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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   Grandma has finally arrived!!!
She's here! She's finally here!!! Yay!!!!

I didn't go with my mom to pick her up in the airport cuz I had to go to school,danggit!!! *mumbles*

I'm the only girl who's gonna dance,awesome!

Well she arrived at 11:30 am and its now 1:17 pm,where is she?!?!?!?!?! *goes hysterical*

Anyway,something unexpected happened today.

The guy who I'm not friends with anymore sent me a letter!

He gave it to me personally in school.Its about how he feels for me.Saying sorry and blah stuff!

Now my mind is corrupt and my heart is yelling at me,gah!

*sigh* Why is there still drama around me? I never wanted this but it happened.

I feel a serene annoying pleasure,why does he do this to me?!

Blah! I'm happy and yet confuse about this.I thought the blahness between me and him is over....emotions are dangerously random.

Keep that in mind people *nods head*

Hehehe!! I'm like a bottle with running emotions right now and its crazy *drinks water*

Anyway....to distract myself I'm gonna....uhhh...reply to your comments! XD

Comment on a comment

[Summoner Rekka]: I just ignored her by not answering her questions,she talks alot and ask alot of questions,gah! 0_0

Nah,all I need is rest 'tiss all ^_^

[Hisui]: Hahaha! That's silly,hehehe!!! But then again I have to limp when I go upstairs XD

T.Liezel is our stupid useless teacher and I hate her to death!!! Damn her!!! *rants* XD

[Black Mage TBow]: Thanks for the compliment.Well its because I visit their sites and comment and they do thesame for me.Thats what you call interaction.

[Angie Lee Lee]: Thanks for the compliment.It's alright that you didn't visit often ^^

[Flueky]: Body sores and cramps sucks as hell! *rants*

I'll be careful when I drive ^^

[ParnoidPerson]: Oi! You're making me hungry dude! XD

[Steptoussai]: Congrats! XD

[J GUNDAM]: Hehehe! That convo was so freakn' funny and awesome! Randomly awesome yo! XD

[hiei teddy bear]: Oooooo...awesome! ^^;;


[redmoonchick]: Randomly awesome yo! XD

[SomeGuy]: *goes find the chicken for your dinner*

[Soulstealer]: Heh! I enjoy reading your random comment,hehehe!

[silverdaydreamer]: You scared the chicken away T_T

Poking is fun yet annoying *pokes you*


[Karumichan]: When was the chicken never naked?!?!?!?!?! @_@

[hinaru]: The chicken is on top of you *points your head*

Ooooohhh! An egg!!! XD

[Seto Kaiba Freak]: Meh! Random animals are popping everywhere! Gah!

[Panda]: You killed the chicken?!?! 0o;;

[Wolf of Darkstar]: Hahaha! yeah I know its odd

[ElvesAteMyRamen]: Why ye walking on ye many of stairs lassy? 0.o;;


[final fantasy7287]: *eats chicken*

[Musicisonlyme]: Parking lot? Hahaha! XD

[marz]: Hahaahha!!!

[Glitch4.0]: Hahahahahahha!!! I should take lessons from you dude XD

[XcXChezaXcX]: When I see your avatar and read your comment.My mind clicked and it said



[evangelion]: I didn't do it!!! It was the leprachaun!!!!

[pinkstaryeyes]: Chicken is cool yo! XD

[Otemba]: Grandma is here! But not where I am right now,wait does that make sense? 0o;;

[iluvsasuk]: *pokes you back*

[theblackraven]: School....what the hell am I learning from it?!

[HeeroYuy77]: I'm fine I'm fine *hugs*

[Chocobo Gene]: *pushes Number 5 and she falls on the floor*

I'm sorry,I thought you said PUSH *innocent look*

[Mazokuurameshi]: Stupid class......my head is breaking

When I typed the comment on a comment,it prevented me on eating my chocolate sandwich for 5 mins.! What torture! Damn you all! XD

Just kidding,wahahahahha!

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