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Friday, June 3, 2005

   Well Guess Wat...
Well, me and cuddy r gonna go 2 six flags again..yeay..lol and this time were gonna take pictures so we could hopefully show u all..And were gonna stay there all night till they shoot the fireworks off..lol..wahoo!! I cant wait..lol.. Ud think that I would be tired of that place eventhough i only went last week..lol..but Im not! Im a rollercoaster physco..lol..XD..and well i will b sure to tell u all of our day..well c ya! And 1 more thing im gonna stay up all night till tomorrow cuz i dont wanna wake up and b all tired so if antbodys on feel free to pm me ill be here lol..well thats is c ya for real this time ..lol... :D
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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Srry Every1 Ive Been So Lazy Lately..
Well Hi every1! Srry I havent been updateing. I really havent had much to talk bout and as of right now i still dont have ne thing to say..lol..But I guess Ill find sumthing to say...Hmmm...Well...Lets c.. Ok well I guess I'll try sumthing new 4 a change..And well I have een stboping by ppls sites and they all tend to do this question of the day so i figured wat the hell its fun, and i get to learn bout u all so i think im gonna start 1 too! Wat do u think? Should I?

And Ohh Yeah..Did u guys know that i won second place in the fanart contest for the hidden Village of art? Well yeah I did And i'm so siked bout it. I finally won sumthing.lol..OK well please tell me wat u think bout me starting a question of the day. k..wel ttyl :D

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   Ok...This was the best day of my entire life... XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well 1st off let me say sumthing, I know that all of my recent post have been about me and cuddy but we have been having sooo much fun together and i just wanted to let u alll know...but heres 1 more post about us..lol..dont kill me..:) but I also wanna say its gonna b a long 1 but still; read it..plzzzzz....

Ok well yesterday me and cuddy went out to New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure.. It was the best day ever since it was my first time going...It was kinda a spontanious thing we were talking bout it then the next day we went... ^^ Well neway we had to take tghe train to new york...And we walked through Times Square..It was beautiful even though it was 6:00 am..lol..well we took a big coach bus..very comfortable..Well the view was beautiful..on the bus..then we got there and i was so excited...i couldent wait the only problem was we were 1 hour early..lol.. but me went fast while we talking..lol..well when we got in we went sraigght 4 the new ride the KINGDOM KA..but it was closed...:(... so we went on the Super Man...but to make a really long story short...we went on every rollercoaster in the park except the kindom ka,viper,and batman and robin cuz they didnt open/work..And then we also seen a live dolphin show with seals and everything..it was amazing.. They were so close i could almost touch them..they r so smart...And cute, i could squezze them.. They did all sorts of tricks, they were so cordinated with the tricks and the music was so perfect.all this was a first time experiance 4 me thats y im so happy...

Ok now the end of the day was the best..but to find out about it...u have to go to cuddys site...plzz go c it it really funy...

And heres some pics of a few coasters..lol i loved the nitro(the 1st pic Its yellow)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the Madusa..
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Friday, May 27, 2005

What a Day..
Well today I had the best day ever..Me and cuddy went shopping and i bought a few things...And then we took this long romantic walk through the woods..to this area that had a bridge with water flowing under it..It was so nice we just walked and talked 4 like 4 hours..It was a beautifull area there were so many different types of birds..and me and him even stopped to c who can skip the rocks the farthest..lol..ofcourse cuddy won hes way better then me..lol.. But all in all it was so fun..We learned alot more about eachother eventhough we have been toghether 4 a very long time(c the post 4rom yesterday).Well i dont want to make this post too long so c ya l8ter..buh bye
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Srry I know its late..
Well, 5 just wanted to let every1 know that yesterday marked 2 years and 6 months that me and cuddy have been together..yeah thats right..i know its along time..but when u love sum 1 time is no issue..last month i had a really nice poem up but this month i dont really have a big poem in mind..i would just rather say wat i fell.so here it goes....

To: Cuddy(My Love)

Its hard to say how much I love you there really arent enough word to express it,but wat i can say is Thank You! Thank you 4 always being here 4 me, showing me wat life can really b like when theres sum1 loving u every step of the way. I love u and I will always be here 4 you no matter wat...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

   Ok Well As U Can C I Just completed My NEW layout..

