Well, at least I passed! I did waay better than I thought. Tomorrow we get a day off. Oh goody. I'm having an anime marathon. I'm going to watch all these animes the whole day. But I have to study, too T_T. Yuck.

Today was overall a good day. Even though I basically got jumped by my friends, that I got whipped in te eye with a book, that a chair fell on me, yup today was a great day! XDDD

Not much to say anymore... I'll just go.... without even a question.... sorry!

Have a wonderful day!


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Monday, January 28, 2008

wtf moment
Time: 6:22 PM
Mood: Sad

I changed my BG... well I change it basically every day XD. I should really learn to stick with one BG. It's from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu! I'm guessing almost everyone's heard of it.. ^^. If you don't, you should watch it. It's funny XP. I hope you guys like it.

Anyway, I'm sad because I have to do my homework soon. Ugh. I have to type my story, study, study some more, and panic. That's about it. I still have time to do some stuff. Um... guess I'll tell you about my day.

It was okay I guess. I kicked snow in Leo's face, and I felt bad after D:. I failed my weird math thing in my textbook, but almost everyone failed and I'm not so good in math T-T. Then we had a pop quiz in math and I got a perfect and one wrong on the other side :(. But who cares? I still aced it. We have a day off on Wednesday. I am looking forward to it. Sorry Yumi, I'm going to kind of copy you, but I'm going to have an anime marathon too. *Hangs head in shame* I copied Yumi. Gomen nasai!

Anyway, apparently Kenja changed his name to Kenji. I think it's better than Kenja. Ugh. Kobe is pissing me off, as usual, and I was planning to kick Alex's ass once we got to the gym, but it backfired.

The Valentine's Day Dance is coming up. I'm excited, because it's a fun way to ditch class and have fun with your friends ^^. Fwee~ Obviously no one's going to ask me, and frankly, I don't even care. XD

Uh, I'm going to go now... and yes, my question.

1. What is your favourite animal?

My answer: Pandas, penguins, seals, etc

Have a wonderful day!


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time: 11:45 AM
Mood: Dissapointed and happy

I'm so dissapointed.... I got only one comment on my other post! *Sadness* Or maybe it's because I forgot to comment on all your posts until later... I'm sorry *ducks head*.

Anyways, Happy birthday Jaejoong! I forgot it was his birthday until I read Hearts' post wishing him a happy birthday. So yup. I think he turns twenty- two today... right? So yup. That's all I had to say. Not really much to say here... XD

I finished New Moon a few days ago, I forgot to tell you. I'm sorry to all Jacob Black fans, but for some odd reason I really don't like him. Don't know.... overall the book was very good, but Bella sounded very depressed :(. I was still a bit mad at Edward after the book, but now I'm not that mad.

It's so cold today! I'm going to stay inside and play DDR and watch anime ^^. Oh yeah! And I forgot to ask you... my question.

1. What is your favourite pastry/sweet?

My answer: brownies,pie,cake

Have a wonderful day!


PS. My older sister has a theO account now. Ugh... T-T. And I hate doing this but.... please check out my sister's otaku. It's ranranramen. She's wayy obssessed with Bleach and FMA. lol.

Time: 8:14 PM
Mood: Angry

Like wtf. My parents made me come to my older sister's soccer game(ugh)because they think that I stay inside all day, hiding. God. Why don't they lay off? It's not like I'm secretly taking drugs or doing weird stuff or anything. Why do they care?

My mom thinks that my school is rowdy, so once again, she threatened to take me out of the program. Oh, and this time she said it. I was ready to throw a tantrum, just like I did this morning when I found out that Katrina gave the rest of my pocky(TWO boxes)to her boyfriend. Like ugh.

FTW. My parents think I'm anti-social since I never go out. It's like they don't know me at all. Sorry, this is turning into a ranting post, I'll stop. It's just that my parents are pissing me off; they always do! T-T

Hm. Have a wonderful day!


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Friday, January 25, 2008

lucky star
Time: 6:23 PM
Mood: Shocked

Wow today was very eventful! *Is shocked* Well, it was kind of in a bad way but whatever.

Well school was just boring. Our french teacher made us mark each other's science tests.... was brutal. I almost died during that and Etudes Sociales(Social Studies). Kobe really pissed me off today, so yup! Today were the Religion presentations, but we ran out of time and my group didn't present. I'm happy, but angry because Kobe(God damn it)didn't do jack and yet he never got into trouble for it. Ugh.

Anyways, after school was a different story. Me and Yumi(yumi08uchiha) "missed" our bus(cough) and we were going to walk home until our english teacher saw us walking home and brang us to the office. Then the secretary called my house and no one could bring us home, causing Danielle to come and get us, and then we got locked out of the house. And then me and Yumi spent the hour at My neighbour Alex's house. We were watching Jumanji(T_T).

