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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Nothing much going on here, except one of the workers of the recreational center intends to spray me occasionally w/ surface cleaner. Yes, surface cleaner. However, it doesn't bother me much because she only sprayed me on the back. I was busy w/ the wrestling forums, anyway.

My weekend has been okay, and perhaps relaxing at the same time. I've been sleeping throughout the afternoon yesterday. The one time I had gone outside, the humidity felt as if summertime had a premature obligation to show its ugly face into the day. Whoo! It was scorching hot.

I'd watched the first Inuyasha movie on AS last night, which I thought I wouldn't have enjoyed it, but that was only because the villian of the movie place a spell on Kagome. (Me and my fetish for school girls.) It turned out to be good, though. The animation was on point and Inuyasha showed a touching side in between the movie.

That is where I stand. Signing off!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   The latest edition of...


This week's maneuver is...


A hellacious grapple that catches the opponents off guard before implementing any form of aerial offense. This maneuver is suited best for massive fighters such as Potemkin.

Before the opponent can unleash an attack (from mid-air), Potemkin immediately catches him/her, implementing an attack in which heat is applied as the opponent endures a bearhug type hold. This attack continues before the heat becomes too great and scroaches the opponent in the process.



In between the process of the Heat Knuckle, Potemkin appends the attack by gathering heat energy within his fist before creating a mass explosion of heat. The opponent receives massive damage in the process.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Decent Day
I was sooo busy at the wrestling forums this morning. Apparently, there's has been a huge discussion about a certain issue that is eventually too long to explain right now, but things have been heating up in there. Makes you feel happy to have air conditioning, right? Okay, you guys might not know what I'm talking about, so I'll just move on.

I have two classes today, one of which involves photography. This morning, the instructor talked about certain features of a camera and the appropiate usage of those features. It was quite interesting, regarding that I admire photography. The only thing I'm surprised about is how I manage to stay awake the whole time I was in there. Phew!

So, how is everybody's day going for them?

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   To care or be slient
So far, my week has been a bit okay. I'm starting to get use to my classes although I'm not getting my hopes up as of yet. Since I'm done w/ my last class for today, I'm thinking about spending my time drawing and doing wallpaper.

Speaking of wallpaper, I had already completed one today, and needless to say, I'm satisfied w/ the results. You may check it out while you have the chance.

***By the way, I figured many of you guys have been busy, so I understand if you haven't been visiting lately. I should know, because I get complacent when comes to visiting various accounts, or I'll be out of town somewhere and won't respond until about a week later. Don't sweat it. People do what they feel it is in their best interest to do.

Signing off!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   Slap me down and leave me falling...

...for it is time for the...


This week's maneuver is:


Literally, an "electrifying" maneuver that not only serves as a projectile, but is also useful as a counterattack. This is one of GGX character Ky Kiske's signature moves, and perhaps his most powerful.

Ky initiates a bolt of lightning channeled through his blade, and eventually concentrates the surging energy gathers into an orb-like shield. It is the moment where the opponent's ability to counter seems limited, leaving him/her open for immense damage. Even more incredible is Kiske's ability to maneuver while focusing his energy on maintaining the shield.

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   Absent? I know...
There was no school for the week, so I visited my mother at that time. My apologies for being so quiet since than, but no one in my family had a computer at home. Not much really happened at that time except I cooked my mother breakfast as a Mother's Day present. I made her a breakfast omelete w/ onions and bell pepper, w/ a cup of coffee. She enjoyed it and the bath that I had made for her while she was sleeping.

Also, I purchased two CDs from Circuit City, which I decided to buy the CDs because they were cheaper compared to FYE. The two CDs were TRUST Company's True Parallel and Illusion of Safety from Thrice. I questioned whether or not I would enjoy them or not, but after listening to both albums a few times, I've gotten the need to approve it.

Now, I'm back on campus to begin my summer semester. I've already attended my first class for today. Actually, make that my only class for Monday. Lucky! The rest of the week is bound to be a long one, so I better be on my toes, if you know what I mean.

It's good to be back! Again, my sincere apologies to everyone, including you, Mew Wem. Signing off!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Now, it is time for a special edition of...


