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Friday, September 14, 2007

   tis merry!
im stayin this weekend!

however, i WILL have to go next weekend.

i looked over my to-do list, and i have too much to do to go to dads this weekend. needa get paper lanterns for my room :heart:, i need a new messenger bag....

the naruto one cannot handle all of my books so yeah. its still in tact, but its got two ghastly holes on the bottom hem.

so yeah...... naruto = decoration purposes only from now on.

and also.....
i have the feelin im forgetting some homework.....

oh well

nothing yesterday or today----cept for the tournament and a pep rally today....

boring as hell -.- cheerleaders need to learn DIFFERENT CHEERS if they want us to keep cheering and yelling our lungs out!!!!!!!!!


anyways, the tournament went well.

we played harker heights.

its obvious their tennis girls arent just.....well, THE BEST XD

their backhands were screwy XD

but yeah----me and hahli won 9-7 in doubles...

then in singles she won, but i lost.

i was tired---i had no better excuse XD

but yeah, both coaches were very proud of us so i was happy last night ^^

we got home late and i didnt finish all my homework so it was bedtime by the time i was free.

oh well

until next time

here, four picies for friday night :)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   twas a sad day...
well, i decided not to go to school today....

the memorial service was nice for many reasons....

one, papa wanted to be cremated so we wouldnt die crying seeing him again :')

two, looks like theres a funny new preacher at methodist :D

that doesnt change my mind to come back though -.-

to hahlis church!


i cant think of the rest...

but papa left his indian headress to me and i found that very surprising.......

a lot of people were fighting for it and he wanted ME to have it :'D

i have it hanging proudly on my wall ^-^

then me shannon and michael went to petsmart and got a sonic shake.

i want a hamster or a mouse T-T

i also saw the prettiest cat up there.....

just like white kitty, but her orange tints were a LOT darker......

white kitty - had very light, tan ears and on her nose...

but this one had orange ears and more hihglights and streaks! so beautiful!!!!! and she was just as friendly too!!


oh well

tomorrow i will be having a tennis tournament after school so i ASSURE you ill be late.

and dad wants me to spend this weekend with him so if i dun talk to you tonight or tomorrow night, i WILL talk on sunday night, ok? ^_^

until next time

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btw heads won :3


but tell you what-------ill use the kimono avi later, okay? :D

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

   forgive my lateness
so sorry im late....

michael HAD to finish what he was doing in eleven -.-


geography we tested...

didnt have to do my speech today cuz of a freshman assembly :P

bcis we just did stuff.....

biology--test and vocab for chapter 2....

geometry we started on compass-work

tennis we did tiebreakers

i beat everyone but will and hahli XD

ok everyone being buddy and kyle.

big deal XD

in theatre we watched a presentation for our project....

and in english we started on verbs.

50/50 tie for the avi design.

so we'll settle this byyyyyy....

coin flip on pearl? nah. thats unfair.

neji~ since when?

good point.....



Magikarp (heads) = black gunner outfit.

Pokeball (tails) = autumn kimono.

so be rooting for the coin side, tomorrow will have the results!!!!

also tomorrow is the funeral so ill be home early probably......

be looking forward to the results!

until next time!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

well today was ok i suppose...

history we studied------actually, i just drew this incredibly smexy shino picie.......



O.O//!! ahem!

in speech i was lucky not to do my speech today....

might do it tomorrow though T-T

ill like theatre----i WONT like speech T_T

in bcis i sneaked onto the otaku :3

in biology we studied.....and i drew a smexy neji meditating!



AHEM O.O////!!

the soph beside me said it was pretty.....

ugh, non-anime peoples -.-

geometry we did stuff...

in tennis were doing regular matches cuz of a tournament on thursday....

in theatre i took half of the test...
oh, i also corrected mrs. halpin and told her how to say a japanese theatre word :)

and in english i sat outside to do fridays assignment....

mrs halpin forgot about me so i had to get a quick lesson after the bell XDDD

yup thats it i suppose...


im thinking about chaning my clothes on gaia---

time to vote!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

there will also be a nightmare/angelic parasol possibly depending on which avi wins----angelic with the kimono, nightmare with the black and red

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


so you decide!!

