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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

volleyball =]
hey!hows everyone doing?if anyone seems to care im doing fine.so last night i was up late as usual finishing my hwk.
Sci: just talked basically.
Foods:we're making bread.hahaha
Study Hall: weird.lol.
Lunch: fun. so apparently everyone switched lunch tables now? lol where me and my 2 frends sat well our other friends sit there now and now we sit at there lunch table..which there both right next to each other.XD uhmm...oh yeah my friend made her bf go kinda like this: o_o hahah cuz me and her were talking about how last year we got 'married' on 6.6.06. and then we 'broke up' for no reason but now we have our date back.lmao. yea me and my friends are weird but oh well it makes life more interesting XD
S.S: annoying timeline thing.
Eng: boring video.
Spanish: boring.
Gym: fun as hell! hahaha we played a good volleyball team this time and we played better this time too.hahaha so yeah it was fun.
Math: teacher wasn't there =] did some worksheet.
After School: walked with my friends. my mom picked me and my brother up today so yeah im home early.
Now: tired.hungry.and i need to start my hwk cuz i have a lot x_x so have a great day ^-^

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Monday, March 12, 2007

good mood
hey! so hows everyone been? me well lets just say life has its ups and downs but im in a good mood today..well right now XD
Sci: getting yelled at cuz we were too loud XD
Foods: idk i didnt pay attention i was doing my hwk XD
Study Hall: fun.me&2 of my friends were ganging up on my brother,making fun of him cuz he deserved it,trust me.yeah and then one of my friends was telling my study hall teacher off hahaha hilarious =]
Lunch: everyone was sitting at mine and my 2friends table for some reason...ahaha. yeah then my 2friends and some other people moved cuz it was getting crowded XD
S.S: ahaha so this one class is getting introuble for cheating ahaha omg it was soo funny.
Eng: got all excited cuz there was a tv in the room, yeahh we watched this boring interview, i feel asleep almost XD
Spanish: boring. i dont really remember what happened.
Gym:holy crap. im going to hit this girl,shes annoying me,were playing volleyball which i love and yeahh she doesnt do anything, shes scared of the ball. yeahh anyways volleyball was weird,fun and somewhat annoying today.
Math:quiz. firedrill. found out mr.rogers died when i was in the like 4th grade...i never knew that i mean i knew he died i just didnt know when.
AfterSchool: fun as always. walking with my friends in the halls and such.
Now: kind of tired but kind of not.need to start my hwk, im trying to not procrastinate[ahaha thats a good one] yeah so have a great day ^-^

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Friday, March 9, 2007

finally the weekend =]
heyy! so i fell asleep doing my hwk last night -_-'
Before Homeroom: was at my locker talking to my two friends. it was...very interesting...
Homeroom: nothing.sat there.
Sci: nothing. talked.
Foods: teacher wasnt there =] a whole week without her was amazing!!! hahaha im so mean but it was.
Study Hall: unexplainable. thats all i need to say.
Lunch: fun. my whole table was like studying XD and me and my friend fought..not for real though like play fighting...yeahh...lol.
S.S: only 2 ppl got As. some got Bs. some Cs. and there were like 2 Fs. i think.
Eng: boring.
Spanish: failed my map quiztest thing. cuz i forgot to study and i didnt know some stuffs...yeahhh
Gym: sat.talked. did hwk.
Math: open season...again lol.
After School: walked with my friends =] ahaha me and my friend stole my other friends hood and ran. lmao. once again an unexplainable event lol.
Bus: played hand games with my friend.lmao. we played slide i won most of the time =] he sang lmao. and we still had my friends hood hahaha.
Now: bored.talking to my friends =] finally its friday!!! =D ::hugs:: have a great day ^-^