Wow that doesn't sound eventful now... how sad. D:. But I learned something: Lots of bad things can happen in about... two hours. XD

My question!!!!!!

1. Wal-Mart or Zellers?(I'm not sure if there is Zellers in USA because I'm slow...)

My answer: Wal-Mart fweee!

Have a wonderful day!


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm sorry!
Time: 6:22 PM
Mood: Disturbed...

Anyway, I'M SORRY! OMG I can't check out a lot of your sites today, I've decided instead of staying up on the computer, I'm going to finish homework! *Gasps*. Well, yup. My parents are starting to get suspicious as to if I'm actually doing my homework or what... they always think that I finish... but they're wrong.... T_T. I'm really sorry. I bet all of you are really pissed at me... I'm sorry... I really am. It's just that I didn't finish my assignment yesterday and it was due today so I have to finish it. And my french speech. That one's gonna be long....

Have a wonderful day!


PS. No question today. Kind of preoccupied at the moment to think of a dazzling question XP. Just kidding.

Time: 9:05 PM
Mood: Exhausted...

No, I'm not tired so much that I want to go to sleep. My brain hurts. I spent almost the whole time looking up french words in the dictionary and trying to make sentences. MY SPEECH SUCKS. Poo. D: I'm doomed!

I took a break and ate ramen. I was talking to Kumi(kumi101) on the phone too, and we were playing M.A.S.H. We are freaks. We did it for Alex, and we found out that he will marry all of Super Junior, ride to work and school on a pen, have ten billion trillion children, and live in a box. ...Weird. But I was laughing so hard she made noodles come out of my nose! My nose felt as if it were on fire; the ramen was spicy... yum.

Well, I commented on basically all the people who updated. So, YAY! *Throws confetti around, but realizes no one joins in. D:*

Today... I don't want to talk about it. It was disturbing, disgusting, and funny. All at the same time...

I'm gonna leave now. QUESTION!

1. What is the most important thing to you now?

My answer: My books. Okay, that was lame. My books, my anime, my piano, my friends and family.

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spazzing out is not good...
Pochacco(sorry I must be copying people..)
Time: 8:51

Well, I was just spazzing out. BTW, I deleted my other post earlier today, it sounded very very... retarded. XD Anyway, there are only three reasons why I was just spazzing out:

1. My piano exams are in a few weeks(I just found out today- it's on Feb 27- and I'm not even ready...). HELP!

2. My mom got this huge box of ramen(*_*). I was freaking out so much I hit my head in the car D:

3. My voice teacher finally came to her senses and chose very beautiful songs for me to sing for exams(My favourite is that Franz Schubert song- ...)

Okay this was random, but I spazzed out. Litteraly. Today... I don't even want to talk about it. *Averts eyes* Disturbing things happened today... I'M SCARED! *Hides*

Hehehe. I should be finishing my homework now. So I'll just go... WAIT. one more question...

1. What's the most embarassing thing you've ever done?

My answer: ...I'd rather not say...

Have a wonderful day!


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ranting Time!
Time: 6:31 PM
Mood: Pissed D:

Okay I am really pissed right now. The girl who sits beside me.... groan. She ALWAYS has to say what's on her mind; all those opinions, even the bad ones. I don't make fun of the things she loves. You don't see ME saying "Hannah Montana is shit" to her face. Just so you know(sorry Hannah fans), I don't really like Hannah Montana... anyway. Her words hurt a lot. She got me all sad after school, causing me to cry my eyes out into Kumi's jacket, embarassed and ashamed of myself.

I used to think she was okay, but now she's really starting to annoy me... she's nice, but her opinions bother me. Really, they do. *Sighs* God help me.

Enough ranting. For now. We had two assemblies today, and one of them was some concert with a band singing songs about Christianity. It was strange. We got to go into congo lines, and Kumi kept pushing me into Kenja(T_T). Everyone knows about my obssession with DBSK, so they teased me talking about how I would react if the ones who were singing were DBSK, rather than Blue Veil(the name of the band). Apparently, they predict that I would run on stage, and huggle them all to death, and then when their security try to pull me off of them, I kick them and go back to huggling. And yes.. I am that obssessed T-T. I need help, but I won't get any. Second assembly.... mehh it was boring and my leg fell asleep.

Oh my butterscotch it was FREEZING today! Well, not as cold as yesterday, but it was snowing and I couldn't feel my toes. Brrrr. I don't like the sun, but I don't like the cold. So I don't know how that works out. I have no homework today! Hooray! I'm going to try and check out all your sites tonight! Although... I usually do comment XD. Oh yes! And here's your question:

1.What are your pet peeves?

My answer: 1.Alex, annoying people, Huncback of Notre Dame(don't know why), and a lot more.

Have a wonderful day!


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