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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

ok ive been away again i know and i didnt get to ne i u guys must hate me..lol...but its that like my best friend who is also jjs cuz but were like exactally the same..lol..but ne way shes planing on coming down this time 4 sure and ive been so excited..shes coming alone though 4rom florida so i haveta arange everything else..lol..but i dont care im so excited...

And u can c i changed my theme its Chii 4rom Chobits..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It took me 4ever and sum of u mighta stopped by when i was in the middle of it..lol..there was a different bg up..lo..but i like this 1..but hey wt do u think of the theme??

welll im srry i dont really have much to say so i guess im all done...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well CYA!


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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ok this is gonna be a long 1 so take ur time..
Ok 1st off let me say HI!!!
and now imma explain y ive been gone so long..


Ok I have been trying to get my permit 4 like 5 days now..lol.. no not that long but it feels like it i cant find 1 close to me where i can get there by buss and all that..and another thing is ive been looking 4 a car to get since my dad said hell get me 1 as soon as i get my permit..lol..but im still trying and i think i got 1 but everytime i call there busy and im also trying to get cuddy to take his test too..i want him to drive to u know.. ive been looking all ovr the internet 4 a place that does allow 4 permit taking tests and its sooo hard.. i alredy found a place to tke drivers ed and its my dads friend so i know it wont cost much..lol..not tht my dad cares..lol..and another problem ive been having is ive been sleeping late and so in that case i mis it when there open..lol..but its ok i got this tomorrow mw and cuddy r going bright and early..lol..so yeah ive been busy doing that..


Next, Umm...next ive been helping cuddy find a job signing thousands of applications and well i think we got 1..lol.he went in 4 another interview and they said there gonna call him so the big boss can interview but the guy cuddy saw said he did really goo..so now in all sicked and all that we also went and got the pics developed so now i have pics to show u all..
unfortunately the pics of the rollercoaster view 4rom last time we went i cant find but imm looking as hard as i can so bear with me till i find them and as soon as i do ill put them up..kk


So heres sum ics of me and cuddy....srry there so big

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I like that 1..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

see that rollercoaster in the back omfg its crazy..thats the Batman and Robin..I only went on it 1ce its fucking scary as hell and me i love rollercoasters..im a addict..lol..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well i know its not much but like i said as soon as i find the other pics ill put them up..ok well.i guess thats it..i dont really have much to say ohh actualy i thought of sumting..lol..umm nope srry i got nothing..

Ok actually this time i doo..my best bud jigglyness is holding a contest plases go to her site check out the rule and hey join it..

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

ok its late
ok this is just a little fll u in..lol


i think im officially back and i will tell u all thats been happin ging tomorrow so every 1 can see since this is a l8te post u know..andwell i did get to just about every 1 today..YAY! wat a good start.i also goyt sum pics 2 put up and all that so hipe u come by tyommorrow..kk..well thanx 4 reading..lol..n ohh if ne thng new happened 2 ne of u and u feel i shuld or woud like me 2 know plzz feel free to pm me ir im me ..kk.well buh bye


And ohh plzz vote on my poll up top me would like to chag the theme soon..lol..

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Friday, July 29, 2005

really fast and really short
ok srry dont kill me but ill explain evetything to u all when i get ther chance im so srry i havent been on ..but ill get back on track as soon as all the busy stuff goes aay im here but im actually online doing other important non anime relatedc things but ill e back soon ok..i didnt 4 get bout u all i mean how can i ..lol..ur all the best and i know ull understand..i also have other things top say but no time..lol..but iknow this is mean of me to update and ot get to ne 1s site but i had to let u alll know ok..srry..but umm me really gotta go...TTLY


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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ok please dont kill me!!
ok well i know i havent been around much im soo srry ive been so busy l8ly and i havent been to other ppls site in like 3 days and i know u all r like omg but im so srry.. but i know the kinda ppl u r u r all nice and will forgive me..but il tell u everything ok..


