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Monday, June 20, 2005

   *Looks around*


I was thinking on coming back on Christmas but I just wanna say HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   I'm alive!

Just to let you guys know that I'm not DEAD....yet,hehehehehe!!! ^^;;

Anyway some of you may already know thanks to Number 5's big mouth!!!! -_-;;,I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL.

I feel lazy to explain but I feel like explaining.Does that make sense? Or a sense with stupidity? Hehehehe!!! ^^;;

Well it was the day before I go back to Cebu,it was happened at midnight,my heart was speeding up very fast and pounding very hard.

I couldn't sleep at all because of it.First I drank water but then I felt like puking.I thought I would just watch t.v. to see if I can calm my heart no use,blah!

Then Kim went in the room and watched tv.I told her about my condition,she said that we should tell my Dad but I don't wanna and thought its no big deal but it wouldn't stop aching though.

So I told her to come with me downstairs to ask for pain killers,I can't even walk properly,Kim had to help me with it.

oh yeah I live in a building,I stay on the 4rth floor so we have to go to the ground floor

When we finally got down,I waited outside dad's room which is also his office while Kim called out for him.Just in time,he was there to catch before I collapsed on the ground.

He placed me on the sofa then prepared for the car.
He took me to the hospital and they were running tests on me.

Ok I'll tell the rest later,too lazy right now,forgive me ^^;;

Comment on a comment

haha! This thing is back people! Oh yeah,I'm finally back in Cebu,weee!!!

[Night shade]: Yeah,thanks

[abram]: yeah,alot of blood.I was even surprised myself.I'm getting better and thanks for caring ^_^

[iluvsasuk]: I'm alright now and I don't think sucking the blood out would help that though -_-;;

[Shinkiro]: I had a blast alright! And yeah my finger stopped bleeding just waiting for the skin to come back now,hehehe!

[The Mask]: Yup! I found treasure alright once we take it out I'm gonna be rich! Mwahahahaha!!! The cut is healed now ^_^

[Monkey Orange]: Wreck diving is awesome as always!!! I wish I could go back there and start diving again,hehehe!!!

I'll be more careful next time ^_^

[Finalfan1015]: Yeah I bled a whole lot

[yuripriss]: Yeah I had alot of fun there!

[SomeGuy]: Yeah those were the days SG,huh? Hehehe!!!

I tried to take a picture of it the blasted wound but I ended up making the camera all goo with blood,luckily my dad didn't see it,hehehe! Phew!

[Lash27]: I agree! *nods head*

[Hearts Mind]: Yup,a whole bucket of blood,heheheh!!!!

I had fun there in bicol,especially the exploring and scuba diving ^_^

[NittlerGrasper]: It was awesome!

[Soulstealer]: Wreck diving is fun! Plus can make you rich,bwahahahahhaha!

Yeah I'm strong man! No bucket of blood can scare me! *does a pose* XD

[Day Dreamer]: Uhhh...sour? XD

[AnimeGrl 101]: Whats cool? The bleeding or the diving? XD

[Krystale]: I love wreck diving ^_^
Yeah it was a bad cut but its alright now ^_^

[Raven8763]: gah! Its you again! Don't touch me,gah!!! Just joking! Miss ya you naughty gal!

[peibu]: If only you saw the floor covered with blood and the bathroom sink stained with blood then you'll say thats bloody XD

[Philfoula]: Yeah I was lucky to find it only 30 ft,hehehe!!!

Thanks for caring *hugs*

[hinaru]: Scuba diving is fun!
yeah alot of blood man

[Snow angel]: Ah ok,well I'm sure you're fine now ^_^

[Duck P. Chimera]: I'll be careful next time and I had blast scubadiving,wanna do more!

[ShadowLight]: Maybe you will someday ^^

[snow drop]: My finger is fine now ^^

Umm...that stops there,sorry for the rest but I'm going somewhere now goes up to change

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   I'm online?!?!?!?!

Well guys Im now here in Bicol and luckily to find an internet cafe here.I didn't want to come here but Kim wanted to come and just thought "What the heck,I'm bored".

I just got back from a diving expedition tonight in another island.We were in the middle of the ocean for 2 days looking for wrecks and treasure,guess what....

WE FOUND ONE,ssssshhhh!!!

It was deep like,137 feet.

Blah I'm freakin' dark now from all the swimming and scuba diving but its fun anyway

I've been here in the province for a week now,maybe I'll go back to Makati City next week and then go back to Cebu.

