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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hey. heroes last night was amazing!!! right so anyways heroes is an awesomely amazing tv show that more people should watch: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/ that tells you sometuff about heroes and has some eps anything else...just ask me XD
Sci - teacher=not here.
Foods - ate munchkins =D
Study Hall - weird...kinda not really.lol
Lunch - studied...hahaha not really, just mostly talked and laughed.
S.S - quiz....i think i did okay on it?lol
Eng - boring as usual.
Spanish - uhm...i forgot.XD
Gym - talked with my friends since my gym teacher wasn't there today.
Math - quiz...
After School - walked with my friends...it was...weird and funny.lol.
Now - hwk[as usual] then uhmm idk i don't have time for anything anymore[including sleep] x_x anyways have a great day ^-^

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Monday, February 26, 2007

delayed opening.
hey ^-^ well my weekend was awesome...on sunday mostly.lol.and today we had a delayed opening cuz it snowed last night!!
Sci- watched a video of teachers[including my sci teacher] dance XD lmao.
Foods - nothing really.
Study Hall- kinda weird but funny.
Lunch - i don't know.lol.
S.S- reviewed
Eng - nothing.lol.
Spanish - uhh...talked in spanish XD
Gym - we didn't have to change, so me and my friends were just talking and stuff like usual.
Math - uh...reviewed.lol.
After School - my walking buddy was here today!! ^-^ he was sick all last week.so yeah i walked and talked with him.
Now - Heroes is coming on tonight!!! im so happy ^^ and as usual me=loaded w/ hwk.which equals lack of sleep x_x. oh well.anyways have a great day ^-^

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Friday, February 23, 2007

finally friday =]
hey!! yaaay its finally friday! the day i've been waiting for!! and the good news: i dont really have hwk. the bad news: i only have math hwk ><
Sci- some people we're teaching my teacher how to do some dance moves XD
Foods - ate...the food was okay...and did my hwk. oh and my teacher was like. 'i see you dong your hwk there' me: yeah. well im always loaded with homework and theres nothing to do so until there is i will continue doing my hwk. then she left. XD
Study Hall - hwk >< i really did have a lot of hwk last night though. i didnt finish, i passed out on my bed while reading.[i was that tired, i never get enough sleep but whatever]
Lunch - <333 three of my friends. two of them yelled pen*s lmao. and the security gaurds looked back one time.rofl.another one of my friends kept on cursing and then she messed up something she was going to say...lmao.
S.S- reviwed what we read.
Eng- presented my myth >< oh and i told my teacher that i didn't like the book we're reading, that i threw it agaisnt the wall as soon as i read the 1st page, i didn't like the worksheets that went along with it cuz some of it was annoying and hard[i specifically talked about the passage part], and then she said im preparing you and stuff, so i said: yeah, but can't we do that with a fun book or something instead of with this boring one? lmao. XD
Spanish - got one of my quizzes back.i got a 100!!! =] lmao.don't ask about my enthusiasim..if you were in my class you'd understand.hahaha.
Gym - eh it was alright.
Math - boring. new lesson.
Now - tired, what else is new? and gunna rest. over the weekend IF i can i PROMISE to comment!! ^-^ ::hugs:: have a great weekend ^-^

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

extreamly tired like you have no idea.
hey.well yesterday sucked, i had to study a lot.
Sci-test....i probably failed.
Foods - we're making chicken and dumplings.
Study Hall- lmao.funny. we had a fire drill, and before that my friend was arguing with my study hall teacher.lol.
Lunch- funny....i told my friend she was like my dog.hahaha.long story.
S.S - reviewed for our test for like almost the whole period since some people had questions or whatever. then we had the test. which i messed up one question thanks to my stupidity.lol.
Eng - ppl presented..again.
Spanish - boring.
Gym - running.walking.and talking.
Math - boring.i want to drop out of math.
After School - walked with my friend. then got on the bus.got off the bus eventually and walked in the rain.
Now - home.have a lot of hwk as usual.so ::hugs:: have a great day ^-^

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

studying and such
hey.well in case no one read my post yesterday i wasn't on because i had to do this mythology project.
Sci - review.test tomorrow.
Foods - ate waffles ^-^
Study Hall- hwk and talking...as usual.
Lunch- we have two lunch tables.and today i was sitting at our 2nd lunch table with 2 of my friends.we named it the 'emo' table for today cuz we were all wearing black XD
S.S - review.test tomorrow.
Eng - only one group got to present today.and luckily it wasn't my group ^-^
Spanish - we did this converstation thing in groups.when we were done idk what was going on because i was drawing and singing in my head XD
Gym - me and my friends making fun of each other as usual.
Math - quiz.
Now - sleep?maybe? im way to tired for anything and i need to do a lot of hwk such as a worksheet and a lot of reading and studying. which means probably no comments im sorry! schools loading me with a ton of work and...ugh...whatever im not going to even being complaining. anyways have a great day ^-^

