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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   Thanks for the help guys!!!!

Thanks for the helping me find some magnetometers that I was assigned to do

I miss my usual rounds with you guys but I think you can survive without me ^_^

Well I'm mostly doing business and playing ragna since I arrived here

I'm living in a condominium with my friends here,Casper and Kim.Also with my cousin Jason (Red Phoenix)

Here's something nice to show you ^_^

That's me and Jason playing ragnarok,I'm actually playing right now,hehehehe!!!

See you Next Month!!!

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Monday, April 11, 2005


I'm not supposed to be on myO right now but I was given an assignment for my dad's business

Could you guys help me find an UNDERWATER MAGNETOMETER?

If you guys found a JW Fisher brand of it,that wont' be necessary cause I found that already

I'm trying to look for different brands but I cant find any!!!

Give me the address if you could find one ^_^


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Friday, April 8, 2005

   The tension grows thicker

Last night dad arrived here from Makati.

And as always I feel uncomfortable having him around.I can't tell you why though.A big and serious family issue happened a year ago and I lost my trust in him.I lost my faith in him.

I wish he would go away....leave and never come back but sadly my wishes never come true.

And whats even worse is that I'll be going to Makati with him after my sister's graduation.

So right now I'm dreaded at the thought that I'm leaving Cebu on Monday at noon.

I don't like going to Makati,I feel alienated there.I don't belong in that family who is waiting for me.

Its like I'm that 5 year old child again who is filled with fear and confusion.And looking from my side,there's noone there....not even my parents.

I don't know whose fault is this though.......

Is it ME for feeling this way and cannot let go of the past

Or is it THEM for showing me those horrible moments everday...


I wish I could just stay here and let them go to Makati

I rather be here...ALONE

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Thursday, April 7, 2005

   You love me so answer this!

Answer this survey! I command you!


Stole this from Wolf of Darkstar

01. Who are you, what's our relationship?
02. How and where did we meet?
03. What's my middle name?
04. How long have you known me?
05. Tell me one good thing about myself?
06. When you first saw me, what was your impression?
07. My age?
08. Birthday?
09. My favorite band at the moment?
10. Color eyes?
11. Do I have any siblings?
12. Have you ever had a crush on me?
13. What's one of my favorite things to do?
14. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?
15. Describe me in 3 words.
16. Name 5 things I love.
17. Do you think I'm good-looking?
18. How would you describe me to someone?
19. Would you ever date me?
20. Tell me one thing you've always wanted to say but never did.
21. What do you like most about me?
22. If we could spend a day together, what would we do?
23. Have we ever gotten in a fight?
24. Do you think we will be friends for at least three or four more years?
25. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
26. What do you think my weakness is?
27. Do you think I'll get married?
28. What makes me happy?
29. What makes me sad?
30. What reminds you of me?
31. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
32. When's the last time you saw me?
33. Do you think our friendship is getting stonger, weaker, or staying the same?
34. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
35. Are you going to put this on your livejournal to see what I say about you?
36. If I were an ice cream flavor, which would I be and why?
37. What song (if any) reminds you of me?
38. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
39. Would you make a move on me?
40. Do I cross your mind at least once daily?

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[Angie Lee Lee]: Eeerrr....its not actually my mom I'm waiting for,its my grandma -_-;;

I know he's telling the truth but I think its better if we're not friends anymore

[Black Mage TBow]: Eeer...yeah...but I'm actually excited to see my grandma cuz she has the dvds -_-;;

[Hisui]: Yep,grandma came and she brought only anime dvds though the rest will be sent in another box which I dont know when,roar!

Its better if we're not friends anymore ^^

The chocolate sandwich with the bread with it,hehehe!

[Spiral]: Grandma is already here although I haven't seen her yet but I have the dvds now,hehehe!

Boys.....we girls dont understand their kind ^^;;

[inuyashagirl852]: I had fun dancing today ^^

[AilahWolf]: Blah! Don't remind me -_-;;

[Summoner Rekka]: Thats the job of the boys to the girls and vice-versa XD


[hiei teddy bear]: You need a wheelchair to get there ^^;;

[Steptoussai]: Never met my grandma yet ^^;;

[hinaru]: Bleh! I dont know what to do with the situation I'm in *mumbles*

You scared the chicken away! NOOO!!!

