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Friday, October 19, 2007

   close call
well, would ya believe the luck?

vash apparently had a day off today and (finally) got to pm me.

i clicked the submit button on my first reply to his pm.

gaia FIRST says "error--unable to contact user or something blah blah blah".

then, it freezes.


today was bleh so.....

oh! the matches at gatesville last night!

thought i forgot, eh? a wise guy! *slaps you*

one word.

total pwnage.

neji~ thats two words....and "pwnage" is not a word.......

me~ it is now....>.>

but i have to say--gatesville is even better than harker heights.

ok, by better, i mean friendlier.

im not kidding! they laughed, they smiled (much more than HH) and my opponent was incredibly hyper XD

i got her yahoo so we can chat =DDD

nicole~ *behind me* hey! you and i are playing! OwO

me~ *turns around* oh hello! ^-^

nicole~ this is great--now you get to hear me sing! =D *dances randomly*

me~ yay!!! =DDDDD :P lol

wanna know what the odd thing about gatesville was?

most of the places ive been to have had nearby restrooms and benches on the sides of the courts.

and a different color under the green courts.

chris~ just remember guys--hit it inside the green.

all of us~ LMFAO

anyways, the odd thing is that instead of the normal facilities, there was a snow cone shop.

a snow cone shop.

but it was 2 dollars and i needed that money for mcdonalds XD (i only had enough for a double meet cheeseburger, but coach pattison gave me her fries =D)

hahli couldnt come so i was partnered with my opponent from the tournament at the end of the year last year---when coach had to decide who went into what class this year

so yeah....it was kinda lonely without hahli.....

but yeah ^^

also, my foot started hurting again before i played singles OxO

but i played anyway and my foot didnt hurt no more =D

thats all so until next time ^^

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MY KIBA!!! *glomps and huggles him tightly so fangirls cant stealz him*

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

today was bleh....

sorry for posting so late----michael and homework ^^;

*finds self eating klondike bar*

...the hell? i hate these things....

and yet.....

*eats more*


geography (did someone put nicotine or something addicting in these klondikes?) we took notes

speech we heard a couple other speeches, then played charades =D

also, ppl have a fear of oompa loompas...... o.O

bcis we did more stuff

biology we took the test...and did the "wonderful" vocab.

geometry we reviewed for the test tomorrow

tennis i played hahli--lost one game!!!
then played missy after hahli had to leave

theatre we presented our skits. the two groups with the funny guys got the most claps -.-

i dun think me and charissa got many claps....i know our skit sucked, but at least we tried!!!!

miming, not our thing.

still, i feel i deserve more credit -_- i didnt get many claps when i presented my speech yesterday either.

people just dont appreciate the "good" nerd.....

oh well...im calmed down.....
as ninamori would say, "its no big deal."

i dont care if im popular--but id like a little more acknowledgment -_-

then in english we "graded" a test.

after school, i was waiting for kenny to pull around.....

suddenly, this african american kid from my speech class comes running up to me.

sweating up a storm as if he had just run 4 miles.

a young jiro. remember him? you know, the person that doesnt fit the description for "otaku".

he comes running up.

sean~ hey! where are you in naruto?

me~ ....o_o youre kidding......YOURE a fan of naruto?

sean~ yeah!

me~ .......(((surely he was set up to this...)) for real? o_o

sean~ you bet!!!! it comes on every night! i think sasuke--


sean~ no T-T

me~ DAMN!!!!!

so that brightened up my day---even though he doesnt have yahoo. hes obviously a true fan. i appreciate that since there are so few people that even know what anime IS.

they probably think japan is in south america too.

yeah. theyre that stupid. im just sayin! :3

as you know i will not be on at all tomorrow.

wish me luck for our matches!!

thats all i have---oh, if you have a chance, check out my profile on gaia =DDDD the name is Rahmel--i made the theme myself with the help of GoLayouts.net =D

and credit goes to haru for telling me about it X3

so until friday!!!!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

well, my bad luck kakashi shirt is giving me good luck...

