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Thursday, October 11, 2007

woke up. listened to musiccccccccccc :]and my mom said that the people at her job were making her mad so she decided to stay home. haha.
spanish: bored as helll wwell actually idk i wasn't really paying attention x:
study hall: messages, missuses[sp? haha], studying and shiiit haha.
bio: test -_______________________________-
history: notes and i was doing my english homework haha
english: uhhmovie. and that's basically it haha.
gym: indoor soccer...intenseee haha. yeahh that's basically it
lunch: funtimess :] "i told you, you like it long!" hahaha. "that's ok,i have more balls at home" lololol i ment jawbreakers people! "what are you on?","i don't do drugs", "okay...but what are you on? haha" x]
photography: haha photography stuff obvz! haha funtimess though.
math: ohjesus -____________________- learned some stuff and then got our grade sheets for how we're doing in that class so far x:
after school: called and asked for a ride home. walked with my friend. :/ he had to walk home, i wouldda gave him a ride too. but he said that he thinks he had to walk home for a reason so yeah :/ and then since we was talking to me and walking he almost ran into a poll hahaha awww x:

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