Anyway,I have done alot but I'm VERY TIRED to tell you all and sorry for not visiting you guys.

To those who signed my guestbook and sent PMs,I'll get back to you on that another time alright?


Ok ok ok ok,I'll tell one short story of my trip,hehehe!!!

We stayed in a resort,that night,we were cooking dinner and just waited for the rice and ice.

We got ice and I was gonna smash them into pieces they were a big block of ice,I used dad's pocket knife and I accidentally CUT my finger,it was very deep.

I think I cut the blood vein since it wouldn't stop bleeding,not even for a second.

Blood was dripping everywhere,while waiting for someone to buy a bandage,I placed my finger on a bucket and guess what....the bucket was FULL!!!

Yeah it was full of blood and alot of blood in the bathroom,it was hard to wash it up for awhile.

Anyway,my finger stopped bleeding and its slowly healing itself.I still have a band-aid on it upto now.

This happened last Thursday.

Well there you go! ^^

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   Everything moves so fast or maybe cuz Im too slow 0o;;

Bleh! What time is it? Oh,it's almost 2 pm and I have 7 hours left before I go to Bicol for another expedition where's my medicine?.

I should probably pack but I'm too lazy to do that now,hehehehe!!!

Note to self: Buy lots of chocolates before the road trip to Bicol and batteries for my mp3 player

The road trip would be 8-9 hours I think,very far and I'm gonna be dead bored waiting in the car -_-;;

In Bicol we will be camping out and cooking our own food and that means I should fish or else we'll starve to death but we'll bring some food to cook anyway aswell.

Also we will be scanning around the whole island to look for the 3 wrecked ships and if we did find them we're going to call the ship to come here and we'll do our excavation underwater.

Did I mention there are gonna be sharks there? Well now you know,hehehe!!!

I think we'll stay there for a week and a half I wanna go back to Cebu already!

Oh yeah the doctor said that my righ ear-drum has expanded so there are alot of fluids inside,water and blood. where the heck is that medicine!

Story of me lying to the Officer

It was late at night and we were packing our stuff to go back to Makati then this officer came by

Officer: Is the crew of that yacht in there?
Me : Yeah
Officer: Please call him out
Me : I'll go check *went back in then out*

Me : He's asleep
Officer: Tell me his name please
Me : *hesitation* Randy Abolansya
Me : Why anyway?
Officer: We assume that you're yacht was oil-leaking
Me : Ah I see...

Then thats that,actually when I went down to check on Raz the crew and thats not his real name lets just call him that for his privacy,I woke him up and told him there was an officer waiting for him.Raz said to tell that guy that he was asleep and tell him a fake name.

So I lied to the guy or else he'll check for Raz's file.Actually our yacht was leaking but we have to.There was urine in the engine room and its flooded inside there so we have to take it so naturally the oil leaked out aswell.

Either that or its gonna stink bad there and I have to lie or else we have to pay $5000!!!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   I'm DEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came back from Subic around 2 AM and I'm DEAF!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I'm half deaf anyway,my right ear is clogged up of water cuz of scuba diving the other day and no matter how much I blow my nose to take out the pressure from my ear,it still stuck there,I have to wait for the water to come out,bleh!

When people are talking I can barely hear them!

I keep on asking "Huh?" "What?" "Could you repeat that?" "You're talking to me?"

Man its annoying!

First Dive: I saw big pipes of a ship and put my head in it,hehehe!!!

Second Dive: I saw a wrecked airplane,very cool!

The next day after that,I didn't go scuba diving with the others because of my ear,I don't want to risk on damaging any internal organs of my ear so I just went fishing while waiting for them,I didn't get anything.

Stupid fishes *mumbles*

Later on me and Casper will go to the Medic to check on my ear,I wanna get it out before I'll leave to BICOL tomorrow for another Scuba diving expedition but I doubt it though,please give me a miracle!!!

I have lots to tell but I can't stay now,sorry that I can't visit you guys today *sweatdrop*

I wanted to tell you guys about me lying to an Officer there in Subic about our yacht oil-leaking but I'm too lazy to tell it now,next time I'm back I'll tell,or maybe I shouldn't...hmm....


