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Thursday, November 8, 2007

oh so sorry
srry i didnt post last couple of nights. and i thank you for those of you who have returned to my site ^-^

anyways, the tourney was fun. won the first match, got TOTALLY pwned in the second (georgetown IS good o-o) and got mr gattis for pizza =D

had to wait and get high hopes though...

*me waiting for the van*

*lady comes*

me~ OwO mr gattis?

lady~ *opens bag and shows pizza hut*

me~ aww...

believe me--i woulda gotten pizza hut if i could. but you cant get a stuffed crust for 10 dollars.
i probably couldnt have even gotten a small cheese from pizza hut.

then the gattis guy comes.

two personal---hamburger pizzas?

good thing i like hamburger--id hate to send him back and wait another 40 minutes for pizza when im starving ;-;

so yeah ^_^

and yesterday nothin much.

however, i officially hate compy science.

we had to take a practice test and i didnt understand a single word.

me~ what the hell is this??? latin chinese????

ugh i hate compy math when i dont know what the hell to do =_=

but hey, nothing else appeals to me, and the class isnt very long, you know?

i suppose thats all i really have. on the school compy so yeah.

ill try to comment =3 (since im all finished with my excercies)

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Monday, November 5, 2007

obsessed and lovin it.
my weekend was quite the highlight.

olga wont be back from ukraine til like tomorrow or whatever.


pizza hut friday

golden corral, cameron park zoo, long john silver's swimming at the gym saturday XD

and wendys sunday =D

yeah. im hella glad i got out of there. demon dog still hates me.

and im gonna be f***ing bitched at next time i go over =D

olga read my diary.

the one which just so happens to have the cruel writings about her.


thank you for invading my privacy and death wishes for you ^_^
id love to rip out your intestines, strangle you with them, then tear off your biceps and sell them as chuck beef ^_^+++++

have a nice day =D++

ass. =_=

nonetheless, my brain is practically stuck on vash =w=

im awfully worried though.... he was on friday but he didnt respond to my pm....

maybe hes grounded?

i hope hes ok.....

but ive been having the daydreams of him if he came to my school.

my favorite is him in biology class :3
i need him in that class bad. idiots EVERYWHERE =_=

but id be sitting on his leg and nuzzled into his head to ignore the real world :3

hes gotta be the one for me.......=w=

ok whatever. nothing else. nothing exciting anyway.

wish me luck at the tournament at georgetown tomorrow =DDDDD

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Friday, November 2, 2007

believe me. i know why not as many people comment.

im sorry i cant visit many people's sites, but i just dont get the chance anymore.

im sorry....i really do try though....

neji~ just like you try watching new animes?

me~ >.> shut up. so im behind, big deal!

anyways, just posting from bcis compy to say fare thee well to sunday ^^

btw i drew a uber cute vashXme picie which ill try to color and scan ^_^

until sunday possibly ^_^


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Thursday, November 1, 2007

some kinda witch's bwew?
srry i didnt post last night and sorry im late tonight.

lots of homework tonight @_@

but sarah invited me to go trick or treating with her =DDDDD

i havent been in a f***ing long time!!!

so i gladly accepted.

skip the day...

so i finish my homework and quickly put on my kimono after sarah calls.

2 things.

one, never get a kimono made in china. especially one that's like half the price of a REAL kimono.

two, never wear a kakashi shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes underneath your kimono and ALSO never use an HEB plastic bag for your candy obtaining.

so yeah.

so i run out to the driveway, waiting for sarah to come get me.




i wait an hour and 40 minutes.

its night-ish time by the time they get here.

i was waiting since like 6:00.

they got so freakin lost it wasnt funny....

and yet....i couldnt help but forgive sarah and her sister XD we were cracking up by the time i shut the door XDDD

we got to her house so they could get their costumes on.

sarah went as a rolling stones groupie and her sister went as a butterfly.

im waiting by sarahs room when ANOTHER foreign string from my kimono falls off.

that, and it kept slipping off when we were out.

but oh well. we got a decent share of candy =D

plus, we were singing gorillaz songs on the way to drop me off XD

so nothing happened today, (except for another hella annoying period of shanna's and chris's absolute idiocy.....-.-)

and ill be at dads tomorrow after school till sunday. you know the drill.

but olga is in ukraine!!!!! =DDDDDDDDD

also, dad accidentally cut off the internet over there so i HIGHLY doubt ill be able to post or anything this weekend, let alone answer pms....

unless he lets me on his laptop....

without him breathing down my neck......

but who knows. so until sunday possibly!

