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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Today is my birthday. Who cares!!!!
Today I turn 21. Whoopee. Personally like I said before, I dont care really. The funny thing is it feels like I'm making a big deal out of this, well I'm just putting a point out, I really don't care too much about my birthday. I done it all. I sky dived, snowboarded, surf, even tho i suck really bad at surfing and wiped out so many times that i can;t count on my fingers and toes but it was still fun. Got drunk and played bumper cars now thats cool. Really tho, theres nothing left except to try new alcohol. Nah, to tell you the truth after being single for awhile now, you would think I would be drowning my sorrows. Part of me feels like shit but it was my fault, I called my girlfriend by another name and you know how that is. "What the hell you call me? "and then comes the throwing of shoes at you, vases, pretty much anything that can become airborne. I tell you Asians really have some fucking temper. After that mishap, we broke up and now I will be celebrating my birthday alone, drinking and watching the Super Bowl. Hopefully the Seahawks win. It feels weird not being in Japan right now but I need a new change but then again, why the hell did i choose to come to Bakersfield, CA. This place is the dumps. I rather be visiting someplace in Montana then being here. What the hell was I thinking. Anyways, personally the past couple days i wasn't so happybut you know what, this is your life, enjoy it. Have no ring on my finger, single, the fucked up thing si I;m a single father which to me is kind of rare because you usually hear about single mothers but if you watch that show Full House, a single dad can get along just fine. You know I never thought I would be updating this much. It used to be, update here and then disappear for about a month, sometimes 2 or hell even 3, but due to one person, I will update for her. The funny thing I used to care about how many comments I get, but you know what, who really cares, when you at least see your best friend's comments and personally thats all you really need. Wow I haven't rambled like this since when i first started. I guess the old tiger is back after all. Good night all you tomcats and alleycats and my breathren. As they say in Japan, "Oyasami" C-ya
~finally a happy tiger~

p.s. you better fucking win Seahawks!!!!! Hopefully this pic is viewable. This is me on my birthday last year. I'm the middle posing with two wrestlers at a house show in Japan
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