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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Wel..Im so srry again..please...dont hurt me..
Ok well i have a confession I didnt get to everybodys site b/c i wasent on the compa at all the other night i didnt sleep and so i fell asleep yesterday at 2:00pm and i didnt wake up till now which is 12:15am..Im so sorry but ive decided to visit every 1s site ne way so make sure u checkyesterdays post 4 my coment so far i go to two ppl..lol..but i promise ill get there im so srry ive been so irrisponsible and my sleepiong paterens are really messing me up..lol..but umm oh i have good news my wallpaper site is complete..and if u look in my profile in like 10 mins ull c the link to it..its on a banner of Deidara..

And well be sure to come back here and tell me wat u think ok..welll buh bye


And ohh im srry i have no pic 4 today..lol..
no im joking..lol here it is wat do u thing?

Image Hosted by TamilImage Hosting

Kakashi....Summoning No Jutsu.....I just Love All Hiss Doggies..lol..

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Damn comps! I m serious i had to restart the entier damn comp again! U have no i dae how mad i am! but hey I guess i have to do it if i want to b on the o but now i got all this virus protection stuff so i dont think that it will happen ne time soon!
And oh im pleased to report that I did manage to get to every1s site yesterday!..lol..im happy hope u r?

And well i dont have much to say today srry i just guess ill close up with alittle more info...

I have finished my wallpaper site finally and all i need to do is make it a web page..that will be done as soon as possible.. and ohh umm yeah im done but heres sum pics..

Image Hosted by ImageDad

Well not much to say bout this pic but i really like the Sharingan And the fact that Kakashi has it..lol..well buh bye

Question: What do u do when ur nervous?

Me thats had to chose sumtimes im calm other well i dont know..lol..

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   Happy Belated 4th Of July
Well im sorry i forgot to wish it yesterday but ill do it now...lol..

Happy 4th Of July

I know im late and oh i appologize i didnt make it to ne bodys site at all yesterday im sooo sorry dont kill me....*Hides Under pillow*...*Peeks*...R u gone yet?...lol.no but really im so sorry im irrisponsible but i promise ill try harder ok..but hey u have to admit ive been doing good no i did get to every body alot recently..no? ok moving on....

Oh umm thanx 4 everybody who did come to my site..I love u all.XD ummm mex and lsatly sum pics and the question..lol..

Oh Oops! I 4got 1 more thig im almost done with the wallpaper site i wasent on the comap at all today maybe 5 mins and i wasent on the o so i couldent do ne thing srry againh but hopefully ill e all done with every thing tomorow..I promise this too..lol.Ok srry i rambled again..im all done now...*Ties Up Fingers* now i cant type as fast so no more rambling..lol..ok..

Kakashi Kickin' Sum Ass! Yeah! Go Kakashi!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageDad

Go Kakashi!! lol

Image Hosted by ImageDad

Look at them skills...Who can do that and not mess up? Huh? Nobody thats right..lol..Only kakashi..and umm yeay maybe me..lol

Ok cya!

Question: Wat did u do 4 the 4th of July?

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Monday, July 4, 2005

   My wallpaper site..
hey welll im almost done with my wallpaper site that i told u all about..Its coming alongnicely and umm...im making a link to it tomorrow but i promise it will be done ..um well nothing much happened today i wasnt on the comp much because i was sleeping..lol..so umm yeah this will b a short post and yeah no pic eithe im also trying to change my site but i dont have enough time today..lol..but um i guess thats it 4 today..c ya! and ohh please dont 4 get to answer my poll in the begining..ok well cya! and ohh yeah..lol..I made itt o every1s sites yesterday just in the nick of time..lol..i started at 9:00pm and finishe alittle while ago..lol..ok now this time im really going buh bye


Question: Do u think that the wallaper site that im making is a dumb idea?

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Crappy ass computers...lol..No but really I hate the shit out of them sumtimes! u?
Ok well yesterday i was trying to make my damn wallpaper site when all of the sudden sumthing downloaded in to the comp and all of the sudden boom! My whole dams comp system was stoped and i couldent do shit..So i jad to go and reset the entier computer and everything in it.. And now let me tell u i was up at 2:00am then i didnt finish with the comp till 9:00am thats 7 hours worth of computer shit and 4 wat i say to do it all ove again in like 3 months..lol..Well let me not ginx my self..And ok moving on..

Ohh yeah today the cuz of a girl i knoe seen the pic of cuddy on his site said he was fine as hell and then she put his pic on her site saying will u be mine..lol...hats funny and i feel proud u know every 1 loves my baby..lol..But let me fill u all in Hes ALL MINE..Lol.i knoe nobody can take him 4rom me .lol..and um well lets c wat else happened..*thinking*........*still thinking*......Umm....oh got it....Oops! Nope Lost it...Ok well 4 get it i guess im all done ook well c ya all l8ter and oh i did manage to get to every1s sites today i was l8t and all but i did it hope u all dont mind..

