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Monday, August 29, 2005

*knock knock* Anybody home?
Good to be back, you guys. I have been spending most of the day gathering supplies and reference materials for two of the four courses I have registered for. It is good to know that I have ended the summer semester on a high note because I had managed a good GPA. Last time I checked, the GPA was at least 2.88, but I'm expecting that number to be higher as I begin my second year. It is bound to become a bit more difficult than I would've imagined.

Everything turned out okay at home, besides the fact that my mother had to rely on my sister to receive transportation. Boy, she was continually wondering when she will retrieve her car; I just figured, the sooner it is back, the better for her. I hate it when she becomes frustrated.

Yesterday turned out to be as turbulent as it comes. There turned out to be some misunderstanding regarding my cousin, and my hair. Apparently, my mother took me to the hair shop where my cousin works to trim up my afro, if you will, and then straighten it out. Now, she took me to my grandmother's neighborhood before we left for Waco for my cousin to shapen my hy hair. Well, I went over there one time thinking that she had everything ready to go considering she told my mother that she was going to bring her materials to the shop. Boy, was I wrong. She asked what my mother wanted her to do, but as I tried to explain it, I made the dumb choice by answering, "You'll have to ask Mama." She never came. At this point, time was running out, so my mother told me to explain to her what she wanted.

I returned a few minutes later after visiting my grandmother to explain that my mother wanted it shapen to her liking, but my cousin acted as if she didn't know what I was talking about. As of right now, I was becoming upset, not only because I wouldn't make it into Waco, but also my mother had to work on a night shift and my sister's kids had to go to school.

After visiting my grandmother (for the second time) to discuss what she told me towards my mother *holds thought, ahem*, I returned to my auntie's house so that my cousin would trim and shapen my hair, and this is when she started talking more than a trunkload of sh*t that even flamers couldn't deliver. She started comtemplating what she wanted to do for herself, how certain family members, including my mother, "tells" her to offer favors, and why she felt as if she didn't have the time or luxury to trim my hair. It really started to piss me off as much as it was pissing off my mother, not to mention my sister, to whom my cousin was having problems w/ lately. How inconsiderate can one person be knowing that what he/she says is not properly true. First of all, if my mother said she was going to give you the money, then goddammit, you should expect her to give it to you whenever she has the chance. Why would someone be so nice to other people yet you have the nerve to talk silly sh*t about my family? Gossiping is as bad as sinning against God, my mother stated as we rode on to Waco.

The same case would unfortunately go to my grandmother, who, as my sister would put it, is clearly egotistical. I don't know about that, but it seems as if she believes that the family is splitting apart, that conflict and resentment against each other would eventually sever the tides. I symphonsize those comments because as turbulent as the Stevens family tree is, we are still family, no matter what. I just wish the entire family would just gather around and discuss about what is bothering who instead of conflicting against one another because it is becoming ridiculous. Every time a conflict starts, it is always based one the little things, which eventually blows everything out of porportion regarding which member of the family is igniting the conflict. I almost cry a few times the moment she said that. Don't worry, you guys. I'm not that upset now, just a bit confused and disappointed w/ yesterday's experience.

Note: I'm planning on creating my entree for Shanny's Summer Fun Contest since she has expanded the deadline to the beginning of September (by the way, has anybody else entered?), plus one fan art for someone in the myO community. Sorry, that person's name will remain anonymous until I have submitted the artwork. I should be doing that soon, considering that I have a full week to get in tune w/ my schedule.

Signing off!

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Friday, August 19, 2005

I thought I'd left something for you guys before I take my leave this weekend. Since classes are haulted for next week, I wish to give you guys another flash video. Honestly, it is a great video at that, and I wish for anyone to agree.

Psycho Bunny


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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

   Well, that turned out well!
The video project turned out fine, and not only that, but it was a huge hit for the instructor and the class. In fact, each of the presentations were great. One of the best ones for me was the video in which it depicted parking cops, but in a humorous faction. After the presentations, we had to take a final exam, which wasn't so bad at all despite taking extra time w/ the essay part of the exam.

Well, that is two courses down, and two more to go before the semester ends. By the way, I am posting new wallpaper today, so you should expect them to come up shortly.

Signing off now.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   Shock on the phone
Basicially, there are usually no surprises whenever my mother call me. She does call usually in case of my well-being or my financial aid for college, but *sigh* she caught me off guard when she told me what occurred between her and my younger brother. Apparently, the two of them went into an exchange of words because my sister's son couldn't sit still, according to her. When my mother tried to convince my brother to settle down, he retorted and said that he knew that she "couldn't hear TV". Now just when she thought she had her way w/ him, my brother barged into the room and eventually started to hit my mother, which is so unlike him whenever he becomes angry. Even more shocking, he had never attempted to hit someone like that before, not even my own mother.

