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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

   shiny demon.

Home from Ashland, I am, and it was good... my brother got a skull. As in, Yorick. Hilarity. And I got a shirt that has a line from King Lear... that is, "Come not between the dragon and his wrath." Appropriate. *glee*

Anyway, um... not much else to say. I've been reading Demon Diary and loving it... read the first five... good things.

Not to mention... I'm finally making an effort to learn to draw. Behold, 'tis Nozomi-chan! Ph33r the awful sketchiness... and if I can still pick up a pencil, I shall draw Sora-sama. (Eheheh, Aurus is a geisha!) (Shut up, brain! *thwack* Nozomi is a geisha. Aurus is just Aurus.) (Aurus shares a brain with a geisha! Eheheh.) (...)

This moment of insanity is brought to you by Holland smoked gouda cheese, Stoned Wheat Thin crackers, and Laughing Cow swiss cheese spread.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

   Milk de gozaru yo.

I've been lazy...

But that's OK! Because I finally borrowed the Kyoto arc! I've watched the first seven episodes... It's so badass! ... *SQUEAL* I was on the edge of my seat for all of the first Saitou/Kenshin fight... and at the end of the fourth episode, I started to cry... *still clutching Kenshin in her samurai-deathgrip*

... anyway... *glees*

I am feeling the urge to write the Anime Dictionary... to define terms such as "badass", "mind-fuck" (that one I must credit to Shanny), "sub", and "dub" to the average person (*cough*father*cough*). Suggestions for words needing a definition in the context of anime and manga are welcome.

I'm gonna be gone for a while... I'm leaving tonight to go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and I'll be back Sunday night. Probably won't have any computer access, but since I just borrowed the first five volumes of the Demon Diary manga, I think I'll survive. ^.^;

Paco, I am working on your banner. If I don't finish it this afternoon, I'll try to get it done on Monday.


EDIT! The "Angel Guard" banner for Paco is done, finally. I decided I'd just photoshop the entire thing (my tablet's a little off sometimes, so I haven't drawn something this detailed in photoshop or PSP in quite a while)... Anyway, there it is for you!

And if you're interested in seeing the angel picture without the beams of light and text and stuff, this is what it looks like. I added two more layers for the text and the border, actually, so it ended up being a good-sized project ^.^;

I'll have the banner site updated soon. I gotta shower.

See you all Sunday!

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Monday, July 5, 2004

.... DOOD.

If you were on a battlefield right now, versus everything...
Lover or a Fighter?
Fight for good or evil?
Battle Cry
Weapon of Choice Magnum .500
Appearance Dressed in Full Samurai Armour, flying in from above in a helicopter
Your Battle Cry... Strikes fear in the hearts of men and beast
Foes slain upon first strike: - 79%
What you fight Stupid People
You fight.... So you can get to see some gore
This fun quiz by Ferggs - Taken 16303 Times.

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!

I slay the stupid... I wear samurai armor... I leap from a helicopter... and I have a gun.

A friend of mine "edited" Saitou's famous phrase to Baka Soku Zan... Slay Stupid Immediately... so, I think that'll be my battle cry instead. Just under the circumstances, you know.

... that's all for now. *bow*

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Sunday, July 4, 2004

Busy, busy.

I'm plugging www.miburo.com today... it's a really excellent Saitou information/fan site.

Oh, and check their madlibs! I had some fun with this one... posting it for the sake of randomness. ... heh... a lawyer...

A man is walking through the streets of a small town at night. He is short, has long red hair in a mullet and carries a mallet. He has a cross-shaped scar on his left thumbnail.

Kaoru: Neko-chan!

He looks behind him. A girl dressed in a fluffy sock and carrying a bowl is walking towards him.

Kaoru: At long last Iíve found you. Your two months of juggling in the streets ends tonight. Prepare yourself!

Vagabond [eyes bugging out]: kee?

Kaoru: Donít play innocent with me! Who else would ignore the edict and walk around with a mallet!!

She swings. The vagabond leaps out of the way, crashing into a sponge and collapsing in a heap.

Kaoru: That didn't take long... Neko-chan?

Vagabond: [rubbing his head] Iím a vagabond, with no family or profession. A clicking swordsman. I just arrived in town. I donít know anything about juggling in the streets---

Kaoru: Well . . . well how to you explain this sword at your waist? Swordsmen arenít allowed to wear real swords! [she draws the sword] What is this . . . a/an shiny blade... ?

Vagabond: Could this sword snap anyone?

Kaoru: . . . It couldnít . . . The nicks donít smell of apple juice, there's no clouds of tallow on the blade. Like itís never been used. You really are just...

Vagabond: Yes. A lawyer.

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   And things Japanese continue to be the best things to happen to this earth.

My friends at Anime Kingdom just took me out for sushi... the first time I have ever eaten sushi in my life, if you'll believe it. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but I'm somewhat adventurous when it comes to food (even though I'm vegetarian, heh). So, we went out to I Love Sushi, had to wait a bit since it was crowded... we ordered a medley sort of thing since I had no idea what anything was, and we couldn't really agree on anything specific...

... Sushi is GOOOD. I tried spider rolls, bar-b-qued eel, raw tuna, salmon, and octopus... and for dessert, there was this absolutely stunning thing that was deep fried bananas and strawberries in an eggroll sort of thing, with ice cream and fruit...

GOOD FOOD. The Japanese are all gods.