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yay nejiten!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

   youve got one new tourney.
well today went well.

won our first match, lost the second, missed school, pizza.

need i say more?

but i will say that the school we first played had many korean students in it.

they knew english--unlike the other school that mustve been FILLED with mexicans...(no offense)

i swear i was sitting next to a couple of em and SHEESH!!!!
and ppl wonder why i dun wanna learn spanish.

the accents, the CONSTANT words that seem to be said......

the korean students however, were quite friendly and what not ^-^

i got jealous of one of em cuz her hair was short and layered, AND she had a boyfriend with her too....lol

when her boyfriend gave her a piggy back ride--(and touched her butt which i found funny since she didnt like it :P)---i couldnt but think of me and vash =w=

one day we might meet....

one day we might get married....

hey, i can dream cant i?

it sure would be nice if he suddenly moved to texas and coincidentally went to my school and had at least 2 classes with me....


sheesh im obsessed---i cant help it.

but yeah, it was a pleasant day ^_^

ok minus my hand pain....
i think an ant bit me......or my hand is allergic to grass o-o;;;

anyways that is all. until next time =D

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the death note~~~!!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

finally!!! the o is back up!!!!

nuthin much to say from the weekend....

i gots my gaia cash card and my kaya =DDDDD

yesterday i spent 4 hours after church just FINISHING my f***ing geometry project.

i hate having a coach for a geography....

anyways nothin else to say except....


ok, maybe not SCHOOL school.


that means....

a little bit of playing---more if you win of course. tournament, duh

the rest....

down time.

a.k.a. FUN CRAP

fun crap as in drawing or listening to ipods.

im bringin my ds so i can play with neji some more =D

you know, catch up on trainers i avoided and find missed treasures........the usual crap.

plus, i could play pearl and crap =D

and....DOMINOS PIZZA MAN!!!!!!!!

btw, i officially like the janitor.

the mexican one---not the white one thats always nearby.....

the mexican one is uber nice and friendly---and he fixed my locker =D

the white one.....never smiles.......fairly rude....
he almost let the door slap me in the face!!!!!

at least i can talk to the other and hear him laugh >.>

i met him today as i was heading out, and we had a pleasant little chat ^_^

hes proof that not all mexicans are bad...

but that other janitor is evidence the whites are against their own kind >.>

anyways, wish me luck! until next time!

btw i WILL be on tomorrow afternoon--well be back at around the end of the school day.

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ehehe....i went deviantart-ing.......

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

   goood news~~
sorry i didnt post yesterday...

what does it matter? no one comments anymore....

i just dont get the chance to visit anyone's site...

hahlis and harus in a blue moon.....kennis occasionally....

sorry all ;_;

oh well ill continue to post and whether you read or not is BLEH.

but i did get to talk to vash today! i showed him my kimono picie.....

i wonder if he thinks im cute owo

ok im obsessed. shut up.

i asked haru to ask him to get his opinion XD

*fidgets nervously but excitedly* owo

yesterday was my cursed day though....'

i left my journal at school.


unfinished biology vocab (supposed to be due TODAY btw), geometry notes, and my drawings o-o;;;;;;;;;;;;

luckily mrs halpin locked her room before anyone could steal it.

unfortunately, i found foreign writing in my journal.

thank god it was on the picture and it was only on one page....

but those that write in my journal will have fatal consequences -_-

but scorch retrieved it for me today since he has the earliest class with mrs halpin of the three of us =D

i was hugging scorch so much youd think he asked me to marry him and i was extremely excited.

well, i WAS extremely excited....but really because i obtained my life back!!!!!!! OwO

HUZZAH!!! plus mrs richard let me turn vocab in tomorrow =D

so in geography we worked more on the project..

speech we started a group speech.....

have i ever told you id rather learn about every disease known to man from just kissing? -_-

BORING!!!!!! *cant wait for next semester---NO MORE SPEECH*

biology we did karyotyping...(dont ask)

geometry we tested.

tennis......oh dear lord of the heavens....

we ran 2 miles nonstop @_@


and just think---varsity has to do that every monday! o.o

theatre we tested and played a hard improv game XD

english we read "sonata of bicycle and harp". quite creepy owo

finally my biology is done =w= until next time!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

yes todays post will have pandas.

i know youre excited.

hang on to your undie-pants.

ill get there.

ooh! new item on gaia! "naruto" parasol! =DDDDDD

i cant make it work with my avi though XDDDDDDD

the one item i get for free that i absolutely LOVE.......the one item that hates me XD

anyways, in geography we started our nfl sports team united states map.

im gonna fail.....sorry i dont like football, ok?

lol i might not fail

in speech we did a group thingie which id rather not talk about.

bcis we reviewed

biology notes revie----SHIT A TEST TOMORROW O_O!!!!


geometry we did parallel and perpendicular equations

tennis we stayed in again apparently because coach is at the doctors or....worse....in the hospital o.o;;;;;;;; i hope hes ok D:

and today was such a lovely day to play tennis in....

oh well, a day off is a day off :P

theatre.....one sec :P

english i came UBER close to finishing. but since mrs halpin likes our class, shell let us work on it a few minutes in class tomorrow =D


the pandas.

