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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   Vote Courageously!!!!

Today we did the Campaign for the Positions of the School Student Council,I'm running for Sergeant at Arms,I didn't volunteer so to speak,they just picked me to be the candidate cause I can qualify,so there you go! ^^;;

We started the campaign this morning and ended somewhat in the afternoon,it was fun though,we didn't take any classes at all!!!

We were just roaming around the School campus going to classrooms one by one and did our campaign.When its not yet the time to go to anothers classroom,we would just stand by in the library,canteen,the small chapel room and in the quadrangle,bwahahahahahaha!!!

We were even brainstorming on ideas or projects for the school next school year.

Oh yeah,we're electing of the School Student Council for the next school year.

I hope that I'll win the position,I'm quite into it for the next school year.I hope our party,the Courage Party,would win! That I'm gonna work with my Party,not some other students from the other party,the Wisely Party.

Luckily for us we don't have any assignments at all today,weeee!!!

Ok friends,I'm going to introduce you another friend of mine:


Click the avatar to go to his site,he's also my classmate known as Kevin.Hope you'll visit him ^_^

~Blue Hawk

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   Blue Hawk welcome to the Twilight Zone

Is it just me or am I spacing out alot?

I'm loosing focus that it sometimes affect my studies,blah!

Like last night,I was throwing out some junk out of my school bag and put threw them in the trash can,which the only trash can near me is the one in the bathroom after that I went out and closed the door and didn't notice that it was LOCK FROM THE INSIDE until this morning,I thought I was late in school today!!!

Alot of stuff keeps popping on my head that I forgot what did I even do the past few minutes,was I even doing anything at all? ^^;;

Gah! This is annoying!!! Must....stay....FOCUS!!!!

Anyway I feel sickly,so sickly and I feel like I'm having a comma right now.....meh.......I'm loosing my life day by day....meh!


So I'll just go now bye! *goes to the sofa and sleeps*

~Blue Hawk

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005


*Random thoughts popping in my head*

Just as I was about to post I remembered that I need to finish my requiremnts for school,hahahaha!!!

But I'll do that later after I post.I visited everyone who posted now!!! And there were alot of you,an accomplishment!!! Weeee!!! HAhahaha!!!

Took a chapter test on History today and I just got one wrong and its because of a wrong spelling,gggrrrr!!!

Darn this old age surnames,why must ye complicate thy name,AMEN! XD

Ok,I feel random! Gonna download Naruto episodes now,wohoooo!!!!

I have BROADBAND!!! I love it!

~Blue Hawk

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Monday, March 7, 2005

   My Computer is cool and works like brand NEW!

My computer changed!!! Everything was changed!!!!! Took almost the whole day just to renew this old crap but it was worth it!!!

I don't use Internet Explorer anymore,I use a different browser called OPERA,its faster and has more convenience than IE,wahahahaha!!!

My computer is now uber secure,wohooo! I now have Macafee Professional!!!

Anyway gonna download the yahoo and msn messengers again,hehehehe!!!

Man I just love my computer! *hugs computer*

Anyway moving on to some other good news,I got the job!
I'm working in a fastfood restaurant called JOLIBEE.
All I need to do is just give out my resume and take a 2 x 2 picture of me then I finally get the job.

2 of my classmates would work in thesame workplace as I am.Number 5 and Kristian.

Hopefully in the summer my mom would teach me how to drive,wahhahaha!!!

Ok,I gotta go!

Gotta quit procrastinating! Hehehehe!

~Blue Hawk *still hugs the computer*

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

   I'm bored.........!!!!!!!!!

Almost for the whole afternoon I was cleaning the house while listening to music,hehehehehehe!!!!

I'm just bored out of my mind!!!
Anyway,got some good news:

I'm going to apply a job!!!
Wohooo!!! Yes yes yes!!! W0ot!!!

Oh yeah,yesterday morning,I was surprise to see Kristian in my house.I thought he couldn't come but he did! We finished our Chemistry Project!!! Wohoo!!!

Eeeeerrrr.....I'm bored again.....I want to eat lasagna and a hug from Loki! Hehehehehe!!!

~Blue Hawk

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Friday, March 4, 2005

   3rd place? Damn!

We got 3rd place in the broadway contest which sucks cuz I have to make another project for English then,grrr!!! Winning 3rd place would be fine without the need to make another project,again!!!