[Rose Lover]: Emotions + ME = Complication


[Musicisonlyme]: When its not about this kind of situation then yes it can be for me anyway

[redmoonchick]: Life is a bitch

[Wolf of Darkstar]: yeah just great....*sarcasm*

[silverdaydreamer]: Maybe I should scare him with the chicken 0o;;

[ShadowLight]: Drama drama drama...*sigh* the stupidity of it all XD

[marz]: I want some chicken!!! *steals the leg*

Maybe he did for revenge cuz I stole his chicken at lunch,hahahaha!!!

Yeah,he's confusing.....I dont know what he wants from me,bleh!

[ElvesAteMyRamen]: I was waiting for my grandma

I dont understand him.....maybe he is guilty....he keeps on wishing we could be friends again and spend time together.....I HATE DRAMA!

[pinkstaryeyes]: I know that aswell

[final fantasy7287]: For now I have Hellsing and Cowboy Bebop the Movie

The rest I still have to wait ^^

[Otemba]: She got me Hellsing and Cowboy Bebop the Movie.

How many episodes does Hellsing has? Cuz I think I just saw the whole series of it but I'm not sure cuz the last one was kinda like a cliffhanger

[Number 5]: *slaps you*

[Gray Underpants]: This guys is very persistent *sigh*

[Shinkiro]: Emotions....*mumbles*

[sweetshnara16]: Actually I was waiting for my grandma

[Duck Pony Chimera]: I got cool dvds! ^^

[DarkMagician316]: I'm actually on my Summer Vacation this is just a special Activity for the recognition day

[Chocobo Gene]: Dancing was fun today and I'm the only girl who's gonna dance :P

[iluvsasuk]: School sucks! It gives problems

[Glitch4.0]: *tickles you*

[Mazokuurameshi]: Random random random random

Yep its everywhere -_-;;

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   Grandma has finally arrived!!!

She's here! She's finally here!!! Yay!!!!

I didn't go with my mom to pick her up in the airport cuz I had to go to school,danggit!!! *mumbles*

I'm the only girl who's gonna dance,awesome!

Well she arrived at 11:30 am and its now 1:17 pm,where is she?!?!?!?!?! *goes hysterical*

Anyway,something unexpected happened today.

The guy who I'm not friends with anymore sent me a letter!

He gave it to me personally in school.Its about how he feels for me.Saying sorry and blah stuff!

Now my mind is corrupt and my heart is yelling at me,gah!

*sigh* Why is there still drama around me? I never wanted this but it happened.

I feel a serene annoying pleasure,why does he do this to me?!

Blah! I'm happy and yet confuse about this.I thought the blahness between me and him is over....emotions are dangerously random.

Keep that in mind people *nods head*

Hehehe!! I'm like a bottle with running emotions right now and its crazy *drinks water*

Anyway....to distract myself I'm gonna....uhhh...reply to your comments! XD

Comment on a comment

[Summoner Rekka]: I just ignored her by not answering her questions,she talks alot and ask alot of questions,gah! 0_0

Nah,all I need is rest 'tiss all ^_^

[Hisui]: Hahaha! That's silly,hehehe!!! But then again I have to limp when I go upstairs XD

T.Liezel is our stupid useless teacher and I hate her to death!!! Damn her!!! *rants* XD

[Black Mage TBow]: Thanks for the compliment.Well its because I visit their sites and comment and they do thesame for me.Thats what you call interaction.

[Angie Lee Lee]: Thanks for the compliment.It's alright that you didn't visit often ^^

[Flueky]: Body sores and cramps sucks as hell! *rants*

I'll be careful when I drive ^^

[ParnoidPerson]: Oi! You're making me hungry dude! XD

[Steptoussai]: Congrats! XD

[J GUNDAM]: Hehehe! That convo was so freakn' funny and awesome! Randomly awesome yo! XD

[hiei teddy bear]: Oooooo...awesome! ^^;;


[redmoonchick]: Randomly awesome yo! XD

[SomeGuy]: *goes find the chicken for your dinner*

[Soulstealer]: Heh! I enjoy reading your random comment,hehehe!