Get your own Poll!

sorry for the long post---but please vote and until next time!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

well, yesterday was pretty busy...

we went out mainly to get some clothes for the funeral....

i got a cute outfit, and michael got his hair cut...

then we went to the mall after dropping michael off-----guess who got a cell phone?!??!? OwO

i tried looking for free anime ringtones this morning......

i got subscribed to two places T-T i hope we dont have to pay anything o.o

anyone know a place i can find FREE naruto ringtones or wallpapers?

until next time, all

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

i feel much better today...

im definitely not looking forward to the funeral though....

oh well, tis all for today......sorry for the lack of updates on meleemaster---ill update asap.....

until next time!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

   a tragic day....
i went home early today because i was too depressed to concentrate......

i could barely even speak......

its ironic that today is 'make the eagles sore; wear bandaids to the pep rally' day......

its also ironic that it happened the week i moved into moms.....

still clueless?


papa died........last night.......

i thought today was gonna be great since there was a pep rally at the end of the day.....

before i fix some toast, dad calls.......

he says he really does love me so maybe hes cooled down a bit.........
but then he told me that papa passed on last night....

its not a huge surprise.......we knew he was going to die soon......

but its just hard to grasp the concept that hes gone.........

but, at least hes overwhelmingly happy........in that perfect place in the clouds.....

best of all......

hes reunited with granny....... :')

im somewhat cheered up a bit, since me and michael played some melee.....but its still pretty hard on me.....

i got to 3rd period and couldnt take it anymore so i called mom to take me back home.....

i honestly dont feel like saying how the rest of my morning went so........seeya tonight all---im letting michael on until he goes to work.

hopefully ill be on before 5 or 6......

until next time........ *sniff*
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

sorry im so late......michael you know.... -.-

nothing really happened today....cept for english and theatre OwO

in theatre, since we got lest time to work on stuff last week (cuz of football), we get to use our book on tomorrows test!!! OwO

then in english we were given the textbooks and stuff.

but about 7/8 of the workbooks passed out were all written in, so NO ENGLISH HOMEWORK OwO!!!

well thats all! :D

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oh, i also learned a little bit of html in bcis OwO!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

   so sorry
sorry i didnt post yesterday.....

and im so late today....

but im unofficially living with mom----and im too happy right now to say what all has happened.

onto my day!!!

not at all bad :)

in geography we............i forgot

we worked on our speech in speech....

bcis i just played around with the Microsoft Publisher after our test...

science we took notes....

geometry, planes and coplanar and crap....

in tennis we worked on backhands x.x

in theatre we read history.

english was my happiest period today :D

after theatre i asked mrs. halpin if i could borrow a book for the night. she let me.

then she said my essay was wonderful and gave me a shitload of credit (when half must be given to kenny :)

then we took a test to see where we were in english and what we needed to cover.

im the only one who missed very few.

i missed 6 on the entire test.

she was extremely proud of me.

*blush* im a teachers pet again! :')

lol thats it for now....the new avi thing will be done later im sorry.
until next time!

and sorry the post was long today....*blush*

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Monday, September 3, 2007

   le gasp

so much depression last night.....

i read haru's post and she seems to be in a cheerier mood, and i hope the same goes for nate....

you better be in a better mood.........if not.....

i will go hardcore blue on your asses...

and what? oh yes, ill tell them.....

blue got a brand new bazooka that can shoot a plasma shot as huge as one of deidara's big booms >:D

so CHEER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways, ill be trying to go to hahli's today ^_^

and then of course......ill tell dad.....

anyways, be looking forward to tomorrows post. aside from how things went, i will post new avi options.

i may already be tired of my avi on gaia, but i designed two nice dream avis in tektek ^_^

tomorrow ill also post the picture i drew so you can see which is cuter :3

anyways, thats all for now. until next time AND CHEER UP OR BLUE WILL BE RELEASED

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holy shit O.O *drools* she did that in mechanical pencil tooo!!! if i just had an ounce of that beautiful shading........T^T

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