I woke up very early today cuz my heart was aching again,sheesh....

I keep having heart burns....which sucks

I feel the need of a hug from Heero,hehehehehe!!!

Or my other love,Loki! from ragnarok

Hehehe! Anyway,I'll just try to stay on the bright side,although I can't find a good reason why.

I have ton of homeworks to do tonight *sobs*

I'll just leave you a pic of Hakkai!!!

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Thursday, March 3, 2005


I came back home around 9 pm from school,our class overstayed in school today to practice our Broadway Show on stage.We did good.....hope its good enough to win but I doubt it so we won't do another project for English........*mumbles*

One line that annoys me is to say "Richard,I love you"

Let me just say:

Me + "I love you" = Akward!!!

I just cant get to the feeling of it,hahahahahhaha!!!!

So sleepy.....I'm going to be late going to school,since the contest will still be on 1:30 pm,so I'll just be there 9:30 am-ish......

Me and Kristian will just move our meeting on Saturday morning to do our Chemistry Project........didn't I mention that I was tired?

Ok,I'll go to sleep now....*falls on the floor*

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   It's coming to me....back and forth....

These past 2 weeks has just been annoying me!!! Having Chapter tests everyday,rehearsing the broadway show,doing alot of assignment and projects.Making reports,buying stuff for school,dealing with stupid arguements with peeople,having lack of sleep everyday!!!!!

tell me why shouldn't I just kill myself right now?!?!!? Amaze me....

Lists of things to do starting today:

  • going to buy a 1 whole illustration board for the Chemistry project,today!
  • School crap in school!
  • Tomorrow,after school,me and my partner,Kristian,we'll do our project in my house
  • going to teach Kristian how to act he's role and lipsing he sucks at it XD
  • Making Filipino project
  • Making Chemistry assignments
  • Study Math for tests
  • Memorizing something for Religion for an Oral Recitation
  • Studying a whole chapter for a test on History
  • CEM,kinda like fcat,might have that next week
  • Signing of Clearance have to complete it before the Exams or else I can't take the exam
  • After 10 days it will be our LAST Examination
  • Broadway Contest wish us luck,but I highly doubt we'll win,its on this Friday....
  • English Project if we don't win the Broadway Contest T_T

The Diclamation Contest was on last Monday,I didn't win though.The judges we're awed at the girl with a costume and make up that fits her role.They never told me that we could have that!!!
Plus the costume isn't part of the criteria.I want to see her act CRYING on stage!!! Unlike me,who actually have tears in my eyes as I act out my character.

We all have thesame roles,just to inform you.

Well she won and I didn't......oh well....I'll be a good sport and accept my loss....it was a good experience anyway

And the teachers lied to us!!!! They said that only the judges will watch us but the whole school watched us!!!! Grrr!!! I wanna kill my English teacher for lying to me!!!! That small pumpking look-alike fairy! I just wanna stomp her!!!!! *stomp stomp stomp*

*takes a deep breath*

Ok I'm done ranting,see ya!

Oh yeah! Thanks for the comments on liking the new theme! Ain't Hakkai just a hottie!!! *drools*

~Blue Hawk

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   Anime Bishi of the Month!!!

Anime Bishi of the Month!

Cho Hakkai from Gensomaden Sayuki

Hakkai is the typical big brother. He cares very much for the others, even for the enemies; he takes care of Goku like a parent, is best friend with Gojyo and the only one who talks with Sanzo without being threatened of death.^^ When he fights he uses the ki to make lightning powerful attacks, but usual prefers defend himself than attack. He uses the ki also to heal the wounds (*it's he who heals Sanzo*). He's also the owner and the driver of the dragon-jeep Hakuryu. He's quiet, polite, intelligent, calm and is always smiling, in the desperated situations too! It's always he who calms down Goku and Gojyo quarrelling or stops Sanzo from killing them.**** But his smile is only a cover.

Quote:"There is no barrier between different races"

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

   *hangs head with shame*

Found this survey in sailor firestar's site:

The shoes you wore today: *looks at my bare feet*
Your eyes: Dark brown
Your fears: I have no idea!

---------WHAT IS----------------
Your most overused phrase on aim: Dont have AIM
Your thoughts first waking up: Eeer....do I have to take a bath now? XD
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: The face
Your best physical feature: my arms? XD
Your bedtime: usually between 9 and 10 pm
Your most missed memory: When Ken left to the States......