[silverdaydreamer]: You scared the chicken away T_T

Poking is fun yet annoying *pokes you*


[Karumichan]: When was the chicken never naked?!?!?!?!?! @_@

[hinaru]: The chicken is on top of you *points your head*

Ooooohhh! An egg!!! XD

[Seto Kaiba Freak]: Meh! Random animals are popping everywhere! Gah!

[Panda]: You killed the chicken?!?! 0o;;

[Wolf of Darkstar]: Hahaha! yeah I know its odd

[ElvesAteMyRamen]: Why ye walking on ye many of stairs lassy? 0.o;;


[final fantasy7287]: *eats chicken*

[Musicisonlyme]: Parking lot? Hahaha! XD

[marz]: Hahaahha!!!

[Glitch4.0]: Hahahahahahha!!! I should take lessons from you dude XD

[XcXChezaXcX]: When I see your avatar and read your comment.My mind clicked and it said



[evangelion]: I didn't do it!!! It was the leprachaun!!!!

[pinkstaryeyes]: Chicken is cool yo! XD

[Otemba]: Grandma is here! But not where I am right now,wait does that make sense? 0o;;

[iluvsasuk]: *pokes you back*

[theblackraven]: School....what the hell am I learning from it?!

[HeeroYuy77]: I'm fine I'm fine *hugs*

[Chocobo Gene]: *pushes Number 5 and she falls on the floor*

I'm sorry,I thought you said PUSH *innocent look*

[Mazokuurameshi]: Stupid class......my head is breaking

When I typed the comment on a comment,it prevented me on eating my chocolate sandwich for 5 mins.! What torture! Damn you all! XD

Just kidding,wahahahahha!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   Tired.....Have mercy on me!!!

Went to school this morning...so tired....my body aches everywhere!!!! Bleh!!!

Let me just say one thing:

T.Liezel you are such a useless B***!!!

*gives a satisfied smile*

Anyway....Number 5 is poking me!!! Oh yeah! Speaking of which I just wanna post this conversation I had with her last night online:

ranimelover: Woah!
ranimelover: I saw a chicken!
ranimeloer: @_@
misao_chan3173: You're house is freaking me out dude -_-

Hahahahahaha!!! That was so hilarious!!! LMAO!

Comment on a comment b>

[Hisui]: It was fun today but its the case of my aching body >_<

Well I'm not exactly 16 aswell but my mom let me drive,wahahahaha!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow! My grandma is gonna come here with the dvds!!! Weee!!!

[Krystale]: Oooooo....well maybe you should be more attendant next time

[sad-reflectionz]: Hail the almighty couch *bows*

I may not qualify to enroll for driving lessons in a school but I'm qualify to drive ~_^

[Finalfan1015]: I'm so lucky! :D
Don't worry,someday you will be ready for it ^^

[star~wolf]: Driving is awesome man! :D

[silverdaydreamer]: My couch is more comfortable than my bed,my bed is rock hard >_<

I'm insane for laughing at the thought me almost dying,wahahaha!!!

Ummm....my birth month is on October,start counting from April and you'll see,hehehe!

[Mazokuurameshi]: Yeah I'm a lucky bastage,hehehe!

[Sakura Hyuuga]: Yeah dancing could be fun

[Night shade]: Was I mean to you? I was just giving you advice.Plus whats the point of posting if noone except you can read it? I didn't expect that I would offend you.

[Otemba]: yeah dancing is fun once in awhile

[hiei teddy bear]: Yeah! I can't wait for the my anime dvds!

Hope you'll get some aswell on your b-day! ^^

[Duck Pony Chimera]: Eeer...I dont know if I'm happy or not that I didn't gall @_@

[Snow angel]: When I was driving I was a bit tense and I keep on hitting the gas more than the break XD

[AilahWolf]: She will let you someday,I'm sure ^^

[masterman]: I'll be careful

[ElvesAteMyRamen]: Nope she didn't tell what were the animes she got,hope its good though ^^

[marz]: Atleast you're a good experienced driver ^^

Wahahahahaha!!! Alot of dvds to come,weee!!! XD

[Me Luv Kyo Kun]: Yeah I'm one lucky bastage for getting alot of good stuff,wahahahaha!!!