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

regular day lol
heyy! soo i have a lot of hwk today =[
Morning: as usual couldn't find anyone =[ not even one of my friends...okay so i found one but not the one i wanted to lol.
Lunch: fun,weird, same as always. lol
S.S: worked on our cheat sheets since we had like no time at all this week for anything and she can't move the test up to monday.
Eng: popquiz which i failed i even told her. me: heads up mrsdrew im probably going to fail. XD the front side was easy...the back however..yeahhh failed that.
Spanish: i dont remember.lol. went over the homework and yeahhh
Gym: sat and talked.lol.
Math: watched a moviee!!! and it wasnt math related!! =D cuz since were wayy ahead of the other class due to this whole testing thing we got to watch part of the movie open season. and we got to leave class early =]
After School: walked with my friends, we left my brother since we couldnt find him. then called my friend a douche for leaving me and my other friend. thats okay she knows i was kidding.ahahaha yeahh
Now: tired.most likely going to go take a nap. then read chs 9-11 in my book since the worksheets are due tomorrow then my other hwk. then whatever. is this all going to go according to plan? pshh yeah riiight! lol. anyways have a great day ^-^

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

waste of school
hey!! so last night i lost my voice, i sounded very funny XD
Morning: well for about like 2 hours or something since one of the hallways were like flooded or something. it was fun though. i was with my friends on the bleachers hahaha.
Lunch: funny.lol me& my friend were trying to do my other friends hwk but we didnt get what type of math she was trying to do until after lunch when we finally found out XD
S.S: worksheet.
Eng: nothing. i finished my english hwk though =]
Spanish: miniquiz.
Gym: nothing. did my spanish hwk and talked to my friends.
Math: nothing.
After School: with my 'tough' friends hahaha.yeahh only i would get that..im sucha loser i know but thats okay XD anyways yeah just the normal walking and talking.
Now: today was a waste of school, all the periods were way shorter than this whole week so far. hahaha anyways tomorrow our last day of sleeping in later than usual =[ im gunna miss it =[ anyways have a great day ^-^

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

hey!! well 1st off Heroes was intense last night!! omgg!!! k im done since i cant have my heroes talk =/ anywayysss
Morning: in the auditorium[sp?XD] yaay @ least we didnt have to stand outside today. yeahh the adutorium was very....interesting XD.
Lunch: ...having our normal weird talks...lol.
S.S: a lot of thinking x_x
Eng: myth test pt 2. ...yeahhh.....
Spanish: nothing.boring.
Gym: sat there. funny,talking.lol.
Math: nothing.boring.
After School: walked with my 2 friends. my brother had to go do something. yeahh that was fun.lol.
Now: oh i forgot to say that i totally blew off guidance; i was supposed to go since everyone is to talk about electives and school but i forgot soo i didn't go -_-' anyways now i'll go start my hwk or something idk. have a great day ^-^

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Monday, March 5, 2007

weird funny day =]
hey!! so over the weekend i was sick and had no heat or warm water till sunday x_x yeahhh...oh and this weeks testing for something but i dont have to test so yeah i get to go to school later =]
so from now till thursday i guess my posts will be shorter...haha yaay for you XD
Homeroom: teacher was being a bitch. heres how: me: can i go and hand this in to my science teacher since i dont see her today?
teacher: no didnt you hear the announcements. they said students should be in homeroom.
me: alright. sorrry i just wanted to hand this in really quick since it is my PROJECT and i DONT see my teacher today but whatever. yeah then she walked away towards the door so she can go make sure everyones in there homeroom classes.
Lunch: weird.funny.fun.like always.
S.S: hahaha kinda weird..not really. oh yeah for my project thing i was talking about for science i gave it to someone in my s.s class since they had the same teacher as me but they had her next period...yeahh
Eng: myth test which i didnt study for.hence i probably failed it.i worked on the test for like the whole period..yeah i was the last person to hand in my test too but only cuz i said this..me: here mrsdrew i give up. then she just took my paper. then the bell rang XD
Spanish: boring.hate the class and teacher.
Gym: running x_x hows a sick person supposed to run? simple they just do. yeahh running kinda sucked today i ran out of breathe really fast since im sick and all but yeahh im not really one to give easily...anyways besides running it was just walking and talking with my friends too =]
Math: nothing.boring. the day i bring my book...we don't need it x_x
After School: walked with the ppl i usually do[my brother&my two friends] it was an interesting funny walk. once again..had to be there XD hahaha i have a lot of those moments.
Now: still sick.in a good mood =] and going to start my hwk since Heroes is on tonight!!! =D have a great day ^-^ ::hugs::

