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Saturday, December 29, 2007

   My thoughts...
Okay so I just woke up. Once again, I stayed up until 3 AM this time, finishing up Twlight. I'm happy, because I made a record. I finished it in 23 hours! That's the fastest I've ever done but now my head hurts so much I can't explain it. So... Twilight was an awesome book! But now my mom wants to read it T_T. Damn that James to hell! :D I won't spoil it for you so if you want to find out more, just buy the book. Today I'm probably buying the second one and the third one. Wow. I have never been so hooked onto a book like this, except for Abby Hayes, Madison Finn, The Wedding Planner's Daughter, etc. I really wonder what's going to happen with Edward and Bella!

Okay, enough talk about Twilight. It's so dark. I can't believe it's Saturday! This week has been passing by so fast. Maybe it's because I went to like two parties and barely got any sleep :D. I usually don't keep track of time on holidays. But I'm a bit nervous for January, because well... my mom put me in a tutor program for math(grrr and Yumi, Hikari, Sayu, Kumi, DON'T say it) and I wasn't doing my homework so they took me out and made me go on a "break". I was happy. But I had to do all the homework I never did, which was like... over 8 weeks of it. T_T You see, I easily get distracted, so I never did it. That all happened in October, and it's December now. Uh... I didn't even start. But my mom hasn't mentioned the tutor program in a while. I hope she' forgotten about it. Oh, no! Now I'm scared!! I'm going to go cry in a corner... quietly... hahaha JUST KIDDING! I don't do that. I cry myself to SLEEP. Well, I used to. Back in my weird kind- of emo days. I still do now, just not as much.

If you want to know a tiny bit more detail... MY COUSINS LEFT THANK THE LORD BUT THEY LEFT A WHAT TIME? LIKE 6:00 PM!!! It was the longest day of baby-sitting I've ever had. And my cousin lost his hat, and he made ME look for it, but his dad told him to find it himself, not me. Thank God for adults. Not only did my cousins lose my oldest sister's earrings, but he also ruined the plant my mom put on the table. And who got in trouble for all that? ME. Gosh. Maybe I should stop being such a baby. I sound like a whining one right now. XD Happy New Year everyone!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Okay! The cousins that I hate are back, but they're not bothering me. Instead, they're playing the video game Arthur and the Invisibles. My uncle asked me how I liked the game. I had to lie, so I just nodded and smiled. Then, thank God, he left me alone.

But anyway, I am SOO tired. I went to bed a four in the morning. I have officially gotten hooked onto Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. Every time I try to put it down, I just can't. It's a great book! I'm almost done it, and yes, I spent all the night reading until I fell asleep. I'm totally buying the second book. And the third one. ^^ I sound so weird. :D

*Yawn*I'm going to keep this post short, only because my life is so boring and that there is nothing to take about over here except the snow, my family, my friends, books, and anime.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

   Riyu Kosaka- Danzai no Hana
This is Riyu Kosaka's Danzai no Hana(Guilty Sky). It's awesome! It also happens to be the Claymore ending. : )

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   : D
So today is Boxing Day, but I didn;t go anywhere. Besides, I don't want or have anything to buy, so why waste my day in the mall doing nothing? :D I don't like the mall very much. I don't enjoy going shopping, unless it's for toys, manga, books, plushies, food, or journals. Or if I go with my friends which hasn't happened yet.
Yesterday's Christmas party(yes I had to go to another one)was a bit more less exciting than the one on Monday, but still fun. I played a bit of DDR with my cousin, and then I faced her in Marvel Vs Capcom. No offence, but I totally pwned her. But it was still fun. I watched a bit of Pirates of the Carribean(forgive me if I spelled it wrong).Then we played Scene it Nickolodeon style, which turned out to be a dud since my little cousins kept playing with the figurines. The most exciting part(kind of) of the night was playing Mahjong against my cousin(the same one who I beat in Marvel vs Capcom). We learned how to play Mahjong and I've kind of gotten the hang of it. The first time we played against each other, it was a tie. Then we played against each other again, and she beat me. But then we played one LAST game, and I beat her. :D Happy indeed! So yup yup. We're both the same.

I played the HSM Sing It! game this morning. The characters are so funny! I was laughing my head off when Chad was singing Sharpay's part in What I've been looking For and Sharpay was singing Ryan's part. It was so messed up! Well, I guess there isn't much to talk about anymore so I'll just-
Remember that evil singing Christmas tree? MY PARENTS TOOK IT DOWN!!! THE DEMON HAS BEEN PUT AWAY!! Until next year, that is... T_T Dun dun dunnn. I know I sound physco so I'll stop. ^.^

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hiya! Well, this is the only time I'm able to go online so I am. It's 10:22 am. Yesterday's party was... let's just say a little physco. Me and my two cousins were running away from my other littler cousins, then locking ourselves in the bathroom and closing the lights like we're in Alien Versus Predator. My little cousins are... a bit scary and hyper. I'm afraid of them. But, this post is about presents so I'll tell you what I got.