[AirbenderPaschan]: Why don't you tell them what it is ^^

[ReiNGE]: Laughing is good ^^

I don't like my dad watching me when I drive,its very uncomfortable *cringes*

[Gray Underpants]: Hehehe!!!Well its never too late to learn right?

[iluvsasuk]: Bleh! Here in the Philippines,its very linient :P

[HeeroYuy77]: Yeah I have to wait *sigh*

Yay! Wing Zero! *rides inside and accidentally hit the detonator*

Ack! *innocent look*

[sweetshnara16]: Thanks for the compliment ^^

yeah I'm lucky to have cool relatives

[theblackraven]: Yep,I'm getting alot of dvds,weee!!!

[The Mask]: Yeah its for recognition day.What do you mean SELFISH???????? You just ASK THEM VERY SWEETLY ~_^

[XcXChezaXcX]: Yep it is cool

[Chocobo Gene]: Dancing was fun and a pain ^^;;

[DarkMagician316]: Slam Dunk rocks my socks! I still love Rukawa,hehe!!

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Monday, April 4, 2005

   I slept on the couch again ^_^

Well I went to school this morning for the Dance troop activity and we finally get to dance,hehehe!!!

At first I had a stomach ache and then a head ache,yeesh!

Awhile ago in school,I was on the 3rd floor and I stepped on the ledge.The feeling was such a relief for me,it was so windy ^_^

Although I relaxed too much and I almost fall off,hehehe!!! Could have died,wahahahahahha! XD

Oh yeah just to let you know,I didn't enroll for drivers ed or any school for driving lessons cause I'm not yet allowed.I could after my birthday but thats *counts*


So my mom was the one who taught me,bwahahahahahahaha!!! XD

I wanna drive again! But I know my mom won't let me today *sigh*

Last night around 11:30 pm very late the phone rang.I answered it and it was my aunt from the states!

She asked for my mom but she isn't around as usual...geez....So she just talks about what she got for me,she said she has a ALOT OF DVDS for me,wahahahahha!!! but not anime though but its alright

AND she told me she bought an ANIME MOVIE for me,oh yeah oh yeah!!! *churns*

She also said my other aunt bought like 2 anime dvds for me and that my grandmother will bring them when she comes here on Wednesday.She ordered 5 animes actually but the rest aren't with her yet,oh well.I'm more than satisfied already ^_^

I'm so happy!!! Weee!!! Aaahh!!! *goes crazy*


Ok ok ok....I will stop.....wahahahahahhhaha!!! ^^;;

Comment on a Comment

[Soulstealer]: Yep driving IS AWESOME and so is sleeping on the couch cuz the tv is infront of me and the computer is near,wahahaha!

Plus its airconditioned,weee!!!
Yeah listening with it is always relaxing and comforting ^_^

I did have fun driving around the village although I kinda gave my mom a heart attack,ehehehe!!! ^^;;

Slam Dunk rocks my socks yo! XD

[goddess of night]: I'm also not old enough to drive yet,well not old enough to enroll a school for driving yet,hehehehe! >=)

Thanks for liking the new theme ^^

[Finalfan1015]: Driving is fun :D

[sad-reflectionz]: Same here,not old enough but tall ^^

Slam Dunk is a very funny anime,if you just see how Sakuragi one of the main characters behaves,hehehhe! XD

[Night shade]: I did visit your site and its alright,read my comment that I send ya

[AilahWolf]: Sleeping on the couch is very relaxing and comfortable ^^

[peibu]: Good for you! My mom just taught me how to use the car on Automatic though,ehehehe!

[Black Mage TBow]: Well you know the wait will be worth it,atleast yours is just a month.

I still have to wait for another 3 years..... T_T

[NittlerGrasper]: Hey there!
Thanks for the compliment ^_^

[hinaru]: Well my computer plays alot of songs that I like so its all good for me ^^

My mom said that I keep on stepping on the gas instead of the break ^^;;

I'm so lucky to find that site,it has alot of cool wallpapers and I save them all,bwahahahahaha!!!