Even better, though, was the conversation... my friend Lucy is OBSESSED with Hellsing (or, Alucard), you see, and earlier in the day she'd gotten out this thing of cologne, given it to Lea (who works at Anime Kingdom), and just as she sniffed it, asked, "Do you think this is what Alucard would smell like?"

... if everyone in the store didn't collapse right then and there, I'd be surprised. Anyway, we all had to smell it, and pretty much came to the consensus that Alucard probably would not smell like that... but if he were to wear cologne, it would be a very appropriate choice for him. Some of us figured that he'd probably smell something like the cologne mixed with the smells of leather, gunpowder, and dried blood... which come to think of it, doesn't seem that bad at all. Heheh.

So, in the middle of dessert, eating the bananna-strawberry-icecream thing... Mike asks, "So, is this what Alucard would taste like?"...

... but my gods, so much hilarity happened tonight. I can't say how much I enjoyed it... and I wouldn't hesitate to go out with these people for sushi again any time soon. Especially since sushi is SO FREAKIN' GOOD! The raw fish... it's really good. They tend to glop the wasabi on it, though, so I kept an eye out for that... heh, I know someone who once swallowed an entire packet of wasabi... yeah, he's kind of a dumbass...

Anyway... g'night, as it's 10:30. Love you all!

EDIT: OOH! OOH! I'm gonna borrow the Kyoto Arc from Tige! YESSS, I finally get to feast upon this horde of badass! Aurus is happy, indeed! ^___^:;

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Saturday, July 3, 2004

We commence to mourn the death of Marlon Brando, beloved actor and all around cool dude with the coolest-ass name you could ever have. He was also the Godfather, I believe. I don't know much about actors or movies, but I know enough to know that he was cool. His name says it all, though. Tell me you don't love his name, come on, I dare you!

... anyway. I'm gonna name a cat "Marlon" someday. I have this huge list of names I want to call cats... a lot of them are famous people. A lot of those are authors... and most of the remainder are Greek. I'd like to adopt a litter of kittens and name them all after authors... then get another litter and name them after Greeks... get another litter and name them Shakespeare names...

... but I'm rambling aimlessly!

I'm NOCTURNAL now. I was awake last night until past five in the morning... by choice, actually, since I was thinking maybe if I collapsed from lack of sleep, I could fake being really sick and not have to go to this meeting that was supposed to be this morning but ended up not being, apparently. Doesn't really matter, as I overslept anyway. Heheh.

That's all for now. I'm still a little weird from my frosty experience...

Oh, and check out my scary-ass cupcakes!

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

Be freakin' afraid.

Sugar does bad things.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


New icon... 'sabout it... I'm kinda bored and not-here-mentally today, so yeah...

Anyone know Jim David's comedy routine about going to the library and Beowulf and stuff?... The greatest routine ever. My brother has it pretty much memorized.

Have I mentioned how cool my brother is? We can actually listen to each other's favorite radio stations and not kill each other. That and he can bring his guitar into the computer room, I'll turn on Stairway to Heaven, and we play/sing along with it.

A brief portion of The List, because I'm bored and stuff.

1. Rurouni Kenshin: Legend of Kyoto boxed set
2. Saiyuki 1st DVD
3. Rurouni Kenshin manga volume 5
4. Saiyuki manga volume 1
5. RahXephon 2nd DVD
6. A shinai (or two)

These being the highest priority, of course... anyway... off I go to bounce around and be bored. Yay.

EDIT: Does anyone here read Fallen? I feel the need to squeal.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

   Happily bored ^.^

It's a good feeling. It might be the music, too... "Because You Were", which I believe is a FMA song. It's so pretty... and very gentle and soft and calming... and just so darn pretty. I'm going to find the lyrics someday. And I'd love the piano score.

So, some of my friends and I have been working on a manga project... I guess I shouldn't say much about it, but we all met today (and we'll meet again on Tuesday) and discussed ANGST! And oh, it was good. We've figured out some very angsty things about our manga, and a few cute/comical things (shirtless man-gods, anyone? ^.^"). We actually made something of a to-do list, too, so maybe we'll reach our deadline of finishing concept stuff by October. I'm so excited!

Now, to bug my mom about setting up a debit card for me, so I can hook it up to my PayPal account and sell stuff. o.o;

Much love!

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

   My library must hate Japan.

So. Went to the library, thinking to find a good dictionary of Japanese names. Couldn't find one. So, I thought to myself, well, let's find some informative books on Japanese history! Specifically, the Bakumatsu revolution! Couldn't find one. In fact, the only item that came up when I searched on "bakumatsu" was Rurouni Kenshin manga. The first four of which I own. Not helpful.

So, dear Aurus, why not find some books on Samurai in general? Couldn't find anything informative and non-fiction. Well... don't lose hope... let's search on Bushido, since that's the samurai code and stuff, that's informative. Search. All the results but one are checked out.

C'mon, don't lose hope - let's go find that one book. How hard can it be to find?

DING! Famous last words!

The book was on the wrong freaking shelf. I found it by a lucky glance.

I don't like my library much anymore.

Oh well... at least I have one book on Bushido to devour. Aurus is remotely happy.

And if anyone can recommend a website that has a nice, comprehensive, accurate list of Japanese given names and their meanings, I would love you if you could direct me to it. I have found several, all of which conflict dreadfully.

Aurus rather feels like bitching out somebody she doesn't know. Doesn't know why... just does. Oh yeah.

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