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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

its only tuesday?!
hey =] so i went to bed late last night...again...like always. lol.
sci: nothing but talk.and im being serious, we didn't do anything in that class well except asked our teacher questions about her bf XD
foods: started making our cakes! omg the frosting was orgasmic! XD
study hall:did my s.s hwk the whole time
lunch: haha...yeahhhh.......lol
s.s: notes lol
eng:boring the quiz thing was easy...kinda....
spanish: quiz and then after i zoned out
health: reasearch for our project thing XD
math: haha we had a subsititue lolz.
after school: the original walking buddies ahahaha im so lame XD anyways yeah just walked&talked.
now:tired[a little]. and uhh just doing what i normally do? lol have a great day ^-^

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Monday, April 30, 2007

hey =] so i posted my dream up yesterday so uh read it if you want too i guess? XD
Sci: teacher was being all teachery since we were getting observed.
Foods: teacher wasn't there did some boring worksheet thing.
Study Hall: hwk and talked.
Lunch: i was sitting between to hyper ppl o.O XD
S.S: my original teacher was there today ^-^ see cuz we have this student teacher teach us...he leaves friday.
Eng: haha presented the odyssey group thing i had no idea what was going on so when i was up with my group i basically bullshitted my way through it and it worked ^-^
Spanish: haha i have no idea i wasnt paying attention half the time.
Health: movie and talked with my friend and did my hwk
Math: extreamly boring
After School: lol walked and talked with my friends.
Now: tired like always. HEROES comes on tonight! WATCH IT!! =D lol have a great day ^-^

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

my dream...what you've all waited for..hehe
hey =] so uhm im gunna post what i can remember about my weird dream where i almost died.
Dream: i was walking around and i see a lot of people i do know and don't know. then i see this strange lady with my father. i wonder who she is but i get this feeling i should just run away, run far far away. i see my brother talking to his friend so i call him over. i ask him who the lady is and he looks at me as if i was crazy and tells me that she's our new step mom. i look over at her and tell my brother that i don't like her at all, he agrees. then it fades.....
Next: we're in some type of house or building where we're celebrating something. i find myself in some sort of basement with large machines,they looked as if it was some type of new cooking devices. i find my step mother, my brother and mother in the same room. my brother and i start insluting my step mother while my mother is going up the stairs. she talks back to us and this continues until she's had enough. me being well me tells her off one final time telling her that she's nothing to me and never will be or something of the sort. her face boils in anger and she starts coming at my brother and i with a knife. the picture fades.
After: i find myself running around the party room avoiding the crazy lady[step mom] trying to kill me. its as if no one notices and they continue on with their conversations. my brother is safe from her wrath yet i am not. it seems as if she holds a deep hated with only me and no one else, although i can't figure out why. i look for my father to see if he can get his bit*h off my case. then something in my mind tiggers and i realize he's outside, probably bring in beers,wine and smirnoff. all of a sudden the picture fades to black again.
Next: i find myself braking plates although im not sure why. it just seems like a good idea. i can't seem to find the crazy step mom.although i still feel the need to be on gaurd.i hear singing,its a males voice and it's almost hipnotizing in a weird sense. i however am not a victim to the 'hypnotizing' i hear a vocie talking to the singing man. then the singing stops for but a moment. i look over and theres my 'stepmom' kissing the singing male.apparently they're together.he sings again hypnotizing everyone and i run again. im being chased by now my crazy 'stepmother'and her boyfriend. i keep braking plates and i still can't figure out why but it somehow works. i feel someone grab my hand and i see my friend he asks me whats wrong and i look at him as if he were crazy.i tell him to let me go so i can run he doesn't want to let go because he presists to figure out whats wrong with me. i mange to break away and tell him to stay still and follow everyone else. i keep running because the chase is still going on. im almost caught numerous times yet mange to escape. i see that my friend has found my brother and my brothers friend.everyone's still hypnotized,my father's still outside, and can't hear me at all. i have this idea, i realize its crazy,insane,and if everyone comes out of their hypnotized-like state it'd seem suicidal. i realize im wasting time by contemplating my decision and do what my instics tell me to do. i throw myself against the beautiful large window and mange to throw myself so hard against it that it brakes i'm outside now with bits and pieces of glass shards surrounding my bleeding body.the picute fades.
The End: now i find myself sitting in a car going on the highway.in the car is my father driving, his 'wife'/my 'stepmom'/his bit*h[yes i've given her quite a few names]sitting in the passengers seat next to him. the seat behind my father is my friend and apparently im not in my right state of mind for im on his lap and he's hugging me and my drybloody body.next to us is my brother with his friend on his lap,he's hugging her and it looks as if something happened to her,i see mascara running down her face,but it's dried.the seat behind us is my stepmothers boyfriend,my father doesnt know about their relationship. i ask to stop at a gas station making some excuse to go to the bathroom. we stop and i get out of the car,my brothers friend following. my brother and my friend feel the need to get out of the car too. i tell my dad that he should consider getting snacks or something to drink while the car is being filled up.leaving my 'stepmom' and her boyfriend as the only two in the car. i tell my brother,his friend,and my friend what had happened to me and im exsatic to find that they believe my crazy but true tale. without anyone noticing us we manged to be like ningas or spies on a mission and manage to have gasoline all around the car. we all back away and my father has luckily not come back yet.my brother and i pull lighters from our pockets,what can we say?fire fascinates us. we realize they wont work too well with our plan so we pull out our matches. all of us throw the lit up matches to the car and run. BOOM! theres flames everywhere, we had just killed them both and made it look like it was an accident. as much as all of us are glad we each have someone to hug as we are a bit traumatized that we would each do such a thing. my father comes out after hearing the loud noise and realizes what has just occured.he sees us and he holds his composure together,probably because he feels that he should be strong no matter what. we don't know what to say as we all just stare.but something tells me that this is far from over. the picture fades once again but this time im awake.
Now: damn that was long and im amazed i remebered my dream.well anyways there ya have it my weird crazy dream.haha okay i'll stop typing since you already have a lot to read have a great day ^-^

