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Monday, April 5, 2010


Stupid, blind, selfish, and weak but strong...
Words that would best describe me on the night of the 5th of April...
Stupid for I let go of the man who loves me truly..
Blind for I only see the bad and hurtful things between us..
Selfish for I'd rather not feel the pain anymore than to have you..
Weak for I didn't fight for us..
Strong for I had the courage to let you go even it would mean that I will lose a part of me..
For being stupid, blind, selfish, weak, and strong, I'm sorry...



Six petals that make up a flower,
What a wonderful creation!
I long to have a petal,
But having and keeping it will make the flower's beauty fade.
I have to let go of my love and longing for that petal,
In order to keep the flower whole.
Deep in my heart I know where that petal should truly belong.

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