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Thursday, March 31, 2005

   Anime Bishi of the Month!!!

[Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk]

Rukawa is a very cool person and seems not to care about anything but basketball. His passion for basketball and sleeping are the only things he has in mind. He looks rude to most of the people he meets, but respectful to his seniors in his team. He hates when people disturb him when he's asleep, mostly he'll beat those people up not caring who they are. Rukawa is definitely a person of action rather than words. When his team is behind, he's always the person who steps up and takes over the game. A lot of people consider Rukawa as the most selfish person ever, but he doesn't care about what others think about him. Rukawa is a confident and independent person for sure. He does what he wants. He only has respect for people that are strong and capable, but those are also the people that he sees as rivals and wants to defeat very badly. He hates to lose and just can't stand it...

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   Naruto Naruto Naruto!!!!!!

Just finished watching Episode 14-15 of Naruto,ehehehe!!! Gonna download 16-18 now,wahahahahahaha!!!

Nothing exciting happened today,just went to school this morning for that Dance Troop activity but we didn't dance at all!!!

They only taught the Freshmens first,the juniors will practice on April 4,oh well....

Oh yeah,I met HIM again,the guy who I ain't friends anymore,kinda amusing seeing him trying to sneakily get a quick or even A LONG glance at me *smirk*

Meh! Men...don't understand them at all!!! Bah!!! Heh! No offense boys,you guys are smart so use your common sense and you know what I mean XD

Hmm....what the heck am I gonna do tomorrow!!! *squats on the floor*

*10 hours later*


I'm such a BAKA! XD

~Blue Hawk

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   Long time no see

Sorry for not being active,I guess I don't feel like visiting myO for awhile.....

Well nothing much is happening....so bored....I'm going insane here!!!

I can't have ANIMAX in my tv cause its not yet offered in the country I'm in,waaahhhhh!!!! T_T

Well....eerrr....here's something I just made this morning out of boredom....I dont know if you actually call it a story....I just feel like writing,hehehe!!!

So here and take a look,please read ^_^

Thoughts 3/29/05

It was a different night. The atmosphere spread a weird aura around. The girl with empty dark-brown eyes sighs as she lies down on her bed, looking at the ceiling and listening to slow music.

Thoughts and memories are swarming around her mind and slowly but deeply affecting her heart. As she listens to the music that somehow made her reflect on her past.

Remembering the good memories and the bad. Frowning and then slightly smiling at every memory she can remember no matter how bitter it was.

She sighed again.

She shouldn’t be dwelling on these memories for it only breaks her heart. But no matter what she does, she can never forget about everything. She can never forget Him.

Ever since she acknowledged him and accepted his presence, everything changed. The meaning of friendship, the meaning of feelings, and the meaning of what she is. Every time she’s alone, she would linger on those memories. Smiling a bitter-sweet smile, knowing that everything is over.

Because she ended it all.

The music continues to play as she slowly sleeps with a frown on her face.

Once again………………

Eerrr....your thoughts? ^^;;

~Blue Hawk

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   Fair Day

Well I downloaded Episode 1 of Naruto and I watched it,very cool!
I was bored so I downloaded the episode and I still have to wait for Chapter 253 to come up,bleh!

Downloading Episode 2 and 3 right now,hehehe!!!

The whole afternoon,I went to 7 churches and prayed 14 times for the 14 Stations of the Cross.A tradition for us Catholics since its now Holy Week the only downside about it is that all the stores are close so I can't buy something that I need for my computer,waaaahhh!!!

Plus I can't enroll myself today or tomorrow for driving lessons since they are close too cause of the Holy Week,grrrr!!!

Oh well....I feel relax right now ^_^

Take care and enjoy your day/spring break/summer vacation!

~Blue Hawk

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Boredom kills me

Well good news is that its finally summer vacation so I have 2 and a half months free time before the beginning of a new school year again ^_^

Bad news is that I'm bored *collapse*

This kind of boredom is weird though cuz I'm freakn' angry and it leads me to depression then lastly ranting madness,aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

Dont know what to do.....

