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Sunday, September 2, 2007

   whos the guy that looks like a cheese?


oh, the hunchback of notre dame is on......funny, it said the SECOND one was on the guide..........

i love that movie as much as the next disney movie, but......when they show it a hundred thousand times on toon disney, it kinda wears down on you.

same thing happened with mulan a whiles back.
at LEAST three times a week it was on.

ok, maybe one of them was mulan 2.


after a month or two ill be happy to see it again :3

anyways.....i gots my hair cut again :D ITS SHORT AGAIN


you know, maybe thats it. until next time

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

srry i didnt post last night.....i was EXTREMELY rushed.....

and i STILL had 3 hours-worth of homework to do @_@

but kenny helped me greatly :D

hes reason number 592 why i should move in. he helps me more than dad does :D

dad helps me......but........yeah -_-

besides, i can talk to kenny without him getting pissed at me for some stupid reason :D

so yeah, nothing much happened yesterday...


forgive me, meleemaster-goers!!! *bows* ill update asap i swear!!!

im goin to try going to hahli's today or monday......i dunno which.....
ill ask mom today, k hahli?

well thats all i got----oh, new naruto chapter and crap!

until next time
(you can keep praying if you want......its kinda hopeless now......his time will be soon v.v)

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for hahli :3

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

   kirby mad
thats it. ive had it. i AM moving by the end of labor day.

that meaning, i will call dad (from moms) and tell him that i MUST stay with her.

after labor day im going to come and get my bags periodically.....
i CANT leave anything naruto behind, thats a fact.

anyways....today was exhausting...

in history we did vocabulary....
sarah sits behind me, and gage sits in the row next to her, so whenever im talking to sarah ill see him glancing at me....

why do i care? i have a boyfriend now.......*haruko grin* and what? did gage have a girlfriend? oh? she may have moved?

why yes, i AM that evil! FEEL THE WRATH OF BREAKING MY HEART YOU JERK!!!!! (for the record, i didnt make her move. im just saying that gage can be jealous of me now!!!!)

um...in speech we worked on our poster thingies....

in bcis we just did the practices and stuff....
the guy beside me, probably a soph or a junior, i think is my friend....

we havent really "talked" but we laugh with each other sometimes....
and he types like 90 wpm O.O OR HIGHER!!! THE TYPING GOD! *bows to him*

in biology nothing really....

in geometry we did this screening test thing (review)

in tennis we did more drills X_X

theatre and english we worked on the interview things.

hopefully ill be coming over this weekend....
but until next time, and DONT STOP PRAYING! even if it is pretty hopeless now........

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

   bleh @_@
today was a little tougher....
(btw, the days have DEFINITELY shortened before i move to moms. one word---orochimaru. -_-+++++)

i know i promised wed try to get along......BUT SHES BECOME A TOTAL BITCH!


anyways.....ill try not to make long posts....

in history we did like a football thing.......

in speech were doing this poster thing....

bcis, we did our practice...

biology we did a lab....

geometry we reviewed some algebra

in tennis we did our drills @_@ man im tired.....
and its bad enough we have to practice in the dead heat of texas summer X_X

then in theatre and english we did some weird stuff.

i showed her the thing we did yesterday......she said shed show the art teacher....

its nto that i dont like art anymore-----i just cant LEARN anymore......at least orally....

i cant take a teacher----i learn by analyzing anime details. its just my way of doing things.
also, some other kids saw my picie....*blush*

oh well, thats all. until next time, which hopefully will be at moms soon, and KEEP PRAYING!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

day 2.....be prepared, this MIGHT be a kinda long post.

i know, i promise do wouldnt do that anymore....

oh well, theyll be shorter than last year.....hopefully......

well we did a "pop quiz" in geography...

we did some stuff in communication applications (basically, another career investigation class---aka, another mrs. markwardt, aka SLEEPY TIME, but im not being rude)

in bcis i think the soph/junior next to me is alright......

in biology we played games lol

in geometry we got MORE lists for school supplies (hopefully we have everything by now O.o)

i got the janitor to fix my locker during lunch :D (hes nice :D) but i lost a table so i had to look around.......

found a table with sophs/juniors.....one was really shy, but really nice. he let me sit with them.
when i got my lunch i found my chair stolen, but he volunteered to give up his chair...

reminds me of vash ^//^ he IS a year older than i.....nah, hes in florida. lol

in tennis coach explained stuff to us--tomorrow were workin out

in theatre arts and english we did a 'myspace' thing over a 'what i did this summer' essay.
i drew the bestest picie of my gaia avi :D

well i must color now.....and see if vash answered my comments....until next time, AND DONT STOP PRAYING!

