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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

YAY!!2daii i getta go 2 the orientation nd see my frends!!=D.
2 sum up my day @school:Spanish,Math,Science,English,nd S.S were BORING!k in gym we had fitness day with a lotta running nd i was so friggen tired after that i wanted 2 fall,or go 2 sleep.then last pd english was boring but kinda weird fer me bc the corner of my left eye was buggin me nd i couldnt really do anythin in class...yea kinda hard 2 explain...but the corner of my eye was blurry nd i wanted 2 pass out or at least go 2 sleep right there...i really didnt have any energy.other that that english was boring.oh yea in my other english class i heard that my teacher's husband died last night =[.shes obviously really sad nd we dont know when she's coming back,yea she always used to talk bout her husband nd kids nd things in our class.Im still very tired but i'll live.im not as tired as i was b4 though.nd i have a little headache but it should go away soon.Laterz.=D.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hi.yea yest. i couldnt update bc my brother was complaining r w/e.yea hes retarted haha i can prob beat him up nd hes older than me.but only by 1 year...yea i call him little frigger bc he should really b the youngest...cuz hes like a mamas boy..well thats what i think/say...k enough bout my dumb ass brother.
Nothing really happened yest. except that i found out high school musical is coming on tonight on the disney ch.fer any of u that wanna watch it tonight.
now about 2daii.in home ec they actually wanted me 2 do somthing!!wow!amazing!really it is but they prob wanted me 2 do sumthin bc this 1 kid wasnt there 2daii.but im like No!i dont wanna mess sumthin up,r stir sumthin 2 hard nd make a mess.haha the grl[Emily]didnt hear me so when she asked me what i said,i was like nothing.[k theres 3 other ppl in my group[including me theres 4 ppl total]:theres Emily[the 1 that was complaing that i stirred sumthin 2 hard.],Bryant[which i saw holding hands wit sum guy @ lunch],nd Justin[Which i think likes bryant r somthing...yea idk he got mad @ me b4 but i didnt care].yea then theres me!]so when we made frosting for the cinnimon buns i like covered mine in frosting bc they didnt want that much....yea.
Math was boring.Science was boring.Enlish was boring, so was S.S.In Gym We LOST!!bc no1 was like cooperating nd crap.nd like they were all on 1 side well mostly just the 2 guys on my team so i was all alone on 1 side of the volleyball court left in the open so the ball can come 2 me....nd when it does they like rush there i mean I CAN GET THE DAMN BALL ON MY OWN!yea w/e im not gunna explain the whole game bc then ill prob just bore u more than i already am.
YAYY!!!2morrow i go 2 the orientation nd see all my frends i havent seen in forever!yea i moved but when we moved i was still in the same place in edison just not in the same school bc it was 2 far r sumthin.idk?so yea.but im not going 2 the same high school which really sucks big hairy asses[eww thats disgusting.[lol]].k well Laterz.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hell was boring 2daii...yea i hate skool....damn g2g cuz the little frigger known as my brother is gunna go on damn i didnt even get 2 write anything....eh oh well.YAY!MY VOLLEYBALL TEAM WON 2DAII!!=D.Laterz.
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

2daii was boring...well then again it is sunday.i didnt really do anything but watch tv,talk on the phone.....ate....stayed alive....nd go 2 church which is boring cuz it was in spanish...yea.nd 2morrows monday which means back 2 hell/school.k well laterz.
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   YAY!!!!Cierra found me Rewrite!!=D!!k well im prob. gunna post later on cuz i gots nuttin 2 say right now.Laterz.
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

2daii is the 48th ep. of FMA!!=[ [yea imma loser that keeps track of the eps. so sue me!]k well anyways that means its alost @ the end.yea the last ep. is 51.
I told char on the fone not 2 underestimate Naruto...haha turns out i was right nd he did pass =] as usual its like a law/rule that i go 2 cierras house every Saturday so yea...i didnt watch Zatch Bell 2daii but cierra recorded it =].k well laters.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

in home ec it was the worst 2daii bc my group didnt let me do like anything so i got mad @ them.then this grl from my group asks me y i was mad nd i told her i wasnt.haha she actually belived me.then when i did do 1 thing they complained so i said forget all of you.so i went 2 talk with ravens group nd told them y i was there.then the ppl from my home ec group were starin @ me like i was supposed 2 b there but i had already washed the dishes even though i was supposed 2 b the asst.cook r cook.nd in math we went on studyisland.
in science my teacher was being an idoit!!she put the attenion on me nd one of my frends melissa h. nd the attention wasnt needed cuz every1 was like watchin us nd there all like i wanna see what happens.cuz mrs.glor[my science teahcer] she thought me nd melissa were copyin hw nd we werent.then mrs.glors like im scared nd i wanna get 2 the bottom of this.pshh scared my ass. nd so @ the end of the pd. we went 2 mrs.podlaski[1 of my english teachers]nd shes like what if melissa didnt read the book then ud b givin her the answers.nd all this crap.while we were walkin there ppl were like starin @ us nd like tryin 2 follow us r w/e so they can see what hapened.so anyways after we left the class room i could hear melissa from the other hall like yellin nd cursin nd that obviously got every1s attention.nd then we were both mad nd crap then in english i couldnt stop cursing.but like the teacher didnt hear me.
in s.s nothin really happened but my teacher wasnt there!!=] in gym there were like 3 ppl on my volleyball team cuz 1 of them were @ math-gepa nd the other 1 was @ some modelUN thing.nd the other 1 was absent.so i was being an animal goin like all around the court cuz the other 2 ppl werent like really movin as much as me.nd we got a TIE!!yea so after gym i was so tired cuz i was runnin around every where but i was fun.last pd enlish didnt realy do anythin but we had a sub. named ms.white nd she was black so ppl where laughin.then when i got home my brother was being difficult nd an idiot nd didnt let me go online. so i went upstairs nd eventually fell asleep.so when i woke up i went on the comp.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

   YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cierra found me a song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im really hyper and crazy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yay!my volleyball team won 2daii!!!!!!!!=] we only won like 2 times outta like the whole thingy we played r w/e idk how 2 explain it....oh well...grrr i still cant find a friggin song..........yeaaaaaaaaaaaa..............i just opened my otaku like wat?3 or 4 days ago but didnt write anythin cuz i just didnt feel like it.
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