we had uil schedule today....and they got my thing fixed ^^

im scared---theres like a junior (or possibly younger) student as the teacher o_o;;;; and i guess he was just rambling from last week (which i couldnt have been there -_-) since i had no idea what in the world he was doing math with.

i understand--computering requires some math. but...
where was he getting it from? O.o

then he mentioned "java".

roger. *writes down two books on a list* *html and java for dummies*


i should also get japanese for dummies---but i need the computer ones first for school XD;

i can get japanese for dummies as a christmas present maybe :P

or maybe i could get an advanced....

nah, id never get that rosetta stone program. that thing--JUST FOR ONE LANGUAGE--is $300.


anyways, nothin in geography

speech i presented my speech collage XD twas funny---im surprised i didnt mention having an OCD XD

naruto does not own me.....*twitch*

lol jk

but sarah now knows me for twitching and spazzing XD


bcis we did some more excercises---and no microtype pro since a lot of the computers somehow lost the program :P

*whistles, hiding the cds and screwdrivers* what? it wasnt me o.o;;

biology we took notes
test tomorrow....you know what means...

the g**-awful biology textbook vocabulary =_=


in geometry we did more polygon angle stuff

at lunch there was a hot high school grad playing his guitar =D he sang very well too =w=

hes movin to australia for missionary duties!!! hot, sexy, talented, and CHRISTIAN!!! *dances*



played winner =D

theatre we rehearsed our skits--in which i have a spaz attack XD

english we took more notes

so yes that is all.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

srry it took me so long to get on tonight.

trigger needed to finish his ffXI needs.

no water when i got home =_= had to hold in ma bodily liquids! x.x
no ramen!!!!!!!

um...nothin much today--

it was goin fine till i came home ^^

geography nothing

speech we had another *coughWINDBAGcough* sub

bcis we got a new seating arrangement.

im compy number 1. right behind mrs montgomery.

well, i wont be on the otaku as often....but who knows?

also, my mouse TOTALLY SUCKS!!! cant click worth a crap!
and the keyboard is extremely stiff---as if no one types on it D:


biology we finished our lab

geometry we did finding missing angles of different polygons--and im not talkin triangles--im talking heptagons with like 7......5 triangles.....5 x 180.....
900 degrees! harder than it looks....i got the hang of it though

tennis.....sat out for the last day...

but tomorrow and wednesday i need to get back into the feel of the game considering theres a tournament immediately after school on thursday.

that being said, i will not be on AT ALL thursday. i may im nate on my phone, maybe tell him the results or tell him that were all fine (if somethin should go wrong o.o)

theatre we started a skit thing for miming :P

and in english we worked on our notes.

i want the gothic veil (cuz its the closest thing i could ever get thats even CLOSE to the nochirasu scarf--or whatever)

but i wish to launch a complaint---the vampire hunter thing has a pentagram in it!!!!!!!!


THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YEEEEE!!!!!!! *gets wolfwoods cross-gun from out of nowhere* THOSE WHO BELIEVE WILL BE REDEEMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honestly, that really shouldnt be an item choice since its quite offensive to christians.

hidan~ i myself am offended!! i am not christian, but according to jashin-sama's religion, the pentagram is a crime!!!


anyways thats all.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   10 O' CLOCK AND 2 O' CLOCK'D!!!!!!!!
yesterday we went to golden corral for breakfast.

then i wanted to go to austin mall but dad said we probably wouldnt make it.

so we settled on temple/killeen.

were driving...

and driving....

olga~ *wakes up from nap* where are we? =.=

dad~ austin ^.^


so since she was depressed we didnt get to go shopping around in the austin mall.

we went to killeen after a long drive of yelling and bickering.

