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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

rainnn and 9/11
haha i was being amazingly weird yesterday, and yess it was amazing 'cuz i was like making my own day part of the time and yeahh

Spanish: haha i don't really know...but damn she gives a lot of hwk fiunaisu i hate her -_-
Labdayy: uh haha boring ass shiiitt yoo, like it really wass -_-
Bio: haha still boring as shiiit but i as excitedd to leave LOL
S.S: haha my teacher told us some weird/funny storiess and yeahh brehhhh
English: omggnjfpiajriguhjtuyeahhhh haha pretty damnn boring but the rain excited me haha
Gym: ahhh i love my gym class. hahaha. apparently my gym shirt is like a dressy on me, since it's big and i'm so tiny [4' 11" and a quarter to be exact! and yes the quarter counts for a lot!! xp ]
anyways yeahh haha
Lunch: lol, hitting,throwing,laughing,ramblingg, memories yeahhhyeahh!! :D
Photography: my grade, sophmores [10th], had this assembly soo yeah brehh
Math: uhh haha went over shiit, got a review sheet blehh test tomorrow :/
AfterSchool: jumping up and down, i was so fucking excited, and i told my friend and other people i was like: come on!! be excited guyss!!! haha. then when we were walking in the hall ways i was screaming peoples names out that i saw hahaha i amuse myself :]

anyways: the rain excited me, and it was retarded how we didn't have a moment of silence for 9/11. that was upsetting in a way because it's like you remember but you're trying to avoid saying anything because if you bring it up and someone lost somebody that could possibly ruin there day just by being reminded even if they try to push it all aside and everything. but i can't believe it's already been 6years since then, it's kind of weird how certain events and dates make you realize the time that has past, yet when you remember things like 9/11 and people or pets that you've lost throughout your life so far you come to realize how despite coming or not coming to terms with things you'll still miss them and have that filled-void [yes it's a contradiction] because you know...you'll never get to have new moments and memories with them and then you feel sad, and start remembering all the good and bad times with everyone and you realize how all of that has made you what you are today and those are the memories you cherish and how if that one person or that one pet or incident or anything wasn't there...things might not be the same at all.

[[for those who know me in real life, if you're reading this: yeah i can be fucking deep and i'm not as retarded as i may seem, suck it.]]

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Monday, September 10, 2007

it's so gross outside ijfeiujfe. and this is the exact reason why i don't get how people love summer, as in the heat/sun part of it. anyways my weekend was pretty chill 'cept for when i got mosquito bites that make my left arm look all gross since i mostly got bit there -_- whatever, it's a long story and i don't feel like telling it or typing haha yeahh...

Spanish: pretty boring. got called on like twicee haha...lameee.
Study Hall: ended up getting a referral...why? idk it's not like me or my friends did anything[yeah they got one too] but whatever.
Bio: hahaha i couldn't concentrate at all, and i was really tiredd.
S.S: ahaha i have no ideaa like seriously...i forgot xD
Eng: pretty boring but ehh oh well. oh yeah! and it started like pouring for some reason? then it stopped then it started again...and then it stopped hahaha good thing too, i mean i LOVE the rain but...i was wearing a white shirt hahaha
Gym: picture dayy!! lol. ughfoijfesr mine probably came out grosss!! -_- but other than that..gym was funny/fun/interestingg x]
Lunch: haha everyone was either: tired,bored, or just doing whatever really i guess lol.
Photography: haha took two tests andd took picturesss [the picture part was lammee...haha i never like the way i come out in pictures but whateverrr]
Math: uhh haha nothing really..idk i don't remember. i was really excited to leave though :]
AfterSchool: haha met up with muhh frannnnd. lol. and uhh well....my friend kinda got left behind 'cuz i was about to miss my bus and we took the long way...'cuz i was being retarded and didn't realize it 'till later LOL. so yeah...but my friend got stopped in the hallway for something anyways soo yeahhhh xD
kfjiusngriu fuck dat heatt kjfis jflol. but seriously -_- i hope it gets magically cold and everything lol.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

omg haha today was amazing!! like seriously.
Homeroom: nothing special...
Spanish: holy ihfieauhfuiwhff i was tired as helll mannn haha it was lame anyways
Study Hall: pretty boring, we can't really talk ut at least i got shiit done
Bio: Mr.Blueberry lolol. uhh boring basically.
S.S: haha got called down to da office fo muhh lockaa change. hahaha sorry but yeahh and uhh it was funny 'cuz yeahh XD
Eng: not much really...it was boring
Gym: i got a U for unprepared lololol. but uhh yeah we didn't do anything...
Lunch: made my fucking dayy!! haha between our talking/laughing/random times to our somewhat awkward silence haha fun good timesss :]
Photography: pretty boring but somewhat funny 'cuz yeahh x]
Math: haha i just wanted to get out of theree XD
After School: apparently it's someones birthday tomorrow..i feel bad 'cuz i didn't know 'cuz i didn't hear it on the announcement this morning. otherwise the 1st time i saw him i wouldda ran up hugged him and made a huge deal out of it haha. but yeahh mannn i said happy birthday and stuffs and yeahh XD
Bus: pretty damn boring. but kinda funny XD yeahhh mannn
have a great weekend ^^