I do have some plans though:

Dance Troop Activities

The school picked some students to be part of the dance troop and I'm one of them so I'll be going to school on March 29,bleh!!!

I highly doubt that those other students remembered about it but what the heck I'll just check and see.If there's none then I'll just visit the guidance councilor,she seems to like to talk to me about a certain "situation" I've been,meh!
Oh well,I need someone to talk to anyway before I'll get furiously bored again,meh!

I'll be going somewhere to get a student-driver's licsence,yay!!! I'll finally learn how to drive!!!!

Still waiting for news about the summer job *taps fingers*

Oh yeah,I'm gonna call our local cable operator to put ANIMAX in our tv,wohooo!!!!

FYI: ANIMAX is an Anime Channel,anime all the time! Yay!


I miss KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only the people who knows Ken would understand me about this one

I have to wait for 3 more years for him to come back,noooo!!! T_T
I miss fooling around with him *sniff*

I also miss my closest cousin who's in Makati T_T

Why are all my closest people so far away? Very ironic,heh!!!

Ok I'm just rambling here,oh well...

So bored!!!!

~Blue Hawk

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   I need inspiration!

Could anyone give something to make a POEM about?

I miss making poems but I dont have any inspiration anymore and it gets me down....

So anyone care to help on giving me a very GOOD and CREATIVE topic???

I'm expecting answer from you guys ^_^

[EDIT:] *reading Naruto Manga*
Aaaahhhhhh!!!! The mature Gaara is soooo hot!!! He's so good-looking!!! And that outfit of him certainly made him dashing!!! When he was young I never considered him as a good-looking character but when I saw how he looks when he's grown up,I'm amazed!

I definitely learned my lesson NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS OWN COVER.....*nods head*

Gah! It's now 7:55 pm,I should go now and study!!!


Once I'm done reading this chapter,hehehehe!!! *evil grin*

~Blue Hawk

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Friday, March 18, 2005

   I should be studying by now

I did study hours ago,just wanna eer....get away from it all! XD
Tomorrow will be T.H.E. and English.

The subjects are easy,doesn't seem hard.In T.H.E. there's alot of memorization here,not again!!! Noooo!!!

Well anyway,I'm finally not friends with this certain guy anymore.

First friends next not friends then friends and lastly NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE,hopefully for good.Man why do people care the wrong way? Its just freakn' ridiculous!!!

I dont have a problem not being friends with him,I'm good at surpressing feelings,it would disappear eventually.

I should just avoid eye contact with him.

Anyway....on with more important stuff:


Wohooooo!!!! Can't wait to leave this Hell-hole which they call a school for 2 months!! Bwahahahahha!!! End of the school year is nearing!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Plans: *thinks*

  • Summer Job
  • Karate classes again
  • Ragnarok you better be listening J!
  • More games!
  • Exploring! Hopefully I get to go to Badian again ^_^
  • R and R everyday!
  • theO and myO activeness ^^;;
  • Anime comics Galore!

Summer Vacation is near! Wahahahahaha!!! So excited!!!
So hyper,I really need a hug from Sasuke *evil grin*

Oi! Could anyone tell me where to download Inuyasha or Fruits Basket Manga? *looks around* Anyone?!?!?!?!?


Waaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! T_T

Hehehehe! XD

~Blue Hawk

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Oh yeah! I'm good! I'm good!

Hehehe!!! Long time no see my compadres!!!

*looks at the clock*

Hah! It's 9:13 pm already! Bleh!!!
We didn't have school today because the school informed us that there was gonna be a typhoon today but it hasn't rain at all! Oh well,maybe somewhere in a long province.....hope they are ok.

But heck! Yes do no school today!

Starting from 7 am I continued reading Naruto!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!! I stopped around 6 pm,mwahahahaha!!!

