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Monday, June 27, 2005

New post...And mOre..lol..
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Ok well today was bOorring...More BoOrRing then usuall..but i did manage to gat to every1 sites and add a few new ppl that i really like..I still dont have any good pictures..i really need sumthing funny..I am actually proud of myself i did get to everybody didnt i..lol..well enough of that im bored if ne body wants to talk pm me amd ohh does ne body know where i could go to get reall music?if u do pm me like i said b4 im desperate i really need a good song..and well i guess thats it 4 today srry its short today i dont have much to say..but i cant 4 get this:
Question: wat do u do on ur most boringest days besides go on the comp??

Buh Bye

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   Land Of The Dead.....And more....
Ok well not much happened today i didnt get around to visiting every bodys sites today im so sorry i was sleeping i was like over exausted..but i will get to every 1 2morrow i promise and actually i think i madei it to a few sites now that i think about it...And umm oh this is wat i originally wanted to right..lol..i get lost..ok well today i went to go c the movie Land Of The Dead...And well it was so boring...Really i like horror but this wasent a good horror i mean yeah the zomies looked awsome but i just wasent interested in it 4 sum reason..but remember this is just my opinion dont follow wat i say diferent ppl like diferent things and well this movie wasent 1 of them 4 me..lol..but i do recommend this to ppl who like zombies...and well moving on i guess ill close up now srry i dont have ne pics to put up today im in need of a few cool 1s and im really looking so gimme a while to get them all up and done..and lastly...

Question: How do u like ur coffee?..lol..j/k u dont have to answer that..lol..really..i was playing..and umm..ok heres the real 1..

Question: Wats the worst thing that ever happened to u?
My answer: I would say but its too long to explain in this post..If u really wanna know just pm me and ill tell all...lol..

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

New Member to the otaku..

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Ok well theres a new member to the Otaku..It just so happens to b cuddys cuzin his o name is Dinky go there..ok friend him and all that..Moving on...Im soo srry i didnt get to nobodys sites today I got so caught up in this game that me and cuddy and his cuz have been playing its called X-Man Legends..Its soooooo*takes a breath*ooooooooooo good I love to play with Rouge...Thata my favorite X-Man...Ok srry rambling again..lol..Umm lets see..Wat else.....Still thinking..Aha!
Question: Wats ur favorite color or colors?
Me I line Pink, Red, and umm..i guess thats it..lol..also wat do u thinkof the sig at the biginig of my post..and oh yeah i need help fining a song 4 my site if ne 1 know a site to get real music mp3 or midi things like to evanescence and all them others please let me know im so desperate..


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Friday, June 24, 2005

Ok well I made a new wallpaper and its up right now go check it out and tell me wat u think..k...and ohh yeah ive been meaning to ask wat do u all think of my new welcome sign..LOL..i know its been up 4 like 2 days..but wat do u think...And ummm..well I guess thats it and ohh srry its such a short post i dont have much to say today..and umm..hmm..question of the day time..

Question: Wats ur favorite video game or games?
(me i like Final Fantasy 10, and X-2, I like all 3 jak and daxters and so many more its hard to think of any....)

And oh yeah wat do u tinkof this pic??...

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

   Well..Feeling alittle better..
OK I actually made iot to a few avtually just abot all the important ppl today i think.. And if i didnt get to ur site im sooooooooooo srry ur important too but i was in a rush i wasent on the comp like all day so yet again i ask 4 ur forgiveness...dont hurt me..lol.

NExt..umm..i think im alittle better although i didnt talk to ne 1 bout it..just delt with it but i knoe it will come back and bite me again in fact ill feel like shit again l8ter toight..BUt hey i dont know..Ohh i got 1 excuss me for all my typeos....IIm typing really fast cuz i really g2g but i need to finish up..lol..Umm..ohh cant 4get to do this..

