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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

lateupdate....happens haha
woke up. listened to music ahhh it was amazing :] haha.
Spanish: -____________________- boring and lame hahaha
Study Hall: teacher wasn't there today! WOOO! did my homework and stuff x]
Bio: -________- he talked while i killed my braincells more.
S.S: uhh talked about some project thing.
English: read part of Act 2 of the crucible
Gym: o.O indoor soccer...intense hahaha.
Lunch: ahaha. "you got the goods?".."haha yeah, PLEASE HOLD!" xD. basically talked about bananas and balls, plans, and all that stuff.
AfterLunch: walked :] uhh talked about how my friend musta been on something haha. "i'm going to my secret special place", "you sound like a rapist. mmmm you got a van too?", "haha. no but you really wanna know where i'm going", "kay", "i'm going to my grandmas house. and i'm gunna get cookies!","haha aww.grandma timee :]"
Photography: was getting aggravated. but i finally finished what i was supposed to yeahhhhh xD
BeforeMath: got raped by my friend haha. we haven't seen each other like all year basically so we were like hugging each other to death while people stared at us xD.haha i miss her :/. then someone showed me this note they were going to give someone x:
Math: omg! kinda easily lesson, i was like =] finally
AfterSchool: waited,talked,walked. met up with my other friend. hugged people. then we[twofriends&me] walked home, one of them lived close by so we dropped her off on the street she lives on. while my other friend was going to his grandmas house. so i walked him to his street then i walked all the way home haha.

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