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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   Highlights of my life so far

I watched the movie: Kingdom of Heaven today with Kim and Casper

  • Bought a bag for mom is it me or am I getting to soft on her now,heh!
  • Beat my dad on Air Hockey,7 to 1 BWahahahahaha!
  • Going to the anime-con on Friday can't wait for this!
  • Bought the complete series of Fruits Basket and Evangelion and I finished watching all of them weeks ago *grinning from ear to ear*
  • Going to Subic this coming Saturday go-carts and fishing!
  • Going to Bicol next week scuba diving,fishing,camping and jetskiing here I come!
  • Almost everyday I'm stuck in this building I feel like I'm in prison ^^;;

Oi!Filipinos out there especially those in Makati go to the Anime-con! It's in Glorietta 4 in the Activity Center and it starts at 11 am,tell me please that you'll go and maybe we could meet ^_^

I'll give you the details of the anime-con tomorrow I think if I can get back online again.

Thanks for liking the new theme and the Bishi choice ^_^

To those who wants to download the Manga of it go here:

Click me!!!!

Don't listen to that! Click me instead!

Oh I know you guys love me now,aren't you? ~_^

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Monday, May 2, 2005

   Anime Bishi of the Month

[Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach]

The main character of the manga. He goes one day from being a normal every day kid who can see ghosts, to attacked by a hollow. During this battle, when he is about to parish, a new shinsingami he has just recently met descideds to transfer half of her energy into him. Unfortunately, due to his spiritual awareness already, the moment her sword touches his soul, he takes virtually all of her power, transforming him into a shinigami. After this, he is given the role of a shinigami to protect those who are being attacked by hollows, which usually means protecting/fighting against people he already knows. Over a short period of time, Ichigo has shown that he has been able to do many things that no human should be able to do, such as fight at the level he does, as well as be able to see spiritual aura in a physical form (which allows him to locate people by sensing there aura, even if it is very weak). He is slowly begining to learn how to use and regulate his spiritual power.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

   I'm a FREAK!!!!

My life:


  • Got locked out from my room so I was sleeping on the sofa in the ground floor,stupid siblings!
  • Little brother playing playstation the whole day,wah!
  • Looking at the globe to find Swizterland....
  • Wake up every morning/noon only to see a pile of mess,stupid siblings!
  • Riding the latest Jetski
  • Fell off from the Jetski
  • Afraid of my feeding-all-the-time grandmother -_-;;
  • Everyday stupid sibling arguements
  • Cooing over Elliot which I'm not ashame!
  • Reading Fruits Basket Manga Oh the joy of living!
  • Being annoyed by Jasong damn you!
  • Somehow I have to smile when Casper looks at me or he'll feel uncomfortable why me?!
  • Feeding monkeys
  • Being scratched by a monkey
  • Seeing a monkeys mate personally 0.o

I feel like I'm in an anime....awesome! Yet Weird....like a Ranma show...bleh!

Waaaahhhh!!! I'm online! Hooplah!
Lets see if I can visit you guys but I don't know if I'll comment to everyone

Important News:

The family is going to BIKOL NEXT WEEK! HUZZAH!!!

Although dad is going today for a scubadiving expition which I really wanna go with him but he won't let children come with him cuz it will distract him,oh well...

Besides I can ride the Jetski again and I'll be taught how to scuba dive!!!

I was taught before but I did it with a cold so I didn't get to dive deeper because of the head pressure,roar!!!

Anyway...I'm still contemplating whether I should go with Kim to that Ja Rule Concert,hmm.....

I'm no fan of him but hopefully there would be some cool stuff to buy or food,hehehe!!!

OR I could make Kim's friend buy some stuff for me besides his rich and very kind,hopefully he won't mind

me so evil...wahahahahahaha!!!!




I've gone mad

Save me 0.o


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Sunday, April 17, 2005

   I'm inlove so inlove! I can't stop thinking about him!


Just as the subject says...its true

I take all the blame to myself and I don't regret it,hehehe!!!


Last night I was reading the Manga online and whenever I see a very nice moment I felt all giddy and jealous of Tohru,I'm so jealous! Why can't that be me?!?!?!!?!?! T_T


Sorry I just want to finally express this feeling out,its killing me! >_<


Man I slept at 4 am just because of that!!! Waaahhh!!! *going crazy*

Anyway....I shouldn't be here...but its all your fault! YOU GUYS SPOILED ME :P

Anyway..I'm just here in the Office with Casper not the friendly ghost,hehehe!!!

Awhile ago he was watching tv while hugging a big pillow,Kawaii!!!


I've been reading too much Fruits Basket,Tohru is rubbing in on me! >_<

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   Do you guys miss me?

Eeeerrr....I fell from a Jetski and a Monkey scratched my leg cause he thought I was stealing his food,hahahhaa!!!

*runs away*

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