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I know ive been so lazy but I finnaly did it..My new layout..Its Tsunade Of Naruto... Wat do u think? It took me 4ever to find the pics and a few of them I made..But Im so happy its all done..yeay...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thats a really nice fan art done by Ssayainshinobi..

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Monday, May 23, 2005

   Sum 1 Plzz Help Me...PLZZZZZZZZZ...
C now I have this really big problem..and I kinda need every1s opinion..I have grown so very tiered of my current layout..SASUKE X SAKURA.. and I have no idea who I wanna do next...So I would like every1 to pitch in and give me an idea...There is only 1 catch...And that is..The character(S) has to be 4rom Naruto...Male or Female..I dont care I just need help...Plezz Answer this..PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   Well not much again..
Well I want to say that on the otaku I met this really nice person name Azura623, Shes really gr8t. SHe helped me do soooo much stuff..And gave me a bunch of tips. Its strang that we have alot in common too..HEHEH... Well another thing is I was soo boerd till she showed me all this stuff..Alot of the stuff I did can improve is my wp making..lol..cuz im really bad at it..Ne way I have been downloading so many things and Im soo busy..srry im just jumping subjects I really dont have much to say/type..lol..
BUt here a cute ass pic of Sauke doing Sexy - No - Jutsu..

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Friday, May 20, 2005

   Yet Another Exciting Day In My Life.. :)
Well 1st off let me say srry cuz I haven't been updateing..but I have a good excuse..So plzz dont bite my head off..lol...Ahhhhh!!! No! Stop! Wait! Let me Explain....I havent had anything to write...I dont wanna bore u all so i just decide not to write at all...And Well I dont do much of anything interseting so as I said I dont have anything to write...But today I think ill terll u wat I did Yesterday...And not to b stupid I have realized that cuddy has wrote about our day but he makes it seem boring and to me it reaslly wasn't so here let me take the time to explain... Well we went out and went to Starbucks and had sum coffee which by the way was really really good..it was a Chocolate Vanilla Mocha...MMmmmm!! With a bagel...And well I just thought that it was really fun we sat out side at the table next to the water fountains..Beautiful...And when we were done we took a wealk to a book store checked out sum Naruto mangna, Which was very surprising... We did a few other things but it too much to write I'd rather just get to the big parts..lol..Well after a while we just stroled around talking.. Stoed at a few stores but then we had to go catch our movie (StarWars Episode 3). That was a really good movie to me a few parts were sad in a way but all in all I liked it and I would think U should go c it... And U wanna hear/read..lol..sumthing funny??..I mean imagine that u were in a elevator and just standing there 4 like 10 mins talking..well that happend to me and cuddy..Heres how.. Well after the movie me and cuddy were in the elevator and we were just talking about the movie and we didnt even realize the elevator stoped...So we were just sitting for the longest time talking we got so lost in our conversation...When Cuddy pointed out that the elevator stoped we felt soo stupid... And the funniest thing was It seemed like alot of ppl were waiting 4 the elevator too!
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Monday, May 16, 2005

Well Another day in the life of Angel...
Well as u can c my day is bored cuz im posting this so quick it turned 1:15 just now and im so bored..lol.. well heres mu day....

Nothing interesting actually I take that back..Heres the story... Well my Dad was changing w lightbulb in his store and he sliped of the table...*boom*...and he fell...srry if i make it seem like a joke ite really not! Its just my personality...Wel neways he fell and hit his head realy hard..*ooouuucchhh*..And his split his ear open and got this really big bump..*awww*..And so instead of him leaving to go get it checked it out he stayed at work and took the pain..He said it was bleeding so bad...but he didnt do nething..And then when he came home I had to Clean it with peroxide and all that..but it was a nasty cut..*ewww* but I felt bad..But its all better now..He just has a big ass headace..i mean who wouldent..I thought that he needed stiches but when I saw it, It just looked like a gash no to deep but still scary...

And just to make u feel better heres sum pics I have...
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