Ok well nextly and lastly...lol...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Im going under, Drowning in you---Im falling forever---Ive got to brreak through---Im going Under----

Just a few lyrics..lol..well cya!


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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Ok not too bad..lol
Ok well yesterday wasent to bad i went to bed at 9:30am today..lol..woke up at 7:30pm...Im was up all night playing Halo 2 with every 1 u know and i was determined to at least get close to ther scores which btw i might add i did i got 22 kills and they had 25...yes im pretty damn good 4 sum1 who hasent played in like 10 months..lol. And well yes im proud of my self i also got to every1s site and the only thing i didnt do was make the wallpaper site..srry ill get to it though..Promise and u know wat i didnt realise that yesterday i 4do a question...so ill ask 2 today in place u dont have to answer...

Question 1: Wats ur most memerable dream?

(like me i dont have any i tend to 4get wat i dream..lol all though i do have a few scary 1 that i remember very clearly if u wanna know wat they r pm me..k..)

Question 2: Whats ur favorite drink?

(me i love iced tea i cant live wioth out it thats all i drink..)

And umm well heres a pic srry im runnong out of nice kakashi pics so umm please bear with me..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And ohh please answer the poll on top it very important..i need opinions..k..its the only poll on this site 4 all the confused ppl..if there r ne..lol..well het thanx 4 every thing anoh heres my mood as of right now:
I feel:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And ohh can u hear the music on my site?? Please answer this..

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Friday, July 1, 2005

Hmm....Yeaterday..Very Boring...
Ok well yesterday i did go to everybodys site which may i add wasent that many and i think its weird like nobody was on or updateed yesterday.. Ok now lets c wat did i do today..hmm..oh i rearranged cuddy room with him it looks awsome..and umm well thats about it..I slept alot as usually too..lol..umm Oh yeah me and my friend r gonna start a notebook where we ake eachother questions and all that is a really good idea i think..Im excited I hope its gonna b fun???? And umm ohh yeah..i did make a new wallpaper but the o wont take it yet but i have an idea i made my own wallpaper site 4 u all to c my wallpapers it only 4 wallpapers so please dont expect much..
It will b up hope fully tomorrow its alotta work so ill get it though..
ok well gotta go imma play halo..buh bye..

Srry No pic today..lol..

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

War Of The Worlds..
Wow!!... O.o I went to see the movie War Of The Worlds and OMG thats all i gotta say i will recomend this movie to Ne1 Its Soooooooo Good..Im telling u go c it as soon as posible..let me repeat....

H1>Go C War Of The Worlds A.S.A.P

and well take my advice thats it..Moving on..umm well as u all knoe i i didnt get to Ne bodys site but i will make up and get to everybody today..Promise... And well lastly...Umm hmm..Question time.. :P

Question: Wat do u think of cuddy his pic is up on his site go take look and tell me wat u think dont worry he wont see..lol..and i dont care wat u say dont try to n nice tell the truth..k..

Well syanora!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yeah....My best budds comind ova...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hi! Bye! Now u see me now u dont!..lol..

Well im so excite my best friend 4rom florida is gonna come down July 2dn to stay at my house..Im so excited and umm..well let me tell u the story..We met like 2 years ago last time she was up here and we connected like right away she exactaly like me..its so cool ..shes like the sister i never had..And well were also atrating this book thnggy where we get to ask ne thing that we want to like know and well send it by mail when she leaves..but ok moving on im just so excited..Its gonna be so fun.I havent seen her in like a year..and well nextly im just to excited to think..lol..wanna hera sumthing funny its cuddy cuz..ok well i gues thats all it i gotta start to set up like clean and get al the things ready like a place to sleep and all that other stuff..to close up..

Question: Wat do u like to do with ur best friend?
I like to talk bout stuff..Like ne thing just really let it all out u know..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

   yet another boooring day...O.o
I have no idea why this happens to me i am so bored l8tly...I dont got much to do..I dont feel like going outside its boreding and im lazy but hey i guesss being on the comp is fine..And ohh yeah i think i got to everybodys sties to day..Wahoo!!! Yeah 4 me im getting better at this right? Really do u think im getting better??I found this really nice Kakashi fanart wat do u think:::

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And um question of the day time...
Question: Wats ur favorite movie(non-anime)?
Me i love 1 too many movies and i dont know wats i would consider my fave but if u want ill name a few...The Ring 1&2, Hmm...4 get it i dot feel like nameing..lol.but if u reallywanna know that bad pm me..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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