[Ruriruri]: Oooohh...go carts,hehe! One time I was riding one with my dad and I crashed into him and I was spinning around and around,that was insane! Ahahahahaha!!! XD

[marz]: Well atleast you're good at driving and you're allowed to drive ^^

Sleeping on the floor? DOn't wanna its too cold unless I put a mattress on it ^^

[hiei teddy bear]: But the experience of driving is great! ^^

[Duck Pony Chimera]: Well I just need alot of experience and a drivers license and I'm good to go ^^

[takako]: Well get one then! XD
Thanks for the compliment ^^

[ElvesAteMyRamen]: I'm not yet allowed to drive on my own plus I just started learning yesterday XD

My mom is always with me whenever I drive,hehehe!!

Maybe if I practice everyday I could get the hang on driving on a highway,driving on a highway is dangerous here cuz of the taxis and motorcycles! Blah!!! The traffic rules here are mostly linient,barely anyone follows >_<

[dream wings]: Oro? Why don't you sleep on a bed? I was a bit tense on my first time of driving though,hehehe!

[Nain XVI]: Heya! Thanks for the compliment! Hehe! My mom did thesame thing XD

[final fantasy7287]: Better be safe than sorry ^^

[Sephistrife15]: So when are you actually gonna get one? Why don't you check ^^

Sofas...mmm...so comfy and squishy not like my hard bed! Could you even call that a bed?! XD

[ShadowLight]: Its good that your brother is teaching you ^_^

[evangelion]: Bleh! You sissy! *pokes you again*

[Chocobo Gene]: Well my sofa is very comfortable the sleep was relaxing ^^

[TANR7]: Aaahhh...ooookkkk....but did ya? did ya? XD LoL don't need to answer that,hehehe!!!

Yeah go get your driver's permit!

[SimplyJust]: Bean bags? I used to have a big one but now its gone cuz there was a hole and all the beans are gone XD

Yeah Green Day! They are awesome man!

[SomeGuy]: I don't even have a learners permit XD My mom is the one who's teaching me,so there are no money wasted,hehehe!!! Though I'm worried that I'm giving old mumzie a heart attack XD

I vow not to take any kind of danger that would put me to my death only to get myself in trouble XD

[iluvsasuk]: I want my anime dvds! Driving is awesome!

[Karumichan]: You're gonna drive today? Awesome!! Have fun and stay safe ^^

[Raven8763]:Hey you! Been awhile! *hugs*
Slam Dunk is basically about basketball and making their team no.1 in Japan.

Here's a link to know more:
Oi! Click Me!

No! Me!

[PockyStix]: You do? COol!:P

[theblackraven]: Yep I can drive but not yet good enough though but I'm getting the hang of it ^^

[Seto Kaiba Freak]: Awww...hehehe! *pats back*

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   I was driving!!!

Last night I slept in the living room on the sofa,hehehehe!!!

I don't know why though,I guess I just liked it ^_^

I turned off all the lights so the only light was on was the computer and it was playing music.So the computer was on the whole night,hehehehe!!!

It was cool thought maybe I'll do it again tonight,hehehe!!!

Awhile ago at noon my mom took me somewhere I can practive driving,the experience was cool!
I was even driving on the high way,bleh! Stupid cabs!! I felt different now when I sit on the passenger's seat though,hehehe!!

Well later on I'm gonna drive around the village.I'm getting the hang of it ^^

Rukawa and Sendoh

Aces of different teams,these two are rivals

Aaahhh!!! Rukawa! *glomps*

Comment on a comment

[ob53zt tang3rtin3]: Thanks for loving the new theme ^_^
Slam Dunk is a sports anime,genre is humor/action.It's basically about basketball and trying to make their team no.1 in Japan

Yeah I did watch Ray last night.Hehehe!!! My kid just like watching WHITE CHICKS cause she thinks its funny,she keeps on laughing ^^

[SesshTaisho]: I enjoyed watching the movie though it was a bit boring and thanks for the compliment

[hinaru]: I got the wallpaper from HERE! CLICK ME DAMMIT!

Yeah I downloaded some,though its a bit of hassle cause servers are busy and such but it was worth it ^_^
I'm downloading now acutally,hehehe!