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

homeroom: nothing really special
spanish: pretty annoying...idk i don't like mornings in school usually
study hall: got in trouble like three times for stupid shit and my friend finally got back!! and..she got in trouble like x9038493284 too haha x]
bio: fire drill!! :D otherwise boring shiit
s.s: got our books -_-
eng: got our books -_- and presented our hwk which had to do with our names or someshit...i don't feel like explaining
gym: was very...interesting? haha. we're supposed to start tomorrow but it's friday and i'm not bring my gym clothes...fuck that haha but seriously idc if i get an unprepared
lunch: haha trading papers and flying things coming out of no where. XD
photography: haha nothing really.
math: i swear i could only comprehend a bit of what we learned, i was that tired and everything
walking: with muhh buddayy!! haha. we're like always saying how tired we are, i swear it's like a contest? maybe i'll make it into one, haha but yeah i was complaining about something[been doing this since school started] and then we talked about music a little and then i saw my friend and yelled her name haha.
bus: was...interesting haha.yeahhh

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

it's only the second day...blehhh.

Spanish: boringg as helll
Study Hall: ehh worked on some packet thingg
Bio: he kept talking and talking...i swear i was asleep.
S.S: haha i was so tired. i don't even really remember.
Eng: was lateee 'cuz idk i guess i just felt like it or something, but it was boring anyways
Gym: funnn. haha i swear we talk about the randomest shiit ever.
Lunch: uhh finished some math sheet i was supposed to do last night.talked.andd uhhh oh yeah! we were watching this kid at my lunch table eat Photography: we didn't really do much haha.
Math: boring as hell man. well not really i was just really tired so yeahh x]
After School: walked with the child. and listened to my ipod haha oh the memoriess of last year <3
but..we need to arrange this walkingg thing 'cuz fkjiurjfire i miss walking with the other child :\
Bus: odd? haha my friend was trying to take my phone from mee, which he finally got it...after a long while x]andd uhh he took my ipod and i almost bit him for that lolol. annd uhh yeahh XD

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

first dayy of school
haha. so it was a delayed opening and when i got there. i was just walking around, i did find basically everyone i wanted too. so that was cool. then before homeroom i was walking with one of my friends haha that was fun. my homeroom is like in the middle of nowhere, i swear i'm in like pluto haha. well hmm 1st period: got my brothers spanish teacher from last year and she's like "did i have your brother last year" so i just nodded.
2nd period: was like biology lab for today and that went okay, i have like one or two friends there haha.
3rd period: is actually bio. so yeah XD
4th/5th pd: is uhh well i take this us history that's combined with english but yeah this part was the s.s part so yeah i had a hard time finding the room, it was like hiding i swear haha.
6th/7th: is the english part and that was okay. oh yeah i only really talk to like a couple of people in this class/s.s
8th/9th: GYM! holyjfkhiewuahfuaf. best class ever next to lunch. i have everyone i'll ever need, i swear. haha. there's: naveena,kyla,vinnie, and dawn. and two other people who i barely talk to, but apparently will talk to more this year. so that's coool.
10th: LUNCH! haha i think this years lunch'll be better than last year. like seriously, it's basically the people i hang out with in gym 'cept for dawn, so that's cool. :]
11th: is uhh photography, i somewhat know one person but we don't really talk at all haha. so yeahh that's kinda lame.
12th: math..once aGAIN. -_- i swear i'm going to move down this time. but i only know like a couple of people and barely talk to any of them, so maybe this year i can actually concentrate in math and most of my other classes? haha who knowws.
the end: well of school and such. walked with kyla and vinnie, haha those kidsss <333 we were going to walk with naveena, but we couldn't find her :/ haha anyways the bus ride wasn't all that amazing haha, but yeahh.
so today was kinda okay, but lame how in most of my classes i have no one, that's kinda depressing, but gym/lunch makes up for it :]
oh yeah and i'll be complaining about my locker/homeroom situation to get changed since otherwise i'd be late to all my classes and never be able to catch my bus which usually leaves early...LAMEE -_-
but yeahh haha have a great dayy :D

*to any who actually read this...sorry for making it a somewhat mixed and all over the place writing blog thingy haha*

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Friday, August 31, 2007

i miss
coming on this site like everyday and posting my pointless school stories and all that jazz, but ehh i might come back soon since school's starting up sept.4th :] soo take it as good news or just as nothing. it's not like i'm expecting anyone to read what i write or comment on it, despite the fact that it could be nice to know that people read what i wrote/read peoples comments. and i'm sorry for not getting to comment back or to signing anyone's guestbook, since i haven't been on here and this site doesn't really mean much to me as it used to now :/
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

fucking finally!!! WOOOO
hey =] so last night was well...i kinda studied BUT i ALSO watched movies =] hahaha. and omg FUCKING FINALLY THE SCHOOL BULLSHIT IS OVER!! now it's time for summer bullshit? bahaha whatever at least no more school for now!!! YAAAY!! im so fucking happy but i MISS EVERYONE!!! =[ bahaha at least i got to walk with my walking buddy for the last time till next year XD ahh yeah have a great day ^-^
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

just one more day!!!
hey =] so hahaha there was a semi-storm here and i was listening to Storms by November Blessing too!! hahaha k right anyways so today was my s.s final it was uhh okay.bahaha. tomorrow's my last day and i have math&science...the joy -_- haha anyways yeahh so have a great day ^-^
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

haha english final
hey =] so all i have left for school is finals. monday i didn't have any so i didn't have to go and my weekend was good. tomorrow i have my s.s final =/ but at least i get home by like 10 =] haha yeah so have a great day ^-^
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