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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

   finally on :D
gonna scan and color some picies today :D

but anyone know what happened to nate?

he just quit yahoo messenger and said he wont be bugging me anymore! he wasnt bugging me T-T



i guess thats it for the while....

until next time AND DONT STOP PRAYING

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thats my attempt at a wolf/dragon hybrid :D;;;;;; it scares me....

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

   doki doki nada mewtwo
well, im coming over to night :D just gotta call mom and ask.....but i can assure you the answer is probably yes ^_^


i submitted a new fanart! feel free to check it out!

nothing really to say unless you me to talk about poke----

everyone~ NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

me~ O.o alright alright no pokemon.....

well guess thats it. until next time, AND KEEP PRAYING!

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oh thats a random doodle i did of my avi on gaia :D

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Monday, August 20, 2007

nothing really to say today......papa has a room again, so just keep praying....

oh, and i might get to come over wednesday night :D


i found new naruhina picies (id stick around haru, cuz i found a comic i KNOW you'll love.....i think...)

its funny----if you type in "naruhina" in the search on deviart, you get a lot of different results than you would with "naruto AND hinata" :D isnt that great?

oh, i also found this :D
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huh, i thought i had more....

oh well, here's for haru. im not sure but i THINK narusaku wins......
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until next time, and DONT STOP PRAYING

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

   six flags hangover
man my head hurts so much.......like a six flags hangover......prepare yourself for a long post.

first things first----friday night i accidently told dad i wanted to move.
o-o i think ill be staying for a little bit longer......you never saw a man so angry and depressed like him o.o

so ill be staying......and or----olga and i will be trying to get along better.


because she defended my case to go to my moms....

and because dad said he was going to get a gun.
basically, i had to stay and get along with olga or he'd shoot himself O.O

T-T ill ask another time.....

ok onto six flags.....

it pretty much rained on us for the day, off and on........

rode the sombrero.....
went to the bobsled but the line was RIDICULOUSLY long....

then it closed do to sudden sprinkling of rain.

so we left.......went to see spongebob 4-d :D how fun ^-^//

after that dad rode the aquaman....
i couldnt find the bridge so i couldnt get splashed T-T

then came like....the mini mine train i think....

rode that, went to big mine train.....
we were next in line!! the next train would be ours!!

but what happens???

it starts raining!
we thought it would pass over quickly.....lightning included......

so we wait......and wait.....

get entertained by a nice crew.........

wait some more.....

ride operator~ ok guys, im sorry to say but its been an hour and a half since the ride closed......lightning is still in the area, so......yeah, if you want to continue waiting, you can but......id just give up for the while...

v.v from 1:30 to 3, we waited, can you believe that?
damn rain.....

we gave up and decided to go eat something.

papa johns was delicious :D but it was 30 bucks to eat there o-O

for 30 bucks you can get 3 triple large stuffed crust all topping pizzas!

then we got icecream :D

after that we came back and tried the mine train again :D

after that we went elsewheres....

we rode the log flumes and stuff, and we were in line for this one attraction....

we left cuz the wait was too long, but i saw a gaara fanboy in front of us, a few ppls ahead. what? he had one of those hard to get gaara shirts on!!! the black one---with a tall gaara standing next to a red outline of him......and a HUGE love symbol on his back o.o

do you know how badly i wanted to go up to him and just randomly shout 'KIBA PWNS!!!!!'??

i couldnt cuz he was practically a senior.......or older o.o

fish dont mingle with seniors o.o

yeah we rode a lot of other rides....

i remember the roaring rapids...
there was a foursome of young japanese *coughSENIORmore than likelycough* teens.....

:E the guy in pink was SOOOOOOOOO damn hot!!!!!!!!!! im talking HOTTER AND SEXIER THAN ALL THE NARUTO BOYS PUT TOGETHER!!!! O.O~

but of course, guys are always one thing.

taken, older/younger than you, or fictional.

i think he was taken AND older.......but sheesh he was so damn sexy and hot!!!!!!!

for the record, most of the goers to six flags were mainly either latino, african american, or asian.

im not being racist or anything.....im just saying everywhere i looked i saw one of those three...

and the hot japanese guy.......*drool* DAMMIT I WISH I HAD A CAMERA!! that way i could take a picie of him unbeknownst to him and yeah =w=

ahem anyways....

we got really splashed :3 roaring rapids f***ing rocks =w=

then it was about time to head home so we played some games :D
i won me a bugs bunny :D

didnt see anything worthwhile in the giftshop.....

and i got my picie taken with yosemite sam, wile e. coyote (and the road runner), taz, and speedy gonzales! :D

too bad marvin the martian wasnt here this visit T-T hes my absolute favorite.......

yeah so we finally got home....

sounds like a fun day right?

oh wait.


as we leave the park dad calls dede (papa's gf) and asks why she called....

turns out papa is back in the emergency room due to calcium overdose T_T

shit shit shitty shit shit.

sorry.........it just pisses me off that we have poor nursework and hospitals T_T

it didnt use to be this bad.....
oh well, it was all fun and stuff.....aside from the bad news......

ill try to post the picies some time this week....

and maybe ill ask dad if i can come over WEDNESDAY instead of thursday....
hey, i gotta enjoy the last days of my summer before prison----school starts.....

until next time, sorry for the long post, AND PRAY HARDER!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

short and sweety
long story short, i AM moving to moms.
after tomorrow.

short post i know, and i dont have time to list orochimarus evil deeds THIS time cuz im on dads compy.

just lettin ya know ^_^

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

   3 strikes!!!!
thats it!!! thats it thats it thats it!!!!!!!

ive had it!!!!

orochimaru hit 3 strikes in one swing!!!!!

im 90% sure im moving to moms now!!!!

the decision will be final after we go to six flags.

ill call dad everyday and visit often.....but i cant stand that witch another day!!!!!!!

lets list off the reasons im thinking about moving in with mom shall we?