[peibu]: Hahahahahahaha!!! Yeah 7 year olds are like that.I wish my kid would never grow up or could have just born as an adult,hahahaha!!!

[Krystale]: Yeah sure go see it ^^

[Duck Pony Chimera]: Actually he is a SHE and yeah she was watching a movie,hehehe!

[Sephistrife15]: Hahahaha!!! I'm same as you,I hate kids.I just tolerate them,hehehe!! Ray was a bit boring but it was still interesting.

[Karumichan]: My sister didn't annoy me,I let her watch the movie ^_^ Well if you ever watch Ray,enjoy then!

[ShadowLight]: Haha! Likewise ~_^
*bangs head*
Yeah I replied everyone's comments,bwahahaha!!

Man I wish its wednesday already! I want my DVDS! ^_^

[Me Luv Kyo Kun]: Thanks for the compliment and making the blog for me *hugs and gives pockies*

Yeah Sendoh is really good,I think Rukawa and Sendoh are equal to each other but I love Rukawa more so I say RUKAWA IS THE BEST EVER!!! Nyahahahahahaha!!! >=)

[evangelion]: Oro? *pokes at you*

[Sakura Hyuuga]: I love Sasuke!!! ^^;;

[HeeroYuy77]: Thanks! Hehehe!!! In what way in what? About Ken or you and the other?

[The Mask]: Jess!!! *glomps* What took you so long to get back here you dolt!!!! *pouts*

Anyway.......Yeah I did watch Ray and I dont wanna watch it on the computer,place is not air-conditioned and its swarming with flies ^^;;

[dream wings]: Lucky me!

[hidden golden eye]: Yeah I'm one lucky bastage,wahahahaha!!!

[Chocobo Gene]: Buying anime goodies is always good so why hesitate?!!??! XD

[Seto Kaiba Freak]: Awesome!!! Kids...why can't we all just be born as adults! Haahaha!!!

[silverdaydreamer]: Hahah!!! That happened to me before,months ago my mom borrowed a dvd of RAY but she returned it before I get to watch it,gggrrrr!!!

Yeah WHITE CHICKS is a funny movie!!!

"And we're gonna go....SHOPPING!!!!" XD

Well just scroll down and you can see the Media Player there and click the play button and listen to it ^^

[Monkey Orange]: Sure you do that,yep getting gifts from afar is always good ^^

Especially places where you can buy alot of anime goodies,bwahahahaha!!!

[chibicreator]: Children...they just use their innocent looks and gullibility to get anything they want,EVIL!!! like I wasn't like that before XD

[Glitch4.0]: I let her cause I'm a good sister,right???? Number 5 dont protest!! *holds up a mallet* ^^;;


[inu-neko-yasha]: Bleh! I just let her

[theblackraven]: Yeah WHITE CHICKS is hilarious!

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   Blah! My 4 yr old took over my tv!

--> myO meet my computer again,Sir Direct_X,wahahahhahahha!!!

Incase you haven't notice,I have 3 browsers,huzzah!!! *confetti*

Anyway just did the groceries this morning and borrowed a dvd of RAY,W0ot! I wanna watch RAY right now but my 4 yr old is watching WHITE CHICKS in my room,again! Gah! Children >_<

I can't wait for my grandma from the states to come here!
She'll be coming here next wednesday along with the dvds my aunt bought for me,I hope ^_^

Comment on a Comment

[Sweetrose]: Thanks for liking the new theme ^_^

[final fantasy7287]: Thanks for liking the new song,dont't worry when you work and earn money you'll get a laptop ^_^ *pats back*

Yeah,check out on Slam Dunk,its really cool! Alot of action and humor ^_^

[bebopinutrigun188]: Thanks for linking the new theme! Slam Dunk is a really cool anime,hope you'll get to check it out ^_^

Yeah,hopefully my grandma would bring the dvds and laptop,wahahahaha!!!

*goes dancing with you*

[Sw33tZ]: Hahaha!!! Parents....they should be taught a lesson,wait,isn't that supposed to be the other way around? XD

Yeah,hopefully my aunt bought a series of the animes,weee!!!