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Friday, April 27, 2007

hey!! sup?!? ^-^ well im in a good mood, lets just hope no one kills it. anyways i basically slept all day yesterday since i didnt have any hwk and i was extreamly tired =]
Sci: future car movie thing hahaha
Foods: the disgustingest food we've ever ever made XP i didnt really like any of it
Study Hall: talked and then studied XD
Lunch: ahaha trying not to make it akward and we succeded! hahaha yeah and me&my friend were all hyper it was amazing! we got new inside jokes to add to our other millions of inside jokes XD
S.S: notes and me being weird and sarcastic =]
Eng: haha presentations it was kinda boring x_x
Spanish: haha told most of my class that i hated them because they were killing my good hyper mood hahaha ...yeahhh
Health: watched part of odd girl out and yeah thats it haha
Math: basically failed my test x_x
After School: hahaha talked with my friends and didnt miss the bus!! =D
Now: still in a good mood since no ones killed my mood...yet...haha yeah so anyways ha--oh yeah! so about my dream uhm im too lazy to type it since it'll take up forever so uh i'll MAYBE post it tomorrow..or something...yeahh so have a great weekend and day ^-^

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

....not again
hey =] sup? so i actually went to bed early last night! yaay me ^-^ lol. and i woke up @ 626..and i dont have an alarm clock or anything but i woke up cuz i had this weird dream....
Sci: learned new stuffs and stuffs haha
Foods: making some disgusting vegetable crap thing.
Study Hall: basically slept ^-^
Lunch: talked haha
S.S: notes and i wasnt sarcastic for the whole class time!! hahaha
Eng: uhh did the same thing as yesterday
Spanish: awesome.lol the teacher wasnt there, and the substitute teacher was cool hahaha. i told her to rule with an iron fist lmao. i also yelled that the class was being annoying and they all shut up hahaha i started laughing.
Health: notes o.O oh and my friend told me that her friend was telling people stuff, i swear its like one week is drama free then the next theres more drama -_-
Math: boring crap like always
After School: just missed my bus. so i had to walk home which wasnt so bad since i didnt really have anything in my backpack.
Now: im not sure if i have any homework i know i have a math test tomorrow which ill probably fail haha so yeahh have a great day ^-^

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

holy crap its only wednesday
hey =] sup? so last night i went to bed at 230am...yaaay Sci: test..it was okay.
Foods: haha nothing no really i didnt do anything. oh and we got to eat our veggies so yeah lol.
Study Hall: studied for my s.s test
Lunch: talked and some people sang hahaha
S.S: test it was easy..but i sadly have to write and essay for hwk since its part of the test but we get to take it home haha yeahh
Eng: some odyssey stuffs hahaha yeahh
Spanish: not to sure hahaha oh yeah took a quiz XD
Health: took notes
Math: teacher wasnt there =] but the substitute sucked haha she reminded me of a bird.
After School: walked with my friends and i thought i missed the bus haha but i really didnt XD
Now: tired. maybe take a nap? =] hahaha have a great day ^-^