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man im hating these late as hell posts =.=

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Monday, August 27, 2007

   not at all very bad :D
well my first day wasnt horrible :D

from 8 to noon was basically fun time and a tour of the school.

it was awkward at first, but finally we dismissed into small groups....THATS where the fun started :D

afterwards we got a bag of junk! OwO candy cookies......novelty junk......OwO WOOT!

anyways, i think ill like my classes....

i got most of my teachers to call me kirby *grin*

toldya id try to get that going in high school :D

the only problem is that i have gage first period, and......
well, all my others classes are LOADED with preps.

except for tennis....
can you believe theres only 7 students, including myself, in six period tennis???? OwO!!!!!

but of course.....theres always that one bad class....

the teacher is nice for BCIS, and im surrounded by compies......but.........
im the only freshman in that class O.O

ulp o.o

oh well, this year will be alright....(plus my english/theatre teacher uses words like crap and suck, so i KNOW ill like her XD) but of course shes pregnant and might leave near the end of the year....
kinda like my sixth grade math teacher.....

anyways, yeah. thats my first day in a nutshell.....
quite a freshman welcome, yes? :D well seeya tomorrow, and KEEP PRAYING!

and join our clubs.

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oh i forgot-----deserai isnt in any of my classes so i dont have to ever worry about drawing another naked itachi ever again! OwO

ok take care

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


today is my last day of freedom.....


and i hafta go back to dads tonight too.....v.v

very soon shall i move....but not yet.........

on the plus side, im a little more confident about high school.....

hahli ill try to stay more hinata than mireille this year ^_^;;;;;;;;

also, another thing to cheer me up, vash finally replied :D

we hadnt talked for more than a week, but he finally pm'd me telling me he got grounded ^_^

good thing......id be furious if he didnt get on the compy much at all....

seriously, if you have a bf/gf, you dont abandon them for weeks on end -.- at least without telling them why.

but yeah im happy ^-^ sure he said he still might not be on for a little while, but the main thing is that hes alive and well ^_^


DanteSparda (tyranitar45, haru's bf)

im so proud of myself! you shoulda seen me----i was glomping him and hugging him and everything XD

well i suppose that is all.......

this is the last post for now that is written in the morning....

plus, 20 minutes of school has been added to the day so i wont be home as early as last year......

damn 3:35 =_=
well, hope everyone enjoyed their summer....and ill try to keep my posts short this year ^_^;; (unless its just something REALLY good >:))

fare thee well my friends! wish me luck for school!

until next time, DONT GET ELIMINATED!

and dont stop praying!

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

3 clubs....one girl....
alrighty everyone!

first of all, our clubs.

sasami wants me to advertise 'petcoms', a pet version of persocoms/chobits. go to mrs. uchiha for information.

now in real news, hahli and hannah montana have clubs!!!!!!

Hahligirl56 and i are needing fans for the AACC---the anime association of christian chrusaders.
for the anime fan in your christian selves! you can join that :D


for girls...

Hannah Montana (thats right, hannah montana OwO) and i are starting a 'sexy/hot anime guy' club.

the club (or myo site) is Hot Anime Guyz
im vice president so......*smirk*

TEEHEE!! X3333//////////

aside from that.....

and now....
HE KNOWS CLOSE COMBAT!!!!! go hinata, its your birthday *dances*

ok thats all :D
so heres the itachi and sasuke one :D

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and because im practically all out of pics....

heres a vid or two for the ladies......

many gaara, many kakashi, many other dreamboats =w=

and heres the vid that SOMEHOW led me to the vids above......

i LOVE this persons art-----he/she is SOOOOO good!

i havent even seen a lot of those pictures! OwO

anyways im done. until next time, AND DONT STOP PRAYING!
and feel free to join our clubs ^.~

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Friday, August 24, 2007

   3 days!!!!!!!!!!
im sorry to say that there will not be updates today on meleemaster.

they will be updated next week.

im happy to say that naruto likes hinata more.

however, im guessing he has to LOVE her before he evolves....
evolves with happiness yeah right...


i think one of the bad pokemon talked to him....

warping his mind to not trust hinata......

oh well, he WILL love her....whether he wants to or not.....

(hopefully as a lucario, i can teach him better moves than the.....daycare ones....)

note to all pokemon pearl/diamond players.


i learned that the hard way.....*hugs naruto, tezuka, and hidan* poor babies T^T

ok im done with the rant.

heres the hinata picies i did----firs tone pastel, second....."shiny".

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also....I have opened an art auction on gaia :3

feel free to check it out.......and bid....

high gold......

bid many gold.......

until next time, and dont stop praying!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

oh yeah, i got nate to come back!!


you shall see the hinata one tomorrow and the uchiha bros on saturday ^_~

oh, in wii sports news, neji and hinata PWN.

i won a perfect game, 3-0 in tennis against two friggin experts with neji.

then i beat um..........some guy at baseball COUNT IT 8-0!!!!!! oh yeah---mercy rule called off the game and hinata kicked all their asses (along with lee and the ppl on her team)

HO! *punches the air* im goooooood X3

yup thats it. until next time AND DONT STOP PRAYING-----oh, new comic at vgcats.....
if youre a fan of naruto, id HIGHLY recommend seeing it >:)


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i SO need more picies on this compy T_T

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