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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day Of Silence
Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day Of Silence, a national youth movement protesting the silence faced by lesbian,gay,bisexual,& transgender people and their allies. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by harassment, prejudice and discrimination. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today. What are you going to do to end the silence?

thats the slip i got and so my day begins...:
we got these slips from guidance.so people choose to either participate in this or not. i decided to since i support it and stuff. but it was kinda like an on&off thing considering that i had to translate what some people where saying[the people who were also participating in the day of silence]. im was a good translater too =]

Sci: took notes.
Foods: finished making our pizza and ate it ^-^ it was good!!
Study Hall: went to the adutorium for a preview of urinetown the musical. some of my friends are in it! and i wanna see it, i just need someone to go with XD
Lunch: hahaha funny.
S.S: notes.
Eng: vocab work, teacher wasn't there.
Spanish: uhm quiz, and then talking[which of course i didn't talk...]
Health: presented. yeah i had to present so i had to talk. but after i was done i was silent again.
Math: ehh boring.
After School: i could finally talk. see it was only from when school actually started till the end of the day so yeah. anyways met up with my friends and walked/talked with them ^-^
Now: gotta start my hwk cuz last night i fell asleep and woke up @ 8pm and stayed up at night doing my hwk -_-' anyways yeah have a great day ^-^

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ehh school....
hey =] so yesterday i didnt have school due to "inclement weather"...it was only raining.oh well. lol. anyways i spent the whole day basically sleeping.
weekend: my weekend was okay. my dad surprisingly called...yeahh so apparently im the devils child. and since my dads sperm helped create me then he must be the devil. hahaha anyways yeah so my conversation with him was as usual an argument..and i won ^-^ lol [long story]
Sci: notes.notes.notes.and talking.
Foods: we're making pizza!!! XD
Study Hall: lolz. i fell asleep XD
Lunch: talked with my friends and stuff hahaha
S.S: ahh notes notes notes and more notes grr lol
Eng: ugh horrible...well not really. we took an easy quiz. BUT after we got papers handed back that we havent got in forever ever and on one of my papers it said i shouldve gotten an A but i got a fucking B or B+ instead cuz of some bs! i told the teacher that she should never write that on someones papers...that just ruined my day -_-
Spanish: uhh boring? lol
Health: yup yup i started health finally! hahaha my teachers cool so far. BUT haha always with the buts XD lmao. we have hwk and its an all about me poster and we have to put our past,present,and future on there and stuff v.v im screwed.im not too fond with talking about myself..the only reason i do half the time or whatever is cuz well i dont feel like explaining -_-'
Math: the teacher wasnt there!! ^-^ yaaay! AND[yup its an and not a but,lol] i finished my math hwk ^-^
After School: haha me and one of my friends thought that my brother and one of my other friends left us...but the hadnt...well i dont think? XD
Now: bored.and tired. and i have a ton of hwk to do! ya kno just cuz we miss one damn day doesnt mean crap! i mean honestly yeah we missed one day and dont other teachers ever ever take into consideration about our other classes and crap...ugh whatever they can go suck it! ...haha yeah im in a weird mood i guess but whatever who cares anyways have a great day ^-^
1. how was your day?
2. how was your weekend?
3. do my posts annoy you sometimes?[haha be honest XD XP]

