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Monday, June 27, 2005

What's there to say?
I guess I'm a bit less consistent when it comes to recent updates, but that is only because I haven't felt like I should update. Perhaps I'm stressed out due to school activities and managing my priorities at the same time, which is very difficult considering that college advances w/ tremendous force so much you could hardly keep up w/ its rate of speed. No need to worry, I'm okay, yet I need to develop a new method of controlling my activities and practice managing my behavioral patterns. *sighs* Sometimes, it's difficult to deal w/ comtemplating your emotions.

Today, one of the students from the 3rd floor (where my apartment is located) offered me a ride to the gorcery store so that I can develop two rolls of film and purchase a few things. The cashier at the photo developing booth told me that the printing job will have to be done at 6:00 p.m. because the equipment needed new parts or somewhat. I'm planning on retrieving the photos by Wedensday.

And that where I stand as of right now! 'Tis well!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

   Wierd, murdurous dream
There was a dream I had last night regarding a mysterious murder (not that I was involved in), but this wasn't your typical dream. It was in a form of third person and looked as if a newscast was taking place. It was uneventful at first, but then it is started to get both interesting and creepy.

A young woman was gunned down at point blank by a mysterious masked thief as she was making her way home. Apparently, I don't remember how the killer managed to shoot the woman w/o her noticing anything strange or what had occurred afterward, but that's only because I could only recall what I could remember. What followed afterward was the most strange sequences that has ever been in any dream from the past, some of which may be too grotesque for one to swallow. Flashes of the crime scene, sites of the housing area, the murder weapon, etc.

It almost reminded me of a similar dream I had six years ago. This one took place at an annual parade festival in a local town. Everything looked to be normal until someone fell from one of the floats. A young woman in her mid-20s was apparently gunned down by a stray bullet. The strange part of the dream came as she was descending from the air. The woman was actually singing a Mariah Carey song just after she was shot, and she continued to sing right before taking her last breath. By the moment I woke up, Mariah Carey's "My All" was playing on the radio. I almost freaked out! I talked to one of my cousins about this, and he told me that he had a similar dream but w/ a far different perception compared to mine.

And that is where we stand, folks!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Pit Stop
Just came back from the nearest corner store to purchase film for my camera. Well, I had to walk over there to get it, but it was worth the trip and the exercise. I'm finishing up a few projects tonight so that I wouldn't be too far behind on anything. Phew!

Last night, I had to clean my apartment up just for the simple fact that it was a bit too dirty even for me to stand. Boy, was I glad that I did because on numerous occasions, I tried to clean up the place but don't. It probably had something to do w/ my sleeping habit. I'll have to remind myself to clean up every two weeks if I can handle it.

As of right now, there is nothing much going on around my neck of the woods, so how about you guys?

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   *tires srceech*
*phew* Man, that was quick. Now it is time for...


This week's maneuver is...


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Basically a standard combination which can be effective if executed correctly. The variation of kicks can also serve as a unit for keeping evading fighters off-guard.

The moves starts w/ a standing side kick, which is then followed by an elevated side kick or a variation of kicks. In this way, the opponent is either caught in the open or is at the defensive. When this is such a case, the fighter concludes the parade of leg strikes w/ a jumping bird kick (I made the name up for this, by the way) to ground the opponent indefinitely. The amount of damage is varied by the number of kicks delivered or the force, precison and accuracy of leg strikes.

And that is where we stand from here!

***By the way, concerning my well-being, I'm still a bit eiffy, but I'm doing better as of right now.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

   Why does it feel that my mind is going in circles?
Not to say I'm confused or anything, but I don't understand why I felt so miserable this weekend. For some reason, I began to doubt myself as a person. No, it wasn't that someone told me the wrong thing and just ticked me off at that certain moment. I was extremely upset and I couldn't understand why it was such the case. Feelings of regret and lost started to steep within my soul, just as I was about to let my emotions out. The depth of the past haunted me, just as I was about to move on in life. It was hard to comprehend that I felt like crying.

Why do I feel like this? I know I haven't done anything wrong to anyone, but I just felt as if I'm hurting the people I love because I'm not as responsible, mature or as hard-working as I should be. I don't want to let anyone down, including my mother. Having to do something in my life is so important for me to actually show her that I can be my own person and still be a man for her. However, it seems that I'm not doing my part as a son because it seems that I disappoint her at a certain area. Whether it was not completing a certain chore for the house, or not making the required grade due to not being responsible for my task, I feel upset for not doing my job to support her, for not stepping up as a man and become the man of the house. I just don't want to disappoint her as I did in the past.

I'm in college now, but I feel as if I am the same 10-year-old naive young man who does not understand the world surrounding him. I know people will look at in a way by saying, "Nah! He's definitely not the type of person I would talk to" or, "Why is he so bitter and quiet? Should he seek help?" It doesn't really matter to me what they think, but I do feel I have an obligation of pleasing at least one person w/ my talents. The reason of this delimma puzzles me, since I never felt I had a pure or clear heart within me; instead, I posses more of a blackened heart, if you will. I had it since I was still a teenager, and throughout the years, the darkness within the heart continued to grow to the point of my heart literally breaking. It hurts w/ a passion, and it still does.

(Most of you won't probably know what I'm talking about or just take it the wrong way, but this was how I felt at the time. If you're willing to comment about how I actually feel, please feel free to do so. However, I wish to say that I'm not a nut case as some may perceive me as such. I'm a normal human being who is just dealing w/ issues, really. My apologies if you take this post the wrong way.)