Bleh! Money! I wish they did grow on trees,literally XD

I've used your banner for almost 2 weeks already or more ^_^

Ofcourse you should begin a new month with a new fresh BISHIE!!! ^_^

[hinaru]: Yep,its awesome that I'll get an anime and a laptop,wohooo!! Oh yeah thanks man for the link!! *peace sign*

[xGrave Spiritx]: Yeah,its sweet alright,wahahahaha! Yeah I like Slam Dunk,very funny ^_^

And I can't blame your cousin for liking it ~_^

[hidden golden eye]: Nyahahahahaha!!! Swerte talaga ako! Nyahahahaahha!!! Meron ka naman animax dyan ah! Wag ka na mag-inggit sa akin ~_^

[Krystale]: Yeah the music is cool,Story of the Year has awesome songs! Rock on! So happy that I'll get anime dvds and a laptop ^_^

[marz]: Thanks for loving the new layout ^_^
Actually the e-mail I sent her was more like begging,I keep on complimenting this and that,hahahaha!!!

[XxLinkinParkxX:] Yo! XD

[Dark Phoenix]: Hmm...well I want to have Heero,Hakkai,Seto Kaiba,Loki and all the bishies with me! I want to claim them all!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!

yeah I hope I get more anime dvds ^_^

[ShadowLight]: Rock on! *bangs head* XD yeah check out Slam Dunk! Cool anime!

[pinkstaryeyes]: yep,its good news for me ^^

[Gray Underpants]: Well I gave her a list of the animes I wanted so I think I'll get what I want ^_^

Geez! I should improve my hypnotism more,heheheehe!

[Yuna2004]: Yes my hypnotism worked! Wahahahaha!!! Yeah the songs rocks! I'm glad you like it ^_^

[evangelion]: Heck I don't know what I felt that time,just in a good mood I guess ^^

Oh cool! Hope you complete the set and maybe I'll visit you someday and we'll watch it together I dont know if its possible,blah!,its date alright? ~_^

[sockmonkey]: Yeah dude! It's awesome XD

[sweetshnara16]: Wahahaha! You are under my spell,I command you to get Slam Dunk,now!

[Panda]: Panda! Yeah you do that! Get those mangas with your cute big paws XD

[silverdaydreamer]: Oh sorry you can't hear the song,well the song is Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year ^_^

[Duck Pony Chimera]: Thanks my bird-loving friend ^_^

[theblackraven]: Hopefully I would really get alot of stuff from them ^_^

[SomeGuy]: wahahahaha!!! April Fools SG!!!! Awww...don't feel sad *gives you pocky*

[HeeroYuy77]: Ken? my bf?! Hahaha!!! We could never be,its forbidden when its US. Plus I don't love him that way and neither does he ^^

[PockyStix]: Yes read Slam Dunk,you'll love it!

[Mazokuurameshi]: Yep,I'm lucky!

[Wolf of Darkstar]: yeah I know....*sigh* XD

I did this because I love you all!

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Friday, April 1, 2005

   I'm gonna hypnotize you all!!

I'll introduce you all to the greatness of Slam Dunk!!!

I'll TEMPT you all!!! Mwahahahaha!!!

Nyahahahahahha!!! The Greatness of Slam Dunk!!!

There's still more but too many too tired,blah!!!

Anime News and techno-yumness:

I sent an e-mail to my aunt who's in the states to ask her a favor on buying me anime dvds,I sent her a list of anime that I like but I also said that she doesn't have to buy all of them just some see how humble I am? Hehehe!!!

Then awhile ago this morning my mom told me that my aunt bought 3 animes,I don't know if its a set but hopefully it is,hehehehehe!!!

Then awhile ago my mom told me that Ken was thinking of buying me a laptop now cause he promised me that he would but he said he'll give it to me when I graduate highschool oh yeah he's also in the states.

Man what a guy...I miss him already!!! waaahhhh!!!! To me he's no regular guy,he's a Saint.

Only he can change me to being good *pouts*

Ok enough of this inspiration-annoying mushiness I'm loosing control of myself,hehehehe!!

Oh yeah can you guys here the music? I love this song!!! *bangs head*

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