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Sunday, April 29, 2007

(Ha ha! I had to add a little line from The Last Dragon.)

That's right, people! I'm still alive and kicking. Wait a minute, I haven't posted here in a LONG time, have I? Over 10 months and three seasons consisted of countless amounts of college work, graduation from the technical college I have attended for two and a half, applying for attendance at an art institute, and readjusting to the comforts of home. Oh, I almost forgot about my YouTube addiction to top this, but here I am now.

Well, I miss chatting w/ most of you guys. It feels good to be back and I sincerely apologize for leaving without notice last year. I hope to make it up to you guys by visiting various myOtaku accounts since I won't have to attend the Art Institute of Dallas around August. Have a pleasant evening!

-The abc kid

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Just came to chat for a minute. I have attended all of my courses today, so I am officially done for the week in terms of classwork. As of late, I have been habernating in my dormatory for the past few weekends now, but it is only because there isn't much to do here in Waco, unless you have the means of transportation. It really sucks because I haven't driven a vehicle in two years now and I am tight on money. Usually, I'm not inclined to discuss my financial status, but it is really getting into my head. Becoming an adult is extremely complicated, is it not?

Don't worry. I have standards of entertaining myself for my internal slumber. I have sketches to do, anyway. Well, I'll chat later. Ja!

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