Ok well i wasent on the comp the last two days i was just doing random things u know..i was also so excited helping cuddys mom clean up to set up his sisters new comp in there room and then i hadda clean out my room..lol.. and then the next day we were busy preparing 4 our big trip to six falgs..i volentered to keep cuddys house clean all day so that his mo could sleep and all that so she wasent tired out when we go..thats was k though i never mind doing that..lol..


and well sunday we went to six flags and we had a blast it was hot as hell but we lived b/c the had like thes fans that blew out misty cold wet air that elst soooooo good they also had like theses shower things up so i was constantly getting drenched but i also did that b/c the little sunburn on my arms was killing me and the cold water felt 10 tomes better on it but in the long run ill be happy bout it b/c i usuallt burn the after the burn coes away i tan..lol.i know wat a bitch.lol..


An well all in al we had so much fu i also saw a tiger show that was new...the were so cute like giant cats i wanted to squezze the hell out of them but u gotta kow how that is... but i know cuddy promised pictures but we still havent gotten them developed and well we literally slept all day but i promise well have them up asap ok..well um i will also try to get to every 1 tomorrow and ohh if ne thing improtant happend to ne of u plzz pm so i can know bout it all ok..


Well u imma go 4 now heres a pic i hope its ok...

Image Hosted by Chakde.com - Free Image Hosting for the Asian Community

I think its so cute its like a side of her u never saw..


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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Ok well thanx 4 all the nice things in my last post comment thinggy..lol..well not much happened today..umm..hmm..I really dont have much to say umm my comp was alittle messed up earlyoer but i managed to get to every 1 who commented except 4 the most recent 1s that just came here..umm..well im really bored right now and il be on 4 a while so if ne of u feel like tralking pm me or im me all my info 4 those of u u wanna im me is in my profile to the left u knoe the thinggy with the hobbies and all..lol..well um i guess thats about it 4 today i think im all done well c ya!


Image Hosted by Chakde.com - Free Image Hosting for the Asian Community

Buh Bye


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Friday, July 22, 2005

Hmm..Im telling u every has sumthing against cuddy..y he so sweet..
Ok well thats angelpie thing stopped but now sum randome gurl is staring and the funny thing is nor me or cuddy know her or ever talked to her b4 she just pmed cuddy talking shit..

Bitches u fuck with cuddy r just jealous they cant have him thats y they talk shit they aint nothing but hoes..

plzz excuse all that but i get so fucking fed up with bitches messing with MY MAN!

But u know most of the time its petty kid shit so i should learn to calm down..lol..Ok enuf botu that..Umm Im so srry if u havent noticed i havent been on the comp 4 like 2 days so i didnt get to ne 1s site nor make the card that i promised..but i was ever so busy u know..here the story and well prepare its gonna be long hope u dont mind..

1. Me and Cuddy went out to eat again then we went to go c Charlie And The Chocolate Factory which btw i had to drag him to go c..lol..We were siting in the house bored as hell at like 9:00pm which is kinda late but hey wat would u do if u had $ and nothing to do with it..lol..Ok well i draged him in and forced him in the thearter..lol.. He was like im shuch alittle kid cuz i was so excited and everything but ne way we got the usualll pocorn soda and nachos..lol..I knoe im a fatty..lol..but we seen it ans i must say I LOVED IT..Tim burrton makes like the greatest movies..

2. Next after the movie ended at like 11:00pm or sumthin like that..we were on our way home when cuddy said lets go 4 a mignight walk sum where quite dark and nice..So I showed him this beach that was like a huge park and grass and all that boats and well u get the drift..lol..Well i though it was romantic..we strolled by the watter..talking bout stuff..Staring at the starz which btw was beautiful..and the redish yet yellow horizion 4rom the city lights..it was as i said BEAUTIFUL..The wll we were strolling through the pitch black park and mind u i told im im petrified of the dark well 4 sum odd reason with cuddy ther i really didnt mind it..lol..well we were strolling and i heard sumthing move by the garbage so i jumped an was like OMG I swear I hear sumthing move over ther I knoe it..So we stopped to hear and c wat it was and ull never guess..It was s skunk..But like i sad i love animals they all cute nomatter wat..lol..so i was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....so we watched it woble around and then go into its little hole..lol..it was cute..then we went home..lol..and went to bed...end of day 1..lol