My brother was born autistic, just to let you know, so he wouldn't function to normal circumstances as would someone similar to his age. This upsets me so much because he is my brother, and he is proned to be angry whenever something doesn't seem to go his way or the way he wants things to be. I don't know why I became upset about it, but maybe it is I haven't been a good role model for him. If I had been more of a responsible young man and demonstrated character amongst him, I don't know if he wouldn't be as angry as he was that day. Yet again, it can't be helped because he was born w/ autism and I'll have to deal w/ that.

Gradually, my mother said that they haven't talked to each other for two days. It wasn't until Saturday when they had discussed it between each other and eventually he apologized. She said he would be okay, but I am still shocked. I had never thought he would grow to be this angry to hit my own brother.

*deep sigh* Let me stop now, because apparently, I'm starting to become angry myself. I don't want that anger to boil over.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

It seems that the video project is coming together. We had just added the titles and narration into the video, and started applying additional touches to complete it. Moreover, I thought I might revise the narration script so that the narration becomes even more clear, specific and precise. Imagine the amount of days and hours actually taken for this project to be brought to this stage of post-production. Okay, maybe most of you don't, but everyone has put at least a bit of effort by showing up and being involved w/ it. I've done my fair share of the bargain just by becoming involved in a group. It should boost my confidence up a little.

By the way, I will be visiting my hometown for at least a week since I don't have classes until the start of the fall semester, so there is a slight chance that I may post new artwork into the fan art page within the upcoming month. Just a slight chance, though. I've been growing complacent as of late and I need to get back into form. Hopefully, I am up to regaining my nitch to draw freely again.

And that is where this man stands!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

   *phew* What a long week!
Man, it has been hectic all week, esp. when it comes to the video project. Yesterday, my team had difficulty figuring out the reason why the audio track from certain cilps didn't match the video track. The team manager asked about two to three instructors to figure out the problem. Well, it turns out that we had turned over the curve a bit and nonchalantly set the video at the wrong settings. Had it that happen, you asked? Go figure.

Today, since we handled the situation, the post-production is running smoothly as this point. The video itself is coming along nicely, so the only thing left for us to create title credits and insert narration. *deep breath* Excuse me for that. I am itching my right foot right now since the end of the summer semester is drawing near. So far, I've managed to complete at least one assignment for one class yet I still have a long way to go. Aside from the video project, I have to focus on finals now, but I won't tread on that for a minute. Mostly, the assignments themselves along w/ attendance best determines the score; the final is almost sort of an exclamation point for the course.

Over 900 hits! Am I really becoming that popular? I'll have to go and rest my head for the time being. Signing off.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Why has it taken me so long to update? Oh, nevermind that. I had plenty to do this weekend. Aside from the video project, I had to get groceries, a few assignments for my graphic design course, and at least one for an illustration course. Again, I don't feel pressured, but I'll have to focus on completing one assignment at a time. Hopefully, I could complete them by the end of the week.

My mother came over Sunday to help me w/ the groceries. She had to use my sister's car since her own vehicle is still being repaired. Futhermore, she brought my sister and her kids along for the ride for dining. We ate at a restaurant called Casa Ole near the main chain stores, and eventually I had my full, mostly because my sister regretted ordering what was on the menu.

Nothing else much going on here. I'll be running off now! Tis' been well!

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   Getting REELED
Today, I am participating w/ a group of people from my digital video course to produce a 2-5 minute video. Basically, the premise of the video is based on MTV's The Real World except there are five strangers instead of seven who are "picked to produce a video project within the next two weeks", which was basicially one of the original ideas that we have. It was actually a brilliant idea, so shooting the actual scenes would be the easy part, whereas the only difficulty of this project is post-production or finalizing the video itself.

Another difficulty we have is the balance of schedule, which we discussed immediately. At that point, we managed to balance out the schedule based on each member's personal schedules and available time. We are supposed to meet at approximately 9:30 a.m. or whenever the other members of the group are out of class. It is bound to be awesome!

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Monday, August 1, 2005

   Isn't this my lucky break?
Well, I've managed to complete the projects I had been working on Wedensday before the announcement of the broken water pipe. Now I am able to focus on the tasks needed to be completed before the semester. Not that I am doubting myself about not being able to do these tasks, but I have been hammered by the demands of college life: tight budget, assignments from various classes, etc. I can only be optimistic that I am able to complete all of these tasks, as long as I understand why I had enrolled to college in the first place, and that is doing what I love the most: art and creativity.

My mother called yesterday and apologized about what happened last week. She said that her car was giving her engine trouble and wouldn't allow her to drive. In my mind, I'm thinking, "Every car my mother had gave her at least one ounce of trouble." Why do I feel so selfish? It is so out of my true character.

And that is where we stand, folks!

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

   Pixels on the Brain
The funniest flash video I had seen yet! It features random video games from the past decade and a half. It is bound to knock you off your socks!

Pixels on the Brain

Hint: if case there is a problem loading, set the video at low quality.


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