And guess what?! Our exams starts tomorrow!!! And I just studied an hour,ohohohohohohohoho!!!

But first I let my sister question me without studying yet,just relying on my stock knowledge and I mostly got perfect! Bwahahahaha!!!

That's the thing I'm proud,my ABILITY OF MEMORY! Wohoooo!!! *confetti*

Here's the schedule for our LAST EXAMINATION for this school year:

  • Friday-->Math and Religion
  • Saturday-->T.H.E. and English
  • Monday-->Filipino and History
  • Tuesday-->Chemistry

Man! I'm gonna miss watching Inuyasha on Saturday morning!!! Nooooo!!!! T_T

Ummm....what else to say.....*eats ramen while thinking Naruto style*

Oh yeah! We took the CEM test last wednesday.Which cancelled our Computer and Music test,noooo!!!!!!! Might as well take them on Monday or Tuesday..............

Also I won the position for Sergeant at Arms for the School Council for next school year! Wohoooo!!!!

Man! I feel hyper! I need a hug for Sasuke-kun *evil smirk*

~Blue Hawk

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   I love Sasuke!!!

Just reading the Naruto mangas that I downloaded last night,all 25 Volumes of them,bwahahahahahaha!!!

I also have the Bleach Manga from Vol.1-7,I wanna download the Volume 8 and the rest but I need mIRC for it but I'm a bit confuse on how to download it,hehehehe!!!

Well my classmates are here:
Chona,Kevin,Roselle,Jess,JV,Madel and John Rey

We watched a Filipino Film to make our Film Review for our Filipino Project,it's a group project as you can see ^_^

Actually all of them are myO members but the others turned off their account,hahahahaha!!!

Well we watched the movie in my house and we're done,they are just watching Futuruma DVDs now,hehehehe!!!

Man,the boys,mainly: JV,Kevin and John Rey....keeps on fooling around,throwing balls at each other and stuff,I keep telling them to behave!!! I feel like I'm their GRANDMOTHER!!! Bahh!!!

Well they pissed me off a bit and JV hit me! So I hit him several times on the head! Hah! That's what you get!!! And everyone settled down....^_^


Anyway...we're done doing the review,all we need to do is type it down and print it out.

JV will type it and Kevin will print out in his house,yureeka!!!

Hmmm.....*spaces out*

Oh yeah! I might be bored tomorrow since it's a Sunday I don't have any idea what to do tomorrow,so could guys just leave me questions that I could answer?

About me,about you,about how I love lasgna so much,etc!!!

But not about your homework alright! XD

~Blue Hawk

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Friday, March 11, 2005

   Thank God is Friday!!!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!!!!!!!!

It's finally Friday!!!

This weeks has gone so slooooowwwwwww.......for me.

Everytime I wake up,my thoughts would be: "Ugh! I thought its already Saturday! Damn! It's still Thursday! Nooooo!!!"


Well I'm finally glad the week of school is finally over again!!!

Now I can relax and just do my usual way of enjoying a friday!!!

  • Download Mangas
  • Listening to the radio
  • Studying
  • Drinking Hot Milo

Yes people,you all saw the 3rd list,it says STUDYING XD

I actually study on a Friday and that's cool for me,cause I don't need to stress myself since tomorrow will be a Saturday! ^_^

Quiz of the Day

Leather boots!
High learther boots! Uh oh, sexy, dangerous lady.
You like to show what you have and drive man

..:What kind of Anime Shoes would you wear?:.. ( Girls only & Anime Pictures )
brought to you by Quizilla

OMG!!! I never expected this,hahahahhaha!! Of course I'm a dare-devil and ULTRA-CRAZY but I dont think I WANT to drive a man crazy,not into those things or do I? ~_^

Hahahahaaha!!! I want to express more about myself but I dont know how,I ain't good at that,blah!

So I'll end it here! Have a good weekend everyone! Hooplah!

~Blue Hawk

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