3. Next day..lol OK well we woke up and well we wnet shopping which took 4 ever..Im a picky person but in the end i was so happy with wat i got..lol..I got me nice white sneakers..summ pepe pants and all this other stuff i got hair stuff to take care of my hair which i needed so bad and i got cuddy this really nice dress up shiet 4 his new job interview saturday..Ok but enuf botu all that..lo...well we went shooping came home late cleaned up and i tried on everything did a little fashion ahow..lol..and well here i am..

Un fortanatly i didnt get to ne 1 but ill do wat ever i can if ther ne thing u want me to do pm me ill do me thing 4rom making pics to doing a site..lol..even finding pic ok..

well hope u had fun..reading srry its so long..

heres a pic..lol.to calm the eyes 4rom all the reading..

Image Hosted by Chakde.com - Free Image Hosting for the Asian Community

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

nothing but anime..lol
Ok well the problem with that gurl has stoped and well i just wanna say:

I Love You All

Huggies and all to all of u who had my back in the lastr post who could ask 4 better friends..I mean seriously u guys r all the best....Imma make a card when i get the chance 4 all of u ok..promise..

Well i have good news i think i got he whole Elfen Lied series on bittorent but its taking like 1 day to download...But hey if it is im so happy i have no clue how i found it either..anit that funny..I mean i like stumbled across it..lol..But hey Im happy as ever i also got up a new old Wolfs Rain fan art but i think it wont be up till tomorrw cuz u knoe i gotta wait like 24 hours or sumthing like that..But hey its nice ans i also got up anothe old fanart that i have no idea who its off but i thouight she was pretty so i drew her..But there all old really i did them like last year.. But there good i hope..Ok well i did get to almost every1s site its just my comps been giving me problem it gets really slow and all that i also have a pic of me and cuddy at six flags..here ya go......And ohh srry if its not to big....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And here me and my friend a.k.a Cuddy sister) at six flags as well i just love the bg ....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Well cya hope u like them tell me wat u think..k..buh bye..

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Imma Hurt Sum 1......Wanna Help..lol
Ok well most of u already know bout the problem cuddys been having with this !st she calls me def dumb and blind 4 being with cuddy and now she call my man Ugly..


Is she crazy...Look go to cuddys site and read her gb signing she said all this shit bout him and it really pisses me of and well im just so agrivated she must be crazy messing with my man..lol..And it looks like she took our advie and did sumthing with her crappy ass site..Its still crayy and now shes even trying to be all "Black" (no offence to ne 1 but her) But she knows deep in side shea a white ass wanna be..lol..Marycate and ashely on here site i mean come on ...


Omg u have no idea how mad amm.. Her sn on the o is angelpie

But dont go ther to help her out u knoe with thre hits and all Fuck Her...

Ok srry i got all carried away if u all wanna knoe more pm me ok..well um here let me add a few happy yet sad things in..lol

Ok srry to say ididnt make it to ne 1s sites today i was busy helping a friend with her site which took all day..lol And umm im srry but hey ill do it tommorow and ohh does ne 1 knoe where i can get the anime Elfen Lied to download 4 free????


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Monday, July 18, 2005

??...yeah notopic again...??
ok well this is gonna have to be fast.srry but let me fill u all in i got to every 1s sites that commented and umm things didnt go as planned. My dad forgot to wake me up and give me the money to go..i know i think he did it on pourpouse..lol..wat do u thing..he was uposed to give me sum money to go shopping...lol.. i was here but not on the comp but tomorrow 4 sure i wont be here,,ok,,well um ill have sumthing importans to put up but ill do it l8ter when i have the time so plz be sure to stop by again ok thanxx u guys im in a rush but like i said the post will be differebt l8ter just letting u all know


Well cya!


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