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Friday, March 2, 2007

feeling better =]
hey.so im feeling a whole lot better now =]. well today i woke up at 5am cuz i didnt feel good,but now im all somewhat better[me gots the annoying chills]
Sci: vocab quiz i completely forgot to study for. but i think i did okay on it.
Foods: ate and studied for my english vocab test
Study Hall: funny. talking and fixing my brothers hair XD [yeah another had to be there moment XD]
Lunch: talking and laughing.
S.S: did some worksheet.
Eng: hahaha.uhm took the vocab test,yeah that didnt go so great. so i told my teacher..that when we get them back im going to burn it bc i didnt do to good on it XD. then stayed after class with my friend. we got accused of cheating, but we didn't get introuble, long story, if anyone really cares just pm me or something XD
Spanish: late for spanish ^-^ all we did was watch some spanish clip. and i gave my friend "the goods" as we like to call gum XD oh and she had purell soo yeah that was fun.
Gym: felt like slapping this girl on my team cuz she doesn't even try. i swear im going to knock her out the way next time she's close to hitting the damn volleyball.XD volleyball is one sprt that i really like so yeah...lol.
Math: passed my test!! =] im really happy like you have no idea.
After School: walked with my friends =]
Now: yaaay weekend ^-^ boo me feeling like im going to get sick pretty soon. yeah so anyways have a great weekend ^-^ ::hugs::

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

headache =/
hey =] i don't think i'll be on at all today..tell you why after.
Sci - work in groups.
Foods - did my english hwk[it was a pain..like you wouldn't even begin to understand] XD
Study Hall - still english hwk[i felt like ripping up all those damn worksheets] & talked to my friends.
Lunch - still english hwk[up it takes forever] & everyone who has the same teacher as me were doing the hwk too it was insane
S.S - popquiz which apparently everyone did good on.
Eng - boring. & we handed in our annoying hwk.
Spanish - i dont really rememeber..all i know is that i apparently sounded like i was mad @ my friend when i really wasn't so yet another misunderstanding to add to my life. but were still friends and stuff.
Gym - amazing! <33 this made my day. i chasing my friend causing her to almost bump into this kid who was in the way, so she had to like switch foots or w/e and he fell. lmao. omg friggen hilarious. &making fun of the teacher. my other friend being hilarious...hahaha yet another had to be there moment.
Math - test..idk how i did cuz i didnt chk. i was the 2nd person to hand in my paper&she graded it there..yeah..
Now - time for why i won't be on. i have a huge headache, had it since i 1st woke up, its killing me, and i have hwk to do, and yeah whatever maybe if i lay down it'll go away. anyways have a great day ^-^

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

yet another tiring day
hey ^-^ hows everyone? well i stayed up last night doing my hwk...not that thats new or interesting XD
Sci- nothing really. oh and we just got our vocab words today and were getting quizzed on them friday x_x
Foods - we're going to be making cinnamin rolls...and according to the sheet its gunna take 3 days...[..thats retarded....]
Study Hall - did my hwk and talked.
Lunch - uhmm nothing really, but i did make my friend laugh ^-^
S.S - nothing really.
Eng - idk i wasn't really paying attention XD
Spanish - test...
Gym - the teacher took forever to explain something in volleyball..me&my friend were mad. and then me&my other friend were like 'omg! we need to pay attention since we don't get this all' and just making fun of how long she took to explain something so simple...but whatever. oh we picked teams...i think my teams good.
Math - boring < hate this class i wish it would go die and burn and never rise again.
After School - walked with my friends.hahaha it was funny...no really it was...i was being all sacastic like usual. one of my friends got mixed up in what i was saying. and my other friend thought i said what my friend thought i said so i had to explain...and yeah you had to be there.lol.
Now - the joys of homework & trying to actually get sleep tonight. have a great day ^-^

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