-----------YOU PREFER------------
Pepsi or Coke: Coke!
McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King!
Single or group dates: Neither,I aint dating
Chocolate or vanilla: CHOCOLATE,of course!
Cappuccino or coffee: neither

-------------DO YOU--------------

Smoke: never
Curse: More than I can count
Take a shower everyday: There was one time I didn't,I'm a sloth and proud!
Have any crushes: nope,weee!!!!
Who are they: none of your business!
Do you think you've been in love?: I thought I was,thank God I'm not! *wipes forehead*
Want to go to college: Of course!
Like high school: When I get to college I know I will miss the highschool life ^^;;
Want to get married: Never!!!!

Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: Most of the time
Believe in yourself: most of the time
Get motion sickness: On zigzags roads I do
Think you're a health freak: Nope!
Get along with your parents/guardian: mostly
Like thunderstorms: ABSOLUTELY!!!

Gone to the mall: Yep,most likely cause of watching MOVIES! XD
Eaten sushi: Nope,bleh!
Been on stage: Yeah I think....
Gone skating: Nope
Made homemade cookies:I made a batch last Sunday! All my family and my mom's friends ate them all! XD
Dyed your hair: I would never do that
Cut your hair: Dont think soooo
Stolen anything: *looks around my room* hmmm.........

---------HAVE YOU EVER-----------
Flown on a plane: YEP!
Missed school because it was raining: Yep
Told a guy/girl that you liked him/her?: Why would I do that? Thats stupid
Cried during a movie: Twice,it was only TWICE!
Ever thought an animated character was hot?: ummm....*wipes off drool*
Had an imaginary friend: no!
Had sex: Nope
Had crush on a teacher: No way!
Been called a tease: a whole lot and I just cant take it!
Gotten drunk: Nope
Gotten beaten up: On tournaments yes
Been in a fight: several times
Shoplifted: eeer..........hehehe!!! Nope.. I swear!

---------THE FUTURE-------------

Age you hope to be married: I ain't gonna marry
Number of children: NONE!
Descibe your dream wedding: nadda!
How do you want to die: Heart attack or any disease and I want to die YOUNG
What do you want to be when you grow up: Someone very successfull and being published in many books!
What country would you most like to visit: Japan and New Zealand maybe Australia too

---------OPPOSITE SEX------------

Best eye color: Really dark dark black eyes
Best hair color: Black
Short or long hair: Short!
Best height: 5'9
Best weight: As long he has a fit weight
Best first date location: not into dating
Best first kiss location: what the heck?!

----------NUMBER OF------------

Number of Boyfriends/Girlfriends: none number 5 don't protest!
Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people you could trust with your life: 2
Number of CDs that I own: eeerrr.....5?
Number of piercings: none
Number of tattoos: none
Number of times your name has appeared in the newspaper: no clue…
Number of scars on your body: Geez! I have alot and still presently visible,hahahaha!!!
Number of things in your past that you regret: That I was helpless at alot of moments when I could have helped I'm so sorry...
Number of friends you've kissed: What the heck?!
Number of people you've had sex with: NONE

Shampoo: Vaseline
Color(s): blue,dark blue,lavender,red,black and white
Day/Night: Night
Summer/Winter: Winter
Lace or Satin: satin
Cartoon: Fairly Odd Parents! XD
Food: Lasagna
Sport: Karate,Badmintton,trecking,hiking,swimming and fishing
Bands: I just listen to whatever music I like
Items you own: My bedroom XD
Movie: Right now its CONSTANTINE

-----------RIGHT NOW-------------

Wearing: Big shirt and shorts all violet XD
Thinking about: What to do next....
Drinking: none
Listening to: Forget name of artist and name of song XD

------IN THE LAST 24 HRS----------

Cried: Nope
Worn jeans: yep
Met someone new online: yep
Done laundry: no
Had sex: no

-------DO YOU BELIEVE IN----------

Yourself: When nothing makes sense I only believe in myself
Your friends: only one
Tooth Fairy: Nope
Destiny/Fate: Never
Ghosts: Nope

-----------FRIENDS AND LIFE-------

Do you ever wish you had another name: Nope I like my name just fine
Wish you had a boyfriend or girlfriend: Nope
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Number 5!!! We even think and act alike that its bothers the heck out of us!
Are you close to any family member: yep
What's the best feeling in the world: Content
What time is it: 6:41 pm

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