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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   not bad
hehe, today wasnt too horrible :3

geography, nothing

speech we worked on our skit things...
i voted for computer geeks but surfers won so tomorrow ill have to talk totally out of my language -.-

oh well

in bcis we did stuff

biology we TRIED to do crap in the compy lab but the site froze.

geometry we did the same stuff

tennis--i sat out and iced my foot. coach shelton said i may have sprained something in my foot, probably from our drills in tennis...

its been hurting for a week or 2 and it started hurting again today, and coach pattison told me that if it kept on i should see coach shelton.

theatre we presented.
we made an 85, but we coulda made higher if she brought her oklahoma play stuff which i CONSTANTLY urged her to bring -.-

oh well, least its passing

and in english we took our yearbook picies as well as did subjects and predicates.

nothin much else i spose...

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forgive me haru sama! im all out of picies and i WAS surfing last night! dont murder me!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

GRRRRRRRR!!!!! my weekend and monday was so great until just now!!!!!! i had my post written out, BUT THEN I COULDNT F***ING ADD IT BECAUSE 'the otaku was too busy'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just did my little F*** F*** F*** vent to nate so im good now.....

now....lets see if i can remember what i wrote before i restarted.....

dante is lvl 100!!! hes my charizard for you newcomers...

and i found a wild magmar on my second encounter looking for slugmas! 'heat body' helps eggs hatch faster so ive heard.....

so yeah, magmars and electabuzzes are rare :D


i got to talk to vash last night, and hopefully he'll be back on tonight :D

so we decided to watch a movie in the cinemas...

im not too interested in burst angel, but outlaw star/gundam fans might like it

we kissed and talked through the whole episode lol

and....we have a lot more in common than we appear!

our names both start with j, we both like green, im a capricorn and hes a cancer (which as luck would have it, capricorns are most compatible with cancers OwO)

and we like or have at least heard of the other's fave animes :D

<3 ^w^

i got grape juice and a cookie from scorch today....(since nothing else worthwhile happened)

i drank like 3 cups of grape juice cuz i ran a LOT so i was dehydrated XD

and scorch is doing the same thing me and my partner are doing....betcha he got a better grade ^^;;;;;

ok thats all. until next time

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mmmm....shino....~~ =w=/////

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

sorry i didnt go to church today hahli...
first of all i totally forgot...

second dad took me to ihop...

third, we're probably gonna go out and do crap today.

FORGIVE ME HAHLI!!!!!! *bows*

other than that this computer has screwed itself -.-+++

BUT im getting a brand new laptop from dad next week...


oh the fun we'd all have in gaia rallies........

happy is getting KINDA used to me, but he still hates me. why? cuz i resemble a guy to him, and obviously, he HATES guys.

pff.....damn dog.....

oh well---luckily ill go back to moms tonight!!! the weekend wasnt TOO horrible, aside from happy!!! ^w^

that is all--

and i started a new furcadia save...

Squirrel with Apple

lol i just LOVED mrs. halpin's squirrel story....

wanna hear it?

sherry was walking behind this HUGE guy in college. they were going to lunch.

from the corner of her eye she saw a squirrel with a huge apple in its tiny little arms.

then she saw the squirrel chuck the apple at the head of the guy.

he clutched his head and turned around, automatically assuming it was sherry because no one else was around.

sherry~ dude, it was the squirrel...i saw him....i swear im innocent....

guy~ mhm.......... -.-

it helps when you have friends or witnesses when something like that happens XD

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

ok the papillon isnt THAT evil....

im at dads, we're probably gonna go out and do stuff today...

but the dog they got, "happy", is very mean T-T
im trying to get him to understand that im good T-T

itll take FOREVER!!!!!! *slams head on desk*

but on the plus side, the demon hasnt pissed on my manga or any of my valuables =D


im also hyper cuz i had choco milk on my cocoa pebbles this morning >wO

yeah i cant think of anything else atm...


we ALMOST pwned groesbeck at the tournament.....

wanna know how they somehow won?


me and hahli didnt get cheaters.....just snobs...

seriously, everyone at the tournament with red shorts seemed to feel like they didnt care or they were better than us in every way -.-

me and hahli won our doubles match with a tiebreaker.
kinda sad how harker heights was more of a challenge...AT LEAST THEY WERE FRIENDLIER!!!!

plus our opponents seemed to think there was a fifth point played in no-add scoring.....

no-add is first to 4 points.....
retards..... -.-

so yeah other than others cheating, we almost totally pwned their asses.

BUT me and hahli made a new friend!
one of the juniors in our tennis class actually likes anime OwO WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. thats all. ttul ^^

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   lol pwnage
im typing on the school compy....or MY compy! lol jk jk its the schools...

so yeah its only third period.

just thought id at least say a little hello/goodbye before i got to dads tomorrow...

wow that sounds weird.....
usually im saying "going to moms" XD

anyways, geography---i officially hate valerie cuz she almost killed the picie i was almost through with -.-


and gage is back and he saw my cry a little....

