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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thanks for the support guys!

although i can't be too cheerful today....

i have yet ANOTHER group of idiots making fun of anime and my love of japan. =_=

its one thing with boys--they give up.

girls however, NEVER let it go, thus the reason why gossip and rumors start.

yes, i wish i were japanese so i'd look a little more attractive than what i already look like. i'm ugly.

yes, i wish i COULD move to japan so maybe, just maybe, i wouldn't be surrounded by american idiots like everyone around me is.

don't get me wrong--i love my state as much as the next texan.

but the way politics are headed, i could care less.

hilary clinton winning being the main reason why we should all flee to canada.

nonetheless, i don't see why i should be made fun of. sarah and scorch like exactly what i like! why aren't they made fun of?

because they're popular, and i'm a nerd. it's always been that way. it'll never change.

i will never get the attention i deserve unless i move somewhere else so i can say "fuck you all, i hope you die!!"

the statement is not being made to my friends online (and of course my loyal myo patriots :) )

just everyone who doesnt understand why i live the way i do.

honestly, what else can i do? my father mentally abuses me, i have too much homework, people are constantly rushing me, i'm always getting injured mentally and or physically, and people making fun of me and my nickname?

other than becomming emo, i needed to be someone that could shut this world out.
so anime and japan came, and i took to it. as time grew on, i fell more and more in love with it (and now take VERY high offense to anyone who calls anime "cartoons".)

this is me, and i dont care if people hate me for it.

maybe when i'm a billionaire making the world's best manga, the bastards and bitches around me will be working at mcdonalds for the rest of their life.

sorry for the long post, but i just needed to let my feelings out. thank you all for continuing to be loyal, as well as trying to be patient. i promise i will check everyone's blogs eventually!!

again on bcis compy, so no toys today....sorry guys T_T

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i really am sorry i haven't been checking you guys' myo's........

school compy won't let me do it anymore (thanks to the WONDERFUL internet explorer >_>)

and my mind is too stupid to remember when i'm at home D:

i am sorry, friends, and i'm glad i still have at least one visitor.....

kinda makes me sad i only got one comment on my mermaid angel picture (from the last post) D:

oh well....it's my fault for not being loyal.....v.v i'm sorry T^T

well as for what i have to say....

i had a VERY naughty dream last night....o-o

i wouldn't mind the occassional sex scene every now and then....but i am NOT a total yaoi fangirl!!!!!!! i only like a couple pairings....

but when i was sleeping......
two of my pokemon trainers got it goin on in my head o-o;;;

zero (previous character from colosseum) and marth (hottie trainer used in pokemon battle revolution).

hot....wet.....sexy.....and WHAT AM I SAYING!?! *shiver*


nothing else i guess.......

hope you guys are havin better dreams!

wait i'm not complaining.....GYAAH!!! BYEEE!!

btw, my backhands are getting better =D

so yeah....bcis compy and i'll try to check everyone's blog eventually......I'LL GET TO IT!!! i hope....

thank you for continuing to visit me, some of you---i owe you one =D

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy val
happy v-day to those of you with a sweetheart!

and here's the picture for ace's valentine. enjoy--i spend a lot of time on it :P

and yes, i know the water looks crappy. i was rushed ok?

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

i'll be home soon! >D

i got bad news.


neji~ you and ace had a fight and you never want to see him again?

chouji~ you're pregnant?? OxO

and good heavens no.

i was so bored last night i.....


shikamaru~ got laid with a random fat kid?

no! shut up! -.-

i was so bored i....--

sasuke~ baked peanut butter cookies? but you hate peanut butter...!


i was so bored i actually restarted pokemon colosseum.

after of course saving ness, jeff, sesshomaru, daisuke, haku #3, and whosit.

good lord, do you really think i'd delete pokemon data without saving friggin high levels??!

i'd never forgive myself......

so yes, i restarted. partner is retarded as always. but i found this SEXY picture of wes (the main guy you play) but i can't find it anywhere D:

it's the one where he's grinning like noodle when he infiltrates the exploded place and takes the snag machine......

yes i know shut up.

i don't have a wii at dads, ok? believe me--marth and dexi can kick SO MUCH MORE ass than zero/resuru.

think about it--

marth has roy and chrono.

dexi has sasuke and dante. (lvl 100s)

yeah. yeah.

onto gaia stuff....

my egg DID evolve into a gryffon!!!!! YES
and....i dun want an orindae anymore.....it looks like a glob o-o;

but i DID get ace his valentine pixie, and i'll get to color the picture sometime this week or saturday :D two presents, aint he a lucky valentine? :P

anywho, i suppose that's it for this post.

i'll post a funny vid or two since i'm on dad's lappy.

that person was quite talented lol
and yes that's from the 64 game. it's funny how much they've all evolved.....*sheds a tear*

the poliwhirl has got to be the best one in there XD

bet you never pictured gaara doing that! XD lol

so until next time, guys! tata!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

can it BE anymore awesome?

7 sonic songs. count em.

sonic heroes theme
open your heart
sonic boom
his world
live and learn
7 rings in hand
green hill zone
emerald hill zone
angel island zone
scrap brain zone

ok thats 10.....shut up!
isnt that awesome??????

what about pokemon?

gold battle/evolution
team galactic battle theme
(possibly a couple from melee)
wild battle (ruby/sapphire)
palkia/dialga battle

not as many....but kirby?

meta knights revenge
frozen hillside
gourmet race
(possibly others i forgot)

yeah....but oh well =D 10 sonic songs!!!!!!!!!! TEN


anywho....marth is hot as always :E and i've taken a liking to pit as well =w= lol

onto other games, one of the crew guys of the awesome pokemon guild i might become a crew in gave me some legendary pokemon yesterday :D

i have nicknamed them all (even though i can't change the names.)

darkrai - popo

shaymin - sonic (for obvious reasons, and because alt color sandslashes aren't blue...)

ho-oh - pit (man, i'm likin brawl a tad too much, huh?)

lugia - ike

raikou - linlin (dunno where that came from...)

and...uh.....oh! arceus!

arceus~ how DARE you forget the god of pokemon?! D:<

yeah yeah whatever your name is bob.

arceus~ I REFUSE!!!!!!

fine. you name is meta knight. FINAL *creep voice*

arceus~ ok ok o.o;

yeah...bored lol

anywho, going to dad's this weekdn unfortunately......but i will survive and be back sunday!

and sorry i haven't been posting on lappy and checking peoples sites :< me ish truly sorry....

well have a good weekend without me :<

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