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

So far, my day has been very good. I'm busy surfing the net right now just to chill for the time being. Well, where should I start? Oh, yes! Today was student appreciation day, in which various clubs representing certain technologies gather together for some quality time. The event offered live music, dunking the administrative staff and various other activities.

I decided that since there were no classes held at this time, I would test my new camera. The camera is a 35mm Canon EO Rebel Model which took random trips to the best places that sold these types of cameras. For some reason, I failed to tell my mother that I needed it for the photography course I am taking this semester. Anyway, I went to the event and started snapping shots to the first place where I could locate any sort of functional activity. Man, I was shooting up a storm of photos, far more than what I could count. Come to think of it, I filled at least three and a half rolls of film just for that one event, but it was worth the extra effort. I loved it! Besides that, I enjoyed the event.

This past week, I've received two pro wrestling DVDs that I had purchased online, one featuring TNA matches and another featuring an indy promotion known as Ring of Honor, ROH for short. I'm getting the kick out of the matches I had seen from the DVDs, esp. the matches from the ROH event. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

And that is where we stand, senoras y senores!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

   Explanation is in order
For those of whom had been aware of the lack of updates since last Tuesday, it is because I had been busy for the past week or so. I had been so into my schoolwork that I really didn't have the time to spent surfing the net or chat w/ members of the myO community. Therefore, I wish to say that I will take the time to post whenever I can. Oh, and one other thing, I believe since I'm posting this right now, to make up for the time I had been gone, here's an late version of...


What should've been last week's maneuver is...


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A devastating version of a neckbreaker that actually affect the upper back as much as the neck. The user of this maneuver first catches his/her opponent from surprise, clutches his/her hands between the neck and the underarm area, lifts the opponent slightly before dropping onto a sitdown position and eventually slams the opponent down onto the canvas, implementing great damage to the opponent's back.

And that's where we stand, folks! At least for now.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   Literally speaking...
...The students had a four day break since Memorial Day was approaching. I actually spent the time to go home for the weekend. At first, I thought it was going to be a long trip, but only because my mother told me that the highway was clogged up as she was coming down to the campus. Fortunately, the roads cleared up enough for us to go a steady pace.

On Sunday, my mother left to attend a graduation ceremony of one of my cousins, so I planned on going to a place where I could find a camera for one of the course I had registered to. Except for one thing: my grandma bothered my mother's car (only because I asked her to) to play "B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O", you got the idea. Bummer, I know, but I couldn't fight my grandmother. At 4:15, I called grandma's house to make sure she had came back home, otherwise she would have to hear from my mother. They both are on-and-off when it came to specific discussions involving certain members of the family, which is then converted into a senseless argument between the two parties. That's another story, though.

When she finally answered the phone, she agreed to take me to the gorcery store to get items for supper (that I was cooking). I planned on making casserole-type pasta dish that I had made a long time ago. It didn't meant to all my expectations, but it turned out fine.

On Monday, my sister's kids were dropped off to the house due to the day care's holiday off. That morning, while I was in my room, my niece asked my mother for a cup of water and from what my mother told me, she drinked it in three gulps. Little did any of them know that she was actually drinking Kool-Aid that I had made the previous day; the soft drink actually turned invisible once it is stirred in water. The only one to notice this was my nephew, who apparently give the Kool-Aid to my mother so that she could taste it herself until she realized it was indeed not water. It wasn't a balant prank, but I considered it pretty clever.

And that is where I stand, folks! Signign off.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Late, late, LATE...
...but it is never too late to deliever the...


This week's maneuver is...


One of Zangeif's trademark maneuver's in his repitoire. Zangief ultilizes his agility by somehow rotating his body, creating a 360 degree type motion, his arms extended. Within a given time, at least a few seconds, the fighter's momentum becomes so great it is as if a cyclone or typhoon was approaching.

This method of attack is usually used to counter the offense of multiple opponents. It is also true that Zangief can execute the move whenever a projectile is thrown at him.

I know it is short and sweet, but that is what happens when you are this late.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   Drastic for Changes?
Apparently, there have been few unanimous people who had visited my site and commented about its content. Now, normally I don't really allow it to bother me much, but I feel that the heat is catching up on me for some reason. There has been at least two comments in my guestbook that states that the pics I had on this site was pronographic, that it might offend various girls of the myO community; only one stated "lose the porn".

Just to set the record straight, the pics I had posted for the Excel Saga theme or for any of my posts are not, and I do repeat, ARE NOT pornographic. If I ever saw a pic that I knew was going to be offensive to some people, I wouldn't post it on my account. Besides, for me to know whether or not the pics' contents would violate the policy terms was to warn me or drop my account automatically.

My apologies if I'm sounding a bit concerned or upset about this, but it sickens me to know that someone is offended by whatever reason because of what he/she sees on my account. Furthermore, I am no way objectifying any female members (a majority of them visit my account) w/ the pics. It's just not me. Why would I do something as cruel as that? It is highly impossible to see the kid objectifying anyone. I'm trying to be as nice and as respectful to anyone as I can, and reading such comments as "lose the porn" pins me on a corner, if you know what I mean.

I say it again, the pics ARE NOT PORNOGRAPHIC, end of story. *sighs* I didn't want to say it in this way, but it is exactly how I feel about it. My apologies.

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