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Thursday, June 16, 2005

   Batman Begins...
OMG! I saw the movie Batman Returns today with my baby Cuddy today in Imax and..well All i can say is Holy Hell it was freaking awsome...lol..no but really it was sooo good I had my doubts about it b/c i didnt like the car but i have made my mind up and i like eveything about the movie except when he tries to hard to horse his voice..well id say more but i dont wanna ruin the movie 4 all u who havent seen it yet..And ummm ok yeah 4 all u ppl who had asked my question I have answered them pleases se yesterdays post..and well leave all ur comments up here..lol..ok well i am also srry i cant find ne funny pics to put up srry..also can u all hear my music?

Question: Wat is ur opinion about me?(b honest i wont hold nething against u)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   New theme Finally...lol..Wat do u think..
Ok well It took me long enough but hey its up..

I have these really cute chibi pics of kakashi..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And yeah sum sigs...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh yeah do u c my bg?? Well that was made by my babay Cuddy..

And ok to answer every 1 questions..

Q1: Do i have ne pets?

Yes and no there really my bf Cuddys actually his parents.. but id like to say there mine..lol..Its really 2 cats..1 bird..3 dogs..actually 1 dog is really mine cuddy got it 4 me but i cant have it home my dad wont let me..*cries* theres a pic of him in my archives..

Q2: How did i find out bout the Otaku?

Well I was browsing the net 1 day and stumbled apon a site..lol..Actually it was SsayainShinobis..lol..And ive been here ever since..not to mention love it..

Whats it like living in New York?

Well Its gr8t i must say..lol..I like the weather and New York City is beautiful...And Theres plenty of ppl here..lol..

Q3: How would I describe Myself?

Ok well wat do u mean by that? Ill answere both ways..lol..Wel id say im Happy go lucky..lol..., Smart..very..lol..not to brag., I like to help ppl and tend to be so nice even when its not needed, and well u could say quiet. Im an Aquarius..if that help any..lol..next way.. Well im 5ft 3in, I have dirty blonde hair, Very light brown eyes, And paleish skin..lol..i dont know wat else to say..lol

Q4: Do i collect anything and if so wat?

Well sadly no i dont collect ne thing at the moment..but i would like to start collecting..just not sure wat..lo.

IQ5: If i could be any anime character who would it b?

Well i dont know exactly who but i would want to b a ninja..They rso cool..

Q6: Wats my favorite anime pet sidekick?

Well i gotta think on that 1...lol...Hmmmm...Ok got it...lol..It would b Kirara 4rom Inuyasha...Shes the cutest thing in the world..

Q7: If I could do ne thing in the world wat would it b?

Well i would tour the world..Go to Japan, Greece...ect....and experience the culture in every way possible..

Whew!! That was alot but im all done now..sryy if this post is long...


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Ok well my day..
As u can guess my day was boring..lol yeah sad but true..and wel i didnt get so many answeres last post..ill ask again.. If Could ask me ne thing wat would it b? And if u answered that question already disreguard this and ill answer tomorrow..I would just like sum more answeres so u can all learn way more bout me..and hey even if ud like ask another.. Thank u very much 4 ur patientce and im srry the theme is taking so long im very picky..u know? srry im in a rush and i really gotta go so this will b a quick post..lol..but i promise ill make it up tomorrow ill make a long funny 1 ok maybe sum clips and all that hey y dont u give me sum suggestions too...k so to clear it up heres my questions

Q1:if u could ask me ne thing wat would it b

Q2:wat should i do 4 tomorrows post?

thanks so much srry i jumped around alot..lol..c ya!

Much luv! ~_^


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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New Hair Cut...Yeay....lol..
Ok well yesterday i went and got a new hair cut...lol..And I must say i really like it! My hai used to be just about down to my bellybutton..and well now its just above my shoulder..Thats like 2ft cut off..J/K but u know thats alot..lol..and its all layered...and yeh i like it a whole lot...And well besides that me and cuddy were playing by this stream and its hard to explain but u know when theres a little river and like a mini waterfall so theres like rocks all the way across that u could as like a path..well I was trying to go across it..lol..i had soo much fun trying to do it..When i got to the middle the rock was shakey and well when im nervous my legs shake so u could imagine how funny it looked the rock shaking ans my legs i looked like a shaky surfer..lol..I didnt have the nerve to go the rest but then cuddy tried it..lol..he made it about 3/4 the way which is way farther then me..lol..but the ret of the rocks were way to shaky to continue..lol..I thought t was fun...And well I gue thats it..lol..Well i guess its time 4 the question of the day..lol

