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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   Tired.....Have mercy on me!!!
Went to school this morning...so tired....my body aches everywhere!!!! Bleh!!!

Let me just say one thing:

T.Liezel you are such a useless B***!!!

*gives a satisfied smile*

Anyway....Number 5 is poking me!!! Oh yeah! Speaking of which I just wanna post this conversation I had with her last night online:

ranimelover: Woah!
ranimelover: I saw a chicken!
ranimeloer: @_@
misao_chan3173: You're house is freaking me out dude -_-

Hahahahahaha!!! That was so hilarious!!! LMAO!

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[Hisui]: It was fun today but its the case of my aching body >_<

Well I'm not exactly 16 aswell but my mom let me drive,wahahahaha!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow! My grandma is gonna come here with the dvds!!! Weee!!!

[Krystale]: Oooooo....well maybe you should be more attendant next time

[sad-reflectionz]: Hail the almighty couch *bows*

I may not qualify to enroll for driving lessons in a school but I'm qualify to drive ~_^

[Finalfan1015]: I'm so lucky! :D
Don't worry,someday you will be ready for it ^^

[star~wolf]: Driving is awesome man! :D

[silverdaydreamer]: My couch is more comfortable than my bed,my bed is rock hard >_<

I'm insane for laughing at the thought me almost dying,wahahaha!!!

Ummm....my birth month is on October,start counting from April and you'll see,hehehe!

[Mazokuurameshi]: Yeah I'm a lucky bastage,hehehe!

[Sakura Hyuuga]: Yeah dancing could be fun

[Night shade]: Was I mean to you? I was just giving you advice.Plus whats the point of posting if noone except you can read it? I didn't expect that I would offend you.

[Otemba]: yeah dancing is fun once in awhile

[hiei teddy bear]: Yeah! I can't wait for the my anime dvds!

Hope you'll get some aswell on your b-day! ^^

[Duck Pony Chimera]: Eeer...I dont know if I'm happy or not that I didn't gall @_@

[Snow angel]: When I was driving I was a bit tense and I keep on hitting the gas more than the break XD

[AilahWolf]: She will let you someday,I'm sure ^^

[masterman]: I'll be careful

[ElvesAteMyRamen]: Nope she didn't tell what were the animes she got,hope its good though ^^

[marz]: Atleast you're a good experienced driver ^^

Wahahahahaha!!! Alot of dvds to come,weee!!! XD

[Me Luv Kyo Kun]: Yeah I'm one lucky bastage for getting alot of good stuff,wahahahaha!!!

[AirbenderPaschan]: Why don't you tell them what it is ^^

[ReiNGE]: Laughing is good ^^

I don't like my dad watching me when I drive,its very uncomfortable *cringes*

[Gray Underpants]: Hehehe!!!Well its never too late to learn right?

[iluvsasuk]: Bleh! Here in the Philippines,its very linient :P

[HeeroYuy77]: Yeah I have to wait *sigh*

Yay! Wing Zero! *rides inside and accidentally hit the detonator*

Ack! *innocent look*

[sweetshnara16]: Thanks for the compliment ^^

yeah I'm lucky to have cool relatives

[theblackraven]: Yep,I'm getting alot of dvds,weee!!!

[The Mask]: Yeah its for recognition day.What do you mean SELFISH???????? You just ASK THEM VERY SWEETLY ~_^

[XcXChezaXcX]: Yep it is cool

[Chocobo Gene]: Dancing was fun and a pain ^^;;

[DarkMagician316]: Slam Dunk rocks my socks! I still love Rukawa,hehe!!

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