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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


And now, another addition of the...


This is at least the third entry that is a submission, but I feel it is well worth it, eh? Today's maneuver is:


It is almost a play of a term used from the New Testament, but who wouldn't find a more appropiate name for this submission. The intriguing thing about it is that it is more often referred to as a pinning combination more than a submission.

When the opponent is lying face first, the fighter applies the submission by wrapping the opponent's arms together using his/her entire body. The weight of the fighter adds distinct pressure to the opponent as it cuts the flow of blood from the opponent's arms, thus affecting the opponent's equilibrum and neck area.

As seen from this pic, the fighter applying the submission seems to have executed it propertly due to her height and overall flexibility. Believe this saying, "The proof is in the pudding."

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Friday, April 15, 2005

   A sign of relief
I've managed to submit the greetings card I considered to make, although it didn't take me long to create it. It is not too flashy, but it should be enjoyable once you guys have a chance to see it. *sighs* I'm glad that's out of the way.

Throughout the entire week, I've been busy w/ plently of assignments and at least one final. However, I've managed to invest some of my time to update when I had the chance. It wouldn't be such a drag if I hadn't have setbacks from the computer yesterday when the server refused to save a file. However, I've managed to handle the problem and now I should be able to finish out everything I need to complete.

On a lighter note, my mother called from my hometown and stated that I was nominated to have my name written on the Dean's list. Of course, my initial thought was, "WTF?!" because I wouldn't even remotely imagine being nominated for anything, esp. the Dean's list. She'll send me the papers this weekend when I call her back. Shocker, indeed!

I'll shout at you guys later, now I've gotten the air out of my chest. Signing off.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   e-Card Still in Progress

Well, duh, I was busy completing assignments, but not even a heavy pile of laundry is going to stop the revealing of the...


Today's signature maneuver is...


Basicially, the triangle choke hold is a form of choke or submission that impairs the flow of blood or oxygen to the brain. It closely resembles a headlock except three times as effective. This submission is prone to fighters who master the art/discipline of grappling (Ju-jistu, judo, etc).

In the pic above, the fighter clutches the opponent w/ a rubber guard (wrapping the opponent's body w/ his legs) as he is twisting the arm back. If you watch closely, the rubber guard affects the opponent's respiratory status, making it difficult for any sign of air circulating into the brain. In this way, along w/ the fighter wrenching his through the duration of applying this submission, the opponent is forced to fall into an unconscious state or submit to the hold. Is that explanatory for you?

***As always, leave these type of maneuvers to the professionals. Just a remainder.***

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Incredible! I didn't know I was getting so many hits. I'm usually used to receiving at least a few hits, but I'm very flattered. Thank you all!

As a fellow member of the myO community, I wish to give you guys my first greeting or e-card to show everyone my graditude. I'll see if I can complete it today, but in case I'm not, I'll submit it tomorrow.

Again, I appreciate everything from everyone! Tis' well!

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   And they thought I was dead... (sarcasm)
My deepest apologies for failure to update, but it has been a busy week for me. I had to register for the summer semester so I decided to register online, which was at the same day I posted the Wicked Maneuver. I appreciate the comments received about the post, but i originally thought about adding a submission hold sometime. I'll just have to decide in the future.

By the way, I've noticed that my overall total number of visits have increased dramatically even though I barely post any updates. It flatters me a bit, but I also feel proud about it so much that I wish not to glope. However, I have visited a few sites while I was on myO so that no one would assume that I was dead. (sarcasm)

Just checking on you guys! Signing off.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


It is time for...


Today's maneuver is:


An excellent projectile against approaching fighters, the Beast Cannon is one of the trademark maneuvers from Night Warrior (Darkstalkers) legend J. Talbain. This is perhaps one of his most effective manuever to date, as he uses this attack to repel any attack from the opposition.

When the opposition approaches for a possible attack, Talbain counters by charging w/ tremendous speed and velocity. The immense rate of speed is channeled through ki duration which ignites a flash of blue energy surrounding Talbain's entire body, which triggers a blinding flash coming straight towards to the opponent.

Bonus Maneuver:


Talbain's ultimate attack and an alternate version of the Beast Cannon, expect that Talbain's momentum is so great that the attack immenisters ten times the damage. Very powerful, I'd say.

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

The laundry is finally washed, cleaned, dried and sanitized to my liking. Unfortunately, since the driers in the apartment building were down, I was forced to make random trips to a laundry mat to the Red River apartments. The hall building that I live in was close to those apartments, so it was well worth it. It took a bit out of me, but I was still able to finish washing load by load.

Well, enough laundry talk. I am very fortunate to get that out of the day for the next two weeks. I wish to to share something w/ you guys. It has been a long time since I linked another web comic. On the other hand, I haven't visited the site as often. This is bound to be enjoyable, is it not?

Kingdom Hearts (w/ Millenia)

I appreciate the response to the new layout, and I am proud to have chosen the theme. Signing off now.

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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Hmm... just chillin'
*phew* Finally, I've finished another wallpaper. It was a good thing I've started on it yesterday because I needed the time I had today to finish. I feel that it is as good as I had made the previous one (the Excel wallpaper). I'm submitting it as soon as I'm finish posting.

As for today, I only have one class for today due to cancellation of this morning's lecture. The instructor for the lecture fell ill, though I thought it would be an inside April Fools prank just to force us to miss class, but nah! Our instructor isn't like that.

Not much to post today. I'll spend the rest of the day in the apartment and sort out my laundry; they're in dire need to be cleaned, rinsed, spinned and dried. I wanted to watch on Monday but the dryer in the apartment building refused to dry. *laughs* Funny, is it not?

I'll be seeing you. Signing off!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   Keep your eyes peeled...

...for it is time for the...


This week's manuever is:


Hey, where did this come from?

*sighs* That's more like it. That Super Kick.

One of my favorite manuever of all time, generally because it is quite unexpected and underappreciated. Before one realizes it, he/she finds him/herself on the floor after two-three minutes.

First, the fighter/wrestler eyes on his/her opponent, measures the distance between the opponent and assumes position. Once the opponent is either recuperating or is caught off guard, the fighter approaches the opposer and thrusts his/her foot right onto the opponents throat or jaw, eventually delivering immense damage upon the opposer.

More pics:

Consider this target practice.

Ooh, she felt the wrong end of that one!

And that is where we stand, folks!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I've been well so far. This morning I had a test for Business Law, which I was able to do w/o a sense of panic. it is strange, though, because I barely studied for it and yet I didn't stress on the questions frantically, but I feel I've done a decent job.

I had just finished a new wallpaper today, which took less time than I thought it would take, and it shows the moment you see it. If you have the chance, feel free to check it out.

Another thing, I'm starting to develop an ideal story. I do not totally have the actual plot of the story in detail since it is just flickered into my brain, but I'm definitely writing it down as soon as I can. Moreover, I had already came up w/ the title of the story; I dub it as "A Little Runaway". Is that a fine title to you?

The Manuever of the Week will be revealed tomorrow, as always, along w/ a few changes to this site. Until then, tis' nice talking to you all. Signing off.

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