Question:If u could ask me ne thing waht would it b? (i dont care wat it is i will b sure to answer u in the next post, and if u want ur answer in a pm please say so!) And 1 more thing i got this idea 4rom my friend Devine Tears..lol..So please b sure to answer it ok

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Monday, June 13, 2005

   Hmm...Subject...Lets C....Ummmm..Well I ant got nothing..lol..Tell me if u come up with 1..
Ok well I have realized that the piggy 4rom my last post is infact 4rom another anime..I appologize..lol..And thanxx to every1 who pointed that out to me.!! XD And well since im here i guess i should say that KAKASHI has won teh poll..So that means that Kakashi will b my next theme..And to top it off the wallpaper that i use will b made 4rom my baby Cuddy..He has become very talented if i must say! In fact u should go check out his wallpapers..Ok well i guess thats it my new theme will b up id say by next week..k well thats is 4 today c ya!

And ohh yeah 1 more thing i found this really nice fan art of Tsunade..I know its alittle showwy ut i still like it and i think its drawn gr8t no? Wat do u think bout it? b sure to tell me ur answer in the comment box..k

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Question: Wats ur favorite thing to do in ur spare time besides go on the comp..lol..( I like to dance and sing and play video games..)

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ok well yet another post..
Ok well this might be a short post considering i have nothing to say because i didnt do me thing to day..lol..umm lets see...well i made two new wallpapers and i dont know if they will b up yet bc the otaku dont like to take my wps just the 2 that i already have up..lol..*starts to cry*...but hope fully thell take these since i just learned a new trick..but well i guess thats it and ohh yeah ...

Question: Who should my next theme b Naruto Or Kakashi?

I chose those two b/c they were the highest voted..so please choses between them to and b honest but please pick 1..And 1 more thing..I wanna thank all the ppl who voted u r all the best..C ya!

And oh aint this adoriable???

its tsunades piggy..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

   Wewh......Im exausted..
Wow i just finished answering like 100 pms! im not playing..lol..LIke all these questions and then it like a back and forth thinggy..lol..u know but i dont mind i like to help ppl..Ok well my day yesterday was really cood me and cuddy went o go c the movie mR. & mS. Smith.That was a funny ass movie.I really enjoyed it..Ok well hmm..I guess thats it..Oh and 1 moer thing..if u havent already answere the poll in the last post please do so i really need every1s opinion..i wann change my theme already..and hey

Question: Wat should the next song that i put on my site be??

Please answere im going with everybidys opinions so im trusting ull b nice..lol..buh bye

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Friday, June 10, 2005

   Ok well time 4 a new post..yet again..lol
Ok well Imma take the advice of my fellow friends and tell u all bout my day to keep it interesting..lol..so basicly nothing new happened to me i found out sum really disturbing news bout skewl and all that im mad but like i told a friend is must be 4 the best..lol..umm...well since every1 is talking about it i guess ill say sum too...lol..SKEWLS OUT!!!...wait 1 more time..


Yeah my last day was today since i dont have to take ne regentes and all that...YEs..No more worries..lol..So it looks like im back on the otaku and here to stay...ok im gonna call it quits 4 now cuz i dont wanna long post b/c its true nobody like to read..blah blah blah i keep rambling...
ANd ok 1 morething i promise..lol..This is the same poll 4rom yesterday but if this is ur first time here please continue to answer it and leave a comment bout it ok thanxx alot...

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   Hey guys..Im Back....lol
Well srry i havent been getting around to visiting every1s site i think ive been really lazy and 4 sum reason the o is boring me..lol...i dont know its jst that i ahve nothing interesting to talk bout...but belive me its not u guys its me i dont thinkim too fun u know!
Ok but neway..um here maybe ill add sum funny pics and wat nots..
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com lol..i think this is so cute and funny..these r just random gifs that i have..heres another..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And dont u just love it when they do this in Naruto..I think it cute and it makes things interesting..
And oh yeah please answer this..

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Monday, June 6, 2005

   Well Im so sorry..
Well every1 I havent really been able to visit ne1s site ive been busy and my friend spilt juice all over my comp and now all the buttons are messed..i really feel like crying..and on top of it this is a laptop so its so fragile.. :( :( the space bar is so messed up its not even funny...im want to die if my dad finds out hed kill me does ne 1 know how i can fix it...??? plzz let me know imsooo desperate..
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