-one. she thinks im stupid and worthless.

-two. she gives me impossible chores when she knows im on my period. =_=

-three. SHES AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

-four. im sick of seeing her naked body flaunt all over the house like she owns the place!!! X(

-five. GRRRR!!!!

also....i just cant get comfortable here.......
im always burning up, thus making me get heatwaves constantly.
they expect me to be happy when im doing chores and waiting for people and all that crap?

i have everything a kid could want.....but i have no freedom to any of it.....
whats the point of having a piece of junk computer if you cant talk to people?

whats the point of having a karaoke machine if i cant hear the music playing? sorry im hard at hearing -_-

i think ill be happier if i move in......hahli is always telling me that i should be happy with my life...and if im happy ill live longer.....
so im positive my answer will be final on sunday evening......

besides, if i stay.......instead of amarillo,texas........

we might move to hawaii.....

i like the offer about japanese lessons in high school---.....but i REFUSE to leave my beloved state.

besides.....HAWAII DOESNT HAVE A F***ING WINTER!!! O_O my body THRIVES on cold. NOT HOT!!!!!!!
wait if thats the case what am i doing in texas?

oh well itll be winter soon :3

anyways, sorry for the long post....but im 90% positive about all of this.....
until next time---and DONT STOP PRAYING

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

finally got to talk a little to vash yesterday :)

youd be surprised at how 'non-smoochy-smoochy' we are XD you may as well just put me next to nate ^_^

so yeah nothing has sparked yet....
but maybe when i go over....


speaking of vash, L has stolen his donuts.


rumor has it that L was put up to it by vash's twin brother knives.

papa is doin a little better but dont stop praying.

august collectibles on gaia come out today....


i was bored, ok? i had nothing better to do -.-
cuz honestly, i hate itachis guts since hes so dam mean to me *coughHARUcough*

so yeah heres some pictures for any itachi fangirls. *cough coughHARUcough*

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

anyways.....NO ONE COMMENTED YESTERDAY YOU MEANIES!!!! *throws a stale muffin at all of you*
until next time and DONT STOP PRAYIN! X(

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


"As soon as I said that, I knew I shouldn't have.....To think, even for a second.......she looked like my brother......"

i just love that quote! poor naota misses his brother......T-T

anyways, im hoping vash will get on today....

i gave hinata a charmander! :D

damn thing took even longer than naruto, the riolu to hatch!

i named him inui......the only special move he has is flamethrower.....unlike laharl the quilava and hinata2 the combusken.....

hinata got overheat and somethin else from her parents :D

laharl got sunny day, flamethrower, and flame wheel from sesshomaru OwO

go sesshy, its your birthday, not really, ok celebrating times over.


i think the dittos hate you in leafgreen and firered...........

ok im done.

until next time, AND DONT STOP PRAYING

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aww, i miss those good ol days! T-T

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Monday, August 13, 2007

   gaara of da funk!
vash didnt get on yesterday....

maybe he'll get on today? :3

on one topic, ive finally gotten over my urges to naruhina rp ^-^

so i wont be begging hahli or kenni to naruhina rp as much :D

also, i gots my new sasuke shirt :D its big =w=

wait, what of my naruto shirts ARENT big?

oh right----the two skin tight ones.
those two i might never wear again cuz they make my boobs look like watermelons T/////T

oh well....

more than likely, i will not be coming this weekend. but we might have change of plans since i think this is the week of my period....

we were probably goin swimming too T_T


oh well---we'll see, yes? ^_^
guess thats it...

i hope vash gets on ^-^

until next time, and DONT STOP PRAYING!

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hey, how appropriate for the theme XD

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Sunday, August 12, 2007


omg omg omg.......

i think i have my very first bf.....

on gaia......

hes a hinata/naruhina fan....

hes shy....

hes....the one o//o at least for now----things might not get too serious because it IS an online relationship, and wed probably never meet.

but i now have a friend from a different state!
hes from florda! :)

haru kept embarrassing us, trying to get us to like.....start kissing up a storm or something....///

in fact we played truth or dare.

vash, as he lets me call him, was dared to french kiss me.

i was truthed to say whether i thought he was sexier than kiba.

T////T REALLY embarrassing.

but yeah......

still, ill miss my sharkman avi......

yet, i love my cute new avi.....she is really adorable.....maybe a bit sexy but what do i know?



me~ HARUUUU!!! O///O

lol no offense haru--we still luv ya ^_^

well until next time ^////^

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