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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Not To Shabby...
Ok well today i did get to every 1 whc commented but it was rather late..lol...but at least i did it..


I saw that on sum1s site and thought it was cute...lol..well um let me just tell u all that im not to sure but if things go as planned in the morring i wont be here all day so i dont expect to get to ne 1.. :("

But ill bee back kinda late and well um i think thats it..lol..umm.ohh yeah if ne 1 could help me im looking 4 pics of my theme character her name is Seras Victoria of Hellsing...(a.k.a Ceres Victoria) if ne 1 could find a few plaes let me know..And umm hmm here sumthing i havent done in a while..

QUESTION: What is the usual bed time 4 u?

(me it when evr im tired..lol..all depends on wat im doing but usually im up soooo late..)

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ok well im so srry i didnt get to ne 1s sites but i found a way that will help me out 4 a little bit when ever i get so busy and i cant make it to every 1..$ a little while if u all dont mind imma use my comments as a friends list 4 a while...It help me get to every 1 who comes to my site so that way ur all happy...and if i have time ill also get to all the other ppl on my site..I hope u all understand my reasons 4 this its just i get busy in the day and never get to go on the comp and then b4 i know it i have to visit like 100 ppl so if u come and comment on my site ill be sure to get to urs ok..and umm thanxx 4 all the complements on the new thme it took a while but i got it done and ohhhhh thanxx to my baby cuddy 4 the pic at the top the sig and well many more pic that u will all c in the future..oh hes taking requests so if u want him to make u sumthing pm him hell do right away and dont worry he love to make pics ok...

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

Well thats it 4 today..Buh byE Huggies to every 1..


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Friday, July 15, 2005

New Theme:
Hi well as u can c this is my new theme. THis just so happens to b the gurl 4rom the dark anime Hellsing. Its an awsome anime and well i picked her because she fits the randome anime catogory and well she satifiey my urge to do sumthing dark u know..lol...wel yeaterday i only got to a few sites bc i was looking 4 pics all day and i slept late..but i should know by now ur not gonna hurt me..lol..and well im really excited i love the mew them alot alot of ppl helped me with it.. Jigglyness with the nice profile thinggy for this really nice blog thinggy..Well tel me wat u all thing and ohh how do u like the music? I think it goes perfect considering that the anime is sumwat related and we all of u who watch Hellsing should know wat im talking bout. Well um i guess that all it 4 now and well umm..heres a nice gif of my gurl victoria...

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

MY new theme..
Ok well once again im sooo sry i only got to like 8 sites today in mooooo srry i was very bust u know i wasent home and then when i did come home cuddy was redoing dinkys site so i couldent go on u know but umm back to the main think um i was gonna say bout my new theme i have finnaly narrowed it down to two options of random anime gurls..lol.yAY! well im still trying to decide but umm it hard to find pics and well u all know im a very picky person..lol..well umm so yeah im srry again i will get to every 1 A.S.A.P

Well maybe a piuc hmm wat do u think?

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

And ohh u know the episodes before this pic happend they just so happen to be like the best 1s..lol.i really like them ther sad...


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ok well every i nothing much happened at al..lol..wel maybe sumthing..lol..I managed to get to every bodys sites and if i did happen to skip u im so srry i get all confused because there are so many of u all..lol..well i had this long really good anime talk with Blaized. She showed me all ther awsome dark animes to go look up. Shes got really good taste in anime im serious. We were conversing on AIM last night 4 like a hour but i was so excited..I got a whole years full of anime to look up..lol..but well um i giess thats it and oh wanna heaer sumthing last night a 12:00 i had my post all ready but i fell asleep and then cuddy went on the comp and woke me up and was like oh u didnt push add post but i thought he went and did it 4 me and i just relized right now that there was nothing in the post and he never pushed add post..lol..i was like holy hell thats so mean u coulda did it but he said thats there was nothing written there and i ws like ohhhhh...srry that i yelled at u..lol..but i didnt really yell i like rose my voice like OMG!...lol..well umm i guess thats it heres a pic or two..lol

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

Aint that the cutes things u ever saw i live chibis..

