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Saturday, September 29, 2007

haha 9.28.07 <333
eh woke up and did the same shiiit as always.
Spanish: test. lolol i barely got to finish it -__-
Study Hall: Jimmy Bojangles! lol. uhh yeah basically listened to music,did hwk, and talked :]
Bio: nonsense haha. idk he talked while we were all sleeping basically. OH YEAH! and at one point..i was looking at my vocab book and in one of the definitions and outloud she said: FATTY. omg! lmfao. made my day<333
S.S: uhh notes and such xD
Eng: -__- vocab quiz basically
Gym: haha soccer. well my friend got all hyped and shit and was going after the ball as well as other people were and she got hurt :/ from like her shin down to her ankle basically. but she can actually walk so yeah...
Lunch: was fun as hell breh. haha so my friend came back[the one who got injured in gym] and she was fine and all but yeah it still hurt.
Photography: uhh haha i don't really know xD tons of shiiiit happened but like nothing to write about really xD
Math: quiz lololol. then was being all hyper when everyone finished because i was excited for my weekend.
AfterSchool: fun times! haha met up with my friends. and i didn't get to walk with my walking buddy which i missed doing. but anyways i went on my friends bus,which was cool haha yeah.
FriendsHouse: was mad fun as hell! haha omg i love her&hermom.fucking fun time :]<3
The Adventure: well our friend came over her house. then a little bit later we went to pick up this kid haha.then went to the footballz game! xD
FootballzGame: haha basically didn't pay attention to was was happening but it was fun since our friends where there. and after we all didn't know what to do so we just hung out in front of the school haha xD
Later: me&&3of my friends were like the last kids to leave and my mom was driving basically everywhere ahah i love my mom. then i went home haha yeahh xD
When I Got Home: i was really tired until i went on and saw that one of mybestfriends was online haha i was like: tired time's over! xD

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