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th?lol
hey =] so i didnt take any naps yesterday but im glad i didnt.lol. two of my brothers friends came over for his birthday and yeah it was fun.lol
Homeroom: my homeroom teacher was asking me about yesterday and whatever. and she said she was gunna go check to see if i really did give my pass to my sci teacher. hahaha [to those who dont know what the hell im talking about and would like to know go to my post from yesterday]
Sci: test...it was okay
Foods: ate our calzones ^-^
Study Hall: took a little nap since i was tired and drew a little bit too XD
Lunch: interesting lol
S.S: finished watching the thing we were watching yesterday
Eng: went over vocab then discussed the movie.
Spanish: uhhh...oh yeah! went over the hwk and yeahhh XD
Gym: =[ today was my last gym day =/ but yeah we did the same thing as yesterday and today me&my friends actually got to hit the ball and have our funny moments!! =[ and since me&my friend are going to health now we were all sad and stuff. and we usually say bye to them when we walk in the halls after gym so today my friend&i said bye to them extra loud...
Math: hahaha boring.
After School: met up and talked with my friends =] and then i ALMOST missed the bus but i LUCKILY didnt =D
Now: i just remembered that today is friday the 13th XD but SO FAR my days been just a 'normal' day for me =] oh yeah and today doesnt feel like friday =/ but it is =D lol.anyways have a great day&weekend ^-^

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Brothers Birthday =]
well todays my brothers birthday ^-^ so yaay happy birthday to him!! hey! ^-^ so i took like 9874328743 naps yesterday, and somehow found time to do my hwk lol.

This Morning: got to school late.pissed off my homeroom teacher.story: went inside my school went to my locker to put my stuff away. my homeroom teacher saw me. her: "your in my homrooom right?"
me: "uh...yeah..." her: "why are you here? you should be infront getting a late pass" me: "yeah i know but i dont have a lot of stuff so i figured i'd go here first the go to the front..." her: "idk how you even got all the way here without going through the front, cuz your not supposed to be here unless you got a pass." me: "i know, but im going back anyways..." her: "im going to watch you go get your pass" me: "alright then" by that time i was done and i was going. i muttered bitch. and i was by this girl hahah i was like oh no not you i was talking about my homeroom teacher. lol.

but think about it why would i go to the font then go all the way to the A-Wing[which is far from the front], then go back upfront[we had an assebly and the adutorium is in the front] its pretty pointless AND the damn late line took forever anyways! ugh im not going to explain the rest. but at the end i went to the adutorium.

Assembly: it was kinda weird since when i walked in the dude was singing but yeah...it was okay i guess...idk i was in a bad mood so yeah...

Foods: went in late cuz after the assembly i didnt feel like going straight to my foods class. hahaha
Studyhall: it was okay.lol i actually did my hwk.
Lunch: we all sat at one lunch table today since some people were in choir or just werent there. but yeah it was interesting...XD
S.S: watched some s.s movie thing yeahh...
Eng: finished watching the movie then we were disscussing it or whatever...yeahhhh
Spanish: eh boring. me&my friend were talking about our bad morning since she was also late too -_-
Gym: friggen annoying! we either got to play basketball or volleyball or walk around. so me and my friends picked volleyball and so did a lot of other people and we barely got to touch the damn ball we basically just stood there it seriously annoyed me cuz i wanted to play really badly cuz besides the fact that i love volleyball i wasnt in the greatest mood so i was like hey heres something that can help...but whatever we ended up walking around...
Math: test..it was okay..
After School: met up with everyone and talked then got on the bus.
Now: tired,annoyed, and probably going to take 97847238472 naps again XD lol. anyways sorry for my ramblings about my day...even though this is kinda little for what really went on i guess?lol but yeah...so anyways have a great day ^-^

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

its already wednesday?!
hey =] so i finished my hwk and went ot bed last last night[at like 12 or 11?] woke up a 1am went to go back to sleep, yeah that didnt happen till like 5am. then just as basically i was finally getting sleep, the next thing i know my mom wakes me up telling me that its 630[time for school and stuff](basically i only got 2 hours of sleep and still manged to stay up during school today)
Sci: reviewed and stuff for our test on friday
Foods: ate our pretzels and started making something...XD
Study Hall: lol funny =]
Lunch: hilarious, lol =D , lunch just made my day ^-^
S.S: notes then took an essay quiz
Eng: watched the movie again
Spanish: pretty much boring, and she didnt talk to me so yaaay ^-^
Gym: ran four laps and talked with my friends
Math: boring, we have a test tomorrow which im gunna probably fail =/
Now: tired. lol so basically i was planning on posting when i got home but...haha then i somehow fell asleep on the couch for a little bit XD so here i am now. i think im going to go back and take another nap or something then do my hwk, so yeah...have a great day ^-^

