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Saturday, November 26, 2005

hehe new theme!!!
OK me finnally got up to doing a new theme! hope u like it its Soi Fong and Yoruichi of Bleach the like best anime ver right now! XD i made all the sigs on this site took me a while but my skillz in makeing them did jump up a bit..lol....

and i know i say this 4 like every post hehe but im back for good me missed u guys!!!...lol..


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Sunday, November 6, 2005

omg its been so long im soooo srryy!!!!!!!!!
ok i know i got alotta explaining to do..lol....


ok well im just gonna make this a quick post to let every 1 know im back for sure i was very busy with alot lately so i barly had time for ne think i hope you can forgive me....ill get to every 1 asap and i am also going to change my themem as soon as i make my pics and all that i have gotten a hella lot better..but yeah im srry i missed you all so much i really hope im still on your friends lists too please dont hill me .......


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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

my my my srry i know its ben so damn long..lol but dont kill me i have very good news..lol
ok well i knoe my last post was like a year ago..lol..( not litteraly)...

ok well me and cuddy have been doing lot we have been very busy bees...well we busted our asses to try to get him a job abd well guess wat....


no really hes at work right now im so happy..lol..and so is he...i feel very accomplished..lol

in other news i started school...yeah its ok the hours r good its alittle longer then i thought though its 4rom 5:00pm to 9:25pm thats only on mondays and wednes days and on tuesdays and thursdays i go at 5:00pm to 7"55 pm...and i dont have school fridays....well yes i know thats the life..lol

i have been doing goo so far its not hard at all in fact its easy as hell.. i am also going 4 my permit 4 sure this week i studdied very hard 4 it i took tons of practice tesets online and i got 100% on all of em...and well im all happy and getting there and set...

lol..moving on my dada bday passed in september 23rd to be exact..lol
that was fun i got him sum cards sum liqour and sum clothes...

we got him a cake and n sum balloons...he had fun my dad was really happy bc we made it all day like we 4got it was his bday and he was all pissed boout it till he got home 4rom work..lol..

i thought it was funny as hell to well hmm wat else well i cant think of nething right now but when i do ull find out soon ok..well ttyl 4 now ok..buh bye and ohh 1 more thing i will try to get to sum sites today ok dont kill me if i dont i still got a shit load of homework to do...lol

well i guess thats it buh bye 4 real now


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Friday, September 23, 2005

Well yet another excuse..
lol..ok i know u said to stop but i think its good theat i tell u..i was unabel to get to ne1s sites yesterday be i was sleeping all day...i have been getting up every day at 7:00pm to get my lil bro ready 4 school and then i dont go to bed till like 2:am so it was stressfull on me so i spent all day yesterday sleeping..

feel regenerated now and il will get to every1s sites however today i am forcing cuddy to go to the movies with me to c "The Corpse Bride"..lol.i love tim burton movies (The NIghtmare Before Christmas. Edward Siccorhands, Charlie NAd THe chocalate FActory...ect...)

lol.well ive been wanting to c this movie 4 ever so yeah imma c it today..Well its actually ^:00am and imma have to go get my lil bor ready at 7: so imma go get his stuff ready..Well I also made this sig today actually alittle while ago..lol..i know i was bored it took me 4ever and i ot fustrated but i did it and i am so proud of it i stoped making things 4 a whle i thought i lost it but well i think i got it back..I started this siggy 4rom scratch too..lol..here ya go ill also count it as the pic of the day


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well ttyl..

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ok dont kill me..
i know this is gonna sound like yet another excuse but its the truth..lol..i havetn had the chance to get to ne 1s sites bc i have been so busy watching FMA i get so caught up in it its so damn good i cant stop watching...u knoe..but i promise that i will have time tomorrow to visit every1 ok so please dont kill me..i have also got my self caught up in this forum..i started my own fc and its adicting..lol so please forgive me..


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Monday, September 19, 2005

im so sryy..
ok im srry i know i wasent on the comp muche yesterday it was a hectic day..i dont have a key to my house right so my fam left and they left my lil bro upsatirs and told me to go watch him so yeah i did but then i hadda go but i had no key to lock the front door and so i was fucking stuck upstairs 4 like 4 hours bored out my mind watching my lil bro i was so damn mad i had so many things to do and i couldent do ne of it..

and so like all day i was home and i couldent go on the comp ..my lil bor drives me off the walls u know but ok enuf of that umm hmm wat else to say??


so ill just end it now..lol..


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Sunday, September 18, 2005

omg me and cuddy watched finnal fantasy advent children to day and OMg it was * imma get allittel graphic..lol* Fucking awsome holly shit i thought it was great..wow it keeps u goin gthe whole time and imma quote a freiend "if u dotn c this movies it will and would be a crime." if u want to know where to get it pm me or im me and ohh u need a bittirrent downloaded..i can help with thats too so well u know..

ne way im still amazed at the damn movie im actually gonna c it again..and again..lol..i really liked it..wow..

ok wait let me get the restout wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow..
'ok i think in done..

lol ok well 4 other news hmm.lets c ohh yeah me and cuddy have been watchiong full metal alchemist well i mean i saw a few episodes but i didnt understand ne of i t u knoe so i started 4 rom the beginig im on ep 8 and omg its so damn sad wow..thats gonnabe a nother top favorite wow..i mean no i really like this 1 too..iam gonna add it to m,y list of fav animes..lol...ok i got alotta rambling to do today..lol..

so well u knoe ok i got to jusy aboout every1s sites and um wat else..hmm...ohh nothing i guess well here..