in theatre were doing improv, right? well me and charissa thought and thought and thought about what we would do.



a random conversation about PANDAS.

and possibly koalas.

no one will probably find it funny----but we died laughing XD

i doubt anyone will like my random spaz attack--aka, sudden screams--either XD

oh well lol

pandas are awesome.


i keep forgetting its almost totally different from ruby and sapphire....

kyogre and groudon fled (of course) but were FIGHTING in sootopolis!

normally, rayquaza is like a side quest pokemon.

emerald, you HAVE to get rayquaza. you dont fight him---he flies off as well. on the plus side you dont have all those back breaking floors of cracks =D

geesh those cracks are a nightmare.....

but then it flew to sootpolis and calmed down kyogre and groudon.....then they ALL fled!

now im goin to evergrande (possibly to fight the elite 4).....

i hate victory road D:

and i dun think gaara and tenten are ready!

i HAD to trade sasuke and dante to pearl....
gah im stupid....

ok im done ranting.


until next time

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Monday, October 22, 2007

well last night was fun :P

i played pearl with ace via wifi.

ace is one of my friends---i believe in.......

pennsylvania? no.....

its some northeastern state.

but yeah, first we traded so we could talk.

we didnt have to as it turns out, but it was still nifty =D

i gots me a free gallade~~~ and its moves kick ass!!!

oh yeah--pwnage >=D

then we battled--lvl 50 then level 100.

we had to redo the lvl 50 battle because my signal cut off suddenly >.>
luckily we werent too far in the match though.

i won both matches though :P

lvl 50, ace was able to knock out 3 of my 6 strongest pokemon. didnt get to use sasuke or dante (which i traded to hinata for no reason)

but he was able to knock out lust, toriumi (i think) and i cant remember....

maybe it was 2 of 6 he fainted since chrono took out the rest with outrage....

then in lvl 100, he only managed to knock out lust :P

roy and chrono did most of the work :P

it was funny hearing him go "oh noes!! dont kill--dont kill--"

then i decided to trade a pokemon via the gpt thingie.

ace actually gave me a cresselia to trade so i could get dialga o.o;;;;

dont ask---he really likes giving crap to his friends XDDD;;;;


geography nothing

speech notes

bcis we did another training (btw---pictochat stage in brawl!! XD)

biology we did review crap

geometry we worked on slopes (btw, the last 4 problems were so easy they were confusing @.@)

uber wet today and the wind was blowing so hard, a light hit would send the ball to london @_@

theatre we started improv XD
very hilarious stuff with just a dead cow XDDDDD

english to kill the laughter was the practice writing taks @_@

i got a shitload of writing to do tomorrow.....

anyways thats it---OMG SUNLINGHT!!!

btw today was kinda cold! especially with the wind =D

so now its time to start wearing the hoodie ^-^

its soft and big =w= *wearing it now*

until next time friends!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

read my posts you meanies! i purposely left fridays post up so you guys could read it!

i made a new friend and almost hurt my foot---but all you could think about was what was on YOUR site!

ok. im calm again.

yesterday was amusing..

we went to town to pick up a router....and maybe a couple other things :3

i couldnt find a gaia cash card at target OR walgreens D:

i want a kaya (or whatever) tiger plushie...

that way i can be a hippie for gaia halloween!

that, and a kaya is the closest ill EVER get to owning a kiki.

besides, ALL the girls are a genie on gaia D: its so unorginally original! XD

but on the plus side, i found a lee action figure (on clearance for 3 dollars) AND new naruto trading cards!!! OwO


i got a GOOD image of 1000 years of death XD

kakashi~ lolz my finger iz up your a$$ ^/=

naruto~ OH NOES! L33T SPEAK!!!! *gets shot up butt--1000 years of death*


as for church, it was ok.....but heres a couple of jokes for you.

jesus and satan were constantly bickering over who was better with computers.

god finally got sick of their fighting and decided to have a two-hour contest that would prove who was better.

the two set to work researching, graphing, charting, typing and so forth.

eventually, a flash of lightning struck and the power went out.

satan looked at his blank computer screen and cursed every word he could think of.

jesus merely sighed.

when the power came back and the computers were back on, the two searched for their files.

satan couldnt find anything--but jesus was printing his files.

satan looked at god in disbelief.

satan~ HOW DID HE--HE CHEATS!! HOW?!?!

god~ .....*shrug* jesus saves.



two friends were hunting when the first guy thought he killed his friend. he called the operator.


operator~ ok ok, first lets make sure hes dead....

there is a moment of silence.

then a gunshot.

guy~ now what?


ok yeah thats it. until next time--btw im hooked up to the internet!!

and read fridays post!

bleh...but awesome song by chouji/renjis voice actor, KENTAROU ITOU!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

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