Question: Wats the worst anime u ever saw?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   Ok Today was a shity day yet again..
I dont know watit is I guess Im getting lazy to do all this i think im gonna start modifying my friends list...Like take away a few ppl...Dont worry to all of u guys that come to my site frequently..But Thats all I can do if i want to get to everybodys site on time u know..And next I fell even worse today I think I know wat the problem is..Its that Im too nice and ppl take that 4 granted u know..They walk all over me and even though I spend 4ever trying to prove my self it dont work..And Ive realized that I never express my feeling like I have no one to tell them to and feel comfortable with u know...So I think that everything im going through has been eating me alive inside..U know I listen to my music and Im happy again but really inside im dieing... Its like I hide behind my smiles and giggles but really Im falling apart..I would talk to cuddy but I just dont think hell understand u know I mean dont get me wrong hes here but i need like a girl u know girl talk..And alot of my friend out here wont understand...I just wish i could make it all go away.. I dont knnow why this all hapens to me Im like the nicest person in the world I dont deserve ne of it..Srry I got carried away..Hope u forgive me...Umm well Ill try to get to every 1 sites if i fell better..Ill still be here so if u all get bored pm me..k..And Umm..cant 4get this...

Question: Do u think everything happens 4 a reason?
(Me I think it all does sumtimes...But other times..Its all by accident..But in the long rum i think its a test to c wat u will become.)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

- - - - ->Sry Yet again..Plz dont kill me yet..
Ok well Im so srry I only made it to a few sites today..I was kinda occipied in fact i was a little depressed..And well I would explain but im not even in the mood 4 that... Ok well I will start by saying sorry to all of u whos site i havent visited...I am truly srry i try my hardest but i just dont seem to make it there and well u should know how long my friends list is....And nextly(not even sure if thats a word,If not i declare it 1...lol) I promise i will make it to as many sites as I can Today...And LasT but not least Thanx u to all of u who ansewred my last question and to thos of u who understood my fear of the dark..Oops! Did I start to talk all funny?? Srry If I did I do That sumtimes..LOl..Moving on..lol..umm I have also realized..Oops! There I go Again..lol..OK ill stop*takes deep breath*..I also found out that alot of u r afraid of spiders..U might find this weird but Im afraid of them but at the same time find bugs facinating...lol..Enuf of that...Ok ..umm...Thinking.....Got It.. I actually got the new Samurai Champloo walpaper up go check it out and come back and tell me wat u think..k..And Ohh Do u here my music now???

Question: When U fell hurt or sad or even down in the dumps...How do u express it?
(Me I like to cry it out or listen to music..)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This Gif Is From The Naruto Movie!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

   Bored Out My Mind!!!!
OMG! Im bored actually sooooooooo bored, and well I didnt do nothing to day of interest..Ohh yeah i would have to say Thank You to every 1 who left those nice comments bout me for the question where i asked what is ur opinion of me. U r all very nice and honest..And ok well nothing else to say except i made a really nice Samurai Champloo wallpaper today..I doubt it will be up but if u all wanna c it just pm me and ill give it to u And yeah i guess thats it yet again...Sryy boiut the blabbering..I know when im bore i ramble..lol..Umm Ok buh bye I guess Im off to the shower then bed..Nighty night!!

Oh cant 4 get this:

Question: Wats ur biggest fear?

(me imm afraid of the Dark, dont laugh at me really im just scare myself more with my thought...lol..but the funny thing is i like to b scared sumyimes)

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

   Happy Fathers Day!! :p

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Well todau is fathers day and my dads at work..lol..Ok now let me explain this I went out yesterday to get him his gift and it was this $65.00 set of cologne and when i showed it to him he said he likes it and all but he wants this other king called Faragamo. So i have to go return the other 1 and get this si called Faragamo stuff..But i dont mind much and it kinda not tha hes being picky he just wants to smell the way he wants u know? And well I guess thats it..lol..srry its so short..lol

Happy Fathers Day

Question: What did u get ur dad od wat r u gonna do today 4 him?

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Srry I didnt make it to everys site today ..

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Ok well Im very sorry I didnt make it to every1s site today way to many ppl updated like really almost every 1 did and if u seen my friends lisy ud die..lol..but I promise i will get to ur site tomorrow..ok..Plezz dont b mad at me...Plzzzzzz.....And well 1 question wat do u all think of the pop up in the begining of my site?

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