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umm yeah well i dont think i have nething else to say ohh no wait..lol..guess wat.....

well take a guess..

no j.k but really i think cuddy got a job..lol..monday is his interview..his fam helped him get it and its almost a positive thing that he will get it..but yeah im happy and i knoe he is..lol..well yeah im officially done now ok buh bye 4 now...

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

well im here and living..lol
ok well yet again i have nothing to report but i do have a plus in my day lol i finally got my eyebrows done finally there were looking hairy as ever..lol.it looked so bad i waited so damn long..lol..no the reason i waited is bd i wanted to change the shape of them and i cant do that till the hair grows u knoe there need to be sumthing to work with..

ok enuf of the gurllyness..lol..

well umm hmm i think i got to just about every 1 yesterday unless u updated late...but yeah srry if i missed u..

nextly i with the help of cuddy and his friend we finnaly got 1 version of final fantasy 7 advent childern i have yet to c it and the quality but i hope its it another friend helped me find a few other versionns that i need to look at i just found out so hope fully i got the good 1 u knoe..but im so excited i dont know much bout it but cuddy gets me all hyped up bout it uknoe the way he expains everything and al that..

well um wat now..
umm...ohh i now have changed my mind im not so sure if i wanna change my theme just yet so time will tell u know..and ohh my best friend just got a new puppy ill show u a pic here...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

awww..aint it cute..no really its a puppy its a boy we still havent decided on the name but im no good with names so she still waiting..lol

ok welll i guess im all done and im off to watch ff7 advent children..we

ohh no wait the


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Friday, September 16, 2005

   Ok last minute..
lol..ok well i managed to get to every body in the nick of time i actually started at 11:00pm and finished at 11:59pm..wow in the nick of time no?..lol..so im happpy and i hope every 1 is happy that i got to em'..lol..u know i thought 4 sum reason i would let u all know i over use the word (lol) alittle too much so just bear with me although im almost positive u all already noticed..wow that came outta nowhere.wow..srry spur..lol..lol..lol..lol..j/k i know thats anoying..ok imma stop..

well today was a bitchy as day yet again i mean it my whole week has been shitty since my mom has been fucking with me.. like no li i put together 3 bed sets and 2 bookshelf all by myself..
it wasent hard but today was nasty out it was like muggy and misty and all that even with the ac on it sucek ass in the hous i was cleaning no lie either 4rom 7:00am till 7:30pm..
i swera i broke my ass cleaning but in a way it was worthi it my dads paying me $100


LOL..moving on..im actually feelong better right now 4 sum reason but i have no idea i am going to bed ina bit bc i am worn out but i still feel good..lol..wow weird..

umm lets c wat else should i try to throw in hmm......ok im stumped so i guess imma close up 4 now heres the ..


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

u know i think rukia is so cute shes so tiny..

well thats it buh bye and well if u guys want pm me imma be up a tad bit longer im not to tired 4 sum reason lol..


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Thursday, September 15, 2005

ok i know i know but here i am yet again bored.
ok..well i have a very good reason 4 not visiting u c when i go ur sites i can only comment on like 3 of the 20 sumthing ppl i have to visit and i dont think its fair u knoe so i decided no to visit ne 1 but i have been working on fixing it and hopefully it will be gone by tommorow..and umm if not i dont know but ill still try..but u have no idea how much its ben pissing me off i think its a virus...but i know so many tricks to get rid of it i just dont have enuf time..

my fucking mothers been such a bitch..like lok heres and examle i said oh i wanna order dominoes to my dad and he was like ok call me back and tell me how much it is and ill send sum 1 down to give u the money so then my bitchy mom said no ill order it 4 her..as if she dont trust me or sumthing like wat the fuck im hungry so imma get pizza...

but no my dads being a bitch and listeming to her so that they dont have to fight..bc no lie my mther hates me shes always calling me a spoiled bitch bc i get watever i want when ever i want ..
truth is she jealous..u might say im crazy but belive me u dont know the half of it...but well shes been driving me crazy..
so back to the pizza i was like no i wanna order it bc i dont even know wat i wan yet..she was like well figure out wat u want then call me back..so i was like no fuck it dad just gimme $10 and ill get chinese or sumthing..

then she started to bitch and she was like oh the only time u come home is when u want sumting i was no i just was hungry so shut up and she was just talking shit so i was like wat ever fuck u sut the fuck up and mind ur bizness..

harsh but no lie I hate her ass..

here wat i feel..lol
just trying to fit this i think it goes witht the mood..lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well moving on to better things..lol..

umm bleach episode 49 is out and im downloading it now on bittorrent i got like 10 mins left so imma watch it as soon as im all done here..

and oh im thinking of changing my theme to rukia. ichigo, and renji..

since they all u knoe go together it wouldent hurt and it would look nice no?

ok well i guess im all done and im also not gonna stop working on the comment hing till i get it working ok even if i haveta restart the whole comp..

well ttyl..

ohh no wait the..


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now its ttyl...

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