olga bought me a silver chinese necklace =D

she might be feeling better--i certainly am because after the chores olga is making me do, im packing up and IMMEDIATELY going back home.


im now a guest in this house and shes giving me CHORES!!!!!!!!!

grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! as if yesterday wasnt screwed up enough T-T

gah, if you want to go to austin and have fun, you gotta do it yourself--or at least without an irritating stepmom and an emo dad!!

the next time i go to austin will probably be when im legal to drive =_=

pain in the ass....

oh well, the day will go fast....and i just remembered i have a project for speech due tuesday...

ill get to it after ma chores! XD

until next time ^^
*kisses xeanith* my lovely new compy =w=

oh btw...ino TOTALLY hates my guts now -_-


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i have to use the sample pictures from my baby's picture memory XD;;
at least until naruto invades! XD

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Friday, October 12, 2007

   teh beauty....


luckily, the doctor told me i could take off my cast shoe OwO

i didnt know you could miss your left shoe soooo much =w=

but here i am at dads....

im in love...

ive never seen anything so hot and beautiful before.....

hes my soulmate....regardless of vista.......

he really knows how to treat a lady =w=

*lightly strokes the cover of my brand new lappy* such a smooth top.....what a nice memory........

call me a f***ing nerd......


i think ill have to do my posts on moms compy though--i can probably type em on "xeanith" but i cant review the post on its resolution....

oh well =D no worries!!

nothing much else happened today so im just going to wrap up this post.

until next time my friends...
and...my lovely husband......*kisses xeanith*


*glares at ino* evil demon.......*punches the compy im typing this post on*

ino~ i-just-want-to-love...... ;_;

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bet you missed these old pictures :P

xeanith~ kirby-chaaan.....~ i want to be turned on.....~~~

me~ OwO!!!! SEEYA!!!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

well, today wasnt too bad :)


geography (and english too) i had to transport a cricket out of the room. live.


cuz girls these days seem to have a sudden fear of crickets.

colleen said she was afraid shed get bitten by one, and then devoured by the same one.


a crickets mouth is too small to pierce even a small bit of human skin.

daddy longlegs are said to be the most poisonous spiders around--but theyre fun to play with because their mouths are too tiny to bite us.

also....does anyone notice how huge we are compared to a itty bitty cricket? -.-

cobras are one thing--crickets......mhm -_-

if there was a cobra in the room, id probably be scared myself ^^;

anyways, in speech we took notes

and worked on our door afterwards.
dont worry---all our hard awesome work is ruined now.

theres no chance we can win with the way the preps "improved" our door -_-
it went from kickass, to suckass. -_-

*rolls eyes*


bcis we did some practice stuff

biology we started a lab

geometry....TRIANGLES!!! XD

tennis everyone did 3-minute egg---if youre new, or totally retarded, ive been sitting out for a couple of weeks due to bone problem.

theatre we ALMOST finished phantom of the-----SHIT I HAVENT FINISHED MY PLOT MAP YET O-O!!!!!!!

ugh i cant do those T-T i dunno when the climax is!!!! *slams head on desk*

in english we just caught ourselves up....

thats all.

anyone checked gaia recently?



and not just any items...


tiki genie....lol

anyways thats all i have.

btw, i will not be on at all tomorrow.

doctor and packing up to go to dads.

i may post in bcis, but who knows.

until then, seeya sunday pals!

(srry for the long post...)

