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Monday, March 28, 2005

   A weekend of turbulence
There were no classes on Friday, so I spent the better of my Friday morning watching Vol. 1 & 2 of the Excel Saga I have purchased almost a week ago. I'll have to say that (goddamn) it is one wacky yet hilarious anime, probably the most hilarious series I've seen yet. Excel is one boisterous character that easily cracks me up every second, despite the fact I could barely catch on whatever it is that she speaks about (in english, of course).

Anyway, later that day, I was getting ready to draw and listen to music. Just when I was about to flick on the side light on, the entire power to my apartment went off. It really ticked me off, because how can an old light blub that had just fizzled out cause the entire power to go out like that? I checked to see if the resident assistant (he knew me a bit well) was avaiable, but after knocking on his door several times, I started to realized that he wasn't available. By around 7:00, I started to move a few materials so that I could wait until the RA return to his apartment. At 10:00, I started to become anxious although not in a frantic manner, and I became exhausted after dinner, so I decided to wait until tomorrow for the RA to solemnly reset the settings to the power.

I managed to get in touch w/ the nearest resident assistant on the 3rd floor and he was nice enough to reset the power settings to my apartment. *sighs* What a relief it was! Throughout the day, I played GGXX for awhile. By hook and for crook, I managed to beat the boss for the arcade mode of the game. Man, I-No was literally,literally started to kick me in the ass. Chipp Zanuff was my character of choice. At nightfall, I was doing the usual habits (most of which you might already know by now).

Not much in the long run, so not the most interesting of days. I spent most of the time watching the Excel Saga and listening to music. At night, I watched Hero while drawing into my sketchbook. Very impressive movie, esp. w/ the cinematography. I recommend renting it for at least one time.

I'll have to go now, since I wish to keep myself busy for today. Signing off.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yes, this is indeed a move straight out of the GGX playbook. Moveover it is our...


This is prehaps one of Sol Badguy's most useful and most powerful manuevers (besides the Grand Viper). This evasive anti-air attack is as just as lethal as Ryu's Shoryuken or Kyo's R.E.D. Kick.

First, Sol anticipates his opponent's movements and times the distance between him and the opponent. Before the opponent can go in to attack, Sol quickly jumps w/ great elevation. Then, using the left hemisphere of his body, brandishes a stream of flames that are channeled through his fist and inflict damage upon the ongoing opposition. If possible, Sol can also put in multiple hits upon him/her as well.

Man, I've been waiting a long time to post a manuever from a video game besides SF. Whoo!

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Monday, March 21, 2005

   The kid is back!
Yes, I have been gone for a week. Since there were no classes for Spring Break, I decided to spend it at home. Of course, my mother had to drive down to Waco to pick me up, but it was well worth it, because she was happy to see me come home.

Nothing interesting about my intermission except I have seen an interesting movie on the i-channel that really intrigued me. It was a Japanese film based on a novel entitled "Concent", which depcits a young woman's uncertainity revolving around the sudden passing of her brother. Perhaps I should tell you guys about it in the future (when I feel the need to).

On Wedensday, my mother, my younger brother and myself went to search for a new coat (the weather here in Texas is pretty strange, esp. in the winter time), but most of the stores didn't even sell coats anymore. I guess the store owners figured that the weather was just started to become warmer and assumed they could start selling clothes that are normally worn in either spring or summer. Boy, how wrong they were! Anyhow, after scoping through different shops from left to right, we finally managed to find a coat at Stein Mart. I picked out the coat that best suited me. Usually, I prefer hooded jackets that are comfortable and fits just fine. I managed to find a light black coat that appeared suitable to my liking, despite of what my mother reacted to my chose; she thought the coat was too small. Whatever.

At the same time, I've purchased two fighting games while searching for a coat. I've purchased Soul Caliber II and Guilty Gear XX, and I'll have to say I won't have problems not playing w/ my X-Box any time soon.

On Saturday, I took my brother to the mall to see a movie. I planned on seeing either Cursed, Constantine, Robots or Be Cool, and out of the four choices, I decided that we watched Be Cool for two reasons:

1) The theatre stopped viewing Cursed and Constantine

2)Robots was viewed exactly at the same time we even entered the theatre.

I actually thought I wasn't going to be a hilarious movie, but as the film rolled on, it started to become intriguing, esp. when various characters used lines depicting various catch phrases from the world of entertainment. Of course, John Travolta and Uma Thurman were quite talented in their roles, as well as Cedric the Entertainer, but Andre 3000, in my view, stole the movie hands down. His character was flat out funny to death! I mean, everything about that movie almost made me forget about my disappointment of not seeing Constantine, since everyone said that it was interesting.

Later that day, we had decided to scope the mall for awhile. I bought myself four DVDs from a video store, three including Hero and two volumes of the Excel Saga. I haven't seen the episodes for Excel yet, but I will soon. Also, I wanted to buy some music as well (I had enough money), so I picked out four CDs including Radiohead's OK Computer. I am yet to remove it out of my CD player.

Phew! As always, I posted another long one, but yet again, when do I not updated a long post? I'm glad to be back. Signing off, playas!

::imitates::...and don't you ever tell me to be cool. I am cool!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   *knock knock, door cranks*

Time for the next...