YAY so Happy I got what I wanted for Christmas! I got: A 40$ Gift Card for Coles, Chapters, even Indigo; the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, a pair of monkey slippers(exchanged with my sister so now I have the pink ones T_T), a board game, clothes, and the one thing I wanted most in the whole world.... HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SING IT! GAME!!!!!!!!! zomg I went physco when I saw it. Deep breath Coco, Deep breath. I wanted to play it now, but my sister is playing DDR and won't let me play it. T_T Whatever. The most creepiest thing I got last night was.. two video games called Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses and Arthur and the Invincibles. Yeah I know. It's scary. I don't know if I'm going to play it. ...Well, at least most of my stuff was awesome! See you!!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

   Merry Christmas
Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! I'm excited. Going to a party tonight. Well, see you! Hope you have fun tonight!


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   Sundays are messed up :)
I'm listening to Riyu Kosaka right now but that's not important. Sundays are messed up! I wake up today and I hear something going pitter-pat against the wall beside me. Guess what it was? RAIN!! It snowed last weekend, and now it's raining. I think global warming is kicking in. Yuk. My cousins are coming over later, but right now I'm in my pajamas writing a fanfic and writing on theO. Please don't ask about the fanfic, it sucks.

I am SOSOSOSO happy because in two days it is CHRISTMAS!! Yay! I can't wait to get my present because it rocks. As you know, I love karaoke and dancing(although not in public) so all winter break I'm gonna play Dance Dance Revolution and play Karaoke! Yeah! I rock(just kidding).

I want more chocolate. I finished it all yesterday. They were so good *stomach grumbles*. My dinner yesterday was disgusting. It was macaroni and cheese, and I LOVE macaroni and cheese, but this time(ughnn) I MADE IT. It was so gross I swear I felt like puking. Plus I got a real bad stomachache, yet I still had to go to a party. :( Well, the party sucked. The Friday one was better, you know? I just sat there while everyone else chatted away. I hate that feeling. Well, see ya! Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   SunKISS Drop
Hiya! Everyone, I've been listening to this song nonstop. It's from Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2. I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! It's by Jun with Alison. It's the Jun side of the song(Japanese one). Listen to it! I really like it. Maybe you will too.

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Okay I know weird title. It's Saturday and I'm eating the chocolates that Yumi(yumi08uchiha) gave me. They are delicious beyond reason. So was Naomi's and Sayuri's(sayuri-uzumaki). Thank you for the food! I also thank my Kris Kringel for the reindeer Cucumber, Kumiko(kumi101)for the candles, Nari(nari12uzumaki) for the cookie, and lastly, but certainly not least, Hikari(finaLight) for the little snake! I love them all. *goes back to eating chocolates*

I went to that party I was talking about in my last post. It was at my Aunt's house, for my cousin's birthday.It was fun, I found out. I watched TV with my cousin Jennele, and I played Cranium with her. Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that fly backward? I know, I'm slow.

I don't want a lot for Christmas this year. I'm usually a brat, I admit, well, not all the time but when I want my way, but this year I kinda don't care what I get. WAIT. No. I want one thing, and that's it. I want that High School Musical Sing It! game because I love karaoke and me and my friends are going to sing "I don't dance" and "Push it to the limit". Those are our favourite songs. It's gonna be awesome! I saw it at Zellers. But when I looked again on Tuesday, IT WASN'T THERE!!! *Cries* Well, my mom probably found it already and snuck it home. I can't wait. What do you guys want for Christmas?

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Friday, December 21, 2007

   Christmas Break is here
Yay! Christmas Break is here! I am going to relax, go on msn, go on theO, etc. Good news! The "party" animals were included in the party, which was awesome. Me and the girl that I got for Kris Kringel(if that's how you spell it) got each other. Leo got LEGO from his Kris Kringel and there was this wheel that me and Naomi(friend) call Swirly man. We clashed the wheels together. They went flying YAY! I wasn't really hyper at the party, but I was just overexcited. I got a lot of chocolate. ^^ I love chocolate. But now I have to go to another party :( I don't want to go. Why am I listening to Paramore? They're an okay band, but I've heard better. I'm more of a pop girl for some reason. I should get ready for the party now. Have a merry Christmas everyone!
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