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ehehehehe.....DONT HURT ME HARU!!! *flees*

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

   bad gone good
my kakashi shirt is my bad luck shirt.

im wearing it.

today was actually quite a wonderful day.
ok, not WONDERFUL.....but decent =D

first and foremost--

SONIC IS GOING TO F***ING BE IN BRAWL!!!!!!!!! OwO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his moves look soooooo kickass!!!!!

hes gonna be SOOOO fun to play!!! too bad knuckles and tails probably wont be in it D:



neji~ animal love is never healthy.

interbreeding species is also unhealthy.

dont echidnas lay eggs? and arent bats mammals? how the crap would knuckles and rouge get their jiggy on????? O.o

and why the crap may i ask does rouge have actualy female human parts???? lord tell me she doesnt have a vagina o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

that would be scary.....>.>

anyways, nothing in geography...

speech weeeeeeee.....forgot

bcis i found sonic :P

biology we did a paper

geometry parallel and perpindicular crap

tennis we all had a hoot XD

theatre we watched more phantom of the opera

and english we answered questions to yesterdays story.

i think its safe to say my school is the most retarded of them all.

here, lets have a demonstration. ill try not to make it too long.

salina~ wait.....whats the magi? who are the wisemen people?

me~ ...theyre the people who brought je---...do you read the bible?

keelye/salina~ no...

me~ (oh boy....how to explain this at a kindergarden level...) umm....ok, one night, jesus christ--the 'future king'--was born.

three total strangers from a long ways away came with gifts to present before the king.

keelye~ wait....so jesus is a wiseman too?

me~ .....no....he is the king-to-be....

keelye~ so theyre all kings?

me~ no, the wisemen were not kings...

keelye~ then why did they come and give presents to a baby?

me~ (i do believe i just explained that...) *says it slowly* jesus-is-going-to-grow-up-to-be-the-king. the-wise-men-brought-gifts-to-honor-him.

keelye~ wait im lost now!!!

me~ ....*twitch* ....i give up...

im not kidding. thats pretty much how it happened.
i really was twitching.

anyways, i had a pretty good day overall ^_^

how ironic too--bad luck shirt, and its that great time of the month again.

thank you kakashi =D

btw, im starting to walk normally with or without the brace!!! OwO HURRAY!!!


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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

guess whos had a content day? =w=

no, not the kid next door :P


nah just kiddin---ME XD

history we did stuff

speech we reviewed with a game (which our team won so we get bonus points on the test =D)

were also going to be doing a collage speech. if you have a hard time thinking of what my theme is going to be *coughNARUTOcough* youve got problems XD

its uil schedule cuz were doin a door-decorating contest.
ours doesnt look that well (regardless of whether its finished or not). it sucks even more cuz preps cant do anything without screwing things up -_-

*rolls eyes*

bcis we tested---im sure i made a really high grade this time XD
can you believe im making the lowest grade (on my report card) in that class?

oh, computering should be easy for me, right?
well, its easy, but the things we hafta do are pretty tricky ^^;

its only a 90, im fine.

biology we had a sub and we did a worksheet

geometry we did more of the lesson

sat out in tennis again

watched more phantom of the opera in theatre

and read gift of the magi in english.


I GOTS PMS FROM VASHIE!!!!!!!!!!! X3333333333
he changed his avi hair again.....its spiky and purple now...

but kirby like =w= kirby like purple and green in a color scheme =w=

and of course, he loves his gift of the gods :P

also also, i awakened groudon and took care of team magmas hideout---

but im stuck in lilycove....where do i go? ._.

until next time ^^;

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Monday, October 8, 2007

   today was ok
yup. it was ok today.

in geography we labeled our states....

as if we dunno where texas and california are :P

i just had to find a couple of the states.

speech we reviewed

bcis review

biology we watched one of the corniest cell movies youll ever see in your life

geometry we went over our taks packet. i BARELY passed....=.= luckily however, just about all of the rest of the students who took it said it was very tough---and pre-ap students failed!

at lunch, mom brought me some sonic chicken since she was off today =D

sat out again in tennis...

started watching some of phantom of the opera in theatre
(stupid theatre II is watching edward scissorhands >.> T-T)

and in english we did like.......crap @.@

i really dun have much else to say.

but hey, at least the day is over ^_^


im going to have to cuss out his sister til she cries and leaves gaia forever >.>

thanks to her, i couldnt talk to vash for 14+ days!!!! X(

until next time ^.~

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