Well um thats all 4 today


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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Movie time...lol
OK well srry i wasnet on the otaku all day tday srry i was extremly busy...srry but i also went out with cuddy and dinky to a chineses buffet and guess wat?
well take a guess...

I learned to use Chopsticks and i ate white rice with them like a pro..lol

Yay! Yay 4 me..

lol..ok wel i saw the movie "Dark Water" It was ok i guess...I thought it was good if u like talking movies u know it really wasent wat i expected but hey at least i saw it to get it off my conscience..lol..well um nothing else new except i dont think imma eat 4 like 2 days..lol.i ate to feed an army..lo..well um i guess that it and ohh ill get to every body 2morrow/today...promise and well u know i keep my promises well umm a pic to take a look at and well that it .....

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

lol..well it dont really go with the post but i like it and its nice..so umm k thats it buh bye 4 now


Q. Wat do u want to do in life?


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Monday, July 11, 2005

Well IM dieing of bordem..lol
well every 1 today was boring as usuall..lol..i didnt do nothing that i planed..and umm well yeah i did get to every1s sites thats about it..well umm yeah then again i have nothing to say either..lol...but wait i think i got sumthing..ohh im having sever problems finding anime gurls to do 4 my next theme so if u have any helpfull hints please help me..and well im sad to say but if i dont find nething i like imma end up doing baby gaara srry to all u random anime gurl voters i knoe u must hate me..srry....but in other news i found this really funny pic..here take a look..

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting


And well ohh look at this nice siggy cuddy made 4 me...

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

Well wat do u think?


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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Guess wat?
Ok well its sumthing really good...
Its sumthing that im really happy about and i wanted 4 like the longest...
Ok well ill just tell u..lol


Yes i know noy to big of a deal considering u guys all must have 1 but me im so happy now i have a reason to start drawing and all that again and now i can put up the pics of me and cuddy at six flags i can show u all the roller coasters and the tigers and just about nething..lol..well im off now to the movies to go c Dark Water,...Buh bye


And ohh i put a chat box on my wallpaper site its the same 1 on my site so go there and comment bout it ok thats only if u have the time and u want to ok.. well c ya and oh i did get to every bodies sites yester day yeay!..lol

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And ohh please answer this..

1.Who are you?
2.Are we friends?
3.When and how did we meet?
4.Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5.Describe me in one word.
6.What was ur first impression of me?
7.Do you still think that way about me now?
8.What reminds you of me?
9.If you could give me anything what would it be?
10.How well do you know me?
11.When's the last time you saw me?
12.Ever wanted to tell me something but couldnt?
13.Are you going to put this on ur site and see what i say about you?
14.What song are you listening to right now?

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Ok well u guys know wat happened yesterday...so here now..lol
Ok well i dont really have much to say consiodering i posted all i have to say yesterday...lol..well umm...well oh i have sum happy news cuddy got his job interview today with the help of me..lol..but im happy and well hes really nervous and all but i told him just calm down and hell get it..but next umm ohh i got to everybodys sites again..yay 4 me!..lol..and um..hmmmm hold on imma go make a pic k..brb..............................................................

Ok imall done well its not much but wat do u think??? D u c tha colors change???

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

Well thats it 4 now buh bye *waves*


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Friday, July 8, 2005

The Fantastic 4..
Well i know im posting late but i do have a good reason yesterday i went to bed very early but then i woke up and went to go c the movie "The Fantastic 4" And well must i say....

It was Awsome....No really it was!

I reallly like it i think that they did a good job with it and they did make it really funny..But to move to other news I also wanna c the movie Dark Water..I really wanna c it i woulda saw it today but we had to do so many other things..and next well umm i did get to everybodys sites and if i didnt get to ur i promise i will be ther withing the next hour or two but hey gimme a break its stil early..no? well i dont have a pic 4 today so srry bear with me..and well buh bye to every 1 and ohh u know the poll thinggy at the top of the page i hope every1 is still answering it and oh i c that the ramdome anime gurl is wining i wa really rooting 4 baby gaara but hey it all up to wat u guys wanna c well umm so wat kinda ramdom anime gurl do u guys mean ...like wat do u want that gurl to b???

Q: Wat randome anime gurl should i do???

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