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Monday, October 1, 2007

woke up.got dressed and everything...went on myspace and got all excited for new songs by my favorite bands :]
Before Homeroom: met up wiff errybody basically haha
Homeroom: sat on this high stool haha it was fun :]
Spanish: watched some video thing haha
Study Hall: lolol.talked laughed same old :]
Bio: -___- boring as hell. and i was upset because he didn't yell! lol but he was about to xD
AfterBio: found my friend and stole his sweater haha. then walked with him haha he's too nice x]
S.S: haha played with my friends sweater...i got that bored XD and took notes
Eng: uhh...read some thing hahaha shows how much i pay attention in that class
Gym: straights and curves[run/walk] basically talked and shiit like always hahaha
Lunch: :] funtimes. i swear we're all going to get mono since everyone loves taking my vitamin water hahaha. xD
Photography: went over what we needed to hand in then basically worked yeahh lol.
Math: i got an 80 on myfuckingtest! hellyeah! that made me really happy. otherwise learned neww shiit xD

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