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

there will never be enough time in this world.
hey.im gunna make this as quick as possible.tell you why in the end.
Sci- nothing.went over the review sheet.
Foods- we are going to be making waffles.
Study Hall- fun.lol.and did my hwk.
Lunch- talked about pokemon.barney.and other stuffs.lol.
S.S- reviewed for our test on thursday.
Eng- myth project due tomorrow.
Spanish- boring.we didn't really do anything.
Gym- ran and talked about heroes which was amazing! lol. the talk not the run XD
Math- took some hespa practice thingy or w/e.
AfterSchool- library with most of my group to work on our projects.lol.then to my friends house when the library thing didn't work out. yeah...
Now- home.and still working on the myth project..my group presents tomorrow and we're screwed considering the fact that one of our group members didn't show up...long story.so i have no time for anything.sorry. ::hugs:: have a great day ^-^

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Friday, February 16, 2007

try to make this as short as possible
hey.so im trying not to be online all that much anymore.so lets see if i can make this as short as possible.
Sci- nothing really.just went over stuff.
Foods- ate baked potatoes..we hadda compare oven potatoes or microwave potatoes...i dont feel like explaining...sorry XD
Study Hall- hahaha funny, my brother was in a good mood and so was basically everyone else i talk to so yeah study hall was fun/funny.
Lunch- looked @ my friends report card XD omg omg omg!!::haha im excited sorry:: anyways. so two of my friends were like play fighting to get a part of a pop-tart and then they accidentally hit this binder and it knocked down my other friends drink[she wasnt in there pop-tart fiasco XD] and omg haha aww it spilled on her. it was funny everyone of us were laughing and saying aww...im sorry but it was funny.
S.S- ehh took notes.
Eng- not sure.it was boring though since i know i kept falling asleep XD
Spanish- boring.don't really remember what we did
Gym- fun.we didnt have to change again cuz like basically none of the gym teachers were there. so i talked with my friends the whole time like yesterday.
Math- boring. my math teacher is nosey.no like she really is. and at one point my friend said she wanted to go home and my teacher gave her this look like 'you'd rather go home than be here' or something like that.
Now- well this was longer than i intended it to be.but anyways i have a 3 day weekend and like i said b4 im trying to not be online all that much cuz im online like basically all day also i have hwk...not alot but enough that it'll take me forever in a day to finish. so yeah...if i can i'll comment. but anyways i hope all of you have a great day ^-^ ::hugs::

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

delayed opening =]
hey. well i got to comment some people yesterday ^-^ . i also watched the grudge 2 and had enough sleep..i think XD. oh and today we had a delayed opening ^-^
Sci- boring. only had like 16min of that class =] and we still got hwk =/ but i finished it in study hall and home ec XD
Foods- scrub potatoes..cuz thats fun...not really. and did part of my science hwk.
Study Hall- finish science hwk.talked to my friends and brother....hahaha.
Lunch- well sometime in the middle of lunch my friend wasnt talking to her bf cuz she wanted to see how long it would last..yeah it pretty much lasted till the end of lunch..which wasnt that long. and apparently watching me and my friend talk about spanish hwk is entertaining? XD
S.S- nothing...no really we didn't do anything. we only talked about this s.s english thing for next year.
Eng- boring.went over vocab. and we got hwk on the synonyms and antonyms but i did that in class while she was teaching the words XD
Spanish- boring. pretty much just sat there and talked[in spanish]
Gym- fun.we didnt have to change[=/ its our activity week and were playing volleyball..and i like volleyball] but yeah i just talked to my friends so that was fun ^-^
Math- boring. did some practice hespa[sp?] thing or whatever.
Now- tired...kinda. theres snow outside ^-^ probably going to go study for s.s cuz i really need to and idk what else. sorry for making you waste your time if you did. and im sorry i cant comment today bc the s.s reading hwk i have is pretty long =/ well anyways i hope all of you have a great day ^-^ ::hugs::
question: so how was your valentines day?
my answer: nothing special..just another regular day.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day ♥
hey. well before i forget Happy Valentine's Day ♥ well i have NO SCHOOL today so thats pretty awesome =] uhmm and thats basically it XD oh so i actually get to comment today ^-^ yaaaay =] have a great day ^-^
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

yaaay i didn't fail!!! ^-^
hey.hows everyone dong?good i hope. well last night i was kinda wayy too hyper...hahaha it was fun though. i laughed for like an hour straight.the rest of the time i was just being crazy XD
Sci- learned.hahaha.
Foods- ate. and did some of my science hwk.
Study Hall- science hwk.and talked.
Lunch- funny.weird.like usual.hahaha.
S.S- notes. oh yeah! i didn't fail my quiz.. i got a 90 on it!yaaay ^-^
Eng- boring.she gave us like x43908423 papers. and ugh w/e.oh and she gave us back our test i got a 86 on it!! yaaaay ^-^
Spanish- boring. got my quiz back..that we took like last week i got a 40/45, but she marked it wrong i think..but w/e i wasnt gunna go complicate things for myself, i mean it is a good grade so yeah....
Gym- volleyball practice.people were getting hit..but not a lot of people just some and it wasnt anything big, and balls were flying everwhere lmao.i just want to actually play a volleyball game!!
Math- boring.learned?hahaha
After School- walked with my friends. we had like x094832094 convos going on at once.lmao. it was fun though.
Bus- one of my friends that i dont really ever get to see went on the bus today so i basically talked to her the whole time.
Now-going to try to comment. tired.nap finally? haha yeah everytime i say i might go take a nap i never do bc i try. keyword: Try. so yeah sorry for wasting your time in reading all this if you did and have a great day ^-^

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