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Monday, October 8, 2007

halfday :]
woke up early as balls and got ready then had a ton of time to do whatever haha.
oh yeah and today was a halfday! :]
spanish: basically did nothing x]
study hall: had a firedrill haha
bio: prelab test bullshit that i didn't know about -________- so i probably failed that along with halfthepeople in my class.
social studies: he told us our average so far and stuff haha
english: watched part of the crucible
gym: basically talked to my friends haha we didn't have to change for gym so yeah :]
photography: did nothing like literally haha
math: went over mathstuff haha and that's it
AFTER SCHOOL: ohhboy long story. well 1st of all two people made my day haha. and i missed my bus. luckily i had my friend with me and he walked home today so i just went with him since i could walk from his house to mine hahayeah. then i was going to walk back home but instead he decided to call his mom and she said that she'd give me a ride :]. so we hung out for a little. haha i tried making him scream and growl and stuff. i even took his ipod and phone so he would do it, 'cuz i said i'd just walk off although i was only kidding. haha but yeeah it was fun. then we just sat on his porch and looked at videos on his phone 'till his mom came. his mom was nice :] then i got dropped off home and as always: "wow this is a long walk" "yeah i know haha" because that's what always happens when someone drops me off. but yeah so afterschool was fun as hell :]

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