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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Jeez, I been gone for nearly 3 months
Where to begin...let see... i'm not gonna make any excuses. i haven't updated because i really dont feel like it. nah, its just i dont have time anymore. come on, it takes me nearly 3 months just to post. it could be because i really dont care about my site anymore. its dull and i'm too damn lazy to come up with something new and if i can do half the stuff that other Otaku users do to their site then maybe i'll garner interest in my page again, but until then, my page can go to hell for all i care. i do have some news, my birthday is this week. it arrives on the day of the superbowl. whoopy. i'm still in the states by the way so i can watch it but personally i dont give a shit about it. my team didn't make it anyways. Damn Jacksonville!!! To me birthdays is nothing special for me. Its just a whole 'nother day. You become one year older and one year closer to death. Dont see what the big deal is about celebrating birthdays. they suck period. i guess you can say i'm a grouch but i dont give a shit. i'm me and i say what i want to say. other than that, whenever i do show up on my site, you will read nothing but whats on my mind and on my mind is my birthday and like any other days, it can go straight to hell. see ya cats later
~a pissed off and different tiger~

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