The Spider-Man Edition!

Excuse me for the theme of this week's manuever, but I had to come up w/ this concept at the last minute. Here is a list of manuevers I had gotten for the webslinger from MVC 2.



for this manuever, Spidey utilizes on his best assets: his uncanny strength and webing. Spidey first shoots a stream of web, which easily clings his opponent(s) to a stalmate. W/ his opponent isolated, Spidey uses his strength to lift the opposition into the air and continually swing w/ great velocity before tossing him/her to the ground or into the wall.



Almost like the original Web Throw, except this one of Spidey's ultimate attacks. W/ this manuever, Spidey can utilize the attributes given to him by rotating in a orbital faction, launching his opponent along w/ him and slamming the opponent into the ground.

Massive damage.

Brief moment while I catch my breath...

What are the odds of this fight being close? My guess would be 9 to 1.

Okay, finally...

Uh, are you guys done today?

Okay, now...


Obviously, it is where Spidey gets his nitch. He traps his opponents into a shell of webing and traps them momentarily (or enternally, if he wants to). Simple attack yet useful for configurative attack variations or cominations. It must be exciting to encase someone into a "webbed" tomb, ya think?

Pretty long for such a short segment. *deep breath* God, I need to rest.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   Here's another link
Here is another link I've gotten from Newgrounds.com. I wanted to share it w/ you guys so that I can read the feedback afterwards. Trust me, this is a great one.

This is Life

Tis' a good one!

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Monday, March 7, 2005

   Yet again, another day and another link
I have finished my last class for today although it was pretty short. Today's assignment was to draw precison figures that illustrates the movements of various people using geometric shapes. The instructor insisted that anyone in the class who knew how to draw (including moiwould have a hassle completing the assignment. To me, the assignment was semi-complicated yet it wasn't any hassle at all.

I'm planning on keeping myself busy today so that I won't feel as if I'm slacking off.

Signing off now.

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

   Quick Post
I'm just netsurfing, as always, while listening to some infectious video game MIDIs from vgmusic.com. I spent the last two days sketching in a sketchbook I had bought from the school bookstore on Friday. I'm starting to get the feel to draw my own characters again, and I wish to create more than just average sketches I've been doing in the past months. I'm so stoked.

Earlier today, my mother called me to check how I was doing, but then she stunned me w/ news she had gotten in the mail. She told me that she a notice for me to have a jury sermon, which particuarly means that I would serve jury duty in a court case. However, since I'm a full-time student, I could just sign the notice and continue on my education. Boy, I've lucked out of that one!

I've got to go back to the weforums now. I'll chat later. Signing off!

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Mostly a recent visit
Nothing much going in these neck of the woods. I'm just net surfing the web and visiting the weforums, that's all. I finished all of my classes today, one of which was my morning class.

The intructor for my 8:00 a.m Business Law lecture class fell ill, so the class didn't take place, but I signed it to maintain my attendance. So far, I had to resort to note cards and give it to my instructor so that he would know I attended class on a certain day. I believe I'm okay when it comes to attending class, though.

My second class, Basic Elements of Design, started at 2:00 p.m., so it gave me enough time to finish the assignment that was due for today. The assignment was to describe how colors symbolizes a certain season or emotion. I chose the theme "peaceful" because I'd thought it would be easier for me to express emotion freely. When I was creating the design, my mind just went into another place. It was as if I can track anything I thought would fit into the design w/o having second thoughts. This is the result of having a creative mind.

As you know, many of us have been under the weather, including moi, but there are times where...

...some days can't be thrown into the waste side.

Signing off now.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   It's exciting, it's intriguing, it's the...


Today's manuever is perhaps one of my favorite of all manuevers, and that is:

The Hurricarana!!

I love this manuever for many reasons. It is quick, surprising and effective. It allows the fighter/wrestler to quickly take down the opponent *snaps fingers* just like that.

When the opponent is not looking, the fighter leaps into the air, splits his/her legs open before catching the opponent and falling backwards w/ great velocity. Usually, pro wrestlers are momentarily caught by their opponents that usually pits them into a powerbomb position, but eventually reserves the opponent's momentum by using the hurricarana to bounce back.

W/o a doubt, the hurricarana is an excellent manuever for lighter and agile fighters. As I said it is one of my favorites.

More pics to feed the need:

'98- Yumi Fukawa v. Michiko Omukai. Perfect demonstration of the Wicked Manuever by Yumi. The review said she actually headscissored Omukai, but I'll take an exception to it.


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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   A new day has dawn upon us...
As you can see, my layout has gone through several changes, since Feburary has ended, along w/ the celebration of BHM. I'm actually looking forward to this month because I wish to be more of a work-aholic than I had for the previous two months. As soon as I finish w/ the assignments needed to be done in my classes, I wish to do more wallpaper and fan art for myO. Plus, I wish to hold a special contest for all comers of the myO community, which I will give more info. in the weeks to come.

I wanted to give you guys the Wicked Manuever of the Week today, but I decided to give it to you guys tomorrow. All apologies for the disappointment. Also, I'm bringing back the Melee Character of the Week as well. Stay posted for that.

Signing off for now. Be back tomorrow.

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