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

school can go suck it.
hey =] so HEROES last night was AMAZING! i want it to be monday @ 9pm again already hahaha.
Sci: test tomorrow which means stay up late to study.
Foods: cutting up vegetables? XD
Study Hall: lolz interesting.
Lunch: hahaha hilarious.
S.S: test tomorrow which means stay up late studying which means im gunna be dead tomorrow damn techers with their test.
Eng: uhm went over vocab stuffs or whatever
Spanish: boring.i was spacing out a lot
Health: finished watching rudy
Math: lol funny cuz of the people i sit by otherwise boring
After School: walked with my friends and talked with them and my friend said something funny he said that my brother inspires him. and 1st me&my other friend said: aww then we started laughing and asking him why and yeahh its all based on this manly tough guy thing that uhh no one here would know about...so yeahhh....
Now: tired from walking hahaha.and i think im going to go and be a lazy bum for a little..what does it matter when i'll be up all night studying anyways? hahaha yeah anyways have a great day ^-^

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Monday, April 23, 2007

hey =] so my brother&i were going through all our old toys yesterday...hahaha good times good times, i miss being a little kid...and i mean the age cuz i admit i am still a little kid at timess.....XD
Sci: eh work.
Foods: we have so dumbass project or whatever
Study Hall: interesting? lol idk funny.
Lunch: hahaha 'nuff said...well for me XD yeah anyways the old table got back together haha good times XD it was funny how we all sat at one table again instead of two right next to each other
S.S: notes
Eng: uhm nothing really
Spanish: learned spanish stuff? XD
Health: still watching Rudy
Math: boring as hell i almost fell asleep
After School: aww so it was like the good days when there wasnt a bunch of people to meet up with. hahaha well it was just me&my friend walking this time hahaha cuz everyone else went to go meet with other people and stuff so yeah
Bus: funny =] but extreamly hot -_-
Now: Heroes comes on tonight!! AHHH IM EXCITED!! anyways yeah i gotta do my hwk cuz i have a lot =_= so have a great day ^-^

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Friday, April 20, 2007

National Weed Day lol.
hey =D so anything new? haha todays National Weed Day lolz. im not doing any weed though so yeah...are any of you?

Sci: work cuz the teacher wasnt there.
Foods: the dude that was mad at me yesterday wasn't mad at me today was just acting all normal..but i was just not really talking to him or whatever so yeah..ANYWAYS our apple crumb cake thing or whatever its called was good =D
Study Hall: uhm did my hwk and slept.lol
Lunch: dip n dots! lmao. hahaha interesting...
S.S: notes and some worksheet
Eng: ehh read part of the odyessy and uh got our grades...mines a B-
Spanish: uhm idk? lol nothing really..
Health: watched that rudy movie again hahaha
Math: quiz it was okay.lol.yeahh hahahha
After School: walked and talked with my friends =D
Now: hyped...probably for nothing. and i MIGHT POSSIBLY go somewhere today...BUT i DOUBT it cuz my friend NEVER EVER EVER answered me back...but yeah ANYWAYS hahaha look at all that capitalization =D haha have a great weekend and day ^-^ ::hugs::

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

haha todays thursday!
hey =D hows everyone doing? good i hope. well last night was truly annoying and funny. we[mom.me.brother.] went to the grocery store...lost the keys.went crazy looking for em...yeah turns out my mom left her keys on the soad shelf while she was grabbing the sodas -_-' XD

Sci:tons of notes.
Foods: dk were making something. this dude..well my friend in my group got mad @ me for no reason[he was having a bad day but still..i make one statement.him:mind cleaning that side?me: yeah. but i was kidding i was gunna clean it of course but whatever]. so me being me of course got mad at him for getting mad at me so i was acting like a bitch to him or whatever. like if i was cleaning and he was in my way i would either ignore him or be like move kthanksbye.
Study Hall: interesting...lol.talked and did hwk.
Lunch: haha idk what happened i was doing my hwk -_-'
Eng:ehh not much really.
Spanish: boring?XD
Health: ahaha watched some movie.
Math: boring.
After School: met up with everyone like usual.lol
Now: tired. have a lot of hwk v.v and i almost forgot that today was thursday XD

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