-/////- dam you.....

i get pissed and depressed when my picies get into a conflict >:(

more pissed though. i almost screamed "YOU BLOODY F***ING A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" right in class XD

i didnt....

anyways in speech we did vocab.

and i just finished my test for bcis so yeah lol.

honestly, i really shouldnt be on.....
but tis tempting :3

im a bad kirby :P


until whenever


what youre STILL expecting a picie? even after i said i was on the school compy???

im leaving now. NOW

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


nothin much today i suppose....

in geography, we tested....and GAGE WASNT HERE >:D


in speech we took notes...

bcis we reviewed-----i got a perfect score on the review thing ^.~ so every time mrs. montgomery checked our scores, i was always number 1 ^-^//

in biology we took notes...
and the junior beside me wants a picie from me.

she and a couple others saw my art so yeah they dont hate me lol

but i have to draw a vampire fairy ^^ i know i said i wouldnt do anymore requests but...

whos to say no to a junior or above? OwO;;;;;;;;
besides, i wanna try my luck at a vampire fairy XD

in geometry we did english/science basically XD

in tennis me and hahli played against missy.....
she beat us both 5-3 XD

but im getting much better at spiking.....*haruko grin*

in theatre we got further....but we seriously need to hurry o.o;;;;;

and in english we did conjunctions and interjections.

srry for the long post....

and im also sorry that i wont be on at all tomorrow due to the tennis tournament.....

im also also sorry that i wont be able to chat as much cuz i HAVE to go to dads this weekend.

but on one good side, im gonna enter an upcoming talent show at school =D

wear my kimono....sing "this light i see" by paku romi or "replay machine" by mizuki nana...

i cant decide---temari or hinata lol

ok thats it. i swear.

until next time...


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   how troublesome

heres the day.

geography, review.

speech, test.

bcis----fun....i got onto the otaku since i was all done AND we had a sub >:D


biology, notes.

geometry, test.

tennis, practiced hitting....

theatre, powerpoints

and in english, prepositions.

afterwards i stayed after to take my theatre test from last week.

also, i have a tournament on thursday so i will DEFINITELY be late.

srry today was boring....
ill try to spice it back up later lol

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no gunner, no kimono----

no im not naked...

IM TIKI!!!!!!!

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whatcha think???? OwO

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Monday, September 17, 2007

nothin today....

oh? you want me to tell about my day anyway?

everyone~ NO!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

me~ oki doki then! ^-^

in geography we took notes....

speech we reviewed.....by JEAPORDY!!!!

we were in second the whole time....but GUESS WHO WON??!?!

thats right our group!!!!

we got candy and 5 bonus points on our test tomorrow :D

in bcis i finished my report thing...

biology we did vocabulary....

geometry we reviewed...

tennis we practiced serving....

theatre we started working on our powerpoints

and in english, adverbs.

see? that wasnt so bad!

everyone~ *dead*

me~ o.o............... >.>

*flees when you turn*

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

   what a day
yesterday was quite wacky after i posted.

oh btw, happy birthday kakashi----your present from gaia was the NEW MONTHLY COLLECTIBLES OwO!!'

i got me a gift of the gods......
i cant equip it on this compy, and i cant play with tektek yet so i gotta wait to see how to equip mine XD

anyways...prepare yourself---might be long.

first off we went to the mall.

i got me some paper lanterns for my room and this BEAUTIFUL kimono!!!!

normally i despise the color pink so much id gauge my eyes out......but this kimono.....this one is just so beautiful......

normally my complexion is best with dark colors, but......and normally id admit that im not the most attractive but......



anyways--its made in china so its not like an official japanese kimono......but its definitely an official asian kimono lol

then i came back and vash hadnt come on.....

but then i played pearl....

hinata is officially afraid of ghosts o.o;;;;


anyways, i decided to explore around (and evolve sashimi into a leafeon)

i came across the old chateou because one of the gym leaders wanted me to investigate it.

i went in, not very surprised by the ghastlies (ran into two then decided to use max repel >:D)

but anyways, i went into the next to last room on the top floor. and you know how you can see the other room beside you?.....

i swear i saw a lady rush out of the other room....

hinata~ *runs screaming all the way to the kanto region* O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

i actually drew a really good manga page of it too! i might actually try to do a pokemon manga (with my save(s) of course)

but yeah o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;

then i got on the gaia rallies.....

after haru left some guy in a thong was sexually harrassing me and abusing a new friend i made -.-+++++

we cant report him cuz his account already claims he's banned T_T


oh well....

i think thats all......whew.........

what a wacky day, ne?

well, until next time

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srry i didnt come to church this weekend T-T i promise ill come soon!!! *bow*

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

nothin to say atm...

waitin for vash :3

meh thats all right now...............

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hinata~ yay!!! ive obtained a baby picture!!!!! *adds it to her naruto shrine*

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