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

weird funny day =]
hey =] hows everyone doing?
Sci: notes and talked.
Foods: didnt get to eat any pretzels yet..XD
Study Hall: fun/funny =] hahaha and i showed my friends a pic of me and my brother when we were little cuz it was for some spanish thing that we had to bring a pic in and stuff so yeahh XD
Lunch: hahaha funny and weird? XD
S.S: notes...and yeahhh lol
Eng: movie. haha i had to keep waking my friend up cuz she was so tired. then i was tired too so i almost fell asleep hahaha. but yeah the movies good....we were just tired
Spanish: boring kinda.lol. i laughed for no reason at all one time cuz well...i don't know why...XD
Gym: ran two laps. then went inside and ppl either played basketball or just sat down and talked. lol me and my friends sat down..and one time the ball hit me and to my friends i was like see i told you the ball would hit me. and to the guys that were playing i was like: fuck you! and yes i really did say that outloud...hehe yeahhhhh i wont get into my friends reactions to that so dont worry lol XD
Math: boringgg!! i dont get most of what were doing so yeahhh
After School: i was going to my locker and my spanish teacher stoped me and said: are you rushing to get to your bus? me: yes why? her: oh okay then i'll talk to you tomorrow. uhm whats that mean?! i mean is it good or bad?! cuz honestly i don't like talking to grownups most of the time and especially teachers...well most teachers i guess...idk but yeah... anyways i really wasnt rushing i just didnt know how long she'd keep me so yeahh but anyways i'll probably be late to gym then cuz she'll probably keep me after class and all ughh whatever i guess. yeah so anyways then after that i went to go get my friends and stuff and left.
Now: wondering what the hell she'd want to talk to me about cuz it's probably not good considering last time she talked to me...[what happened last time: she talked to me about my grades and stuff and staying or moving down] but yeah anyways as usual loads and loads of hwk and other crap -_- but yeah sorry for making this post kinda longish and have a great day ^-^

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Monday, April 9, 2007

heyyyy ^-^
heyyy =]lol.so my spring break was alright i watched: Happy Feet, Children of Men, and Just Friends. hahaha yeahhh...
Sci: nothing.boring.talked.
Foods: my teachers an idiot today she was like has anyone ever not had or seen a pretzel before? ....so yeahh were making pretzels.
Study Hall: lol. funny, aww i missed my study hall ^-^ XD
Lunch: cool =]
S.S: we watched some s.s movie thing lol.
Eng: boring.
Spanish: boring. lol.
Gym: didnt change cuz me and my friend didnt feel like it =] so we walked and talked instead of running ^-^
Math: ehhh boring.
After School: yeah so my friend got a haircut...i dont like it and neither do a uhh "couple" of other people. i liked his hair before =/ anyways yeahh so anyways i apologized for mine and my friends brutal honesty..heh and he said that it was okay and that others were disappointed with his new haircut too...i hope his hair grows back fast....-_-' im mean arent i...? uhh yeah otherwise walked with my friends =]
Now: haha im updating late[well later than usual] cuz i thought i already updated but apparently i didnt XD yeah so i completely forgot about my hwk and now i have to go and finish it or whatever >< school sucks...well the work part XD anyways yeah so have a great day ^-^