I have been visiting the TNA website lately because I wanted to check out the photos taken from their recent PPV known as Lockdown. I'll fill you in w/ the details later, but right now this week's segment will feature the biggest highlights from Lockdown.

These are two combatants from the X-Division involved in a four way eilimination match. Be sure to keep your eyes on the woman who climbing on top of the steel cage. She's going to make a name for herself the moment this next pic arrives.

Now you know the explanation for the title of this post. I haven't seen the PPV myself (Time Warner Cable gags), but if I did, I would say this was the "highlight of the night".

Such variety of moves is what is expected from the X-Division.

Jeff Hardy v. Raven - Tables Match.

What happens after this blown spot is quite academic.

A previous Wicked Maneuver, the Canadian Destroyer. Ironically, it is executed on his own teammate (He blinded himself w/ powder).

*If you'll notice, every single match that was featured on the PPV card was under cage match stipulations.*

"Fallen Angel" Chris Daniels psyched for his X-Division title defense.

Clips from the X-Division title match:

Pics from #1 contender's match:

Hey, no wonder this guy is considered to be "phenomenal". Check out the distance!

*sighs deeply* Whoa! I've never posted that many pics for a long time. Man, next time I'll cut down on the amount of pics whenever I can.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Now onto the artwork
I'm starting to feel inspired to do a piece, finally. I'm basing it on a song that I have loved since it was first heard. I believe it is going to be great. Before I leave here, I wish to post down the lyrics to the song. No, you don't have to guess who wrote and perform this.

Here it is.

They say "freak" when you're singled out;
and the red,
well, it filters through

So lay down, the threat is real
when his side goes red again

Seeing red again (X2)

This change he won't contain
slip away and to clear your mind,
When asked who made it show
the truth, he gives into most

So lay down, the threat is real
when his side goes red again


Chorus (X2)

Seeing red again, seeing red again (X4)

They said "freak" when you're singled out;
and the red, it filters through

Tis' well!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   The Great Deal of Emotional Dorment
I've been thinking a great deal lately. I always wonder when the next days in life would pass, what events would occur and how will the overall outcome will be. Not to say I am comptempating anything, but there is never a day when I don't think about who I am and who I want to be. It is as if my outlook on life is changing as every minute pass as the seconds before them.

I understand if one were to say if I was too wrapped up into my beliefs, which is needless to say because I have been before. I've always felt that way. Mainly, I usually am concerned w/ how people would perceive me as a person and as a human being. This is usually the case w/ my social life. I have a quiet nature, although it isn't in a shy-like manner. I just feel the need to be quiet at times whenever there is a conversation, but this sometimes prove to be very difficult for me to deal w/. Due to my quietness, the confidence seems to dim as I go through the day because I might want to know more about the person and see him/her as who they are. I mean, a friend would ask me about my interest and nothing more, when I feel to be the one who wished to ask the questions for hi/her.

Another thing that I have difficulty in life is the ability to enjoy the day and not having a care in the world. Every day, I would go through the day and wonder why different individuals behave the way they behave and then compare them to my own behavioral patterns. I would see the people around me to be either open about themselves, wanting to get attention or just going crazy for no reason at all. *sighs* I guess that I've always wished to be my own person who can identify w/ the next person, who can touch an individual or at least have that individual say that he/she knew me as such. This generally grows into a bigger dilemma than for what it is worth, really, plus it actually explains my inability to become more friendly towards people and certain groups; I doubt my own behavior toward them.

I don't know what to think. Either I am crazy or just a nut case for having such thoughts, but it is the way I am. I've always wanted to make sense out of the world around me, even if it means changing my life for the better in order to understand it. However, it seems difficult to live even though you try the best you can to live on. At least I feel that way.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I was just checking on everyone and seeing how they are doing since I haven't visited anyone's sites within the week. I am currently pushing in the assignment that I needed to finish. One would say that I'm feeling the heat (no s***), but when didn't I feel that heat? This is a prime example of life getting in the way of the things you love most.

I'm feeling the need to really catch up w/ my drawing. Now I've said this almost a hundred times to myself, but I really feel the need for it because I love doing it. It makes me complete as a person. The only creative outlet I've been pursuing so far is writing, so I still have the creative mindset.

Nice to talk to you guys again. Signing off!

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