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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm HAPPY! I finally got potato! (Photoshop) I'm soo HAPPY! at first i hated it with all my might! but now I must say, I YANINE 192, ADORE PHOTOSHOP!! so yay! I made my own avatar! that never happens! so woo hoo!
Nothing good has happened until now...(lol except for potato)My mom was at the hospital
and got surgury. THAT was NOT FUN...
and now my dad is saying we are moving to
TEXAS...mind you I live in New England.
that just sucks! first I lost my best friend and now I'm losing my new friends and my high school!
What's worst is that my folks are saying the say sh*t they did when we first moved to this country..."YOU WILL MAKE NEW FIENDS!" ugh...sick.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ok...time for the unfamous update done by none other than...me I guess...ha ha mua ha...yea
Ok i LoVe umm things...
i saw dnangel the anime!!! woo-hoo!
that was a very intersting and intellectual anime.
Umm never mind...scratch that out
the anime was bloody COOOL!! no blood of course but still, it was soo wicked and magical-like...tee hee...also, im plannin on making my own manga, although not any time soon since im still trying to draw in perspective and all that complicated sh*t... Still, fun fun fun!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Happy happy happy umm day i guess...
I yanine192, have desided to be happy today! why? umm no reason I guess...i just fill illuminated by the glory of being alive and mentally diseased! muahahaha well, whatever... being able to listen to some metal without you parents yelling the crap out of you is a wonderful feeling! im also going to a friend's sweet ROCKIN sixteen on friday! although im gonna miss SPIRITED AWAY on cartoon network, still im happy im going. She has invided 3 local bands to play and i get to allie with her brother and throw this kid in a dumpster! isnt life sweet? ohh the beauty and joy of the one and only reason i have not done anything stupid lately.(not that i do stupid stuff to begin with ^_~) Plus im reading these really good books and they rock my socks. All the more to love and hate the fact that im a slow reader and a poor speller. Hahaha...yea moi just had a soft chuckel...im in a good mood today! MUAHAHAHHAHHA *Cough* *cough*
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Friday, September 16, 2005

"i'm sitting in my room with the needle in my hands..."

who knows the name of this song and the name of the band who sings it?? write ur answer in the comments' part! do it or else!!!!

"sometimes I dont know why,
i'd rather live than die"

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   F*ckin Yellow belt!!!
woot woot!! i'm a yellow belt!! yeah bitch!!!! woo hoo!! *does the chicken dance in silence* hahahhahhahah!!!! and more of muahahhaha! of course i can still get my ass kicked by my best friend!!!!woo! now that i realise this, that means that she is older and my sempai!!!!!noo!!! she also comes to this website!!! *hides in the closet* shit!
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

   my umm story....(well part of it!!)
She had wondered around for a little while now, when suddenly she stopped. She looked over her shoulder and saw the most beautiful mansion her eyes had set sigh upon. She concentrated on that specific window where the bright light was coming from. The window was located on the west wing of the mansion. The bright lights seem too had hypnotize her, then a soft melody started to play in the back of her head. Then it all stopped when the light was interrupted by a young man. She regained conciseness when the man shuttled the light off and came out the front door. By then she had sited directly in front the mansion, her back against the cold metal gates. The gates opened and the young man came out. He saw her and grinned. He came closer and asked the famous "Are thee alright?" Of course it was then that he saw the blood stains all over her and as his eyes followed, he saw a trail of pure blood coming from the direction in which she had come from. His eyes opened wide as he saw blood dripping down from her hands. He ran inside his mansion and accidentally left the front door open. Once he was inside, he picked up the phone and started to dial the emergency number, she was inside. Her short silver hair covered her eyes, and her intentions. He asked her if she was alright again, but was left with no answer. The operator finally came on the phone but then before he could tell her what was wrong; a silver blade came out of her hand and split his Adamsí apple. Blood spilled all over the phone and the gold painted tile. All she did was smile at her beautiful work of art that she had so carefully calculated. At that moment, everything was silenced. There was no sound what so ever. There was a knock on the door a couple of minutes later.
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Bloody hell!
Today has been the most drepressin day of my life!(well one of them) I had this huge fight with my mom, than i went to my friends house cuz it's her b-day and she was like "Blimey!! you look depress!" i was "is it that obious?" "umm...YEAH" then when my dad picks me up(he and mutti had a huge fight weeks ago and are not taking to each other) and he started to talk bout how it's not his fault they had that stupid fight, and that conversation did not make me feel any better!! when i got home, i call my friend and she was like what ever u do NOT GO TO YOUR KITCHEN!!!(sharp objebs) and then she was "did I cheer u up?" "i dont know how to awnser that..."

I have the most horrible case of badspellerosis!!!!

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