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Thursday, October 11, 2007

woke up. listened to musiccccccccccc :]and my mom said that the people at her job were making her mad so she decided to stay home. haha.
spanish: bored as helll wwell actually idk i wasn't really paying attention x:
study hall: messages, missuses[sp? haha], studying and shiiit haha.
bio: test -_______________________________-
history: notes and i was doing my english homework haha
english: uhhmovie. and that's basically it haha.
gym: indoor soccer...intenseee haha. yeahh that's basically it
lunch: funtimess :] "i told you, you like it long!" hahaha. "that's ok,i have more balls at home" lololol i ment jawbreakers people! "what are you on?","i don't do drugs", "okay...but what are you on? haha" x]
photography: haha photography stuff obvz! haha funtimess though.
math: ohjesus -____________________- learned some stuff and then got our grade sheets for how we're doing in that class so far x:
after school: called and asked for a ride home. walked with my friend. :/ he had to walk home, i wouldda gave him a ride too. but he said that he thinks he had to walk home for a reason so yeah :/ and then since we was talking to me and walking he almost ran into a poll hahaha awww x:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

lateupdate....happens haha
woke up. listened to music ahhh it was amazing :] haha.
Spanish: -____________________- boring and lame hahaha
Study Hall: teacher wasn't there today! WOOO! did my homework and stuff x]
Bio: -________- he talked while i killed my braincells more.
S.S: uhh talked about some project thing.
English: read part of Act 2 of the crucible
Gym: o.O indoor soccer...intense hahaha.
Lunch: ahaha. "you got the goods?".."haha yeah, PLEASE HOLD!" xD. basically talked about bananas and balls, plans, and all that stuff.
AfterLunch: walked :] uhh talked about how my friend musta been on something haha. "i'm going to my secret special place", "you sound like a rapist. mmmm you got a van too?", "haha. no but you really wanna know where i'm going", "kay", "i'm going to my grandmas house. and i'm gunna get cookies!","haha aww.grandma timee :]"
Photography: was getting aggravated. but i finally finished what i was supposed to yeahhhhh xD
BeforeMath: got raped by my friend haha. we haven't seen each other like all year basically so we were like hugging each other to death while people stared at us xD.haha i miss her :/. then someone showed me this note they were going to give someone x:
Math: omg! kinda easily lesson, i was like =] finally
AfterSchool: waited,talked,walked. met up with my other friend. hugged people. then we[twofriends&me] walked home, one of them lived close by so we dropped her off on the street she lives on. while my other friend was going to his grandmas house. so i walked him to his street then i walked all the way home haha.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

halfday :]
woke up early as balls and got ready then had a ton of time to do whatever haha.
oh yeah and today was a halfday! :]
spanish: basically did nothing x]
study hall: had a firedrill haha
bio: prelab test bullshit that i didn't know about -________- so i probably failed that along with halfthepeople in my class.
social studies: he told us our average so far and stuff haha
english: watched part of the crucible
gym: basically talked to my friends haha we didn't have to change for gym so yeah :]
photography: did nothing like literally haha
math: went over mathstuff haha and that's it
AFTER SCHOOL: ohhboy long story. well 1st of all two people made my day haha. and i missed my bus. luckily i had my friend with me and he walked home today so i just went with him since i could walk from his house to mine hahayeah. then i was going to walk back home but instead he decided to call his mom and she said that she'd give me a ride :]. so we hung out for a little. haha i tried making him scream and growl and stuff. i even took his ipod and phone so he would do it, 'cuz i said i'd just walk off although i was only kidding. haha but yeeah it was fun. then we just sat on his porch and looked at videos on his phone 'till his mom came. his mom was nice :] then i got dropped off home and as always: "wow this is a long walk" "yeah i know haha" because that's what always happens when someone drops me off. but yeah so afterschool was fun as hell :]

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Monday, October 1, 2007

woke up.got dressed and everything...went on myspace and got all excited for new songs by my favorite bands :]
Before Homeroom: met up wiff errybody basically haha
Homeroom: sat on this high stool haha it was fun :]
Spanish: watched some video thing haha
Study Hall: lolol.talked laughed same old :]
Bio: -___- boring as hell. and i was upset because he didn't yell! lol but he was about to xD
AfterBio: found my friend and stole his sweater haha. then walked with him haha he's too nice x]
S.S: haha played with my friends sweater...i got that bored XD and took notes
Eng: uhh...read some thing hahaha shows how much i pay attention in that class
Gym: straights and curves[run/walk] basically talked and shiit like always hahaha
Lunch: :] funtimes. i swear we're all going to get mono since everyone loves taking my vitamin water hahaha. xD
Photography: went over what we needed to hand in then basically worked yeahh lol.
Math: i got an 80 on myfuckingtest! hellyeah! that made me really happy. otherwise learned neww shiit xD

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

haha 9.28.07 <333
eh woke up and did the same shiiit as always.
Spanish: test. lolol i barely got to finish it -__-
Study Hall: Jimmy Bojangles! lol. uhh yeah basically listened to music,did hwk, and talked :]
Bio: nonsense haha. idk he talked while we were all sleeping basically. OH YEAH! and at one point..i was looking at my vocab book and in one of the definitions and outloud she said: FATTY. omg! lmfao. made my day<333
S.S: uhh notes and such xD
Eng: -__- vocab quiz basically
Gym: haha soccer. well my friend got all hyped and shit and was going after the ball as well as other people were and she got hurt :/ from like her shin down to her ankle basically. but she can actually walk so yeah...
Lunch: was fun as hell breh. haha so my friend came back[the one who got injured in gym] and she was fine and all but yeah it still hurt.
Photography: uhh haha i don't really know xD tons of shiiiit happened but like nothing to write about really xD
Math: quiz lololol. then was being all hyper when everyone finished because i was excited for my weekend.
AfterSchool: fun times! haha met up with my friends. and i didn't get to walk with my walking buddy which i missed doing. but anyways i went on my friends bus,which was cool haha yeah.
FriendsHouse: was mad fun as hell! haha omg i love her&hermom.fucking fun time :]<3
The Adventure: well our friend came over her house. then a little bit later we went to pick up this kid haha.then went to the footballz game! xD
FootballzGame: haha basically didn't pay attention to was was happening but it was fun since our friends where there. and after we all didn't know what to do so we just hung out in front of the school haha xD
Later: me&&3of my friends were like the last kids to leave and my mom was driving basically everywhere ahah i love my mom. then i went home haha yeahh xD
When I Got Home: i was really tired until i went on and saw that one of mybestfriends was online haha i was like: tired time's over! xD

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