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally!!!!!! ^-^
Its Finally Spring Break!! yaaay!! =D
Sci: some science movie
Foods: ate ^-^
Study Hall: haha laughed talked and made fun of ppl =x XD
Lunch: hahaha hilarious. talked about grandmas fucking grandmas. lmao and no not like that. its more like this: 1st topic: grandmas. 2nd topic: fucking[lmao don't ask] 3rd topic: grandmas again XD
anyways yeah funny funny lunch ^-^
S.S: voted! lmao and played 7 up XD
Eng: watched this good movie!!
Spanish: preformance assessment. and omg! we got our tests back and i got a 100!! WOO!!! ahaha yeah even though im spanish and stuff i barely get 100s -_-' once again...don't ask...
Gym: AMAZING! haha i scraped my knees up ^-^ haha yes im happy about that...dont ask..lol i seem to be saying...i mean typing that a lot =x anyways haha it was so hilarious! me and my two friends going all over the place falling! and and and one time when i went to go for the ball i fell on my knees and slid and almost knocked this girl down hahahaha. i love gym =] sadly =[ it was our last volleyball game =/
Math: boring! but! i got to leave early cuz i was being 'good' and 'quite' when i was really making fun of my friend while the teacher wasnt looking and stuffs hahahaha
After School: =] walked with my friends. yup we actually all walked together that is...until we didn't know were one of my friends went? haha idk...i dont feel like explaining. XD
Now: hyped!! WOOO!!!no seriously im really really happy and hyped like you have no idea! =] anyways imma go so have a great funderful fantastical day everyone ^-^ ::hugs::

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

its thursday?
hey =] so yesterday i fell asleep early like basically after i posted i took a nap and woke up @ 7pm haha then did my hwk/studied -_-
Sci: we had a practice lockdown thingy. so we didnt really get to do much.
Foods: study hall..lol.cuz my teacher wasnt there so we didnt have to do anything.
Study Hall: studied and talked
Lunch: hahaha interesting and funny. lol.
S.S: test...it was....okay...oh and we have a take home essay ::says sarcasticlly: yaaay fun::
Eng: she wasn't there =]. the substitute had an attitude and she was talking about how some people should get attitude ajustments =_= anyways yeah so we had to take notes the whole period it was boring.
Spanish: took a test.
Gym: fun volleyball game. haha my knees we're about to get scraped bad cuz i kept on diving for the ball and so did my other friends.and then most games the ball didnt go my way and stuff =/
Math: boring. learned a new lesson and we have a worksheet which is most likely gunna make me mad when i get around to completing it...
After School: walked with my friends+brother. actually its kinda weird now...cuz now i only walk with my one friend. and my brother and my other friend walk together...ahh idk im a bad explainer -_-'
Now: tired like always. i have 2 essays to type/write and i have math hwk to do which'll all take me forever in a day. and oh yeah so i felt pretty stupid but not anymore cuz apparently im not the only one who thought today was friday ^-^' anyways have a great day ^-^

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

an okay day?
hey =] so as usual i went to bed late again...and i seriously can't wait till this week is over!!
Sci: quiz-it was alright. and notes.
Foods: ate uhm i forgot what its called but its some kinda bread.it was okay.
Study Hall: sat with my friend+mybrother.it was...interesing. XD
Lunch: weird and funny,lol
S.S: notes
Eng: vocab quiz-i don't even want to know what i got. and she gave us back our tests we took yesterday...yeahh kinda killed my already killed mood -_-
Spanish: boring. gave us back our quiz[it was two pages..basically it was two quizzes]..1st i was all happy cuz one of my quizzes were good...and then...comes the other one yeahh once again killed my already killed mood even more -_-
Gym: stupid. the teacher friggen changed our teams. well @ least im with two ppl from my previous team.but yeah its not the same and its boring...but we won today...yeahhh
Math: omg! made my day! weird right? well heres why: 1st of all i kept on failing or whatever on the things i got back and then...we had a quiz today..and..and i got a 100!A+ YAAAAAAAAAAAY!! =D
otherwise math was boring..
Now: bored.tired. and i only have one thing to do for hwk tonight and its studying for s.s which;ll take me forever in a day =/ anyways have a great day ^-^

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